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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 18 April 2014
This film is mindless fun. If that's what you're looking for you could do a lot worse. It's not going to change the world and it will never be considered intellectual but it's a good fun watch. I can understand why fans of the comic book might be disappointed but seriously folks, it's just a movie, unclench and enjoy.

The one negative point for me was Jeff Bridges voice/accent. It was so thick that I didn't have a clue what he was saying for the first twenty minutes but then I think my ears became attuned to it.
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Firstly for all the critics, you're right, the story in the film is not as good as the story in the book and looking at how much money they threw at this there is no real reason for deviating from the book. The book is about demons on the earthly plain and the film replaces them with 'deados', dead people who won't stay dead and as such are like caricature monsters, think Mr Hyde from 'Van Helsing'.
That said this is an entertaining romp following the adventures of a recently killed Boston detective who is enlisted in the R.I.P.D. and partnered with a Wyatt Earp like sheriff to deal with the deados and either capture them or send them back downstairs. It is very much like 'Men in Black' but lacks the lead characters great chemistry. Jeff Bridges is a little bit over the top as Roy the sheriff but he is entertaining enough and the film flows along at a good rate.
If you're looking for an enjoyable adventure then you won't be disappointed, just don't look for anything deeper from this movie.
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on 26 January 2014
One star each for Ryan and Jeff...only because I like both of them....and the other star, well...the plot and script did entertain me. Hubby fell asleep after 1hr, need I say more. Seriously this one need to buy. No need to own it, watching it once was enough for me.
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VINE VOICEon 4 May 2014
There are plenty of reviews already, and yes, it's MiB mixed with Ghost with 24 with Ghostbusters, and no, it doesn't really know what it want s to be - but it's very enjoyable for all that. Don't try to take it seriously, best taken with alcohol.
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on 5 May 2014
Not something I would of normally watched, as the storyline line was a little offbeat and unusual. All in all a very watchable and enjoyable movie. Would recommend to anyone who wants to watch something a little different and not to heavy going.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 August 2013
***This review is for the film only***

Considering that this film has been one of, if not the biggest summer flop, I was expecting it to be really bad. But having watched it myself, I have to say that it's actually pretty darn good.

The film begins with a Boston cop named Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) having a dispute with his best friend and partner, Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon), about turning in some gold pieces which they found at a recent drug bust.
During an unexpected shoot out, Walker is shot and killed by his partner and is sucked up into the clouds and recruited by the R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department). The R.I.P.D.s main function in the afterlife, is in catching souls who have refused to leave the land of the living, known as deado's. Nick is partnered with an old, gruff, U.S marshal from the wild west, Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges). Together, they are sent back to earth under the guise of an alter ego avatar (I.E Roy looks like a supermodel, while poor Nick resembles an old, decrepid Chinese man) to rid the living world of the deado's and to foil their diabolical plans to take over the world.

R.I.P.D is pretty much Men in Black but with zombies/ghosts instead of aliens.

Sure it has a lot of scenes that we have all seen before, but it is also packed full of hilarious jokes and spectacular set pieces to keep the film from ever feeling stale.

The effects range from absolutely brilliant to weird and cartoonish but for the kind of film this is, they do work very well, this is a comic style comedy after all.

Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds are a brilliantly funny team and Kevin Bacon is his usual sinister, yet supercool self. The supporting cast includes Mary Louise Parker as Roy's boss and on/off love interest, James Hong and model Marisa Miller as Roy and Nick's avatars and Devin Ratray (anyone remember Buzz from the Home Alone films?) as an overweight, ginger, Elvis lookalike, who works as one of the films main antagonists.

R.I.P.D is in no way an instant classic and it's unlikely to spawn any sequels due to it's disastrous box office showing ($62M so far on a budget of $130M BEFORE marketing costs) but I found it to be an hour and a half of harmless, amusing and at times exciting fun.

If you liked films such as Men in Black and Beetlejuice then you should be able to find something of value here.

Well worth a watch. 7/10
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Once upon a time, there was an obscure comic called Men in Black. All about a secret organisation that protects the world from nasty aliens.

It became a not nearly so obscure movie.

Then along from the same comics company came R.I.P.D. The rest in peace Department. The spirits of the greatest police officers who ever lived. Who protect the world from nasty undead.

It, like Men in Black, mixes comedy with drama.

So it was a logical candidate for a movie version.

Could lighting strike twice?

Ryan Reynolds stars as Nick Walker. A detective. He loves his wife. He wishes they had more money. His somewhat sleazy partner [Kevin Bacon] offers him a chance to get that. But when he gets cold feet, his partner kills him.

Roy finds himself offered the chance by a tough lady officer [Mary Louise Parker] to work for the R.I.P.D. He finds himself partnered with Roy Pulsifer [Jeff Bridges] a tough uncompromising wild west sheriff who does things his own way.

Can the two manage to work together? Can Roy move on and let go? And can they stop a deadly plot that threatens all of humanity?

R.I.P.D. is one of those films that tries to start a franchise. Thus it has to set things up and provide a story also. Whereas Men in Black just managed to be comedy/action/science fiction and nothing else, R.I.P.D. throws in comedy, action, drama, mismatched cops who start off bickering and learn to work together, and coming to terms and moving on grief storyline also.

It may sound as if it would be unbalanced, but it actually does manage to mix it all in quite well, with each storyline getting just the right amount of space.

Acting wise Jeff Bridges is brilliant, managing to go just close enough to going over the top without ever going too far. Mary Louise Parker is great. And Kevin Bacon is superbly sleazy. Ryan Reynolds should be the star at the centre of this, but unfortunately he's the weak link. Roy is meant to be an everyman ordinary person. So there's nothing much there for him to work with, and his performance never really clicks. He's not too bad when Roy is reacting to things and people, but the fact that Roy is going through the grief storyline at the same time means it's never able to be as comedic as Will Smith was in Men in Black.

There is also very little sense of jeopardy, so you never really feel the characters are under any threat. Especially during the set piece finale.

And yet as a piece of escapism, it's not too bad. There are eye catching visual effects sequences. Some fun moments. And the aforementioned three great performances. This isn't as good as it could have been. But it is better than the reputation it has gained. And it is worth a look.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Portugese, Swedish.

The disc begins with no trailers, just a quick copyright notice.

There are no extras, and it has one of those menus with no text just icons. But with only four options that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

It also has the usual flyer with address of website and code to download copy of the film from that onto digital device.
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on 3 May 2014
It's just about ok.. if you don't leave your brain on whilst watching. The acting isn't good... the script isn't good... is... somehow... watchable, and... kind of... 'entertaining' not buy.
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... with hat tips to Beetlejuice, Dead Heat, The Matrix, Ghost, Heaven Can Wait, The Blues Brothers and umpteen others along the way.

R.I.P.D is the archetypal leave your brain at home movie, in which no-one gives a monkey's about the plot, which is carried along entirely by the outrageously OTT action and a few chuckles along the way. Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds are decent enough as the odd couple law-men and Kevin Bacon does what he does best playing the boo-hiss baddie. The CGI is quite inventive, surround sound is used to good effect and the 3D is above average, including a few projection effects.

Overall, not a film I would want to watch again but, if you just go with the flow, it's a pleasant enough way to spend 96 minutes.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 April 2014
Take a pinch of Life on Mars, Men in Black and Ghost Busters and you get RIPD. A fast paced movie with some quite funny moments and a good cast. The storyline is one that you can dip in and out of without missing much. I didn't think that the 3D was as well judged as some I have watched so in hindsight a DVD copy might have sufficed. Worth watching but only purchase at a reduced price.
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