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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 April 2014
I'm not a Richard Curtis fan at all. I liked 4 Weddings but that was the beginning and end of my interest in foppish leading men and infeasibly attractive women locked in predictably mad situations. However, this film has remedied my Curtis lethargy, in a big way. Both the leads are lovable and likeable and just awkward enough to feel real. All the supporting cast are great, especially sister Kit Kat and Harry the writer. The story is silly - time travel of all things! But really it's just a beautiful love story, about family and life, and love. Yet it's funny and wry and clever and quick and lots of other great things.

But the absolute his best thing about this film is it's got an unashamedly big stonking heart and I loved it for that.

Will recommend and will watch again.
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on 7 October 2013
(Based on a cinema viewing of the film)

So:- It's Richard Curtis: let's go through the checklist:

-The main protagonist will be a romantically inept posh British boy whose seemingly work-shy bohemian family are nonetheless inexplicably well off.

-The ultimate object of his affections will be a lovely American girl whose best friend / guardian is a rather hard and slightly trampy British girl.

-There will be a wider array of eccentric (borderline bonkers) characters.

-There will be more swearing than is ever necessary.

-All boxes ticked.

Can I be honest? I thought Four Weddings and Love Actually were just agreeable, not great, and I've always been irritated by how, in British films and Richard Curtis films in particular, swearing supposedly equals funny - so my expectations were not very high when we settled down in our seats about five minutes before the film started in the cinema - and then a group of mid to late teens trooped in and sat down in the seats in front of us, and I instinctively (and very unreasonably) assumed that this was not the sort of film which would suit them and that they would get bored and start fiddling with their mobile phones all the way through the film.

Well, I could not have been more wrong. Until the end credits rolled and the final notes of the end title music washed over us, we, they, and everyone else sat with attention riveted to the screen.

Before you continue reading, be aware that what follows contains a brief sketch of the film's premise and outlines the story set-up (but not the middle or the ending) for those who know absolutely nothing about it, but would like to know a little about it before choosing to buy it or see it.

If you don't want to know anything about it at all, stop reading now.

If you saw the trailer, you might think you have the drift of it already - as he nears adulthood, the hero (Tim) learns from Dad that all on the male side of the family can time travel back to an event within their own lifetime and take a different path to the one they originally pursued. On learning this, Tim's first thought is to undo what was, for him, an untypical act of minor cruelty committed at the New Years Eve party.

Eventually, out on a rather unusual blind date and entirely without the use of his Talent, he meets up with his soulmate, Mary, the aforementioned American... and then accidentally erases their sublimely perfect first meeting from history while using his Talent to help out an undeserving family friend (a perpetually angry, misanthropic playwright played with acidic relish by Tom Hollander). And so Tim has to try to re-boot his relationship with a girl who doesn't know she ever fell in love with him, and may never do so again.

All this is fairly standard time-travel romance stuff, and by now you'd be thinking the story was about four-fifths of the way through with just one or two more misunderstandings and time travelling fixes to sort it all out - but this film has a lot more depth to it than that, and is by turns unsettling, bittersweet, funny, poignant and at times extremely moving as Tim finds he has to make some excruciating decisions about life-changing events which will hurt one person if he interferes and another if he doesn't (if you have seen the film, you will know I am being necessarily vague here).

Tim is played affably and sensitively by Domhnall Gleeson, likeable in every scene - Mary is the lovely Rachel McAdams who, in all honesty, doesn't have to do much in this film except be her perfect self. Also featured is the undisputed master of just being himself, Bill Nighy as Tim's dad, and although the development of the relationship and the chemistry between Tim and Mary is very sweet and enjoyable to watch, it is actually almost eclipsed by the fantastic relationship Tim has with his father. Also in the mix are forgetful (but harmless) live-in Uncle Desmond (Richard Cordery), Tim's pretty, semi-feral feline sister 'Kit-Kat' (Lydia Wilson) and their sensible, 'sturdy', and still rather beautiful Mum (Lindsay Duncan). The performances of all of the players in these and other minor parts are excellent, with Lydia Wilson a stand-out (for me, anyway) as Kit-Kat.

We talked about this film all the way home, for a while before and after we went to bed, and then some more in the morning, and then some more when we went out for a drive the following day. For us, this was undoubtedly the best work that Richard Curtis has ever done. I subsequently had a look around on review sites and was very surprised to find that critical (ie, website, newspaper, media) reaction to the film had been very mixed and generally lukewarm, and perhaps that uncertain balance will also eventually be reflected in the reviews here as time goes by, but I honestly can not understand, personally, why anyone would not like this film.

