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on 27 June 2017
Dose just what its supposed to do with no issues.
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on 9 July 2017
This does nothing.
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on 18 August 2014
works great as discribed
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on 22 February 2013
I bought this product on brand recognition as I had heard good things about Zalman cooling products.

The Laptop I am using this on currently is a Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop (17") and it fits on top very well.

The cooler is very quiet (not the quietest I have ever heard, but close, and far far quieter than when any Laptop fan spins / speeds up.

Edit: During the Heat Wave in the Summer (room around 30c) I choose to switch to my enormous (near £90 imported from France) Antec Gaming Cooler for .H264 encoding.
This was because the heavy CPU usage for prolonged periods caused the Laptop fans to spin up and the Laptop got quite warm.
This was never a problem, but as I had the Gaming Cooler thought I would use it.

So for Encoding or Gaming in a heat wave there are better coolers out there.

My Mum also bought one as well for her new 15.6" Samsung Core i5 Laptop.

1. Very quiet.
2. Supports the Laptop well.
3. Does a good job at keeping the Laptop cool.

1. The USB pass through cable has the lead coming out of the side of the plug. Where this lead is positioned smaller laptops with side by side USB ports, will likely have either a port blocked by the lead, or the CD-DVD drive inaccessible as it gets in the way.
(Solution use a USB extension cable, I had a small one I got with a flash stick.)

2. The position of the rubber feet on the cooler's surface.
For smaller Laptops 15.6 inch and below they are not ideally placed, though have not tried to move these as they are screwed in, so maybe they can be moved.
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on 26 November 2013
I bought this to replace a worn out Logitech N100 and in my opinion, this isn't as good. It's not the quietest of coolers, despite having a large, slower moving fan and the noise either increases or decreases depending on the surface it is placed upon.

The plastic grill on the underside directly below the fan is quite flexible and can hit it if accidentally nudged for example, when using it perched on your lap. Due to the 'dished' design on the underside of the cooler and the position of the air intakes, it isn't very effective when used on a softer surface e.g. a cushion or duvet. I find the solution is to place a magazine underneath the cooler, which is a bit of a faff.

The size is good. It fits my 15.6in screen laptop perfectly and the rubberised mounts are quite useful. Whilst the combined USB fan connector / slot is handy in theory, for some reason my memory sticks don't like it and won't work.

The cooler seems quite well built and time will tell how long the fan unit will last.

In summary, a reasonable laptop cooler, especially for the price I paid (around £12) but if buying again, I'd go for one with a completely flat underside and air vents on the forward edge.
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on 19 March 2013
Makes almost no sound, and 15.6' laptop fits great on it (not suggest for smaller laptop, it will just look to big under it). Does what it suppose to do - cools laptop really perfectly.
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VINE VOICEon 10 March 2014
This laptop cooler is pretty good considering the very reasonable price tag. It's sturdy, not too noisy and cools your laptop as long as it's not doing anything too taxing. The only downsides are that the USB cable is very thin and fragile and the little round stoppers intended to stop your laptop from slipping down aren't the best.

For the price the ZM-NC3 is a good option, but I might look elsewhere for a laptop cooler for heavy-duty use.
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on 19 February 2014
Despite the impressive 75% five star rating given by other reviewers here, I was still dubious about this cooler's ability to deal with the combined heat generated by the processor and motherboard of my Asus K53S laptop - and my doubts proved to be well founded. Having said that, I wouldn't bet on coolers at two or three times the price of this one completely eradicating the need for the internal system fans to kick in from time to time.

The reason for this is that my system has an i5 processor together with a dedicated 1Gb nVidia 520MX graphic chip - and I confess to spending far too much time playing a system hungry online game which takes full advantage of the combined power of these two items.

However, one of the great advantages of this cooler in this respect is that, whereas before the processors would quickly heat up and constantly run at 90 degrees+, they're now enjoying a much easier time and coping with the load far better as a result of having this unit beneath them. The internal laptop fans still fire up occasionally but it's by no means necessary for them to be whirring away the whole time in a futile effort to keep the processor(s) within acceptable temperature limits.

The laptop sits satisfyingly secure on top of the mesh upper of the cooler which has 10 little circular rubber pads standing slightly proud of it in order to provide effective 'grip' to the laptop. I can't compare this cooler with other, more expensive units as I've never owned a cooler pad before. But what I can say is that this one is certainly designed and constructed to a standard that most people will, I'm sure, be quite satisfied with, especially for the price.

As for concerns about fan noise, there are no worries on that score. For a start, I assume most people are, like me, motivated to buy a cooler in order to combat overheating issues which, in itself, causes incessant noise from the internal fans.That being the case, this cooler will at the very least minimise the noise from the internal laptop fan(s) and for less power hungry users, maybe even eradicate internal fan noise altogether. And, really, you'd have to have the hearing sensitivity of a long-eared bat to warrant any justified complaint about the gentle whirr of this cooler fan.

I've been using the pad for several hours each day for only a month so I can't attest to its longevity. But I don't expect the confidence it inspires to be misplaced. Only time will tell, but let's not forget the bargain price.

Just a couple of other things. First, laptops vary in size and if you're wondering how yours will sit on this cooler then it measures 15"x12" and is light enough in weight for it not to be an issue.

And one piece of advice to other first time cooler users - if you move the combined laptop/cooler from your lap whilst it's still turned on, be sure to place it on a hard surface like a table and not on a sofa, cushion, carpeted floor, or other soft surface as the whirring fan won't thank you for it and will no doubt suck up fibres, threads, crumbs, or other debris which definitely won't do it any good over time.

Nutshell - a comfortable, effective, well made unit that will meet the requirements of all but the most nit-picky of purists. If your eyes are glazing over trying to choose from the myriad of coolers available then waste no more time. Take a punt on this one and I'm confident you'll be glad you did.
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on 23 February 2013
I use my laptop at least a few hours each day and since yesterday when this cooler arrived, my laptop fan has not had to spin up once during use, even including some light gaming (guild wars 2, low settings as my laptop is not the most gaming oriented machine) which is fantastic as my inbuilt fan is noisy and distracting. this fan is whisper quiet and certainly is doing its job. my laptop is probably only a couple of degrees above room temperature. the usb is great as it has a built in female adapter so the usb port is not taken up for use by other peripherals. overall, a great piece of kit!

Update- After extensive use, the fan is still working and still cooling with excellent efficiency. One thing I have noticed however, the fan does get clogged up with the slightest bit of dust, increasing the noise level but this is easily resolved by simply blowing through the fan. Still well worth the buy!
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on 26 March 2014
It is of better quality than the Targus - instead of awful plastic and cloth it has better plastic and metal grill.
Huge fan

It is not 17", the 15" just about fits on it - I would call that misleading
The USB cable that powers the fan is too thin, I expect it to break really soon under normal use

The worst design fault is, and I should have read the negative comments before I bought it, it has an indentation at the bottom where it expects to suck air in from. That means it is useless for your lap, bed, couch and any other soft surface. The primary reason for needing a laptop cooler is when placed on soft surfaces which choke the laptops' air inputs. So this cooler fails in the most fundamental purpose.

Even though the Targus is worse quality, it does a much better job than this.
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