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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR Camera - Black (16MP, 20x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD
Colour: Black|Change
Price:£205.20+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 13 October 2012
I did a lot of research before buying a new camera, and the Fuji F660EXR (16MP, 15x zoom) always seemed to come out on top. So I had decided to buy the F660 before I became aware that there were two 'newer' versions, the F770EXR and the F800EXR. These two versions are very similar, but the F800 was the one I decided to buy in the end, as it had a few more options than the F770 that I was hoping to find in a camera but didn't expect to, for example, 'Miniature', 'Pop Colour' and 'Partial Colour'.

The amount of features this little camera contains is phenomenal. EXR mode can decide exactly what mode and camera settings your photo will need (even being able to differentiate between portrait, landscape and macro), Auto mode, Toy Camera (shaded borders as taken by toycameras), Miniature, Pop Colour, High Key, Dynamic (fantasy effect by dynamically-modulated tone reproduction), Partial Colour, Panorama (even the full 360 degrees), Pro Focus (makes the subject in pin sharp focus while the background is softened right back), Pro Low-Light (takes four photos in low light and combines them to make one noise-free photo), Multiple Exposure (take two photos and overlay one over the other), Individual Shutter 3D (take two images from two different angles to get a 3D image, viewable on 3D TVs and prints), Natural & Flash (takes two photos simultaneously, one with flash and one without, so you can choose the best one), Natural Light, Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Dog, Cat, Landscape, Sport (or moving subjects), Night, Night Tripod, Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Underwater (for use with a waterproof camera casing), Party (for indoor events), Flower (macro and vivid colour), Text, Full Manual Mode, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Programmed Setting, and so much more!

The camera is capable of taking RAW images, or even RAW and JPEG together so you have a RAW image for later editing and a JPEG image for easy sharing.

The 16MP quality is superb, and the 20x optical and 40x intelligent digital zoom is also amazing. I used to think I'd need a special telephoto lens to get photos this close to the subject until now.

Video mode is taking a little getting used to because I've always used a camcorder before now, but the camera can take Full HD video, and also 'High-Speed' video (up to 320 frames per second) that when played at normal speed slows the action right down - this can be useful both in sport videos and nature videos. One thing you need to make sure of when shooting High Speed videos is to make sure you have a lot of good lighting, as in usual situations the video becomes very dark due to the shutter speed.

The camera itself is so easy to use, and the size is small enough to fit into your pocket. It has a nice weight, i.e. doesn't feel cheap and plastic-like. The body is rubberised for easier handling and no fear of dropping it, and there are places dedicated for your fingers and thumb for easy one-handed use.

A battery, wrist strap, USB cable, AV cable, software disc, wall adaptor and battery charger all come in the box. The battery had a small amount of charge right from the box, then when it had worn down completely it took about 3-4 hours to charge fully again.

I highly recommend the Fuji Finepix F800EXR, more for advanced amateurs than beginners (as the number of features might not be required for someone wanting a simple point-and-shoot), and for people who want a compact super travel-zoom camera to take wherever they go.

Thank you for reading my review, I really hope it's helped you decide whether this camera is for you or not. I found it a little hard to write a comprehensive review for this product because of the sheer number of features it has, but I hope I've helped you in what I've written.
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on 9 January 2013
I'll start on the superficial. This camera looks great; I chose the black design and it has a matt, rubbery texture which gives it a superior appearance compared to shiny, cheap looking material. The camera has a decent weight to it, which is certainly explained by the magic of having a 20x optical zoom folded neatly inside. When the lens is extended fully it still looks stylish (rather than a clown-rolling-out-of-a-tiny-car scenario). That you can fit it into your pocket was one of the main selling points for me, having previously owned a cumbersome, lower-spec Fujifilm FinePix S2950, and as a field agent working for the MI5... ahem... I mean as an avid walker and occasional jogger, a compact, pocketable camera with decent specs is exactly what I need.

On to the practical. So far I've been impressed with the quality of the images I've taken. The camera seems to handle low-light conditions well. The zoom is powerful and there's a distinct and pleasant lack of degradation in image quality when beyond the 20x optical zoom and into the digital, all the way up to 40x - clearly some clever programming on Fuji's part.

The EXR mode, which uses in-camera-sensors to detect the most appropriate settings, is useful for quick photo taking, but I have noticed it doesn't always get it right. It's probably better to get a hang of the manual settings if you want to take some great pictures, but for the average day out or family gathering it takes a lot of the fiddling away and is perfectly adequate.

