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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2013
You might think this series of films would get dull by now,no way,it's still brilliant over the top action.
The main crux of this one is this is Dominic finds out Letty is still alive and working for a bunch of crimials. So Dominic teams up with the police to find her,he does so and she... Well i won't tell you,but it's all brillianly played out,leaving the viewer wondering just what is going on in Letty's mind.
So another fast and furious and the end leaves you with no doubt they'll be yet another. If it's as action packed and exciting as this one,i say bring it on.
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on 20 November 2014
I was never a fan of ‘The Fast and the Furious’ films as they just seemed like empty headed carploitation with little to no interest for non-petrol heads. However, this changed with the fifth film that introduced an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style heist element and played down some of the po-faced nature of the earlier films. As this fifth iteration proved so popular, more was guaranteed, but ‘Fast and Furious 6’ is a case of more not automatically meaning better.

Dom and Brian et al. are once more dragged back into the car game, this time by the nemesis turned ally Hobbs who wants the team to go up against a deadly team of car thieves. Creating a dark version of the Fast team is a little strange as they themselves are a little morally ambiguous. To make sure the bad guys appear to be worse, Luke Evans et al. are proper killers. Seeing the team take on these maniacs should be fun and it is.

However, there are definite reservations here. The action is fun, but almost too overblown. The film have taken any sense of sleek coolness from the earlier movies and thrown them out of the window for out and out crazy action. This action is hi-octane and there are some great set pieces, but they feel a little empty. The franchise is reliant on the sense of family, but here the sentiment feels lame and it is more about the spectacle. I also have issue with the spectacle. Our heroes probably cost as much pain, human misery and destruction as the enemies. They hurtle around the streets in wild abandonment.

‘Fast 6’ is meant to be a frothy action film and on this level it succeeds. However, what elevated ‘Fast 5’ was that it also had heart and humour. Trying to catch lightening in a bottle twice appears to have been too much for Diesel and the team. It would also appear that we may be on yet another downward curve in terms of quality for the franchise. Just enjoy them whilst there still watchable.

The home version of the film is extended. I have not watched the shorter version so cannot compare them. I do know that the film did not seem overly long by any extra seconds that have been added. I watched the Blu-Ray version and the film looked very good in HD. It also had a few extras that would interest fans, including making ofs and an extended director’s commentary.
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During the opening credits there are flashbacks to previous films to jog your memory. These are not intended to bring anyone up to speed. There is some minor character build up in spite of the fact we already know who they are.

In this film Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) becomes involved with a group of bad guys lead by Shaw (Luke Evans). They are described as the best in "vehicular warfare" something that appears to be almost unique to this film series. In order to catch them, our "swagger-less" cop Hobbs(Dwayne Johnson) must employ the use of wanted fugitive Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his team in order to save Europe or something else immaterial. They are up against a group of criminal described as their "evil twins" because apparently we couldn't figure that out for ourselves.

The film uses all the fun things we have grown use to in the series: impossible car chases/races, fist fighting, eye candy, tough guy talk, and of course the humorous banter and a disdain for physics in a fantastic climax scene.

In addition to all the features that appeal to muscle heads, the film also works upon the theme of the modern extended family. Because of societies' mobility and separation, many people have incorporated friends as part of their "family." This film stretches the honor among thieves into the brotherhood of man, but doesn't make it too sappy. A great addition to the series, one that opens up to sequel possibilities. If you own 5 of them. Make it a 6 pack.

My only criticism is that I would have liked to have seen a script with a larger role for Jordana Brewster.

