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on 3 June 2013
A major brand, 16megapixel CMOS, wide angle, 26x zoom, 6400 iso, auto macro, every conceivable program option and Eye-fi compatible. Not forgetting HD video.

The tilt screen is genius - my previous Canon had a flip out reversible screen, but that was OK on a smaller camera. On a 3 inch screen flip out is not such a good idea. Tilt allows overhead shots and low shots (as well as easy viewing of photos and videos) - the advantage of a more stable hold on overhead shots and videos (I think) outweighs the inability to take photos of yourself on a reverse flip out screen.

The program functions are very well thought out and logical. It is easy to remember where all the settings are located if you want to go away from auto. The flip screen (and viewer) shows all data in manageable phases - eg in viewer mode, first you get minimum data, press disp you get maximum data, press disp again you get no data (I remembered that!)

The only thing I did not like straight away was the battery compartment cover which I thought was slightly more wobbly than it needed to be. The viewer is more pixely than it needs to be (but apparently viewers are to use in bright sunshine - some similarly priced cameras no longer have a viewer).

All in all this is the best camera I have ever owned in about 50 years of owning a camera. It allows you to photograph or film anything in any situation almost as quickly as a camera phone. Again the speed and ease of use (I think) outweigh the minor issues some of the professional reviewers have raised.

Don't buy this camera because it is the cheapest bridge camera on the market. Buy it because it has some of the best features, because it is very user friendly, and because it happens to be £150 (two tanks of petrol?)
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on 15 May 2013
This is an amazing camera, being affordable and amazing for what I needed it to do. It's got great image quality and options included in the camera, and is very easy to set up. My only issue is that it runs on batteries (4 AA batteries) which are included when you buy the camera, but I would have rathered a rechargeable camera that charged by a wall socket or USB. Other than that, it is an amazing camera and I highly recommend it. Another issue was buying a case for it separately, but I found that the 'Gem Compact Easy Access Camera Case for Pentax K-01, X-5' case on amazon was a perfect fit. If you get the camera, I suggest buying the case at the same time! Overall, it's an amazing camera, and though it needs batteries to run, the cost of it far make up for that. Plus, running on batteries makes taking photos while travelling the better choice. I highly recommend it to anyone.
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on 5 May 2014
My purpose in buying this was to develop an interest in a particular and slightly odd kind of photography without spending hundreds of pounds on a camera that might not do the job because it requires relative light weight kit and the ability to point at times vertically on high zoom and hold a fast moving aircraft in shot at 19,000ft or more right above your head.

1)The 26x optical is very good indeed, it delivers, as do the fixed focus pre-sets for close ups. Its quite excellent at those but you have to learn its many low-light foibles. Once you know what they are it's more than liveable and actually presents some interesting results.

2) The 126x zoom is of course digital, and to be fair its actually rather good once you set up and know what you're doing and how to manage the camera for the particular shots. It's really important you manage and understand the software settings in the menu to get what you want as soon as you turn it on.

3) It's painfully slow. Both the optical and digital zooms are agonising in their lack of pace and the control is hard to live with, seemingly bouncing from one preset increment to another, it's this lack of precision that probably annoys me most.

4) Get a fast SD Card!!! I cannot tell you how important the Class 10 card is over a class 4 or 6 - it's a must for any camera, but for £9 its compulsory for this one, the recording speed on Class 4 is so slow you could knit a jumper in the time it takes to lay the data down.

5) You are getting what you pay for. The zoom is very good for the money, when it delivers it really does deliver and it is why I purchased this camera. Its mid-field digital around 45-70x its outstandingly good for a camera of this price but beyond that it grains and pixels markedly, but only in current terms. Ten years ago you'd have been delighted! Keep the zoom in the optical up to 26, again, brilliant.

6) Battery life - I use 4 2200mAh rechargeable NimH and they last easily 150 shots with possibly 20 of those on a flash. Even with the rear screen in use.

7) The optical viewer is digital and it's very disappointing, requiring a lot of zoom of anything long range to even see it to zoom in on it in the first place! I have to use it because it provides additional stability when holding the camera up at high angles, but poor is the only world to describe it. Better than nothing though.

