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on 26 March 2017
I installed this purely as a secondary drive and it was very rarely used in the 4 years I've owned it.
It was showing errors in the Sandisk tool kit program, but searching on the Sandisk forums said that these were acceptable.
The drive totally failed a couple of weeks back.
Hence, given the amount of use it's had, I will never buy one of their SSDs again.
Meanwhile, if you have one of their drives and it shows any fault in tool kit, I'd report it straight away.
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on 30 June 2016
Been running on a pair of these for several years without any issues. Performance is excellent; Windows 10 boots in just a couple of seconds and fat applications like Visual Studio also launch incredibly quickly.
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on 24 October 2013
My old win 7 rig got a second life thanks to it. I am already using SSD in my customized laptop (works really well) and decided that my desktop needs a boost. Booting time was reduced massively, overall performance improved, loading times in games (Witcher 2, Risen) hugely improved. Highly recommended - this is my 3rd purchase of SSD drive and 2nd from SanDisk.
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on 25 June 2014
Like some of the other posters I had no luck with these SSD's.

They seem to work fine until you update the firmware (which has important fixes)

Then they read 53.6gb capacity instead of 128gb and will not be seen by OS anymore.

Returned both and got refunded (Great service from Amazon on both!)

Bought Crucial 256gb mx100 instead since the prices have come down so much.
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on 10 March 2014
I've been using desktop and laptop computers for over 16 years, but this is my first SSD. This obviously does not make me an expert on SSDs, although I read computer publications every day and SanDisk are very highly regarded.

To get the most out of this disk, I decided to do a clean install of Windows 8.1, which I've been running on a HDD since it came out. The difference in speed and loading times feels magical! The Windows boot screen passes by in mere seconds before the login screen, and typing my password in takes longer than loading programs. Common Windows tasks and programs are very fast, and even internet browsing feels slicker because of the speed at which cached web pages are loaded, not to mention that the internet browser itself is ready to go almost the instant you open it.

In terms of heavier programs and games, there are big speed increases in apps like word processors, spreadsheet, image and video editors but strangely not in the loading times of games so far - both FIFA 14 and Grand Theft Auto 4 took about the same time to load and run saved games as on a HDD.

Space-wise, with the installation of Windows 8.1 and the programs mentioned above I've used 53.3GB so far. Even though this means I could have bought the 64GB version, I have no regrets about going with 128GB for the ability to install more programs and games in the future, not to mention giving Windows plenty of room for it's system cache. I should make clear that I still use my old hard disk to store music, video and images and there is no way all of these would fit on the SSD - the 53.3GB I've used is made up of Windows 8.1, apps and a handful of games only.
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on 14 March 2013
This is the second one I have purchased. I was in the market for an SSD and came across a review for this model in PC Pro Mag, They recommended it so I purchased it on that basis.
To say I wasn't disappointed was an understatement, my first went in a HP 8460p Core I5, it reduced the boot time to under 7 seconds, with a clean image on it's original internal hard disk it would normally take approx 1 minute, and I thought that was fast!!.
If you want an instant speed boost for a flagging pc, this will be the best upgrade you will ever make, I can't recommend a SSD highly enough, and this one in particular.
I cannot think of any other component on your PC that users can upgrade that could have such a devastating effect on performance that this.
Get one, and it will be the best upgrade you will ever make.
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on 4 August 2013
I bought one of these for my 11-inch Acer laptop. It was fantastic for 2 months or so: very fast, both booting, loading programs and files. Was very pleased. Then one morning, the laptop couldn't see any bootable device. Testing it with my PC confirmed that it had simply died. Amazon provided excellent service and refunded it promptly. I decided to order another - thinking that I was unlucky - as they are excellent value for money. 6 weeks later, it wouldn't boot. This time the drive was still able to be recognised by the laptop, but nothing could be read off it. It is now on it's way back, and a Kingston drive is in its place.

