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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2016
I've had this stylus for around 3 weeks now, and I've been using it heavily for drawing.
It was fine at first, but just the last few days it stopped working. I googled troubleshooting advice for this issue, and found that a lot of others experienced the same thing. Some of them resolved it by cleaning the tip. Some by removing the tip and blowing out dust from the socket connecting the tip to the handle. Some placed foil inside the tip (I tried this and it didn't work. Not sure if I put enough in, or did it the right way) in order to facilitate connectivity between the tip and the handle. The best experiences people had were when they added thermal conductivity paste in between the tip and the handle. This is a product that some people use when building/repairing computers to help them avoid overheating. Of course I have no such thing at home and wasn't going to spend money on a 'maybe'. So I googled home alternatives to the commercial paste, and I found that some had had good results with nappy rash cream (which contains zinc oxide, which allows conductivity)! We had some Sudocrem at home, so I fed a little of it into the socket of the tip before reattaching it to the handle, and voila! The stylus worked normally again.

I have no idea it compares to more expensive styluses on the market. I bought it because I need it for drawing, which is very fine and precise. So the other popular styluses that are chunky with thick ends just weren't any good for me. Meanwhile I have an iPad Air, which is not compatible with the new Apple pencil sadly. And I didn't want to risk paying £50-£75 on some of the other well reviewed styluses. So I'm ok with this one. Maybe there are better ones, but maybe no stylus is brilliant for drawing, because drawing on a tablet just isn't the same as drawing on paper with a real pencil. But this has a fair price and allows me to see what I'm drawing. If it wasn't for having to do the nappy cream fix, I'd give it a rating of 4.
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on 21 September 2016
Frustrating waste of money! I genuinely don't understand the glorious reviews! I was really excited and looking forward to having this delivered. It is nowhere near replicating using an actual pen! A good 30% of whatever you write will never appear on your screen. It is nearly impossible to control your writing style. Finally, it makes an embarrassing amount of noise, you would not use it in a meeting.
Noise aside, decent drawing experience so maybe to consider if you are a graphic designer (which I am not)!
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on 11 March 2017
Great bit of kit. It feels nice and solid, the rubber grip is smooth and fits the barrel nicely. The lid to protect the 'nib' has a nicely cut smooth thread. I wasn't sure how I would get along with the plastic tip that holds the magnet just above the screen,but it works remarkably well. There is very little delay when using the pen and it it much nicer to use than a finger.
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on 1 March 2013
I bought this stylus with a lot of care. There were so many reviews about it scratching your screen and skipping while using it that I wasn't sure if I wanted it, but I really did want a super precise stylus so I took the gamble.

My findings? It glides smoothly across my screen and so far, (a few days in) no scratches on my iPad. I am currently not using a screen protector although I have ordered a few from a different website, in case I start seeing any sign of scratching, but basically it seems fine as long as you don't press too hard on the pen, and you really don't have to press hard to make it work. What I like to do is brush it by my nose for a bit (yes, i know it sounds strange, but on that little spot is a bit of grease which helps the pen glide and it's connectivity a lot!). Like that it works for both writing and tapping, however, it's most important to notice that if the angle with the screen gets too small, it works less well. I am guessing this is where some people may get skipping issues if you momentarily reduce the angle of the pen and the screen too much it may skip, if you learn to hold it up just a bit straighter it works fine. You still don't have to hold it like other styluses all the way straight up, just experiment a little bit and you'll find it to be fine. (Or at least I did).

Lastly, as everyone says, the disc is fragile, simply never put it anywhere without screwing the cap on. The cap comes with it for a reason, use it. As far as the magnetic clinging goes, I can easily cling it to my iPad and hold it upside down and it did not fall off. The plastic also makes no sound on my screen.


+ Glides smoothly and is very precise
+ Magnetic clinging works well
+ Doesn't scratch or skip in my opinion if used properly
+- Always screw the cap on when not using it
- Don't hold it too angeled

EDIT 25-03-2013:
It's now a while later and I'm still using my Adonit Pro. I have started to notice some skipping, but not much to where it is a problem. I still stick to my trick of greasening the tip a little bit before use , which truly helps. I've still not noticed any scratching whatsoever, and even after applying a screen protector a few days ago it still is as precise and responsive as it was before the screen protector. Still happy with my purchase!
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on 25 March 2015
Good pen, but nib too delicate. I've had 3 of these now and all broken tips when dropping the pen/rolling off the desk etc onto the floor.
I've also knocked a star off for the Adonit packaging. That looks lovely, but impossible to open. The pen inside the case does not have the cap on it, so again fell straight from the box onto the floor and broke. Didn't even write one word with it!
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on 13 February 2017
Bought to use with OneNote on iPad air2. Brilliant product and can't recommend highly enough. The nib has to date not come off therefore wouldn't worry about buying extras. The lid unscrews and reattached to the bottom which is really handy. It's also magnetic so great for sticking to iPad / cover which really helps when taking notes.
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on 16 November 2016
It's not amazing. It didn't work hugely well with the surface RT as the pen seemed to keep disconnecting from the screen. A friend of mine got a free pen with a stylus tip from a careers fair stall and that worked better. Wouldn't recommend.
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on 24 October 2016
Bought this for my daughter...she loves it... however the first one we bought fell to pieces within 3 days of buying it! The 2nd one has lasted very well
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on 28 March 2017
rubbish - now have Apple pencil
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on 20 March 2017
Brilliant, present for wife great product.
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