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on 1 September 2017
work's good. right choice..
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on 23 July 2017
First class service. First class product.
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on 27 March 2015
expected the v4 version of this it was the v2 i received but it does the job
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on 27 June 2011
This device has a fantastic range of options, but buyers should be aware that if they are using a BT line that has "ADSL Max" rather than the new ADSL2+ technologies then they will get disconnects. The unit red-lights and reverts the IP address to until it is rebooted. If you have ADSL Max you can expect this symptom about every 48 hours for units with current firmware release (V1.0.0.12).

On the positive side the Wifi range and sync speed are good. The Wifi button takes a bit of doing - you have to hold it down for about 10 seconds to make it work, but you soon get used to it!

We quite like the option to restrict internet traffic from certain computers to certain times etc which is good for our kids, and haven't used the USB option yet but it seems a great idea.
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on 15 August 2015
At first I was really pleased. Setting up was a breeze (that's what I like, out of the box ready) and the improvement to the speeds I was getting were great by WiFi and by cable (one cable attached pc, one Apple and one laptop by WiFi).

Three days later, although the computers said I was still connected to my ISP, there was no internet access. This happened several times each day where the internet access was lost then after a couple of minutes it would pick itself back up. Tried the re-boot processes, new filters, I don't have microwaves or any other WiFi appliances, checked the telephone line (I never lost use of the landline telephone) and other stuff advised but it made no difference - working away, internet access lost, joined itself back up.

Final test, put back the old router (about seven years old) that came with my boardband bundle. Not a single drop for two days and counting. New router - nope, drop, pick up; drop, pick up.

I read reveiws before I bought but because I read in the 'most helpful' order I made the mistake of thinking they were old and that this problem would have been fixed. Reading in the order of 'newest first' shows a right old mix of pleased with purchase and very disappointed with purchase.

Anyway, just sent mine back and it's back to the drawing board looking for a new router.
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on 24 February 2012
I installed the new N600 router as a replacement for a netgear DGN2000 which had developed a problem with its wireless connection.
Connected to power, telephone (via supplied cable and filter) and PC (via supplied ethernet cable). Opened the user interface in my browser, started the setup wizard, entered my ISP username and password.
In next to no time I was online. All the connection settings for TalkTalk were detected automatically.
I configuered the wireless connection to connect to my laptop and for additional security set up the access list to include only the family laptops.
I have now been using this router for four weeks. Connection has been reliable in that it has dropped once, without me noticing because it reconnected automatically. It is currently showing 15 days continuous connection.
To summarise: This router is a plug and play item. Set it up and forget it. I would recommend it to anyone.
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on 12 August 2015
Easy to set up , and very quick .
I live in a house with 2 floors and we are 6 people using it in the house , signal seems strong and consistent .
I had a Netgear N300 for 2 years , I replaced for this one because last few months signal was getting weak and losing signal constantly.
For now , this one seems to be good at least since I bought it 2 weeks ago.
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on 30 August 2011
Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router

My BT wireless router, that has been working well for 5 years or so now started dropping wireless connections and so I thought I would replace it and look for a reasonably future proof (I know there is really no such thing) update. I am currently on a standard BT broadband line at around 6MB connection but would be looking to get the high speed BT infinity service when it becomes available.

I looked at lots of modem/routers and the Netgear seemed to have everything, although reading lots of customer reviews (not just on Amazon) was aware of some of the issues this router had in maintaining an ISP connection - particularly it seems with BT. It was therefore with a little trepidation that I ordered one these.

The first, I think, was genuinely defective. Worked well for 3 hours and then wouldn't connect to the internet at all despite trying to reboot/reset/re-install. Kept freezing when trying to run auto reconnect set-up and also issues with USB - would connect but wouldn't register HDD as being attached. Unfortunately this led me to contact Netgear customer support which was a hopeless waste of time. Very difficult to find correct number, no contact details in box & had to search internet (using my old failing BT modem/router). Managed to find contact phone number for Netgear's paid service which requires a subscription before they will offer help. They did, however give me the number of their free customer support service which were utterly useless. The guy on the end of the phone was rather difficult to understand but basically told me to try it on a neighbours line (year right - I'll just pop around to my neighbours house rig it up on their computer, disrupting their network, hack into their computer's browser and fiddle around for an hour or so trying to get it to work - I'm sure they'll be more than happy to let me do that) and if it still didn't work, change it for one of their other models, the names of which he proceeded to give, that had nowhere near the specs of the DGND3700 they were supposedly able to replace - one of them was even a modem-less router! There was absolutely no attempt to even try to rectify or diagnose any possible issues, even though I think this model was actually genuinely defective rather than suffering from what appears to be a common flaw in this model. It seems that Netgear are well aware of the ADSL connection problems that this router has and yet don't appear to be taking any steps to resolve them.

