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on 9 December 2012
When I searched for a 12GB Three dongle, I was directed to a newer model. This dongle has a stronger, better design. Also, when you plug it in, the internet automatically pops up – you don’t have to click on anything. However, I wish this dongle would tell you how much data you have used after each session. The reception is very good and the webpages load nice and quickly.
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on 24 May 2014
I did have an actually-informative review for this item. Unfortunately I had to remove it.

Be warned, if you buy this item, Amazon will automatically assume you are interested in doing their job for them by providing free technical support to other customers via email. Regardless of your communication preferences, you will find yourself being emailed enquiries from random members of the public, such as "Does this item work with an iPad?", "What's a computer?" and "Why is the sky blue?" (That's where those "7 questions answered" come from in the description above.)

It's one thing to have questions posted on the product page should visitors be kind enough to answer them. It's quite another to invade my inbox with requests for me to do your job for you. If I had aspirations to answer inane technical enquiries for free, I'd get a work experience job as a "genius" at an Apple store. I don't have any such inclination to provide free customer support for Amazon or anybody else. Merely purchasing and reviewing an item doesn't change my clearly-expressed communication preferences.

Sort it out, Amazon. This isn't the only unsolicited email I've had from you recently, despite my preferences being clearly set to never receive any spam. It seems that after years of building up trust by initially respecting consumer communication preferences, you've merely become just another website that can't be trusted not to spam when provided with personal contact information.
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on 10 July 2013
This dongle was perfect! It had internet everywhere I went. Also, I used my laptop as wireless hotspot so that other WiFi devices could access 3G through my laptop. But to create a hotspot for other devices, I had to download a software called VirtualRouterPlus. This allows other users to access the dongle's 3G network through the laptop. What I did was that I took my WiFi IPad 2 outside. (There is no 3G at all on this IPad). Then I connected the dongle to my laptop. This created a 3G connection for my laptop so that I could access the internet. I then started VirtualRouterPlus. While the software was starting, I went to 'Settings' on the IPad. I then went on 'Wireless Networks' (or something to that effect). I waited for the SSID, which is the network name such as BTHomeHub3 etc to show up. When this showed up, I tapped on it and to connect, I had to enter the password so that I could connect the IPad to the laptop. Usually, the default password is 12345678. But you can change it if you want to. So, after typing in the password, I got the IPad connected to the 3G network using my laptop as a hotspot. A great dongle!
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on 14 March 2013
This was a present (a years internet connection). I set the dongle up on my laptop, sent it in the post to the person and it worked first time when the dongle was plugged into their laptop.
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on 4 June 2013
I've always stuck to 3 mobile as i like the portability of the product and the fact that i don't need to have a contract. (the pay as you go sim cards are available on amazon and are cheaper than getting a monthly voucher and last longer. i.e a voucher for 3gb purchased from a store wil last a month whereas a 3gb sim will last 3 months). If I have one huge problem with these dongles it is how long they last. (not just this one but all the three mobile ones i have bought before) they all have lasted me 9-11 months before they start malfunctioning, by that i mean they start taking longer to start, won't connect and lose contection. (I'm i being stupid?, do they only have a shelf life of 9-11 months are is it just my bad luck or are they only made to last a certain length of time?.) All that being said i have tried other brands and have always gone back to 'three' as they work the best.
The dongle itself is sleek in design and this version has the bonus of conecting once placed into your usb (whereas other previous versions had to be conected and disconected via a tab) only thing is though don't forget to diconect from your usb once finished surfing the net as it's easy to forget as there is nothing on screen to alert you that you are online.
SO to sum up if your looking for a dongle which gives you portability,are only using limited amount of internet usage (it does work out expensive if you download alot) and don't won't to be tied to a contract (although contracts are available) this might be the one ofr you.
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on 8 June 2014
I bought this as I needed guaranteed access to the internet during Easter 2014 and thought the high price would ensure this. However once installed I was greeted with a message saying I needed to top up my credit to get access to the internet.

This was puzzling as the box claims you get three months' worth of access included in the price. After many calls to customer service I'm still waiting to get the 3 months worth of credit. I have been given 1 GB instead whilst a very long technical issue is being resolved.

Also be beware that unlike other networks when Three says you get a month of internet access it actually means you get about eight hours and you have to top up again. Ie they expect you to only use the internet for 8 hours a month.

FINALLY and more alarmingly you cannot top up your credit with a Visa debit or credit card and you cannot buy anything on ANY website that involves going through 'Verified by Visa'. This is because Three have a dispute with Visa and do not want to pay their charges. Very frustrating if you wish to top up or buy online (because you can't!).
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on 29 August 2013
Just plugged the dongle in, it set itself up and we were on the internet in minutes,
Works when other networks have a really poor signal,
Would recommend it.
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on 10 February 2015
I nearly bought this product as it seems reasonable, but my brother is a software engineer and asked me 'why don't you just use your phone?'. A quick google reveals that when you plug your phone into your laptop e.g. via usb cable, go to 'settings' then your 'networks' option, you can set your phone to act as the dongle to one device ('usb tethering' option) or to multiple device (the 'hotspot') option. No need for a dongle at all. Just make sure that you untick the 'usb tethering' or 'hotspot' option each time you disconnect and not using it, so as to not run out of data allocation quickly. Now you just top up with your phone like you normally do for phone credit/data credit. Saves you shelling out. Just thought that I'd share this information and save people a bit of money. ** If you set up a hotspot, make sure that you password protect it in the options listing ,so others can't jump on your hotspot and use up your data. However, 'usb tethering' is probably all you need (if you are just connecting your laptop to the mobile internet) and is much more secure as it's just your phone and your laptop connected.
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on 28 May 2014
The dongle setting up process was straight forward. Simply detach the pre-packed sim from its package and place in the back of the dongle. Taking off the dongle casing can be challenging. From there just plug in and follow the onscreen instructions. However, the dongle registration process was less straight forward and can be unclear. Once the dongle was set-up using it was simple enough but during use the connection was prone to breakdowns. If you use pay as you go data make sure to top up before the expiry date. Otherwise you run the risk of losing any date left on the sim.
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on 1 November 2013
You pay money for just about Huawei.It is not profitable.Very little can surf the Internet and after you must make a top up.So you will meet the cost of much higher!!!! So .... this price is just about the same brodband!!!!
Ever on the amount of money could buy the brodband and use within 3 months without any problems without top up.Think about whether you want to throw away so much money at once suggest looking around for something better.I am severely disappointed.Needless to spent money!!!!
review imagereview imagereview image
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