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on 6 October 2014
Truly engaging … the real story at last!
I’ve always wanted to know the true story, and the psychology, behind the persona of Michael Jackson. I must have thought like millions of others; how could I trust the way the media portrayed him? All that hype … all the shouts of “fire,” when most of it must only be smoke. For example, I couldn’t believe such naïve transparency by a smart, international talent like Mr. Jackson was a true admission of guilt. I’m talking about the child molestation charges of course, and the agonizing court battle that he eventually won. And what about his carnival-like eccentricity in every facet of his life? All that bad press was entertaining, but was it all true? Even a little bit?
My curiosity was sated when I read Defending a King, by Dr. Karen Moriarty. The result of years of painstaking research into the life of Michael Jackson, Dr. Moriarty’s book tells the real story, and explains Mr. Jackson’s bizarre, misunderstood behavior once and for all. Skillfully-written with layer after layer of facts and presented with interesting style, this book tells the heart-wrenching story of that most interesting and complex entertainer.
The author points out (through countless interviews with Jackson insiders, and supported by her doctorate in Psychology), that Michael’s childlike behavior resulted from not having a childhood of his own. Due to the immense amount of work as the center of The Jackson Five, he was forced to be an adult too early in his developing years. That explains a lot. As Dr. Moriarty astutely points out; “He felt like an alien soul with adults, but he felt within himself the stirrings of a child. He felt wonder at their innocence, was awed by their charm, and he realized their vulnerability.”
Truthfully, I was never a fan of Michael Jackson. But I am keenly interested in the few who skyrocket beyond the heights of celebrity strata through hard work and sheer brilliance. Dr. Moriarty helped me appreciate this performer who, in spite of his eccentricities (which many great personalities seem to acquire), was a highly talented, creative, good man trying to do the right thing.
As the book illustrates so well, much of the world wanted a piece of him, but he reacted in the only way he knew … from deep disappointment and a desire to be loved as if his notoriety were a burden around his neck. He became a man who ran from everyone, into the arms of his Neverland home and his three children. And when it came to children, there were thousands the public did not know about that he helped in numerous ways. Only two posed as a problem—publicly at least—and Dr. Moriarty’s research strongly describes they too were the subjects of sensationalist press.
Finances, lawsuits, trials, accusations of child abuse, two-faced reporting by an English journalist, a naïve trust of others—all worked to create havoc in the life of a man who just wanted to be loved. Defending a King details these behind-the-scenes events, and the trauma that led to his death. Even the ensuing prosecution of his personal physician. Dr. Moriarty’s extensive vocabulary and keen insight lends even more credibility to this unbiased, comprehensive account of a complex, brilliant individual.
When the hype of the media skews the truth, you will find satisfying resolution to your doubts through this extraordinary book.
Kenneth R. Overman – Author, A Lion in Spring
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on 6 August 2014
Dr. Karen Moriarty’s "Defending A King" may not be a traditional biography, but it offers an intriguing—and humanizing—perspective on the King of Pop.

A trained clinical psychologist, Dr. Moriarty’s most interesting contribution is her professional analysis of Jackson’s actions throughout his life, especially those deemed “strange” by the tabloid media. Of particular note is her “Bizarre Behavior” chapter, in which she points out that “bizarre behavior is normal in bizarre circumstances” and then thoughtfully explains how and why.

Dr. Moriarty delves into the psychology of what it was like to be Michael Jackson, outlining the sort of effects an abusive childhood and a life in the spotlight can have on the human psyche—and underscoring how incredible it was, from a therapist’s perspective, that Jackson turned out to be such a kind and gentle human being (at least outside of the boardroom, where Jackson was quite tenacious) given his upbringing.

The material from Dr. Moriarty’s interviews with Tom Mesereau and Michael Jackson’s bodyguards is also compelling; other parts of her book could have benefitted from more of that sort of primary source research and a bit more editing. But her professional perspective on the inner workings of Michael Jackson alone made the book a worthwhile read for anyone looking to gain a new understanding of the King of Pop.
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on 14 March 2015
Michael Jackson is the most beautiful person I've ever had the honor of knowing from afar! I wish I could have gotten to meet him! I grew up defending his honor from the first rumor! Michael is truly an angel kissed by God! His heart and soul illuminates with light and color straight from the heart of God almighty! Praise God for Michael and praise God for Jesus Christ who saved his beautiful soul! Michael's beautiful voice is comforting to hear and his energy is warm and caring! On stage, his energy explodes into a breath taking light show, he don't need Fireworks to preform! In '87, my mother introduced me to his music, Bad was my first song! I was 3 years old and all I could see was light and colors! Michael is an amazing person! His soul shines brighter when he is happy and even brighter when he is helping children! Michael's faith in God is inspiring and beautiful, it makes me feel so humble in my soul! It makes me feel so sad that some people can't see the amazing light that shines from Michael's beautiful soul, Jesus Christ is truly in his heart And he lived in God's beautiful light! We fans (MoonWalkers) love Michael so much and respect him as a man and a human being, we could have allowed him to go outside and maybe walk down the street to a corner store to buy a pack of big red bubble gum! We could stop the media from taking pictures by grabbing their cameras and running the opposite way from Michael, don't brake the camera, just play keep away! I love you all MoonWalkers around the world for loving Michael and making his life worth living in the midst of all the madness! God bless you all and I pray that you will be touched by God when you read this beautiful true story about the real Michael Jackson that some people can't understand! "Please don't hate those who hate you for my name sake!" Says the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen! Please pray for them, they may need some help with their faith in God! Michael is truly loved and deeply missed, it hurts deep in my soul! Lots of love and prayers to Michael's beautiful family and I pray they are doing okay! :') ¢½ RIP Michael Return If Possible Praise God you are happy, safe, and free in Heaven!
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For the Michael Jackson fan who is looking to learn so many precise details about michael's extremely high profile and complex life, this is the book for them.

