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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour: Black|Change
Price:£61.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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This little box has very good sound for its size, but I think your satisfaction with the quality depends entirely on your expectations. It is, of course, no match for a pair of full-sized hi-fi speakers, but it's more than adequate for listening to music and podcasts around the house. I have been doing some DIY over the bank holiday, and this boombox has been my constant companion for the duration.

It easily fills a room, the treble is clear, and the bass is perfectly satisfactory for such a tiny unit.

The key feature of this speaker over other similar ones is that it charges fine from a standard micro USB cable. That means it can be charged from any laptop and most phone chargers. Most others I have tried use a proprietary charger. Doesn't sound like a big deal until you run out of power and don't have the charger with you.
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I wanted a very portable wireless speaker so that I could play music from my IPhone or iPod whilst travelling . Having browsed through some on amazon I went for this one because of its small size and nice compact, chunky looks. It has has completely exceeded my expectations in terms of the sound quality. I am delighted with it


- Excellent lightweight and good looking design
- Set up is very straightforward and quick and adding new devices is simple
- Bluetooth connections holds for full distance specified
- Can be used as a speakerphone


-Sound is a little lacking on the bass but excellent for its size
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on 18 November 2013
So far this is the best portable/Bluetooth speaker I have ever owned. in my line of work I need to do presentations and I need to connect my computer to a better sound speaker. I ended up buying 4 different models and this is the one I take with me everywhere.

I started with the Xmini 2nd generation. However it was not powerful enough for bigger rooms. Also the cable that comes with it stated giving some problems after some usage.
X-Mi X Mini II 2nd Generation Capsule iPhone / iPad / iPod / MP3 / Laptop Speaker - Black

Then I bought this one. It's also a nice product but the Logitech is much better in sound quality (however the Kitsound usually has a better price. I ended up having to replace this one. Anytime I needed to show a movie the sound was really not good.
Kitsound Boombar Portable Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth Sound System Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Andriod Smartphone, Tablet or Bluetooth MP3 - Black

In between I bought the Jambox, but I found it very expensive and really not that different from the Kitsound, so I sent it back to Amazon.
Jawbone Jambox Wave Bluetooth Speaker - Black

Finally I tried the Logitech and I'm really impressed. Small in size, good battery life and it really carries a punch. You can use it to present something in a large room and it really delivers.

Currently also a good option considering the price (55 Pounds).
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on 16 June 2014
I researched a LOT of product before finally buying this. I love it - the sound it produces and the amount of time it goes on for without needing a charge is amazing!! I use it primarily to play music that's on the phone during a poker game etc - so don't really crank it up really high, though you could and it doesn't distort except at the highest volume levels. I have found that it does seem to give more sound when kept just in front of a wall or solid object, but not actually touching it.

There are numerous products it has been compared against, but one thing I must say is that it is not as good as the bose soundlink mini. One of my friends has the bose and we played a variety of music from both these and the bose almost always sounded better - especially on the heavy metal stuff and when you need more bass!

Having said that, for less than half the price of the bose, its brilliant!! Also the newer model of this allows you to buy two of these and pair them to get true stereo... and together i'd imagine that they will produce louder sound and possibly even better quality than the bose...

For those of you considering which option is better, i'd recommend that you listen to both of these in different environments...and different music... personally I found the UE provided almost better sound in a completely quiet enclosed room playing soul as well slow RNB... however if you put it in a fairly open area with a crowd and background noise, then it doesn't seem to be as good... also the Bose against a wall is much better than the UE against a wall...
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on 10 January 2014
Owned this item for a month now for indoors use mainly but next time I travel I will definitely take it. I wanted a small and reasonably powerful bluetooth speaker that looks stylish and sounds decent, well it looks great to me! it has a small footprint with a satisfying weighty feel to it, I really like the thick rubber wrap around with flush volume buttons and quality steel mesh back and front. This speaker ticks all the boxes for aesthetic styling and quality build. It comes in its box with a wall power adapter and usb cable which is very short approx 2ft.

I bought the black version and after removing it from the smart crystal plastic case I did find that the rubber casing was grey, dry and dusty to touch, I am a fussy bugger and did not like this so simply took a small blob of vaseline and rubbed it all over the rubber case until it was restored to a nice deep black.