Some people will argue that the time travelling aspects of the film are full of holes, that the 'rules' are stated and then subsequently ripped up several times over, but to agonise over all that is to miss the point - the time travelling aspect is just a device to power the main thrust of the film, which is to try to make you examine the way you live your own life, and perhaps to try harder to get things right the first time and consider the possible consequences of your actions for others. This is nothing which hasn't been done before, but it is handled here with a light, deft, sweet touch, and this film is an absolute pleasure to watch.
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An interesting story about Tim who , at the age of 21 , is told by his father ( Bill Nighy ) that all the men in his family have the ability to travel back in time to change the future hopefully improving what's to come. Tim , of course , doesn't believe him until he tries and finds that he can do it. The rest of the film turns into a romantic comedy where he makes use of his new found talent to his advantage. The concept is clever in that it brings up the possibilities of infinite parallel universes that he has the ability to access but the supposition is the these existences are very similar and doesn't take account of the chance that if he is not "Time Travelling" alone another time traveller would bring in variables that would alter his preferred outcome. That aside the film was hugely enjoyable if you ignore the anomalies and just sit back and imagine what such a gift would be like.
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on 20 October 2013
Let me be clear: I do not like Richard Curtis films. Let me be clearer still: About Time is an outstanding movie. Truly, genuinely, outstanding.

The truth is I had put off seeing this one for some time; I'd seen the best-jokes-in-the-trailer plug on primetime TV. My wife badgered me for several weeks telling me how she wanted to see it - when she mentioned the C-word I quietly swore not to get involved. The pestering continued and begrudgingly I relented and off we went. I'd had a rubbish day at work, bound to get worse still if old Richard had anything to say about it. Imagine my surprise 10 minutes in. I was enjoying it. I mean, really enjoying it. Let me explain...

The plot is pretty straightforward actually: it's about a boy growing up into early adulthood, getting married, having kids, losing family. The twist - presented immediately, and without any fuss whatsoever - is that he can travel in time to any point in his life and do things again, differently if he so wishes. Cue amusing first kisses, refining his first introduction to his girlfriend's parents, and repairing family issues. I know you might be yelling spoiler alert at this point, but trust me when I say the magic of this film lies in its execution - in the beautiful scripting and attention to characterisation. It purposefully doesn't raise the issue of morality with the whole idea of correcting all the mistakes you made without consequences, but it doesn't need to - the viewer can do that themselves.

The performances are mesmerising - whilst Bill Nighy probably scoops best in show (if only because he reminds me of so many University lecturers), Rachel McAdams presents a blindingly gorgeous albeit believable love interest in a more entertaining second time-travel outing (see The Time Traveler's Wife) and Domhnall Gleeson's lead is sharp, intelligent, witty and softly comical without taking too much advice from the bumbling twerpery of Hugh Grant in just about every Hugh Grant film. The plot is a soap opera yet contagiously intriguing. The excellent use of Cornish landscape and contemporary British settings (Restaurant Dans le noir - how topical!) complete a colourful on-screen presence and add to an altogether memorable and highly emotional piece of cinema. Wipe Notting Hill forever from your brain and go see it.
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on 6 January 2014
I love this movie! I'll be honest, I do love all Richard Curtis' movies, but this one, this one touched me. It is a simple tale, beautifully told and acted. Normal people with a slight twist. No great dramas, just a brilliantly crafted story of a family. I fell in love with Tim and Mary, and Kit Kat, with mum and dad and even the friends. Domhnall Gleeson is a relevation, Rachel MacAdam understated and just, well, lovely!
The music is, as always with a Curtis movie, a crucial factor, and is, as ever, stunning. John Boden and 'How long will I love you' wow! Just wow!
Am I being over effusive? Probably, but on so many levels this film has stayed with me, and has changed something in me. Isn't that what a great story is meant to do?
If you haven't seen it already, I recommend that you do. Soon!
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on 30 April 2014
Fantastic film with great soundtrack. Bill Nighy plays a great role - funny as ever. The other actors are well fitted to their roles too. If you want a bit of romance, a laugh and some thought provoking material this is the film for you.
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on 29 December 2015
Life events happened like getting married and having babies, but not much happened around the events, not much of a story at all. Also several times we thought it was finished and it just went on and on. We said "This must be the end" about 5 times before the end eventually came. Boring and a bit ridiculous!
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on 24 April 2014
what a lovely film well acted and fantastic actors in this feel good film. absolutely a must to see , it has everything fun, sad, happy, all in all a great film
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on 16 June 2016
My fiancee is obsessed with this film, she watches it about 4 times a year! I usually can't stand romantic comedies, but she persuaded me to watch it, and I have to say, this has got to be one of my favorite films. Unlike usual run-of-the-mill romcoms that are spat out year after year, this film is really unique, quirky, and full of charm. It is the only romcom which is emotional, makes me laugh out loud, and has an interesting story-line (which doesn't follow the generic formula of other romcoms).
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on 22 October 2016
The film is fabulous and the most fascinating part for me was observing the healthy relationships and actually surprising as never seen anything like it before and from this point of view if I,d have seen relationships like this when young, I,d definitely known about this. I really like intelligent quirky playful men and so found the two main characters hilarious and fun, great job.
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