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on 20 March 2016
I'm now down to my fifth cup of espresso and cappuccino. It takes some practise to get the amount of espresso and milk exactly right. My first two cups, not only were too cold, but also caused a terrible mess in the kitchen, with milk and coffee all over the place. You can make great coffee with this device, but it takes practise and a routine that you need to follow each time you make it.

There are several downsides to this device:
1) The water container is made from styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) plastic. This is a dangerous type of plastic and it imparts plastic taste to the water. You can test this by putting water in the container, wait a few minutes and drink directly from the container. To reduce the risk to a bare minimum for myself, I only place water in the container the moment I want to make coffee, and throw away any left over water, not leaving any in the container.
2) The frother (plastic) can only be moved sideways, not alongside the machine. This makes it a bit awkward to use.
3) The frother has a helper connected to it. While this helper can be removed, for more control over the frothing process, the main frothing tube cannot stay in place under steam pressure and will come off shooting, if the helper is not connected. To prevent it from frothing and just heating the milk, you need to shove it all the way into the milk to the top.
4) The frother will drip water continuously while the machine is on
5) The tamper (plastic) is almost completely useless. They should have left it out of the design. It's better to not have it, than having a plastic dish sticking out of your espresso device that you can't use. The ideal tamping pressure is 14kg (30 pounds), if you did that on this attached tamper, you'd not only break the tamper, but also the device.
6) The distance between the metal plate and the dripper is only enough to fit a espresso cup or a flat cappuccino cup, not any medium or tall cappuccino cups.
7) The cup heater plate at the top is passively heated, it will not heat up any cup and is only good for decoration.
8) While the the coffee dripping is enabled, the glass will move away due to strong vibration of the device, forcing you to keep it in place by hand or to place something below the cup to prevent it from sliding.

There are also several things I like about this device:
1) It looks beautiful
2) It makes great coffee once you've practised with it and got the amounts and temperatures right.
3) The frothing is correct/nice/creamy, even with the helper.
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on 9 February 2015
Really good, we like the coffee that this machine makes.
The build quality of this coffee machine is good and it seems durable.
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on 26 November 2017
Very reliable machine. The steamer works very well. Would happily recommend.
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on 25 April 2017
Item arrived fast and as expected
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on 6 July 2017
A lovely looking coffee maker and so easy to use and clean.
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on 12 March 2017
Very happy with this product
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on 11 February 2015
Takes a bit of getting used to. More force than I'd like needed to slot the coffee handle in place. Can be quite noisy too.
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on 21 October 2014
Like a lot of people on here - my wife and I bought the kettle and toaster then bought the coffee machine.

It was mainly a gift for me because I love my coffee but find high street cafe's like starbucks etc. too expensive.

Firstly the price - it wasn't expensive for what you get - bought from John Lewis because they give a two year warranty. Had the machine for about eight weeks now and have already recovered the cost at starbucks prices!!

Second ease of use. - I have read some of the negative comments and can only say:

Don't buy this machine if you want a fast easy cup of coffee. Stick with instant or buy one of the espresso pod things!!

Remember that coffee making is an art not a science and you must have a love of good coffee to appreciate what this machine is capable of after you have taken the time to learn. Read some of the extremely good reviews here which give excellent tips on perfecting the art and look at the videos on u tube - if all else fails - go on a course!

Easy to fill and clear reservoir means you can easily see how much water is left.

The wand is easily accessible if you use the correct metal jug - I bought two the 330 ml and the 660 ml. The smaller is excellent for a single latte or cappuccino. The larger for two.

The tamper is workable but I took a note of a recommendation in an excellent review on here and bought the Motta 52mm tamper. Expensive but built to last. Find the crema is even better than before and the finished article is more consistent. Whichever you buy make sure it is the 52mm as it fits the coffee filter exactly.

Can't get a decent sized cup under the outflow: What a load of rubbish!! An espresso cup fits beautifully. A wide teacup also fits beautifully. We bought some Denby Monsoon teacups which each hold half a pint yet are only 60mm high! A little expensive but wow they look the part and my wife swears her Latte tastes better out of them. To those who say 'can't fit a mug under' I say you should not be putting good coffee in a mug!! If you must be a Philistine then stick to your instant.

It's noisy: well yes it is noisy. Because it is so light weight and has such a strong pump anything which can rattle will. I either ignore it - not hard to do - or put the dogs' ceramic treat jar on the top of the reservoir - that reduces the noise to a pleasant hum. But don't let the dogs see me otherwise they think it's treat time.

It has faulty seals which drip: Well we live in a notoriously bad hard water area. Shower cubicle door constantly covered in limescale and constantly cleaning loo and sinks. So far I find that there is a little dripping just before the machine gets up to heat. This can be left to fall into the drip tray or sometimes I place a small cup under the outlet. I expect that I will have to descale more often than most but honestly do not feel that the performance warrants it yet after 8 weeks or so and an average of 6 or 7 cups per day. I tend to have double espresso and count those as two cups. When I notice a drop off I will descale - honest.

In summary - this machine is exquisite to behold, reasonable in price, can be noisy - but has a workaround, makes excellent coffee in the right hands but it is not the right choice for philistines who like their coffee quickly made and in mugs.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 September 2014
I had this coffee makers big brother until my husband broke it (clumsiness not design fault) when I was pregnant 2 years ago and conveniently I couldn't notice it! I eventually got treated to a replacement of which I chose this beauty, it is a gorgeous piece of kitchen equipment with soft curves and sleek lines and matches our kitchen perfectly. At 15 months use it is still in great condition with intact seals and no damage to the steam wand.

It makes a gorgeous cup of coffee too, once you get into the swing of stopping it at your taste, short and strong espresso , bit shorter for ristretto or longer for lungo or for the faint hearted longer towards Americano.
this design is an upgrade from its older sibling, the water tank is placed better for access, the steam wand is much more sturdy, the drip tray is easier to take out and wash and the top is metal to act as a cup warmer (though my fine cups rattle too much on it to take a risk)
I really appreciate the choice of ground espresso/ coffee or the ESE style pods (effectively a teabag having an identity crisis) as my husband is notorious for forgetting to empty the grounds, it means a less gross job later to simply pick a cold pod out then wash.

I would heed advice from using its deceased older sibling,
Always wipe the steam wand (dried boiled milk is a git to remove) descale regularly especially in hard water areas, try to use filter water if possible, run a cleaning cycle (run the machine with no coffee to clean out everything) and check the water tank seals regularly for damage and you will enjoy fantastic coffee from a gorgeous machine.
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on 21 September 2015
I won this machine in the raffle at work, I had to admit at 1st I was quite impressed, it does take longer to make a coffee than other filter machines etc, as it is just like making a proper cappuccino to which you add hot water for an american or frothy steamed milk for a latte etc. The main issue was after a couple of months the steam/water spout on the side of the machine started dribbling water all over the kitchen counter, even when the tap on the top which operated the water/steam is fully turned off, as tight as I can get it. So I obtained a copy of the receipt from work to register the machine for warranty online and reported the problem to them. The promptly sent Parcelforce to collect the machine, recomend you still have the original box and packaging. When it returned I could tell the had changed something as it sounded different but it still after a couple of coffees it started to dribble again. So I reported the issue to them and the again did the same and on return it is still not fixed. So I have to say I am reporting this to them AGAIN, and I would recommend people stay away from buying this machine.
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