My devices; Galaxy S4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4, Sony Vaio Laptop, all connected via bluetooth with no issues and sounded good, it seems that some devices have more powerful bluetooth capabilities than others as my laptop sounded a lot louder on this speaker than the tablet or smartphones did. The 10 hr battery life claim is fairly accurate as it played from my S4 all day indoors 9hrs+.
So how loud is it.....well it is loud enough to make you grin with surprise! but as already mentioned it's no party animal except perhaps in a small and quiet environment like an apartment or bedroom, I can see it struggling in a park or similar with ambient noise like traffic or similar. I use mine in a quiet apartment and it is easily loud enough to bother the neighbours.

I recently sold another highly impressive bluetooth speaker that was fantastic in every way except size, it was the creative D100, it was a little too big to easily carry in a bag but wow what a sound! and it runs all day on 4 x AA battery's to boot. If you can deal with a speaker that is around 3 x longer and twice the height of this little UE Mini Boombox then go for a Creative D100, they sound amazing and last all day on AA battery's plus the range is really long, tested mine to 30 metres.....seriously!

As for the handsfree function well I tested it and found it was useable in a quiet environment but had to concentrate on the callers voice a little too much for comfort as the volume was not great, not a function that I will use much, if at all.

All in all, it is impressive, it is very good looking and sounds pretty darn good for something of this size, the handsfree function could be of use to some people, the 3.5mm jack in the back is useful and the size of it makes it highly transportable but just a little overpriced in my opinion.
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on 20 October 2013
I use my iPad a lot for video, and like many, I'm perplexed at both the weakness of the internal speakers and the poor design (sound travels away from you).
A bluetooth speaker like this, with the added benefit of mobile music, seemed like the solution.

I'm not one for big brand names like the Dre Beats Pill (fashion over functionality) or luxury makes that charge an arm and a leg for marginally improved sound quality.
I also don't like the budget makes that fall apart too easily.

This little Boombox nestles itself in between the cheap and the premium ends of the market.
Although this model is lesser known in comparison to its competitors (Bose Sounddock, the Jambox and the Pill), I believe performance and design-wise it more than holds its own against them.
I had heard good things about it but not seeing it or hearing it before purchasing was a bit of a gamble.
If you find yourself having the same doubts - I assure you this is THE speaker to buy!
I instantly fell in love with it. It's my gadget of the year without a doubt!
From what I can pick up from reviews of similar priced speakers, it is one of the best speakers in its class and also a great balance between price and quality.

Size-wise, it is the perfect complement to the current generation of smartphones. It's similar in dimensions to the iPhone 5. Its height is less than your thumb, so this thing is very compact! It's reasonably lightweight too. It's an ideal travelling companion even if you're travelling without any checked luggage.

What's the obvious, common problem with compact speakers? Poor, treble-heavy sound reproduction. Not with this! It has a very bassy output - far better than you'd expect. If bass isn't your thing, just play around with your equaliser settings on your phone. But prepare for your preconceptions regarding its sound output to be blown away!
As for videos from the iPad - there's a HUGE improvement over the in-built speaker. If you like YouTube or catch-up tv apps, this will make a big difference for you.
The volume output is considerable. In quiet environments it can fill a room with sound (but not loud enough to drown out speech). I generally turn it down a couple of notches from maximum to avoid distortion, but that is also reasonably dependent on the quality of the audio.

Connecting is easy - there's a button to press and the device becomes visible to bluetooth users. One minor gripe is that I use this with both an iPad and an iPhone, and it tends to only connect automatically to the last device it was used with - so if you've only got one of those devices on you and in range, if it wasn't the last one used with the speaker, you may have to dig around in the settings to get connected.
Bluetooth is a good option because most devices capable of streaming audio content will do it via bluetooth. You can also connect with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable if your device doesn't support bluetooth.
The only other buttons this has is volume up/down (which can also be controlled by your phone) and on/off.

The speaker feels very solid but has a rubberised texture so also feels tough and durable. It seems more designed for the inadvertent knock/fall than most of today's gizmos.

It has an in-built mic so great for group conference calls etc. It is considerably louder than the in-built speakerphone.

