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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 June 2018
Two hours out of this world. Visually panoramic in its audacity. Individuality and instinct win over authoritarian duty. Taking orders leads to taking flight. It may be an old, old story but we do like a man and a woman to be a man and a woman. Meanings are for robots.

Loved the antiques of LPs and Hardbacks of A Tale of Two Cities, the Dickens story of revolution. Menacing drones populate what’s left of Earth. They Police it. Yet when I saw Tom Cruise riding a motorbike without traffic, without a helmet, without roads: this is heaven!

Made in 2013 and referring to a World Champions in 2017 it is now a bargain blu ray at a fiver. Seven speaker soundtrack is as involving as the always original visuals. Only my recently acquired blu ray of Lady in the Van at £3.84 competes for bargain of the year.

Poetry and art as the best expression of what it is to be human. And that look that says: you are my future. My memories to come. You are my absent past.
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on 30 January 2017
A lot of one stars for this solid, well presented and fairly original bit
of sci-fi. Makes you wonder what they're comparing it to, Star Wars maybe ?
Not giving any spoilers, but if you like cool tech, bit of action, bit of romance and a few old school sci-fi twists then this is a couple of hours enjoyment. Bluray is awesome with good original score. Tom Cruise may not be everyone's favourite actor, but he does this stuff pretty well.
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on 30 March 2015
I was looking for an action film to make the most of my home cinema setup (50" Panasonic GT60 TV coupled to a Sony BDV-7100 blu-ray player/surround system) so Googled to find some appropriate films. This one seems to be mentioned regularly as outstanding so I had very high expectations when I put this into my blu-ray player.

I'm glad to say that if anything I found the audio and visual experience that this film provided to be significantly better than my already high expectations had set me up for.

This film is an absolute masterpiece to showcase a home cinema system. The audio is crystal clear, the surround system is utterly convincing when drones fly through from behind you, you really do get a full workout for a surround system, that's for sure. The visuals are stunning and crisp to put it mildly and the colours are extremely realistic. You really get the sense of being immersed in the film from the first to the last moment.

The film itself isn't bad either! I'll certainly be using it as my reference disc in the future.
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on 4 January 2015
Stylish scenes, clever script, unexpected twists, amazing casting, elegant pace, outstanding production, cool gadgets and very interesting non verbal messages throughout the film make this a masterpiece. On top of that, Joseph Kosinski shows a remarkable work as writer and director, imagine, since this is his second movie ever! Brilliant!
Unlike Tron Legacy (his first work on big screen) that barely supplies depth and contrast, Oblivion delivers a wealth of ideas and their successful realisation.

Gonzalez and Trapanese soundtrack sound great, and yet, there's so much Nolan's Batman on Tech49, and Matrix, and... so much that I get distracted, come on guys an aditional grain of creativity wouldn't hurt anybody.
Pieces and parts taken from other movies are sometimes too obvious to be considered inspired from them.
The 5 minute introduction isn't really necessary since Jack will explain all to Julia again during the movie. Yes it's a Hollywood movie but we don't live in Idiocracy (yet)... and maybe the intro wasn't even Kosinski's idea.

Kosinski says there could be a prequel now... This movie could give birth for both prequel and sequels, it's beauty and storyline call for more Tets and love stories to unfold...

Definitely worth watching, buying and contributing to Kosinski's career.
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on 27 April 2014
There's something potentially great about this film, that is not developed as it might have been.
Let's say the beginning and the end let you think it could have been a little big scifi gem. Pity that all the central part is weak (too much action, like they lost the existential and almost philosphical aspects shown in the beginning).
Despite that, I enjoyed it and wanted to watch it through to the end. Maybe it's because there some visual stuff that's very good and Tom Cruise still puts himself 100% into each role he plays so he makes you believe the film is worth watching and even makes the ending quite emotional.
I just hope they won't make a sequel or a prequel: part of its charm lies in the fact it's an uncomplete movie, in its not fully expressed potential. Both the audio and video quality of this blu ray are very very good.
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2013
Unlike the recent heavily panned Will Smith & Son SF flick which I will avoid like the plague (unless it's on Sky Movies and I'm bored), Oblivion got mixed reviews generally of the "well done but feels like its been done before" nature and now having seen it those comments aren't entirely inaccurate. There are images which could have come from films like Planet of the Apes and there's a plot device which did come from Independence Day. Morgan Freeman is featured on the DVD cover along with Cruise when his screen time is low, especially compared to Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko.

If you can ignore the borrowings which, with the exception of the dumb one from Independence Day, are easy enough to do, you get quite a nice little movie which I mostly enjoyed. Earth has been devastated following an alien invasion which the humans won but ended up moving to Titan; Cruise and Riseborough (who live in a beautiful house in the sky) are an efficient team repairing drones which monitor massive machines that convert sea water to energy which is transferred to Titan (eh?) and attack the surviving aliens on the surface; our two protagonists have been memory-wiped as to concentrate on their mission (something fishy there); Cruise has dreams of being in a New York which was destroyed before he was born (like, really really fishy); and then things start to go wrong which you can find out for yourself as I'm not going to spoil it.

