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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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First of all, let's set the record straight - this is not a real leather product. It's PU leather, or fake leather, and that's not made very clear in the product description. Had I known that, I might have thought twice about it.

On to the review. The case comes with a nice cardboard sleeve, and is then chucked into a clear plastic bag, which hasn't been sealed very well. I think if you were giving it to someone, you'd probably take it out of the bag and leave the cardboard sleeve intact. That would look a bit more presentable.

The case itself is a smart looking little thing. Despite not being real leather, it does have a nice leathery aroma to it, which just screams of high quality. The stitching around the edges looks smart and strong too. The front is embossed with "Snugg", which as I've already discussed in a previous review of Snugg's products, narks me a bit because if I've paid for something, I don't expect to have to keep advertising its manufacturer. BHS and Next don't slap their branding on the front of all their clothing, after all. The rear is embossed with the company website, which is at least small writing.

Open the case and you can feel the magnet in action, trying to keep the two edges closed. It's nice and strong, and the case did not fall open. On the left hand side there's a velcro strap which you can use to hold, or tuck into the flap on the back to use the case as a stand. Again, there's more branding at the bottom of the case - we get it already!

On the right hand side, you'll insert your iPad. There's a velcro tab which you pull out, insert your iPad and tuck back in to fasten the iPad in place. Again, this is a nice secure way of keeping the iPad in place, and it didn't fall out in my tests. At the top of the leaf, there's a holder for a stylus, although the case does not come with one. There's a leather "frame" around the edge, which is great because it doesn't interfere with a screen protector, if you have one on your iPad.

All ports are perfectly accessible, although the camera cutout didn't seem to quite line up properly, even after a few attempts. With a lot of shoving, it eventually lined up, but this caused the leather "frame" to be slightly distorted. The buttons are not covered, so you can access them all easily.

Overall, this is a nice little case. At £25 (Price at time of review), it's not the cheapest out there, and there are a few things about it which stop it being entirely perfect, but it does its job well, and with Snugg's lifetime guarantee, it will hopefully keep you going for the life of your iPad. Thanks to the manufacturer, who sent me this in exchange for an honest review.
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on 26 June 2016
The materials seem of good quality. The design is disappointing though. The elasticated strap is in the interior where it's of no practical use. It feels awkward to carry this way because the screen is exposed and has to be gripped by the thumb. If it had been on the outside and able to wrap around the exterior, it would keep the ipad better protected and the case closed. There is only a weak magnet to keep the case closed and it is proving insufficient for purpose.

When propped open and upright (a different design is shown in pictures on this page at time of writing) the aforementioned strap sits directly under the base making the assembly wobbly. The lower angled open position is much better though it does mean turning the ipad 180 degrees about. The stylus ring is over the microphone. It is not elasticated so will not grip a stylus securely.
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VINE VOICEon 14 November 2012
I recently replaced my iPad 1 with a new iPad Mini. I had used an Apple case on the iPad 1, but to be frank, most of the time I removed the iPad and used it bare.

When I bought the iPad Mini I was impressed by its size and weight, but was more concerned about the possibility of dropping it than I was with the earlier iPad.

I searched the Internet for a case that would:

1) protect the iPad
2) serve as a stand
3) have a hand strap to use when holding the iPad and using it
4) the case should power down the iPad when closed

This case does them all and feels real quality.

I recommend one of these cases to anyone who wants one for their iPad Mini.
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on 28 March 2016
The best ipad case ive had!

I purchased this item in Black for my Ipad Mini 2. It arrived quickly and well packaged. I could tell it was a quality item straight away as even the packaging had extra touches on to show it was a premium product, such as the cellophane had Snugg printed onto it.

The case itself is a nice strong leather material and not a cheap nasty feel you usually get on ipad cases.
My ipad slotted in nicely and looks really smart. All the ports are easily accessible to charge, lock, volume etc.

The case has built in magnets to keep it closed, which also allow you to lock/unlock the device just by opening and closing the cover.

The front of the case can be folded to stand the ipad up, great for watching films etc. Will try it out properly on a flight soon!

On the top of the case is a hoop which can hold a stylus in, sadly the case does not come with one however you could purchase separately. I dont have one and the hoop doesnt get in the way.