Parental Guide: 1-2 f-bombs. Implied sex. No nudity (side breast, skimpy bikinis)
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Everyone will have their views on the actual film itself and the collection,so I'm not reviewing this...but the quality of the movie is great and the sound outstanding...the steering around the room is I have this one to my full collection of now,so I'm happy..Cheers
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after a military convoy is attacked and taken down in 'Moscow'
'agent 'Hobbs' becomes involved.
the attack had been the work of a well organised outfit.
'Hobbs' needs the skills of 'Dom' and his old crew to help him track
down and close down the outfit headed by 'Shaw' who if he gets his
hands on all the military items targeted he would pose a threat to
millions of innocents.
the crew agree to do the job if 'Hobbs' can guarantee a pardon for
past deeds.
'Dom' soon becomes concerned when discovering a member of his old
crew 'Letti' now runs with 'Shaw' now.
'Hobbs' and 'Dom' need to work out where 'Shaw's' next heist will be
quickly. explosive action-packed thrill trip with the usual high-speed
car chases on cars, fast fists along with the
usual measure of humour.
if you love what's gone'll love number '6'
an adrenaline rush......enjoy
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on 15 December 2014
This is a must see, Love all the others but this one has a few far fetched ideas that man can jump from one car to the other in mid air and keep up the pace, now come on don't spoil fast and the furious collection by putting in the impossible, The action speaks for itself and with the fast cars anything goes to a degree that is. So far this has kept all ages interested but will drop out when a bit to much of far fetch continues in the next one. The story is fantastic still a few bad people around to stir things up and the cast are just as fabulous as usual, Now there are a few personal reasons why they are going to help the cop and that is for you to find out about. I still class this an A grade plus for fabulous entertainment keeping the action flying thrills and spills coming thick and thin and watchable that you need to be seated and try to relax with this riveting on the move show producing first class entertainment so there is no time to rest until you have the main items and that is the movie and popcorn, settle in for the night and try to relax which will be hard to do, for a fantastic night in with feet up and excitement all around. Enjoy!
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on 19 January 2014
Love all the fast and furious films. It would not suprise me one bit if number 7 was dedicated in loving memory of the superb actor Paul Walker. These films will not be the same without him and as seen on twitter, He is one missed man. I will continue to buy these as still a fan, But it certainly will not be the same without him. One hell of a man you were, and still are, Paul walker, Rest In Peace. May all your car scenes, Great acting and much love follow you to the clouds, we will continue to burn rubber for you.
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on 3 January 2014
Saw this film at the cinema; I hoped it would be as good as Fast 5 (the best of the movies so far in my opinion!) but that was going to be a tall order. Unfortunately this film fell short of my expectations. It is full of action from the start to end, but its almost too packed with action to be believable, especially the runway scene at the end (how long was the runway - 100 miles???) which never seemed to end! Still, bought it on blu-ray as i do want to watch it again and have it in my collection.
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on 13 January 2014
The Fast and The Furious franchise keeps screeching on and remains the ultimate guilty pleasure in Hollywood. Reintroducing old characters and covering some old ground this feels a bit like a greatest hits of the franchise. But is a whole lot of fun.

Everything you would expect is here. Fast cars, outlandish action and the good old team. It doesn't take long for the team to get back together and once they do the action comes thick and fast.

One thing that this sixth film does well is to make it feel dangerous. None of the characters feel safe, there is an underlying feeling that some may not make it to the end of this story. It gives it an edge the previous films lacked. It doesn't have the sunny, fun disposition of the fifth film. It is darker and slightly grittier.

The finale really does take things to the limit and it is hard to imagine how future instalments are going to top it. Non-stop and full of some amazing visual moments, your heart will be in your mouth for most of the time. Throw in a car chase involving a rampaging tank and some souped up cars that have the ability to flip other cars around like pancakes and you have a film that surprises and engages at every turn. The FF franchise may not boast the biggest brains in Hollywood but you can never deny the fun they bring. Another purely entertaining film with a crew you love to hang out with.

Stick around for a mid-credits surprise for a hint of what's to come. More proof that there is more up this one's sleeve.
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on 28 April 2015
Fast & Furious 6 continues the story from where Fast & Furious 5 (2011) left off but I would also recommend you watch Fast & Furious (2009) before watching this film.

I must admit I have not been much of a F&F fan until recently, in fact I had only seen F&F 5. The film has a very good story line with very good c
actors including Vin Diesel & Paul Walker.

The action scenes are also very entertaining and fun to watch along with some humour at times.

Overall I would highly recommend this film to someone who wants to see a good action movie or a F&F fan.
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