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on 10 May 2013
Replaced my S3 screen with this one. The size was right, but once its in and the phone is turned you can see lots of scratches and imperfections which catch the light and ruin the phone...
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on 13 February 2013
I placed my S3 in my car's glove box and slammed it shut......twice. Needless to say my screen cracked. Luckily enough, the LCD/Digitizer was not affected, purely the screen was cracked. Only S3's in that category should purchase this product. After watching a few "How To" videos on YouTube, I promptly removed my old S3 screen and replaced it with this identical one. All I needed was two thin knives, a hairdryer and 20 minutes of patience.

One very minor drawback is that the replacement screen is a tad darker than the original S3's pebble blue but hey, for £17.99 I've fixed my phone and it works as good as new. If it just your screen that is cracked, don't pay some phone "expert" £100+ to fix it, get this replacement and do it yourself!
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on 2 December 2012
The item arrived a day late but that is likely the fault of Royal mail.

The 'glass' is nearly perfect, the screen works just about as before, and your finger just glides over the surface, something i had forgotten about after living for nearly 3 months with a smashed screen, and it is the perfect colour.

But there are a few negatives -
I'm not sure but the 'glass' doesn't feel quite right, it feels more like expensive perspex to me and it scratches much easier than my old one.

Even though I was warned about the lack of adhesive layer between the new 'glass' and the screen and that it would be hollow I didn't expect it to be to the extent it is.
If you press too hard the screen touches the LCD causing a rainbow effect, but this can't really be seen when the screen is on. But a weird note is that if the 'glass' touches the surface of the LCD display during operation the touchscreen stops working. The back and menu buttons refuse to work. This can be fixed by locking the phone and unlocking it again but it is rather strange.

Also I have the official flip cover which strangely makes a point on the screen stick to the LCD if a full surface pressure is applied such as when the phone is in your pocket.
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on 3 August 2013
Item in itself is fine BUT your chances of removing the cracked screen without damaging the touchscreen beneath is very slim as it is glued to it. I ordered this for my son to replace his cracked screen and it was a disaster due to the glue. Having spoken to a phone repair shop they say you have very little chance of removing the top screen without causing damage to the touchscreen. Replacing the touchscreen and top screen is about £180 with no guarantee it will work. If you can live with the crack and the phone still works this seems the best option. He has had to buy a new phone as he is on contract and sold the old one to a recycling firm which should leave him about £200 down so not worth chancing a repair.
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on 7 November 2012
Broke my screen due to carelessness... And a bouncy bed that made it fly off the bed and into the metal frame of it! Whoops!

Let me clear something up first though, this is a glass part infront of the LCD screen, if your picture is distorted or if the touch screen is not working you will need to purchace the £120 or so product to replace it, although for many glass breaks this will be the part.

The screen that was broken took a while to pry off the phone, with the help of a mobile screen remover kit which I would highly reccomend buying for this repair, whilst the screen was being removed it did crack a few more times flinging bits of glass into the air, so maybe eye protectors?
After the screen was off there is a black adhesive that may still be slightly attached, this is what keeps the screen held down, keep it, unless you will be buying more adhesive tape then buy the 1mm tape for sticking the new screen down.
Position the buttons correctly, push down the adhesive tape and place the new screen on, the first time i did this the touch screen did not work, just re apply the screen until it works again and there you go, you have repaired a phone that some people may charge up to £60 or more to do.. for about £20 :)
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on 13 November 2012
This item arrived quick (within 2days).
I dropped my Samsung S3 and the glass just shattered (great gorilla glass :( ).
I phoned a few repair shops and asked for quotes, most said about £100 to replace just the glass and £200 to replace LCD, Digitiser and screen.
I was a bit bewildered how it could cost so much so did some investigation and noted you could buy just the glass for about £20 (hence this product). I then did some research and found a video on good ol youtube of how to replace the screen. See this link:

Fitted no problems but do becareful, the adhesive is a b!tch to remove, so might be worth buying some decent adhesive removal to do a good job. Took about 30-40mins.
Good luck.
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on 8 February 2013
rip off Made of plastic not glass thanks a bunch wasteing my time and money
great delivery but not as discribed in listing
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on 22 March 2014
Yay it worked.