Overall you get what you pay for. It delivers great results for the budget price and I'm not disappointed. However if all it cost was another £30 to improve the eye piece screen and the speed of operation, I'd have paid it.
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on 28 October 2012
I have always loved my old film SLR. And even with, digital versions being available for some time now, I have never been convinced by them: either I had to navigate through a complex menu to get to the settings I wanted or the purchase of a DSLR would have left me seriously out of pocket.

Two weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and went for the Pentax X-5. The main selling points for me were that there are specific buttons to adjust the white balance and shoot mode (drive v. single shot), and that the camera takes standard AA batteries that are easily available. When comparing to pricier models (Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm), I still had to navigate through different menus for quite some time before I could make adjustments - and when taking pictures you want to spend time on the shot, not the menu.

The camera arrived just in time for my trip to India, and it has been absolutely brilliant so far. The shake reduction has been great for taking pics on the move, be it out of a car window or from the back of a tuk tuk. The simplicity with which you can make adjustments to cater for the lighting has been fab and has allowed me to take some great shots in the mountains.

Granted the AA batteries do not last as long - all in all I had to change them after four days heavy use, but I could get replacement batteries (for pennies) even in some very remote locations in the Indian countryside - and only had to buy new ones because I forgot my spare set of rechargeable ones.

All in all, the perfect camera for me!
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on 13 August 2013
I have admittedly only had the camera a few days, but I am so impressed with the quality of shots produced by the Pentax X5. I use it mainly for recording images of the football club, Winsford United FC. I also used it to record a video interview with the manager. The quality of video is astounding, given that my last camera was half the price and only had 5MP. The only problem I have found is the batteries don't last long, I have just ordered some Energizer Rechargeable batteries to hopefully alleviate this problem. Otherwise, as we used to say in the army, I am chuffed to NAAFI breaks.
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on 11 December 2014
Quite good not used it often enough yet.
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on 28 June 2013
I am not expert in cameras, I asked a friend to give me a good tip, but my budget was too low for a certain kind of cameras,,,I know Canon or Fuji offer high quality, but for a really high price. I found a great camera, with a high resolution, incredible zoom, Shake Reduction System, tiltable LCD monitor...and what about the Pentax lens!
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on 20 October 2014
Pentax X5 Bridge Camera - Black (16MP, 26x Wide Angle Optical Zoom) 3 inch Tilt LCDMostly all you need and mostly what you want and Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Review for: Pentax X-5 16.0 MP Digital Camera - Black

Where do I start?

Model is not new and is a couple of years old. It's not a professional's camera, nor is it £2,500 plus. Currently the x5 is around £150 new and around £90 used.

Great Ricoh/Pentax brand, with loads of functions and features as in the 228 page user guide book, which I suggest you download before consider buying one.

Fantastic for point and shoot stuff, good quality, nice feeling camera and not too heavy. Suitable for most people and good build and value. Ideally for someone with some or no knowledge of photography.

The downsides, no hotshoe, no screw for lens filters or hood, no separate sound or slave flash options, no RAW, slower than some others and some functions, like panoramic mode is buried in the menus and not on a knobs, to select, quickly. And some other cameras have better optical zoom and better stabilisation.

All that said I think it's great and takes really good photos of all types with ease. I love it and have just got it a remote control and a case.
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on 3 June 2013
This camera is excellent being neat & compact with easy to use features. It has many built in options which should suit most amateur users. The Panasonic batteries that were supplied with the camera failed after very little use with the message that they were depleted when in fact they were full. Pentax Customer Service advised to replace batteries at my cost with eneloop batteries which work well. Unfortunately there is no facility to attach a filter lens. Overall an excellent buy.
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on 8 October 2013
Ok, perhaps if you really need top kit this is not the camera for you
But if you are mortal and like snapping instant pics with your phone this is the next level (and probably several more)
I am amazed at the quality of zoomed pics - the anti shake is brilliant, so is colour balance
I never expected quality like this for under £150
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