Amazon were fantastic as usual - both in the ease of returning the defective item and the speed at issuing a replacement.

The replacement model, however. DID have the ADSL connection flaw - with the broadband connection dropping on several occasions each day. This was easily fixed by rebooting (unlike the first one I tried) but unfortunately most of my WiFi client devices needed rebooting & re-setting up as well to re-establish a stable connection. If it were just a case of re-booting the router and everything working again (which I had hoped would have been the worst case scenario) then I could have lived with that - but it wasn't.

On a slightly more positive note, connection issues aside I found the set-up extremely easy. It auto-detected my ISP setting within a minute or 2 and after typing in account name & password, it connected. Wireless setup was also very easy, if a little disappointing. The signal strength of the 2.4ghz band dropped rapidly at only small distances. The signal strength to my Asus Eee pad dropped from excellent, with a link speed of 72Mbps (I think this is the Eee pad's max link speed) in the same room to fair and a Link speed of 5Mbps (with a resultant halving of transfer speed) on moving downstairs to the kitchen (approximately 10 meters away) in a modern house which has the usual wall thickness you would expect with modern new houses (about the same thickness as a thin veneer of papier mache!).

I dusted down an old Belkin N router I found laying around the darkest recesses of my computer room (one of the 1st N routers - it's 8 years old if it's a day) and this has given me better stability and a stronger signal than the Netgear N600.

Having read lots of reviews of other modem/routers, it appears that ADSL connection issues are a big problem. It seems strange that almost a decade on, with colossal dual band network link speeds of 300Mbps & even 450Mbps being boasted by manufacturers, that they seem unable to get the basics right on the modem front (not just Netgear but Belkin & Cisco also seem to have issues), so that their all singing, all dancing modem/routers seem incapable of maintaining a solid, reliable ADSL connection, whereas a crumbling, 8 year old dinosaur of a modem/router is able to do so with ease. I have decided to stick with my old crumbling Belkin, where I shall use it's modem function and probably add an Asus RT N56u router (having no confidence in the abilities of modern modems to maintain a solid ASDL connection).

I really can't give this more than 1 star. The best modem routers should really be unobtrusive, sitting in the background and just working. If you have to spend ages trying to re-boot/reset & endlessly watch out for the blinking red light of connection failure, then they really aren't any good, despite the tech specs.
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on 2 June 2012
Where to start with the problems here...

First off, the interface hasn't changed on the NETGEAR routers for what looks like 10 years. Same stupid iFrame layout with blue menu and massive image header. (Looks like this: [...])

Want to update a setting? You'll have to wait a minute staring at "UPDATING SETTINGS" and a textbox filling with the pipe symbol. Classy.

After I got half way through setting up the router, I started finding issues with the UI. For some reason, it wasn't pre-filling the IP address into the DCHP resverations table, which made it impossible to submit the form as it would complain "INVALID IP" (the first 3 octets of the IP aren't user changeable in this form). I had to change the HTML of the page to get that working again.

I also found, that sometime during setting up the router, the "Schedule" under "Content Filtering" just stops working. The page looses all previous input and doesn't save any new input. Requires a factory reset to fix.

I'm absolutely furious that this product cost over £100 and has so many faults. I will be returning it ASAP.
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on 3 April 2015
Totally worthe every penny.
I bought it, because my old router was disconnecting every once in a while and had serious problems especially with the latest macbook's that use a newer protocol for the wifi driver.

- Very low ping, all the pages start much faster
- Works great with latest MACs
- Doesnt lose connection
- Fast 5Ghz dual band wifi
- Easy to install, with a custom wizard app
- Nice design

- Not very big wireless range
- Bulkier than it looks in the photo
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