Things I've learned: If you are going to do this job, research it first and watch loads of videos, some of them are rubbish. Only use this product if the screen is functioning properly but for the cracks. I had isopropyl alcohol, a large retractable craft knife, a scalpel, a couple of plastic guitar plectrums, sellotape, a heat gun, 3M sticky sheet.

Do cover the old screen in sellotape first, that way all the bits stick together when you remove it. I used the long blade craft knife method, sliding it down both sides of the phone, slowly, at the same time. I used a cheap craft embossing heat gun to melt the old glue. The whole of the old screen is stuck down so you need to heat the whole phone. I did this by touch. Keep the gun moving as you heat it, then keep touching the phonescreen, I could touch it but not leave my fingers on it. If you get it too hot you kill the LCD.

Take the old screen off from the top. The first tricky bit is getting the old screen up and over the silver speaker. It's well secured to the phone you just need to prise the old screen over it. Work slowly, reheating if it's taking a long time. As I slid my craft knife down I could see the glue slowly detaching in a spider effect. Keep reheating as you go.

Stop when you get to the menu key, re-heat and carefully prise off the settings and back button contact strip, glued to the inside of the old screen. It's like a folded ribbon strip.

I cleaned the LCD gently with isopropyl alcohol and removed the black goo from around the edge of the phone. I did not clean the contact ribbon, back button and settings bit.

This product came in a sealed plastic pack, it also has a protective backing sheet on the inside - remove this last to avoid static dust.

It came with 3M top and bottom, pre-cut sticky tape, but I had already purchased the 3M full sheet. I cut the 3M sheet into 4 bits for ease of handling - two side bits, top and bottom. I removed the pre-cut holes with a scalpel. You do not stick the new screen to the LCD, the screen is just stuck round the edges. I peeled off the protective backing strip, from the new screen, just enough to apply the tape. Stick the 3M tape to the inside of the new screen (all the videos I've watched put the tape on the phone). If you stick it to the phone the eye recognition holes are covered.

Remove the backing sheet fully from the new glass and all the backing from the tape, make sure the menu button is in place and pop the screen in place. Gently squeeze it into the bezel and reheat around the edges to help the glue do its thing.

Many people have mentioned the aero effect. All I can think is that they either glued the screen to the LCD, or they didn't remove the plastic protective cover from the inside of the screen before sticking it down.

This is not Gorilla glass, from googling it appears you can only buy Gorilla glass with the LCD and Digitizer. But if Gorilla glass is so good why did my screen crack from a small drop with the phone in a protective wallet?

My new screen looks fabulous, the colours are bright and clear, although I normally use a plastic screen protector so I view the screen though that, (must buy a new one). It is all fully responsive. I'm absolutely thrilled. It took me about an hour. The tricky bit was at the beginning getting the first part of the screen to lift off, (the top half of my screen was shattered) then making sure I didn't wreck the setting and back button ribbon strip. I took it slowly, reheating all the time.

This job will put your phone out of warrantly, and you may damage it further. I saved £150.00 doing it and I'm thrilled. Watch lots of videos first!
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on 26 June 2013
This was exactly what i was looking for to repair a friends cracked screen. I've done a few phone screen repairs before which have been fairly straight forward but this one was a lot more difficult.
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on 25 October 2012
Purchased this as I smashed my screen. The process was simple enough if a little messy. Using a heat gun I was able to gently ease the broken screen off and the new one slotted on fine after I had meticulously removed all of the little fragments of silicon glue.

A word of warning though. The glass comes with a protective sheet of plastic on both sides. What I didn't realise is that the back of the glass also has another sheet of plastic on it so 3 in total. I installed the screen without realising this and had to 're do it as the plastic crinckled up under the heat. Also the new screen doesn't adhere to the LCD like the original so there is a chance that you might get dust under it and it feels a bit different as it's a bit hollow.
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