The HD video option is OK for home movies and offers pretty smooth recording. My main gripes are that the focus is automatic rather than manual, which leads to the focus shifting in and out - especially in low light conditions. The other gripe is with the audible zoom/focus, something you only notice during playback; the microphone picks up the sound of the camera whirring away when zooming or focusing which isn't great. I'd advise not zooming when filming if you want useable audio, or to use a separate microphone rather than the onboard camera mic. For casual shooting you get a nice clear image and overall it's an OK additional function of a camera best suited to photography.

The display clarity is good and it's a decent screen size for reviewing your efforts. The buttons are all practically placed meaning there is no awkward finger yoga required, and the compact flash pops out like a whack-a-mole mole, doing a reasonable job of illuminating everyone's pasty, sweaty faces in any nightclub situation.

I'm still getting to grips with this camera and have plenty of other functions to try out, but so far I am very happy with my purchase. It feels like a definite upgrade from my previous Fuji camera, and will do the honours of accompanying me on my holiday in April.
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on 25 October 2012
I bought this camera as a lightweight option to carry in a pocket when I didn't want to lug my DSLR around. As such I wasn't expecting the image quality to compete but I was pleasantly surprised at how good the images are. It allows shooting in RAW as well as JPEG so I can edit images as I do with my DSLR or snap smaller JPEGs that I can upload using the wireless function and Fujifilm App on my iPhone and send them to Facebook immediately (which is fun when you use the partial colour mode). Particularly impressive is the 20x zoom, though at the full zoom range you need to rest the camera on something to make sure the shot is crisp. This is equivalent to a 500mm lens which I don't even have for my DSLR! The main attraction I find from using the camera is when I just want to point and shoot. I put it in to the EXR setting and the camera quickly chooses the mode and, with virtually no shutter delay, takes the picture. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 3 November 2012
This is a great little camera, absolutely packed with features and still small enough to take with you everywhere!!
Such good fun to use, especially with all the settings, ranging from a brilliant double exposure setting which I have lots of fun playing with! I was VERY impressed with the setting that picks up a certain colour and the rest of the photo is black and white!! I couldn't believe it haha! You can choose from red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and green too :)
The 'toy camera', 'miniature' and 'colour pop' settings were my fave but there are so many to choose from it covers you for all occasions! AND it means you don't have to photoshop any of your photos later :)

I also really like the wifi feature which lets you transfer one, selected or all your photos wirelessly! I downloaded the app for free to my iphone and it was so easy!

I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone, so easy to use, small enough to fit in your handbag and bursting with exciting features...who could ask for more!
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on 5 December 2012
This camera is fantastic - I am so pleased with it! As a photographer I'm never without my camera, and I couldn't wait to get started, playing with all the different settings it had on offer. I was not disappointed! It's a brilliant little camera, perfect for any occasion and it fits easily into your pocket or handbag. The 20x zoom is great for a compact as it means you can really pick up on the details when taking your photos. I love the fact that you can pick out a specific colour and have the rest of the photo in Black and White, as I've previously only been able to do that in Photoshop so it saves me heaps of time! Another great setting especially for a dull day is the Dynamic Tone setting as it adds a real edge to your photos, especially buildings and landscapes. The Soft Skin setting is also a favourite of mine for taking portraits. It also works a treat on nights out too and some of my friends have nicknamed it the "model setting" :) I could go on and on but there really is a setting for almost everything! I got it just before bonfire night and got some great shots of the fireworks so I will definitely be taking it out on New Year's Eve to see what else I can capture.

I have never had a camera where you can upload the photos wirelessly - but I found it worked a treat and was very quick and easy to get used to; fab for uploading when you're out and about and want to show off your latest snap!