It charges by the common micro-USB cable. You get not only the USB cable but also a plug charger which can charge other USB powered devices too.
Battery life is great - I believe their claim of 10 hours. What I'd like to test/know is how much the battery drains when on but idle, as I like to doze off to music and leave it on overnight. It seems to only draw relatively negligible power when not playing back, but I'm not certain. When the battery is running low, you may hear a brief, grating sound. That'll be your first indication that the battery is running low, and it'll repeat intermittently until it dies or gets charged. Unfortunately the battery is non user-replaceable and getting Logitech or someone else to service it will probably be prohibitively expensive.

On the strength of this, I treated myself to the larger, more powerful and more expensive Logitech UE Boombox (same range as this, portable but not 'mobile'). Because of the portability, the mobile boombox still gets far more use.

In the 6 or so months I've owned it, 3 other people have bought themselves one of these after seeing mine in action.
The only choice you have to make is which colour to get!

This model has been slightly revised now. The new one can be paired (two speakers for louder music and stereo sound). There's also an app that lets you view battery levels and pair speakers. There are also premium speakers called UE Boom in the range (RRP £169.99) which may just be the best bluetooth speakers on the market.
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I decided to look for a Bluetooth speaker after my teenage daughter managed to get her iPhone wet listening to her music in the bathroom. I travel a lot and went to an electrical store in the airport to look for a portable speaker. I tried several in the store and ended up getting this one after listening to them all. This was by far the cheapest which was obviously a factor when it came to me purchasing it, but at the same time I was very impressed with the sound, both quality and volume. I am not an expert on sound quality, but the Boombox sounded every bit as good as some of the speakers twice it's price.

The product is small, about 4 inches long, 2 high and 2.5 deep. It has a hard rubber case and is very tactile, it feels like a quality item. It has a nice weight to it and when it is placed on a flat surface it is definitely anti-slip and stays where you put it. It comes with a small transformer to charge the battery. The transformer has a USB socket into which the charging lead plugs. One criticism is the length of the lead which is only 2 feet long, as most sockets are near the floor it will not reach a table top or windowsill. The instruction manual is pretty poor, and you need a magnifying glass to read it once you have found the English pages! This however is not a problem as the Boombox is very intuitive to use. I just charged it and connected it to the iPhone with ease.

So, what is it like as a speaker? I love it, it is clear, loud and the battery lasts a long time. The Bluetooth connection is fine, I use it from a distance of around 20 feet with walls and a door in the way. The signal is occasionally interrupted when I step between the unit and the phone set up in this way. The unit is very easy to use and connection is very simple. I have actually started to listen to music whilst soaking in the tub too! I like music to be loud and the speaker delivers on that front also. I have not tried the microphone as I cannot see why you would use it as a speaker phone when most phones already have that facility.