Another handy feature of the case is the hand strap. Before purchasing i thought the strap was on the rear of the case, to make it easier to carry around. It is actually on the inside of the front cover. This means that when you open the case, you can hold the ipad easily while you are using it which is a much better idea than what i had originally thought.

Overall im really impressed with this case, its well built, looks smart and a pleasure to use. I will be keeping this on my ipad and using it from now on.

Extra info -
I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. I try to keep my reviews as fair as possible and include all good and bad points. If you found my review helpful please click the YES button just below to let me know it helped you. Happy Shopping :)
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on 18 December 2014
I wanted a premium leather case for my new ipad mini2 and settled on this one. Alas after three weeks of light use the corners are worn and the underlying material is exposed. It's starting to look tatty. I would say it's worth £10 not the £30 charged here.

I will be returning the case for a refund.
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on 3 August 2016
After 18 months of light home use, the leather on the case is cracked on the front fold, and flaking away on the corners. This is a shame, as I liked it. As a case it works well and protects my iPad - functional and just the right size. So a real shame it is already starting to fall apart.

However, Snugg promise you a "Lifetime Guarantee" if you register your product on their website - which I did in February 2015, upon purchase. Now, 18 months later, having contacted them to report the fact that my Snugg case really isn't going to last a lifetime, firstly, they had no record of my registering the product with them. So I sent them the email they sent me, when I registered it, under my order number. So guess what - they replied and said because I ordered it from Amazon (not Snugg directly), it isn't eligible for the Lifetime Guarantee! Yet on the registration page of their website, you can clearly choose Amazon as option for purchase platform, and it doesn't say in the T&C that it must be purchased directly from them.

Nothing like misleading your customers....
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on 12 September 2016
Having owned one of these cases for the past 4 years or so, I decided that I would make a claim against Snugg's "Lifetime Warranty" statement that is boldly emblazoned across the product description. The faults that I was claiming against were:

1. The elastic handle has failed and lost its elasticity and does not grip my hand so the handle is defective.

2. The stitching has failed in a couple of places and the plastic faux leather is coming away.

3. The plastic faux leather is peeling away from the case and flaking off in places

4. The case no longer turns the iPad on or off when opening or closing the case.

I wrote to Snugg asking them for clarification on the terms and conditions of their lifetime warranty. I am aware of what ware and tear is, however the failures are preventing the case from functioning on some of the key points for which I purchased the product.

Amongst the responses the latest has confirmed that basically this is not a lifetime warranty but just a short term warranty that is no different from what you would expect when buying any product. The response to my query was as follows:

"There are several attributing factors to what manufacturing issues include

It is dependent on time frame and if you do get a case with a manufacturing issue then it will usually show within the first 3 months of use, it is of course also based on our own judgement when images and additional information is sent to us

A general overview of a manufacturing issue is

Case cracking / breaking within the first couple of months of purchase

Fraying (early on)


All members of the TheSnugg team use Snugg products for all personal devices and so have an in depth knowledge of how and what happens to these cases "

The product as a whole has protected my iPad well over the past few years. I am not slating the product for what it is or for how it has lasted. It functioned well within a period I would have been happy with. My frustration is against their lifetime warranty advertising which is clearly something that they are not prepared to stand by when it comes to a claim.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 August 2016
A very good fit for my iPad Mini 2 and it's really easy to take the iPad in and out of the case, if required. The case is well designed and I find it easy to work on my iPad upright on the table, especially now I have a bluetooth keyboard for it. But I can't give it five stars as a little of the rubber edging about the charging slot has come away. It doesn't affect the case, and it's not really noticeable though.
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on 21 May 2015
My daughters cover for her mini iPad the sewing at the top has started to come away after 2 months. Not happy at all and have no way of returning this to you as it has gone past the date. Considering she is only allowed to use the iPad of a weekend and it goes away safely in a draw this should not have happened. It is obviously a defect as my iPad cover is fine
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on 31 March 2016
Had one of these cases for iPad 2 but had been using another brand for iPad mini. Recently swapped to Snugg and I can really see the quality difference. Cover is sturdy and protects the iPad well from inevitable knocks from the kids. The stand feature is important to me and I'm pleased to say the one on the Snugg is stable and copes well with uneven surfaces and small children. Bought at a bargain price of £5.99, fantastic value.
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