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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2012
There may be a good reason for the first reviewer to believe this Belkin Pocket Case was too snug, but I've found my recently received one to be perfectly fit for purpose (...well almost).

On the very first use, and much to my surprise, the phone slipped in and pulled out just right - not too tight, and not too loose - either of which would make it much less than satisfactory. It hasn't slackened off in any way after a few days use, in fact slipping the iPhone 5 in and out is a breeze albeit it just needs a gentle encouragement to fit in the final centimetre. It remains perfectly snug and secure at all times even if shaken upside down.

The material is fine, and perhaps what is most pleasant about this particular case is its very low profile - perfectly in keeping with the slimmer (depth) of the iPhone 5. The case adds miminimal thickness!

The reason for 4 stars and not 5 well it's nitpicking really, but the curvature at the bottom means that the phone only just fits in all the way and there's probably half a millimetre to spare at the top when nudged all the way in. I'd prefer to have it fit in a millimetre or two more so that if ever dropped with the open end hitting the ground first there would be less chance of damage to that exposed iPhone 5 end. As it is, the exposed end is only just protected.

Other than this last point - thoroughly recommended!
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VINE VOICEon 23 January 2013
The iPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest and most expensive iPhone ever. With something so valuable in your pocket, you might want to buy a case to protect it. The problem is, because they're permanently attached, most cases make the iPhone 5 thicker and heavier, removing two of its advantages over earlier models. Also, most cases only cover the back and sides of the iPhone 5, leaving the glass display completely exposed to getting scratched and cracked!

The solution is to buy a sleeve case, such as this one. Now, there's some discrepancy in its name. Amazon call it the Belkin PU Leather Pull Tab Case for iPhone 5, whereas Belkin call it the Belkin Pocket Case for iPhone 5. Well, the two names actually refer to the same product, with the same model number (F8W123vfC00).

The Pocket Case is available in two different types of packaging: Traditional or Amazon Frustration-Free. I went with the latter and was surprised to receive it in just an ordinairy bubble wrap bag, sealed inside a larger grey plastic bag, with a sticker to identify it. Great for the planet, sure, but I miss the presentation and "official" feel that traditional packaging normally provides.

Unlike other sleeve cases, the Pocket Case is so soft that it can actually be folded in half. It's made from a single sheet of PU Leather that's extremely thin (about 2 mm) with no padding whatsoever. PU Leather isn't real leather, it's a "leather look" polyurethane material. It certainly looks like leather, and it's much easier to clean than leather, but it doesn't smell like leather. The PU Leather used on the Pocket Case has what Belkin describe as a "fine pebble grain texture" and is available in one of four colours: white, red carpet (maroon), black and day glow (pink).

There are a couple of logos stamped into the PU Leather. On the front of the Pocket Case, in the bottom right corner, are nine circular dots. These dots form Belkin's new logo, Mr. PIP, which stands for People-Inspired Products. On the back of the Pocket Case, again in the bottom right corner, is the word "belkin". Both logos are very subtle and only noticeable when they catch the light.

Other sleeve cases have completely solid bottoms, meaning you can't hear your iPhone ring when it's inside them. The Pocket Case, however, has 26 tiny holes which ensure that your iPhone 5's microphone and speaker are never blocked. Speaking of holes, on Belkin's website they list a "camera lens cutout" as one of the Pocket Case's features. Well they're wrong. There isn't one, so don't expect to be able to take photos with your iPhone 5 when it's in the Pocket Case.

To put your iPhone 5 into the Pocket Case, simply slide it into the opening at the top. The fit is perfect and secure enough that, if you turn the Pocket Case upside down, your iPhone 5 won't fall out. The inside of the Pocket Case is lined with a soft grey microfibre material that theoretically shouldn't scratch your iPhone 5, and might even clean it. To get your iPhone 5 out of the Pocket Case, slowly pull on the pull-tab, which will "eject" your iPhone 5 by about 33 mm. It's worth noting that the pull-tab doesn't have a velcro or magnetic fastener, but it can be tucked neatly back inside the Pocket Case, to stop it from flapping around.

Overall, I think the Pocket Case is a great case for the iPhone 5. It has a sleek, minimalist design, it feels thin and luxurious, and it weighs just 14 g. It allows you to keep your iPhone 5 in your pocket all day, without worrying about it getting scratched or chipped. And, despite Belkin's claim that the Pocket Case is only compatible with the iPhone 5, it actually fits the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S too. I will say though, if you plan on giving the Pocket Case as a gift, I recommend going for the Traditional packaging.
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on 5 February 2013
I though initially this will be a real leather case. It is a PU one which means it is not leather. I am not sure why leather is mentioned in the product name.