It's extremely well made with terrific and convincing special effects. The sky house and Cruise's sort of copter are beautiful pieces of design which contrast admirably with the shattered earth below. The various convolutions of said shattered Earth I find as convincing as those in the just finished TV series Defiance (read that how you will). Though I should add that the scenes shot in Iceland are magnificent which alone made it worth getting the blu-ray. The three leads (and I'm not including an overacting Freeman) are all good. Throw in a decent making of and deleted scenes and I can give a considered judgment of "not bad at all" and "definitely worth your time and money".
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on 27 October 2013
I'd heard many terrible things about this film before watching it, almost enough to make me not bother, but I'm a sucker for sci-fi blockbusters so I gave it a try. The good news is that it's not a bad as I'd heard, the bad news is that while it's reasonably entertaining it's far from a good film.

At its heart this is an Independence Day type of affair and while it tries to take itself more seriously any purists watching it would be cursing the poor science of it. Unfortunately it's not as much fun as Independence Day either, however it's more modern visual effects do provide some stunning scenes.

The story is simple, aliens attack Earth and are beaten off with a nuclear attack that irradiates vast regions of Earth, rendering it unihabitable. Most of the survivors ship of to a colony at Titan, but two stay behind to protect essential assets needed to support the far off colony. Remnents of the invading aliens still survive on the Earth's surface and are trying to hamper the operation.

Things aren't quite what they seem and the story really unfolds from there. It's fairly predictable as to where the story is heading, but the journey isn't too bad. The cast all do a reasonable job with their roles, but there's nothing inspired about any of it. It's a sci-fi blockbuster that goes through the motions, an ok watch, but nothing more.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 October 2013
A race of intergalactic nasties (who obviously didn't watch the War of the Worlds remake) has only gone and waged war on Earth. However, despite the fact they trashed our planet, our man Tom stands defiant against their hordes. C'mon, they don't stand a chance, do they?

I may be being flippant, but I actually really enjoyed this film. I won't go into details about the story, as there are a few cool twists and turns along the way. All you need to know is that aliens are trying to mix it with Tom Cruise. When will those xenomorphs learn?

You have cool space ships, decent CGI effects, mean-looking robots, space-age costumes and quite a novel spin on the (somewhat tired) alien invasion movie. All in all, the two hours goes by pretty quickly. I did get a bit confused around the midway mark, but I must have been being a bit dim, because, by then end of the film I knew the hows and whys of the movie (and enjoyed them).

My only major gripe was that (for the most part of the film) there are only two characters - Tom and his onscreen other half. Having such a small cast means you really do have to invest in both of them completely. Tom does tend to overact on occasion and his female partner is a little `too cold.' By that I mean Tom goes around thinking with his heart and she's all `head.' Therefore she's the polar opposite of him in every way. And, being Tom Cruise, he's always right.

However, that's a minor gripe. It's still a cool sci-fi film. If nothing else, it will act as yet another warning to other aliens not to mess with Earth while we still have Tom on our side.
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on 30 July 2014
This film surprised me with how good it was. I was expecting another generic Tom Cruise action feature and instead there is actually some thought given to identity and the philosophy of hierarchy. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of action as well which is done well enough, but for me the real interest falls in seeing Tom Cruise taking a gentler approach to acting.
There is very little original in this film, and the plot holds few surprises, but it is all put together well and flows nicely. There is a great performance by Andrea Riseborough which brings an emotional weight to the central charactors and allows a more nuanced reading of their motivations.
The cinematography is a highlight, there are vast deserts and huge spacescapes, all of which add to the atmosphere a great deal.
Overall i would recommend this to any Sci-Fi film fan as a very solid genre offering
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on 22 September 2013
For those fans of Outer Limits (both the original and later series), this will be a treat.

The basics, I believe, everyone knows about - Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough are both a couple and a pair of techs keeping Earth's automated recovery efforts into pulling as much resources as possible from a ruined earth in the aftermath of a successful defensive war, where humanity defeated an alien invasion. The film charts how these characters find that nothing is as it seems when they start investigating an odd signal set up by the alien survivors. Game on.

I don't want to spoil it, but suffice to say what happens is a fairly original story set against some of the most spectacular imagery this side of Avatar. Tom Cruise does a great job of his role, as does the rest of the small cast. The storyline shifts between sad reminders of Earth's past into intense action, the art style is amazing (anyone who's played Wipeout or Sanctum will see some parallels) and it comes to a satisfying conclusion, with a brilliant musical score.

As for the Blu Ray, it's functional. There's a decent set of featurettes that cover various aspects of the making the film (all of which are HD), and the film itself is presented in truly fantastic resolution (particularly important given how much emphasis the film puts on imagery).

Fabulous piece of cinema.
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