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Baofeng UV-5R Plus Two Way Radio
Size: Standard|Change
Price:£39.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 1 August 2013
I am very impressed with this radio.

I'm about to take my Foundation License Exam and Practical and have been enjoying working experimenting with this radio. It's a lot of radio for the money and would suit any licensed ham amateur, survivalist/prepper (do we have these in the UK?) or radio enthusiast.

* It's small and robustly built. It probably wouldn't survive a 10 foot fall onto concrete but it's not an expensive radio either.
* Has the complete 2 meter VHF and 70 cm UHF bands. Including compatibility with PMR licence free frequencies (although it's not technically legal to transmit on these frequencies as it's eight times more powerful than OfCom allows).
* It's got an FM radio built in.
* It's a scanner too.
* It's programmable.
* It's got English voice prompts, a Chinese lady telling you what option you've selected in the menu (e.g. for menu item "SQL" she'd say, "Squelch"). This is nice but she doesn't talk on every menu option.
* Removable antenna.
* Accessory port (for hands free or fist microphone).
* Cheap.
* Easy to read (multicoloured backlit) display

* Difficult to follow instructions for programming - a cable (and free "Chirp" software) is a mandatory accessory. Does not come programmed out of the box (e.g. if you are expecting PMR frequencies).
* You need a ham radio licence to use this legally.
* The antenna is an SMA female instead of the more common SMA male connector. Don't get caught out!

I have my radio programmed to the PMR frequencies, the International Spacestation VHF downlink and local repeaters. Until I pass my exam it's quite good fun to listen to the radio scanning these frequencies and listening to FM radio. The battery lasts several days between charges doing this. Recommended!
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on 14 November 2013
I'm new to this ham radio business, been into CB radio since teenage years and just by coincidence whist browsing came across this.
Delivery was super quick, item was packaged ok, I did manage to do a quick repeater scan and pick up bus operators about 20+ miles from where I live in London.
After some researching online etc I've been enlightened that I will have to reprogramme to UK frequencies, I would guess it's programmed to here already since I'm picking up bus garage depot managers, this doesn't come with an usb programming cable so you'd have to buy one separately as I had to do, the construction of this unit is solid and I like how it's comfortable to hold , not too small or big.
I'm now in the process of reading books I bought via my Kindle and then do the test as remember if you are considering to get one which I would advise to any adult to do, is to do the Ham radio test as even if you talk no one will answer you if you don't hold a licence, a license for this gives you a call sign I have found out.
This is so handy to have as if in the case of natural disasters or in places of no mobile phone signal, this will get you in contact with someone who can offer/direct help to you, I've read this gives way better reception & signal compared to the standard walkie talkies, all in all so far I'm delighted with this product, it also has FM, which I find handy when out & about to listen to commmercial radio stations & VHF, which I never realised, sweet, I also managed to hear Ham operators on beacons in & around the M25, by using the scan button, for the price and speedy delivery, no faults so far, thanks much.
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on 7 July 2016
Super radio for the price. I got mine to programmed the marine channels for use on my boat, I rarely use a radio so didn't want to spend a lot on a dedicated marine radio.

Just a quick note on licensing, you can't use this radio to transmit on any frequency without a licence, although it is possible to use the licence free PMR446 channels the radio emits 1watt on low power which is more than the legal limit for PMR (0.5w), PMR radios also have to use a fixed antenna. The radio can be used on the business radio channels with the correct license, or on the ham radio bands with the foundation license.

Programming channels can be done on the radio or you can buy a connector and programme them on your computer. Straight out of the box the radio will need setting up with the correct channels so I don't recommend this product for anyone who isn't familiar with radio - you'd be better off buying a pair of PMR446 radios.
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on 16 March 2014
As a lapsed radio amateur (G0ACQ) I was thinking of dipping my toe back in the water when I came across the BaoFeng range of dual band hand held radios. I was a bit dubious to be honest, given the extremely low price of these units (making them almost disposable) but have to say that the build quality is good and the performance is impressive. Battery life on scan / standby runs into days and when the stock aerial is substituted for a (cheap) Nagoya NA771 the receive sensitivity on the amateur and vhf marine bands is surprisingly good. I did not think programming the radio was too difficult, but along with many other reviewers, I would suggest that a programming cable is purchased, for use with the freely downloadable CHIRP software, which makes setting the radio up (for use with repeaters etcetera) a breeze. The radio has a few quirks (like a flash-light) but don't let these put you off, seriously, there can never have been a less expensive way for a radio amateur to become meaningfully active on to the VHF & UHF bands.
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on 3 December 2012
Excelent first Ham Radio or for an experienced ham looking fo a good handheld. For the price i was expecting a poor quality device but was pleasantly surprised how good this is, you could pay more than double and not get anything better.
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on 28 January 2016
This radio works very well and is now a lot cheaper than when I originally purchased it si its now very good value for the price. I was quite impressed with how well it worked for the price, seems to be robustly made. Setting up the radio to use on repeaters is a little tricky at first. You can buy a programming interface cable that makes the process easier.
I used it the other day to listen to Tim Peake who was transmitting to some school children on 2m.
You need an Amateur radio license to use these. The foundation exam isn't too difficult. [...]
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on 17 November 2013
I am a class A license holder on the amateur bands and i bought this radio for my son passing his Foundation license. The other major names like Yeasu, Icom and Trio make equivalent radios but charge three times as much. This little rig holds its head high with the competition. Some will comment on the complexity of the menu system, but setting up the memories is really only necessary once and with the free chirp software and a programming lead its a doddle. The output of 4watts is more than adequate to hit the local repeater and it puts a good audio signal through the box.
All in all its the best investment you will make in ham radio, and if you loose it or drop it, you won't be running crying to the bank manager. I hope this company thing about making base stations. I'd certainly give one a shot at this price point.
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on 14 September 2014
At £35 I wasn't expecting much but I'm amazed. The quality and performance are easily on par with much higher priced units from the likes if Yaesu and Kenwood etc. It has all the features you'd expect. and S few that you wouldn't. Battery life is fantastic and the set is rugged and well built. If I had to make a criticism it would be the manual. It's pretty useless and you need a certain amount of knowledge to get the best from the radio. It's my bargain of the year and I doubt it'll be beaten. I'd advise the purchase if the data cable unless you want to manually enter your bands. All in all a great little handheld at a fantastic price. Please note that you must be licensed to transmit but listening is fine without a licence. As a mobile companion to my home base Yaesu, this is ideal
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on 10 April 2016
This thing is great for any airsofter but one word of warning you do need a license to use this and i would definetely advise getting this so that you don't annoy anyone and also be careful not to interfere with emergency services channels. BUT this is an amazing product for any airsofter with a cheap price and it is reliable nearly everyone on the field i play with uses this radio and most fields have a field channel so that if a problem comes up you can talk to the marshals so that's great to keep in mind!!
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on 28 September 2013
Haven't worked out to use it as a two way radio yet in conjunction with our works Kenwoods, but as a radio for BBC Radio 4 it is brilliant. It beats a Sony Walkman hands down and hasn't got that infuriating volume reduction that the Sony now has, or is it the earphones? Anyway I can not hear the radio on the Sony as it fades away, whereas this unit you can turn up louder when reception tails away. I walk every other day in a weak reception area, and this is going to be a pal. I also love the earphone as well, the ones from Sony will not fit in my ears so I had to hunt around for alternatives, this one clips over, and into your ear, love it.
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