This is a great bit of kit. I was convinced by the sound of it when I heard several similar products in the store. I am very glad that I decided to get one. Good quality sound, good quality build and the only small criticisms I have are the length of the charging lead and the poor instruction manual. My daughter loves it too!
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on 27 August 2013
I am not very technically savvy, so I admit I am an avid review reader and I read reviews from all over the Internet when I want something, and I take the advise of these reviews when making my purchases. I will happily search for days (Ii know, have nothing better to do) and then at least when I want to purchase something, I feel I have come to an informed decision and am buying the best product available for my requirements.
On this particular occasion I needed a travel speaker to take on holiday to use with my iPhone and iPad, and I really wanted it to be Bluetooth. I also needed one which could be used occasionally with my Husbands Creative MP3 Player via an 3.5mm jack cable. This one not only suited my needs but in my opinion for what I was looking for it came out top on most of the reviews I had read.
I was thrilled with it from the moment it arrived, by the way, it is beautifully packaged so would make an ideal gift. I know that it isn't as cheap as some, but The cheaper ones aren't in the same class as this. It certainly doesn't look cheap, in fact it looks expensive. Both the packaging and the speaker itself are certainly a delight to the eye. It looks very modern and even though I chose the plainer white and and light grey option it is still very stylish and I have no regrets in my choice of colour.
I love the touch of it too, it isn't too stupidly tiny, but rests nicely in the hand (not tiny inside a clenched hand) to carry because of the shape and the curved edges. I also love the feel of the soft rubber sides which means it won't slip out of your hand easily.
As for the ears, It actually sounds better than I was expecting comparing it with other travel speakers I have heard.
I know from my research, that it will play for hours without charging, but I can't comment on this because I didn't have to put this to the test as I was able to keep it plugged in where I was using it.
It did however swap over easily from use with my iPad and iPhone via Bluetooth as claimed. I Just turned it on in the mornings on the dressing table with my iPad to catch up with my Soaps on iPlayer, and later in the day had it in the lounge with my iPhone playing some tunes, whilst watching the boats come and go in the harbour whilst enjoying a glass of wine. Not much better than that in my opinion.
This is my first travel speaker, but I have heard plenty and I would highly recommend this one and certainly wouldn't want to be without it now that I have it. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and was a great addition to our holiday enjoyment.
Only one small disappointment and I only me this to make this a totally fair and frank review.
I think it could do with a longer charging cable, I know it's designed to be used for Travel so mostly people will charge it up and go. However with the cable being so short, if you want to use it plugged in, as I did, you would have a problem if the electric outlet socket is down by the skirting board. The cable is so short about 6-8 inches (I've packed it away for my next holiday so can't confirm exact measurement) that the speaker wouldn't reach up onto any table or cupboard, except for perhaps a low coffee table. Even with a higher wall socket you would still have to leave the unit very near the wall, or carry and extension lead about with you, thus ruining the fact this is a Travel item. They probably didn't want to give it a large cable because that means more to pack when travelling, however a little more length would have been better. Just note that if you do want to often play the devise with it plugged in your options of placement may well be limited without the use of an extension lead.
Having mentioned this one small negative point, please don't let this put you off buying this fabulous little Travel Speaker though, I would definitely buy it again and highly recommend it to my friends.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 28 September 2012
Colour: White - Blue|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Build: This is a light weight (300g), well made, compact (Length: 11cm; Height: 6cm; Depth 6½cm) and very portable Bluetooth speaker. It's made from hard plastic with a rubber/plastic hybrid cover. The design is minimalistic and it looks good.

Set-up: Connecting this wirelessly to both my iPad and laptop was very straightforward. Both recognised it immediately and within seconds and it was up and running. You can also connect it using a 3.5mm jack lead (not supplied). The Bluetooth connection works fine around the house.

Sound: The quality of sound is acceptable, nothing more; nothing less. The bass isn't outstanding but it is adequate given the speaker's size. The volume doesn't go as loud as I'd have thought and it's just lacking in overall depth.

Features: It has three large buttons on the top - Volume Up & Down and Bluetooth. It can also act as a speakerphone if you have it enabled on your device. You can't change tracks using the volume buttons as you can on some Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Battery: A full charge takes about 90-120 minutes and it lasts for about 7 hours with the volume at 75%. You know when the battery is running out - the sound gets distorted and it keeps dropping out.

For the asking price, this is an OK but unexceptional Bluetooth speaker. It just doesn't have the BOOM! factor that its name - Boombox - suggests and is, if the truth be told, overpriced.
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on 23 May 2014
This is a good sounding speaker, and at the price I paid not bad value.

However, the overall experience was a little dented by:

1) Naming - when checking up online for reviews for these speakers, it rapidly dawns on you that Logitech makes a variety of identical looking speakers with very similar names, but different performance. Mobile Boom, Mobile Boombox, Mini Boom etc. In fact, when I ordered this I initially thought it was the Mini Boom, which has better reviews (but in fact costs around double). Why they can't clearly differentiate these very similar models is beyond me.

2) Packaging - the box it comes in is a perspex case with tight cardboard inserts on the inside and out. Removing the speaker and accessories took me nearly 10 minutes with a variety of tools to pluck and grab at the form fitting carboard. Doesn't the concept of customer usability exist in the packaging design department over there?

Word of warning about the Amazon sellers - I bought it at a very keen price from Big Deal 4U (fulfilled by Amazon) - the unit I received was a Mexican import, with Spanish instructions and no UK charger plug. I have not marked down the star rating for the item because of that (it's still a good speaker), but if you want a genuine UK one check with the seller first or buy direct from Amazon rather than by seller fulfillment.
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