I have used a Corsair, an OCZ and several Samsung SSD's, and none have failed. I realise that I may be extrememly unlucky, but am not willing to risk it again with this model!
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on 20 January 2014
There are better SSD's on the market but they are all quite a bit more expensive. ScanDisk have long since been overtaken by just about all the other big players on the market but this one does stand out from all the others in their range and is more or less comparable with it's competitors. I got this mainly to play high end games and a few online games. The boot up sequence for win 7 went from 32 seconds on my Seagate Barracuda 2T 7200rpm to around 17 seconds after a number of boots from the clone I did of the Seagate, virtually half. strangely the shutdown sequence takes 21 seconds at best and can be as much as 28 seconds and this is quite puzzling. The read\write speeds have not settled down yet so have no real conclusion on that but it is significantly faster :) loading up LOTRO takes half the time it did before and Assassins Creed about the same. Office products like word 2010 load in 3-5 seconds depending on what other programs you are running alongside it and IE, Chrome and Firefox all start instantaneously if you use them a few times to get them into memory. I put Roxio 2012 pro and ConvertX to DVD 5 on there too and video converting a mkv. to avi. of a 1.5gb film has dropped from around 2o-25 mins to about 13-16 mins. I've limited the programs to those I've mentioned and the normal bootup programs like antivirus and firewall and one other media player, all other programs have been swapped to run on the 2T Barracuda and will put a few more games on but will remove others. I would give one warning though, Amazon's packaging of this product is minimal and could quite easily have arrived damaged. Considering the price of this item they must do better than to send it in a normal hard envelope without even a hint of bubble wrap. I would not recommend buying it from Amazon until they improve packaging unless you really have to.
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on 4 September 2013
This was a late addition to my new PC build after I expanded my budget a little, deciding to opt for an SSD as boot drive rather than go for an i7 processor. So far, I seem to have made the right choice.

The boot time on my Windows 8 PC is consistently around 16.6 seconds from pressing the power button (including the time for my motherboard to POST) to Windows being usable. The moment I'm logged in I can open programs nearly instantaneously. Word, Skype and Chrome have less than half a second of noticeable loading, whilst iTunes and Photoshop take about 3 seconds. The drive has 238 GB of usable space once formatted as NTFS, which I've yet to fill completely; 99.2 GB free even with Office, Creative Suite, Visual Studio, several video games and many other of my day to day programs on there. I can't comment on read/write speeds, as I solely use it for programs, and do all my file storage on a separate hard drive but I think it's safe to assume most people will be very pleased with it. For the week I've had it thus far, there have been no issues, and I will hopely update this review in the future if I do run into any problems.

The only negative I can think of is the the 3.5 inch bracket provided had slightly smaller screw threads than the screws my case provided to screw it in with - but I believe this was probably just down to my case, rather than the bracket itself. Other than that, I can completely recommend this SSD. It speeds up my computer significantly and noticeably and comes with plenty of space to be used as a boot drive and program storage drive. If you're looking to put some extra speed into your computer: this is for you!
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on 6 July 2013
baught this for my new pc build, i have this as my boot drive and a half tb for my games, the boot speed is half what it was before and the shut down takes like 3 seconds.
was tricky cloaning my exsisting hd onto this, as there is no software with it, and on my old boot drive even though there was only 50gb when i went to cloan it it kept saying it couldnt fit on this 128gb drive, and that was becuase it was seeing my old drive as 500gb, took a while to figure this out but partitioned my old drive to 60gb and cloaned that then it fitted, but there is no info to tell you all this.
i know there are other ssd drives that come with software so if you are not experianced this one may not be the one for you.
other than that for the money it is good but if you are one of those who just let things install to default which is always "c" drive you will fill this in a heart beat, thats why i have a large sata 3 for my games and some other programs and just keep this for word processing and normal windows functions.
the price of the larger ssd drives are still far far too expensive even for a 240gb, so take all this into consideration.
you will however see a massive difference in boot and shut down and transfering files onto other drives, but again remember its fine that this drive can read and write 600 / 600 but if the drive you are moving things onto is a normal drive then that wont write so fast and you have a bottle neck.
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