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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2014
It fits and from reading reviews of this product and other like it I have never felt the need to measure my arms. But I have a 14.5 inch left arm (circumference for the trolls) and there is plenty of room left on the strap for bigger and smaller ones (the sizes are in the description). I don't get any pinch which I would get off other bands that have various Velcro fastenings (but when I first put it on I have to be carful not to trap skin in the clip). Overall there are no issues but when there is nothing glaringly obvious you notice the little things, a pocket or hook or something to hold excess headphone wire would of been nice or a key pocket like other products have would have bumped the rating up. But overall it is a good product that does what it is supposed to do. It doesn't slip down my arm (I'm a sweater) or rub in anyway. I'm happy with it the only thing I recommend is that people check the sizes it fits and measure your arm (or go to the gym).
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on 11 December 2012
It really annoys me that products like this, which are supposed to be extensively tested, are allowed onto the market. This armband has some sort of ineffectual clasp system which has "patent pending" written on it, but I don't know why they would bother because IT DOESN'T WORK! Its just a big metal clasp which does nothing except poke your arm if you wear it on a bare upper arm. Moreover it will slip off unless you happen to have the biceps of He-Man. Adjustability is very poor and even at its tightest it barely stays on my upper arm and gradually slips down. If i were an anorexic girl then this could be forgiven but I am a normal-sized guy with probably above average bicep circumference. It really is bugging, especially coz I can't even reasonably return it after having taken it on a run and getting some sweat on it!
The one things that is accurate on the description is the 'waterproof' claim. It does prevent sweat seeping in to the inner compartment. However only a naked iphone 5 will go in in the first place. Any sort of cover, and I mean anything at all, and you will probably rip the case before you push your phone in.

The lack of armbands available for the iphone 5 is what prompted me to go with a re-knowned brand like Belkin thinking 'it must be decent since its a Belkin'. So much for that. All-in-all this is a terrible design and I'm writing this so that no one else wastes £18 or whatever it is...
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on 15 August 2013
Good fit and the item is easy to use. My only small negative is it seems to need adjust at each run
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on 5 November 2012
Good and as described but doesn't adjust enough for (female) middle sized arms. Shame as you have to alter the band whilst running and this can be distracting on a run.
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on 1 April 2013
Belkin, as far as brands go, are pretty reliable. With this armband, i am pleased to say, overall, once again, they've made something great!

First of all, the number of shoddy items relating to iphone 5- especially workout armbands, is quite shocking. the amount of money you spend on an iphone, you would at least adopt a similar mindset in selecting the adequate apparel for runs / workouts to protect it. With the 'Belkin Neoprene Profit' armband, security, comfort and ease of use have all been approached rather successfully.

-With reference to this 'patent pending' clasp, it simply implies that a fold over plastic clasp clips the armband in place, rather than velcro or other fixture wrapped around your arm. while this a decent feature, it may catch the skin slightly, depending on how tight you intend to wear it, however, with an iphone strapped to your arm, you will want it pretty damn secure! The 'window' to the iphone is clear and does NOT scratch easily. Also, there is an earphone jack cutout in the correct spot for iphone 5, as well as a protective cover which tucks in over the iphone to completely seal it and protect it from the elements.

-The only minus with this product is the tightness. while there is a release catch so you can extend the armband to a shwarzernnegger circumference, you cannot tighten it any further. this may not be an issue for anyone already engaged in gaining muscle strength in their arms, however, a new start may find it slack.

Would definitely recommend, great product, well made, and well worth it.
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on 26 April 2013
This is a really nice piece of kit.
I used to have an iPhone 4 and had the belkin armband for that which was really nice.
I was expecting the same band with the earphone hole in a different place but no, this is a complete re-design!!
The fabric is much nicer.
The old band had a velcro fastener, the new one has a clunky plastic clasp which is HUGE.
As other reviews have mentioned, even on the smallest setting the band seems to be designed for someone with enormous biceps.
I've customised mine with a strip of foam to make it fit.
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on 7 December 2012
I bought this shortly after the iPhone was release in UK. At the time there were very little sports armbands specifically for the iPhone 5 available. Having previously purchased a Belkin Armband for my iPhone 4, I was pretty confident that this would do the job!

It's comfortable on the arm, though not had it on on bare skin yet as I have been running with long sleeves (brr!). Your iPhone is protected from the elements and you can see the screen clearly and control your iPhone with ease. Armband is adjustable and comfortable to wear. My only gripe is cable management as previous Belkin armbands have come with a little plastic clip that allows you to wrap any excess headphone cables around and it clips itself onto the armband. If this new version had this clip, I would have given it 5 stars!

Would definately recommend this over the cheaper no brand armbands available now!
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on 24 May 2013
The clasp is, indeed, different from what you would expect, but it works. At first it looked a bit intimidating, and since it's a folding clasp it didn't seem easy to adjust (i.e. compared to Velcro), but once I got the hang of it, I started liking it.

I found that if your arms are slimmer (less than 290 mm), you can adjust it by pulling the strap to the outside. I'll try to explain (note that English is not my mother tongue): normally you would just drag the fastener, but if you also pull the strap from the clasp's slot (where it snaps) to the outside (see http://i.imgur.com/ov3iVdg.jpg ), you can further decrease the circumference and actually get it to stay in place (tested on my sister's arm). And, while you're at it, you can also use that loop to slip the headphones cable.

The clasp is made of plastic, it's bent and most of it is covered by the strap so it's comfortable on bare skin (unless you wear it really-really tight or your skin is so thin)

Apparently it's waterproof. I tested it under a tap and it was dry on the inside.

I don't sweat much, but the first time I used it, I went for a half an hour 7 km run on a hot day - about 30°C (86°F) at 22 hours (10 PM) which is increasingly common nowadays in Bucharest, Romania. After I finished my run and pulled out my iPhone, I noticed a small trail of water on the back of the phone. Now I'm not sure whether the material is actually *that* permeable, or the top lid was not covering the slot properly and subsequently some sweat simply slipped through. On my second run it was okay, but the weather was chillier so I can't compare. I'll pay attention in the following runs and hopefully I won't have to worry about it anymore.

The pictures you find on the Internet should suffice.

Maybe I should point out that the armband is really slim and sexy. Since it's not bulky, it doesn't feel like a load when you're wearing it.

I have to admit that, after reading the other reviews, I wasn't sure whether I should order one anymore. But then again, I searched the Internet and could not find another armband that seems both reliable and aesthetically pleasing. So eventually I ordered the Belkin Pro-Fit and got it a few days ago. I went out for 2 runs since then and I found it looks and feels great. I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did.
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on 13 January 2014
I read a few reviews but thought perhaps it was really skinny people complaining the armband was a little loose.
I'm a fairly standard size, I wear small/medium size tees and tops.
Even at the tightest setting it is loose on me - a few people in my office have also tried it on and not one person would be able to use it even at it's smallest setting.

Seriously the only possible explanation for this is that everyone that works at Belkin are professional body builders in their spare time with massive arms.
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on 30 June 2013
I thought I could trust the brand so just ordered it. Got it home and the fastening strap is crazy! There is no way that it would be comfortable on a long run - 'patent pending?' - don't bother!

Also, now that I re-read the product description I can see there is a minimum size guide for the product - I guess it must have been there when I ordered but didn't see it. My arm is too small, so I doesn't fit. My arms are normal size. I don't do weights I just run, BUT I am not a 12 year old boy either! I've got a BMI of 22 so what the hell???

I'm going to try to return the product even though I've now thrown all packaging away in the belief I could trust Belkin with a product design. NEVER AGAIN.... TRAGIC.
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