I would highly recommend this camera to professionals and beginners alike. I'm sure anyone who purchases it will have a lot of fun :)
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on 25 October 2012
Used this for my recent Holiday and have to say its fantastic. The 20 x Zoom meant that i could get all sorts of shots even from a far which was perfect when visiting the normal tourist traps i encountered.
One feature i loved was the Art filters which made for some interesting shots, especially the selective colour option.
All in all a great looking easy to use Camera with some great added features.
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on 18 October 2012
I enjoy photography, but at this stage I can really only point and shoot!
However I was looking for a high quality camera that filled this simple role but hopefully, as my interest and skills develop, would give me plenty of chances to try something new.
Whilst there are dozens of simple point and shoot digital cameras available, many of which are considerably cheaper, the FujiFilm Finepix F800 gives me this opportunity with many interesting and challenging functions. As a basic camera it is very light to carry and simple to use. Its high 16 Mega Pixel quality gives excellent results and the large 7.5cm screen makes composing the picture clear and simple. The zoom function is amazing for such a small camera offering 20x magnification with some clever technology that can double this to 40x. All this without the need to carry additional bulky and expensive lenses.
The pictures are easy to download to my computer either with the lead suppled or by using WiFi, making this a very quick and simple operation. They can be taken in RAW images if you wish to edit them later or in JPEG for ease of e-mailing.
As I hoped, I have started to use its additional features such as Toy Camera, 3D pictures and video. The handbook is clear to understand and comes on a CD. I am looking forward to winter evenings reading through the many new and cleaver features yet to be tried.
I highly recommend the Fuji Finepiz F800 for enthusiastic amateurs who consider that the many available features could be of interest to them.
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on 14 November 2012
I'll start with an admission - I've never been a great fan of compacts! I always assumed the size indicates a compromise on ability - well, the F800 has opened my eyes! I never realised so much could be squeezed into such a small space. I started looking for a compact to cover photography in those situations where I wanted to be able to hide my camera discretely away rather than have it hanging awkwardly around my neck, using up one of my hands or bulging even more awkwardly in my trouser pocket! (Example 1 : Party - drink in one hand, plate of food in the other - none of which I want to end up all over my camera! Example 2 : Walking the dog - lead in one hand, poo bag in the other and those right time / right place landscape shots you chance upon and have to be able to capture). The F800 is about the same size as my mobile phone so it fits in the palm of my hand and hides away so subtly in my pocket that I find myself double checking it's still there! It's curves look and feel nice in the hand - much better than the blocky alternatives out there. The 20x zoom is fantastic - you wonder how all that lens manages to hide away in such a small casing - on top of this is a digital zoom which takes it to 40x zoom which is pretty awesome - birdwatchers can now leave their binoculars at home! Now, I used to dismiss digital zoom as not being "true zoom" but Fuji has made this intelligent with technology that sharpens edges and reduces blur and noise etc so I place far more faith in getting a good result with this than I do on digital zoom from other cameras. Sure, you still have to be a bit careful if you're intending to enlarge prints up but quite simply, I haven't seen better! Wide angle and Macro are also very good and boost the flexibility of this little camera. There's also a big range of photo features like art filters that allow you to play with the colour in your photos - I especially like the partial colour function which takes a black and white photo featuring one selected colour - I'm writing this in November and it's been great for picking out the red of poppies on Remembrance Sunday and the orange of autumn leaves on the ground. Yes, you could do this sort of thing afterwards with editing software but these filters show you it live on site and that changes how you take the photo to start with - something you'd have difficulty doing afterwards when you're sat at your computer and the results weren't quite what you had imagined! Panoramic is great and is the sweeping sort where you don't have to worry about aligning up a series of photos - just click once and turn it through the scene you want - the camera does the rest and does a too good job, even when I've had things move slightly as they've come in and out of view, which I'd expect to cause a meltdown reaction from other cameras! There's also a nifty cat/dog function which automatically takes a photo when they look at you! Movie mode is great quality at 1080p full HD and a bonus feature for me that I'm increasingly using. Image quality is 16 megapixel which is plenty and the option of wireless image transfer so if your into social networking you can send and upload from your phone in no time at all. These are just some of my favourite features - there's loads more - too much for this review! It's got everything you need and loads more when you want it!
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on 2 December 2012
I work as a Standby Art Director for Film and Television. When on set I need a compact camera that provides me with good quality pictures instantly, so that I can use them for resetting the props and set for continuity. The F800 EXR has been great for this. The picture quality is fantastic and x20 zoom enables me to get good images from a distance when the set is very busy. The automatic focusing is also great and very fast which helps when I've only got a couple of seconds to take a quick snap! The camera has so many good features like the 360 degree panorama setting, this is incredibly useful on set as I can take a shot of the whole set on one picture. There are also many features that enable me to produce pictures with different filters. Being able to send my pictures wirelessly is really helpful, and means I can upload them straight away keeping space free for more pictures. The large image display enables me to view the pictures straight away without having to upload them, it also lets me scroll through them very quickly which is great.

Overall this is a great camera, i'm very happy with my purchase.
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on 29 April 2013
I use this camera as a backup to my Nikon DSLR and am very impressed with what it can do and the features that it has. Took it on a recent trip to Belgium and was blown away by the results little camera produces. The quality of stills and video is amazing for a camera of this size. I am still working my way around all the features this camera has. If you want a pocketable camera and such like for holiday and street photography where you want to be discreet or simply not to carry a bag load of gear with you this is the one to go for. I would recomend that you purchase a spare battery or two for this camera as it uses a lot of power when doing video on 1080HDR. When shooting on extreme zoom setting of 500mm or digital1000mm (35mm equivelent} use a compact tripod to get really sharp results. I was impressed by the digital end of the zoom which produced very good images.
A great little camera to carry wth you at all times.
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