I must commend Dr. Karen Moriarty for her extensive research, but also for her commitment to putting a book such as this together. I was fascinated by so much of the information that I never knew, such as the truth behind Michael's finances and all of the lawsuits he dealt with over the years; I was shocked and saddened that one human being had to put up with so much. The details of so many aspects of his life are covered in this book, however, the chapter I found most fascinating and poignant was about the 2005 trial and the strategy set forth by Thomas Mesereau. Mesereau was clearly a genius and I can't help but feel divine intervention miraculously put him in place to defend Michael at the time in his life when he needed it the most.

Bravo to Mesereau for a job well done but also to Dr. Moriarty for having the wherewithal and determination to bring light to it all through this book! Thank you!
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on 16 February 2013
I would have given this book 50 stars, had I been able to. Through out his life Michael told us numerous times that he was the loneliest person on earth, but I never realised the depth of this loneliness, until I read Karen Moriarty book, the insight into Michael private life, and how he had become a prisoner of is fame.

Every Michael Jackson fan needs to read this book, it is the only book, in almost 70yrs, that I have re-read as soon as I got to the last page. Thank you Karen for this truely wonderful book that will ensure Michael Legacy will live on.
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on 25 August 2014
Despite the various pros and cons posted by others, Karen's book is a respectful account of Michael Jackson's life and recommended reading. With the endless tell-all books that capitalize on the more titillating details of Michael's life, much of which I believe were either embellished or outright lies, Karen Moriarty focuses on the positive things that matter. Even if the research is not as thorough as some have attested to in reviews, which I am not equipped to confirm or deny, or that many parts are quotes taken from other sources, they are not direct quotes or statements by Moriarty personally, nor does the author take credit for those quotes. The reader is responsible for interpreting what they read, and for their own desire to check the sources of certain passages and do their own further research. This is only one of many books written about Michael, and I have ignored most most of what's been out there the past five years, including Rabbi Schmuley's distasteful publication of Michael's audio taped interviews, which was a gross breach of Michael's privacy. In a sea of tabloid bottom feeder books that thrive on dragging Michael's character through the mud, I consider Moriarty's "Defending A King" to be exactly what the title represents. Tom Mesereau has endorsed this book, and as an attorney who has seldom attached his good name to any book and continues to speak out in support of Michael's innocence, his endorsement carries a lot of weight with me.
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on 3 October 2014
PLEASE BUY AND READ Defending A King~ His Life And Legacy......IT IS PHENOMENAL !!!
I have written a couple reviews on Dr. Karen Moriarty's book Defending A King~ His Life And Legacy since reading the book. I felt compelled to write another review for the fans who are just now deciding whether they would like to purchase and read this phenomenal book.
I encourage everyone who has been a fan or even curious about Michael Jackson to buy and read this in depth and honest book about the man, the legend, the genius, but most importantly the human being. I had the honor and priveledge to know Michael Jackson for over 30 years, and I can tell you that Dr. Karen's book was a pleasure to read, it's a positive look at the man I called my friend, NO TABLOID TRASH OR LIES in this book, just a good look at the man we called "King".
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on 4 February 2015
I have in truth read many books on Michael Jackson. Most were very disappointing at best, and not well researched! Many of the "stories" were recycled, and often contained misinformation sadly. I have been looking for a book that was very well researched and told the truth! This book by Dr. Karen Moriarty does so. Stories that recount his generous heart, a giving that we know set world records! He didn't give for fame, but for love! He breathed love for his family, his fans, for the world. Pick up the book and read it! Once you start you won't be able to put it down! If you were a bystander fan, you will join the ranks as a "Defender of a King" as Dr. Karen Moriarty has eloquently written! Thank you for showing this great human being, Michael Jackson, as he should be shown ... the kind, decent, multi-talented gentle man who wanted to change and heal our world.
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on 3 June 2015
If you could only buy ONE book about the greatest entertainer, humanitarian and all round beautiful human being, then this is THAT book. Whether you have always been a fan of Michael Jackson, or came to him following his untimely death, this is truly the book for you. As I read, it was obvious that the author was writing from the heart and as I read, my heart began to break for this beautiful man that Karen described so well. Her message is, read the truth, love the man and please, always ensure that future generations will come to know, love and appreciate this great man, Michael Jackson. Thank you so much for this book Karen. It's all for L.O.V.E.
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on 18 September 2014
Michael Jackson loved the UK and this book gives his fans a honest look at who he really is. But the UK fans were very loyal to him as well. They know the true MJ and this book gives them proof positive that is exactly who he was.

A well written superb account of the most loving entertainer in the history of music. Although small in numbers, I am glad there are people here like Dr. Moriarty who can dispel anything bad about Michael Jackson. This book does just that. It gives personal perspectives people that knew him, worked with him, was a friend to him and loved him from a genuine point of view. Not some spin from the media or tabloid saying crazy untrue things about him. I strongly recommend this book for anyone searching for truth in knowing who Michael Jackson really is...and I mean this in the present tense. His body may not be here, but his legacy will forever be with us and this awesome read of Michael Jackson keeps that legacy alive and lets us know as fans, and those who just love the man himself, that there is hope in a desolate, weird world we live in. I keep this book near me because there are things written in this book that I have known about him for years but no one ever had the decency to bring it to light. Dr. Moriarty brings the good out in Michael Jackson as well as much more within the book. Every fan should have a copy!!
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