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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 July 2013
I bought this after watching Titanic and seeing how good post conversions can be when done properly, with a dedicated team that spends almost a year on the process and $10mil. I have to say, after horrors like Thor 3D and Clash of the Titans 3D, I was extremely sceptical about whether post conversion could ever really work - I felt they were just cash grab gimmicks. I am so glad to say, Post-conversion can be totally Amazing.

Jurassic Park 3D is THE BEST live action 3D film I have ever seen. It was an incredible experience and beats all of the Marvel films, Avatar and other natively shot 3D films. I own about 50 3D films and was, up until now, of the impression that only animations really work in 3D. I am so glad to say that I was utterly wrong. I haven't seen The Life of Pi 3D but hear that's good, so maybe that represents good competition for JP 3D.

The reason JP works so well in 3D is because so many of the scenes have a great deal of perspective and layers through Dinos, foliage (blustering and static), rain, geography, structures and actors, all of which have been rendered with curved edges and positioned correctly within the frame at their respective depths. Some of the scenes do pop out too, like the raptor jumping up through the ceiling grate. The pop out is the best I've seen and used only when absolutely necessary for total film immersion. There was only one shot that didn't work in the whole film and that was the back rest of a chair that Laura Dern was sitting on, It appeared in the wrong plane of view. This scene lasted a few seconds. Apart from that stupidly minor quibble, I had one of the most engrossing and edge-of-my-seat film experiences in years. I was drawn into a film in a way that I have not experienced since I was a kid. It was literally a revelation.

The sound has also been remastered, meaning it's more captivating than ever. Even the picture has been cleaned up and added to, like rain drops in the foreground (there are multiple layers of rain) to make it feel real - and my god, does it feel real. The mosquito encapsulated in the amber fossil looks incredible! The car falling from the tree, the herds of dinosaurs in the wild, the T-Rex attack (all 3 of them), the raptors hunting the group in the main building - all of it created the most sumptuous feast my eyes have ever had while watching a 3D film.

I've seen this film many many times since the first watch in the cinema when I was 12. Even knowing the story inside out, this version gaVe me an incredible experience, like watching one of the true classics of cinema for the very first time.

Apart from animations, which are mostly pretty darn good in 3D, JP is a reference quality film for live action. I would even go as far as to say, if you own one 3D film, it should be this one.

Turn the lights off, Increase the screen lumens to avoid that annoying muted cinema 3D feeling, the sound up, put your glasses on and prepare for one of the most thrilling home cinema experiences of the decade - or ever !
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 December 2013
I have seen Jurassic Park many times over the years and must have owned it a few times in different formats but, without a doubt, I feel the 3d conversion on Blu Ray is the best i have experienced Spielberg's classic. A short, 9 minute or so, bonus feature on the 3D disc confirms why the post-conversion has been handled so well - it was handled by Stereo D the same company that were behind the conversion of Titanic (one of the best conversions I have seen). The short details the 9-months of work that went in to the process with Speilberg taking a very active roll. I never appreciated until seeing this how much work was involved - take the T-Rex scene where it was detailed how they had to make the rain appear in different perspective to give depth to the shot - all the rain drops had to be worked on frame by frame. Amazing and the results are up on the screen. The sound has seen some attention too from the original artists with a little extra oomph added to T-Rex etc., Anyway, on to the key parts of the release:

3D: As detailed above the 3D conversion is handled very well with the process really adding to the viewing of the film. Image quality (fills a 16x9 frame with a tiny black border at the bottom edge) is excellent with a tiny amount of film-like grain that is apparent in the dark scenes but, overall, a sterling effort for a film that is now 20-years old! Sound quality on the 3D disc offers a 7.1 lossless track along with a 5.1 lossless for english language (other options too but I will focus on the english language throughout). Plenty use is made of the surrounds and, for those that have one, the sub-woofer track. The T-Rex scene is the one to try with the classic ripples on the glasses of water scene! One particularly nice part about the 3D disc is that you get straight to the film with none of the 'you will be fined if you copy this or play it on an oil-rig etc.,' type messages. Chapters are plentiful allowing you to go to your favourite scene via the pop-up menu button. One 3D extra is included as mentioned above.

2D: Basically the same image quality as the 3D but start with 4 x different warnings about piracy followed by a further, animated one, thanking us for buying it. Come on Universal - cut it out. We have purchased the thing so enough of the warnings. Sound is the same 7.1 lossless found on the 3D disc but no 5.1 track. Lots of foreign language tracks included as well as Japanese should you want it. Main, and for me the only, reason for putting this disc on concerns the extras as there are loads of them! There must be 2.5 hours or so of features and worth a look if you like the usual making of's etc., I have scanned the reverse of the slip-case so you can see the full details available from the back cover should you require - this can be found above by the main images.

Really hope that they will now convert the sequels in 3D so I can complete the set. After watching the 3D documentary I guess I can now appreciate how much work goes in to a good conversion but this also, probably, means such work will only be done for the main big catalogue titles which is a shame. Done well it can add huge amounts to the right film.

Overall I rate this very highly and consider it to be a very worthwhile 3D Blu Ray. Brilliant.
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on 19 December 2013
Jurassic Park was one of if not my favourite childhood movie, I have seen it countless times, and nearly managed to catch the film in 3d in America earlier this year. I think everyone knows the film so this review is not about it. More the incredible conversion job done on it to convert into 3D. In my opinion it is up there as one of the very best 3D pictures i've ever seen, even though its a 20 year old film. The depth is spot on, and gives the film a real sense of immersion, i've just sat enthralled for the last couple of hours by it.