Anyway I gave it a go and it lasted for less than two month. It got loose i.e phone slips out easily, also tears/cracks on the top of the case started to appear.

To be honest for this price I would expected a much better product. I can only suggest everyone thinking of buying such case to go for the SENA ultraslim one. That is what you need.

This product therefore is not recommended.

Amazon, as usual, had top notch customer service, so managed to return the item without any problems. Thank you Amazon.
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on 20 February 2014
I'm a heavy user of my phone for a variety of purposes, and so naturally I'm often pulling it out of my pocket and checking up on things. This case makes using your phone a chore.

Put simply, this case is too snug. It's difficult to get your iPhone in and out of the case, which after a short period of time becomes incredibly frustrating.

The case is a very low-profile, sleek looking case however - that's why I gave it two stars instead of one.

But ultimately, this case is fundamentally flawed, and I would encourage you to spend your hard-earned cash on an alternative protective solution. I've reverted to my old case, and this case will serve only as a backup.
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on 1 March 2013
I've had a 3GS for years in a snug fitting leather pull-tab sleeve that has been both hard wearing and protective - cost me £10. When I got my 5, I was looking for something similar and thought this sleeve from Belkin was about as close as I'd get for the same sort of money.

I wasn't expecting leather (and you wouldn't mistake this for leather once you've touched it), but it still feels flimsy to me. A layer of leather-look plastic on the outside, and a layer of softer woven material inside. No padding as such. It won't scratch the phone, but the seams are very poorly finished inside. The first time I used it the phone got stuck three quarters of the way in. When I got it out it had sticky stuff down each side. I found the remains of glue inside the case where the seams had failed to stick down. I rubbed the excess off and it's better now but still feels unfinished inside.

The photo makes the bottom corners look neatly rounded - in fact they're angled so the phone doesn't sit snug against the end of the case. It looks a bit like the sort of thing that my kids use to make in primary school.

Good points: pinholes in the bottom so you can hear your ringtone. Will protect your phone from scratches - but not much else.

Overall I'd have expected to pay half the price for this. I guess I'm going to have to grit them and pay a bit more when I get round to it, for something with a bit of the class that this definitely hasn't got.
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The single biggest thing I missed about my iPhone 4 was the case. I had a Diesel case; slim, leather and fitting flush with my Apple toy.

After purchasing a 'temporary cover' for my iPhone 5, I was holding out until I could get hold of a worthy contender for my old case. This was it!

Belkin are renowned for making quality products and this one certainly delivers.

-Fits flush with the phone, thus not adding bulk.
-Perfect fit, not too tight, not too lose.
-Excellent build quality and stitching.
-Holes at the bottom of the case for mic and speaker! (but to charge, you must take the phone out or place upside-down in the case).

-Not leather as advertised (but still very good quality).
-Pull tab occasionally gets stuck (this is not really a problem, but worth mentioning).

All-in-all, a very nice case and I am immensely pleased. Just be aware, it is 'not' leather as advertised!
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on 24 January 2013
The case by itself looks elegant and classy - not what you'd expect from a mass market product. The leather and the inner lining have a pleasing texture. It adds almost no bulk to the phone.

However, in use its rather annoying as you [obviously] can't even use it as a clock/watch, to see the time. I found it wearying taking the phone in and out of the case all day - I do use the camera a lot though, and I watch the lock-screen for missed calls & messages.

(You should consider if you even need a case, to be honest. Watch the drop test videos, the phone is pretty resilient. Do you really want to try and shield it from little scuffs? Go on, live a little!)
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on 23 October 2012
Most of the cases that are sold add size to the phone. That doesn't happen with this case. The inside of the case is high quality and will preserve your phone without scratching it.

It was just what I was looking for. At first it is difficult to get the iPhone inside the case, but it gets better in time. And it is good that it is this way because it will never happen the scenario that you pick up the phone inside the case and the phone falls to the ground because it slipped out of the case.
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on 19 January 2013
I had a similar pouch case for my iPhone 4 ( see review) and decided I wanted the same thing for my new iPhone 5
After considering many types I decided to o or the Belkin one. For the price this is spot on for protecting the phone while not adding any bulk. The pull tab works an all is good.

The only thing is that it's labelled as being a leather product but it is not leather.
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on 8 February 2013
Hard to insert the phone all the way. Seems poorly built and something that could be picked up at a market for a couple of pounds. Not worth the money
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