If you have a 3d set up at home, i'd recommend this even if you already own another format of JP, it truly is astounding.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 June 2015
From a purely visual point of view the whole 3D thing works as well as a film which has been filmed in a standard fashion and then retrospectively constructed into 3D can work. It's not a flawless process though. When films are made in 3D obviously lots of scenes or superflouous objects etc are deliberately positioned to create the effect. The issue with retrospective 3D is that they weren't filmed with this in mind and while a lot of the scenery or 'character standing about' scenes have a lot of depth to them, often something comes into the foreground which then invariably looks blurry and unfocused which just makes the whole scene look a bit untidy.
There's also something about the depth which makes it look a bit unnatural as if the actors are performing in front of a blue screen which has then had the environment added later and I guess by making a 2D film 3D this is what they've de facto kind of done? Some small set pieces also look not as good for example the canteen scene where the camera is behind and looking through the velociraptors two large legs and feet following the legs as they are running. What looked a good filming technique in its original form looked a bit blurry and unfocused in 3D.
That being said and on the whole the imagery looked beautiful and clean. A lot of the 3D worked very well though most of it tends to be characters talking together or against a backdrop. Some of the imagery really comes out at you and children in particular should really love it. It does make you think though if this had been filmed originally in 3D just how good a lot of the scenes would have been with dinosaurs specifically filmed coming out of the screen.
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on 2 January 2006
For once i believe a film delivers exactly what the tagline describes. Right from it's horrific, tension-mounting opening, to the "Final Showdown" style ending, JURASSIC PARK is an adventure you won't forget. I first saw this film when i was 5 years old and it happened to be the first film i ever saw in a cinema. And what a film to start with!!
With Steven Spielberg, you come to expect certain things within a film. For instance, you know the visual effects will be of the highest quality. JURASSIC PARK is certainly no exception. Being one of the first films to use CGI on mass, the computer generated dinosaurs blend flawlessly with the anamatronic animals to create an effect so realistic you'll be scared to ever close your kitchen door again (the infamous raptor sequence).
In terms of plot, the movie does somewhat differ from the book. Without spoiling it for newcomers, let's just say some of the characters left at the end should have been victims according to Michael Crichton. However, the storyline flows very well, providing the audience with enough action to allow for some of the more mellow scenes.
The characters in the film are very, very well acted and even the children are believable when screaming at a dinosaur which isnt really there. It's good to know that (at the time) these actor's were not Hollywood's biggest stars, meaning the emphasis is placed upon their acting instead of the looks.
Overall, i think everyone should see this film. It's the perfect family film (recently voted into the top 15 family films of all time on Channel 4). I've grown up with the film and i've seen it so many times i know the script backwards. But i still notice little bits which make it better every time.
It's great the first time and the 100th time. I certainly rate it as one of the best movies ever made. Don't miss out!!!
PS: One thing i would say is that i dont know how this edition differs from the last one released. As it hasnt shown a cover i do not know if it's a new design or it there are more discs than before. If you're not too sure either, then perhaps look into buying the trilogy or the exisitng edition.
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on 30 April 2016
Well what can you say this is the best 3d movie out there now there is no other 3d movie that can beat this one its is a classic and will be for long time so much fun to watch it again but in 3d takes you on a wild ride awesome sound clear audio and 1080p =1920 x 1080 resolution very happy buyer!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 20 January 2016
Scenes are easy to watch in 3D, slow and paced so you don't get a headache from fast movement or too much details in one shot.
They actually got directions from Spielberg on how to implement the 3D so it's not just a random transfer.

and the movie itself is great, so not much else you need.
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on 8 September 2015
One of the most. Iconic a breathtaking films. Ever made.

a rich business man has found the way to bring dinosaurs back to life and intends to put them on show. Theme park style. But needs experts to endorse his park. Needless. To say mayhem ensues
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on 18 August 2014
Before i ordered this I couldn't figure out what augment reality was, did i need a specific type of TV or gismo to watch the blu-ray???

Here's the golden piece of info that isn't mentioned and will hopefully help some others out there.

Augmented Reality is simply an android app (not available on the Apple app store) that when launched requireds you to point your camera phone at the case and then a dinosaur appears on top of it, that's it people!

In terms of the blu-ray it's great, no probs at all but it took me a while to figure out that AR was nothing to do with the playback of the Blu-Ray itself????
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on 14 February 2014
I am reviewing the 3d transfer here, and not the excellent film which I have almost seen as many times as Star Wars Ep4.

I watched this last night in a darkened room, through my PS3 (I tend to watch all my 3d blurays through this) on my Samsung 40" LED 1080p tv.
I must say I was disappionted by the clarity. As this is the first film I have bought where they have reissued it with a 3d version I wasnt sure what to expect. I found that a lot of the scenes when in 3d looked very blurred and certain layers of the 3d effect were just really blurry. I also noticed a hue around the characters where the 3d transfer wasnt quite spot on. I thought at first it may be my glasses, so I swapped with another pair and the same issues were still apparent. I cant really say the 3d added much depth either, yes you could tell that there were various 3d layers to the scenes, but it wasnt crisp and somehow it felt like it was just a "bolted on" effect.
The scene where the Gallimimus are running around the field looked ok, but still I was hoping for more from the 3d effect, I was totally underwhelmed by the T-Rex scenes too,

My advice would be that for this film, the conversion is not worth the money.
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