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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2015
This film was better than expected - I purchased it to watch with my children expecting a few laughs. It was visually entertaining, with some car action, uncomfortable-to-watch light fight scenes. The story twisted into more than expected on face value. It also provided an insight into human nature and dare I say human generosity of spirit and kindness. Showing how events transpired to inspire trust and compassion beyond initial anger and frustration - although not initially inspired by pure human kindness, that's what ended up happening. My children have just received bank cards for their first accounts so this film was also a good lesson into the need to look after their cards and know what identity theft is and its effects. Whilst a light hearted film, I wonder how many criminals would turn good if they experienced similar generosity of spirit? Entertaining, some good moral lessons and a positive ending I think. And for just £1.01 used + postage, how cheap does an evening's entertainment get? Blu-ray too!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 February 2016
I've seen a few Melissa MCarthy films but this one passed me by on first release. She plays her role as the hard faced con thief to perfection. She's hard, funny, raunchy, big hearted and mean all at once, but as the story develops we see a different side to her character and start to understand her conflicts. Jason Bateman is good guy whose moral compass is challenged as he attempts to clear his name of fraud charges and bring the real culprit to a form of justice.

It's a feel good film with laughs along the way and a couple of poignant moments where bad goes good and good goes bad. A bit of frippery, but it kept my attention and I enjoyed it.
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on 7 July 2015
We are big fans of Melissa McCarthy, in Mike and Molly and the trailer for this movie prompted us to buy it. Whilst there are funny moments overall the extent of the act perpetrated upon Jason Bateman was so abhorrent and his character so none descript that it is difficult to embrace either of the main characters. Not one of the worst movies we have seen but no where near the brilliance of Burt Wonderstone a movie we happened across on Prime free but a under published gem of funny.

Spoiler Alert

We were hoping to see some twist where Jason Batemans initial boss was given some greater attention by Bateman and McCarthy.
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While not quite the abomination that some critics have suggested it is, Identity Thief is a hard film to recommend to film fans looking for a comedy to cheer them up. Too long at just under two hours length, the makers appear to have dropped Melissa McCarthy in the middle of a film, built a load of questionable on going gags around her, and then thrown Jason Bateman in for the charm offensive. Then as the film runs out of steam at the mid-point, it gets caught in a vortex of contrivances and pseudo serious statements. It's a real hodge-podge of a script that does the actors no favours at all. A great premise is not fulfilled, sadly.

Identity Thief only escapes bottom of the ladder status because fans of the two leads will find a modicum of enjoyment in their respective efforts. 5/10
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on 6 April 2014
This was a funny movie and not least because of the whole Jason Bateman Melissa McCarthy pairing. They work really well together - her character is just so loud and brash and his is really reserved and a bit 'anal', which makes for some really funny moments. Like most good comedies, it does have a few heart-wrenching moments in it too and there are occasions, throughout the film, when you really feel for Diana - but then there are moments when you just want to slap her for being so awful!!

Yes, the storyline is somewhat predictable and it is not what you'd call cinematic fireworks, but if what you're looking for is some easy laughs and some good all round goofy entertainment, then why not give it a go? It's worth a watch.
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on 7 February 2014
The R rated American comedy has been big business for Hollywood ever since a ’40 Year Old Virgin’ came along. Several years have passed and for every decent R rated comedy, there have been at least 5 almost unwatchable abominations that are filled to the brim with unlikable characters (Danny McBride in almost anything). There is a difference between being an antihero and just being plain unlikable. ‘Identity Thief’ walks this tightrope as both the main characters are flawed. After Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) has his identity stolen by opportunist thief Diana (Melissa McCarthy), he sets out to clear his name.

The start of ‘Identity Thief’ is a hard watch. Sandy may be somewhat of a wet lettuce to begin with, but the concept of having his life ruined and his family threated with bankruptcy is not initially a funny concept. Even when we meet McCarthy as Diana, you feel a little worried – she is a pretty hideous woman. However, hold on for a little longer and the film comes into its own. The middle section develops into the classic unlikely duo that made films such as ‘Plane, Trains and Automobiles’ so great. Both Sandy and Diana are pretty annoying to begin with, but as you get to know them your opinion softens.

This is down to decent character development in the script and a couple of comedians doing a professional job. ‘Identity Thief’ may prove one of the most profitable films that either Bateman or McCarthy may ever be in, but I doubt they will be remembered for it. However, because they know their stuff they are able to make the most out of the comedic situations that do crop up. Some of the set pieces later on in the film are highly amusing, you just have to work your way through the slightly painful first third.

Like many comedies before and after it, ‘Identity Thief’ does not really need HD to enjoy it, the DVD version will suffice. The BluRay does have a few featurettes, but nothing really worth watching. I would also recommend watching the normal version of the film and not the extended cut as it is mostly padding that was cut out for a reason.
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on 20 November 2013
Not the car crash disaster its reputation suggests it is. Having said that, it was no misunderstood masterpiece. It's below average generic stuff with a weak script and a central premise that has problems.

The female lead is very unlikable. The actress is of limited appeal (she works better as a supporting actress, like she was in Bridesmaids) and her character is downright repugnant. They give her the standard redemptive arc but she doesn't deserve it. She was not redeemed and made good in my eyes by the end. Why Bateman and his family grow to like her makes no sense.

Also why is Amanda Peet in this film? As a successful actress surely there was another movie out there that offered her more than the basic supportive wife role. It's a comedy and she doesn't even get one funny line. It's a very underwritten sexist role. It just feels odd to me that an established actress with options would agree to play that part (for lots of money is the only realistic explanation).

The subplots with the bounty hunter and the two hit persons feel very bolted on. They impact very little on the story and feel contrived. Frankly they have wandered in from another film with a different tone and approach to logic. Also the two car chase scenes (when she is kidnapped, and when they escape the police car) are action sequences that have been squeezed in from another movie as well. The script is not very consistent. Perhaps it was mucked about with by everyone over years in development hell. I suspect the credited writers hate the movie as their original drafts were probably very different and better. NOTE: I've just Googled their credits. Nothing in their pasts suggests high standards.

For a comedy it wasn't particularly funny. There are a few very mild laughs here and there. Not a high hit-rate.

It's a very weak movie of no merit, but it was watchable enough if you expect nothing from it.
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on 28 February 2016
Good cast and a decent idea but sadly this film is not sure what it wants to be - screwball comedy or serious crime drama. Melissa McCarthy is the serial con woman who steals the ID of Jason Bateman's character - it is apparently funny in the US for a man to be called 'Sandy'. In the UK it is a short form of Alexander....

I expect this to be a fairly light hearted romp ending with a romance between the central characters - his straight up over worked underpaid accountant and her OTT sassy thief. But from the off we learn Bateman is happily married, so that idea goes out the window quickly. So we have a 'road' movie as he tries to take her back to Denver to clear his name before he loses his new job. Quite why the police cannot sort this out is never fully explained.

So we have car crashes, grifting, a bounty hunter, 2 workers for a drug lord and our hapless hero all determined to hold on to McCarthy. The use of the F word is unfortunate. Bateman is famous for Arrested Development, a consistently funny show with no swearing. McCarthy is a joy as ever but much of the humour is crude where it could have been slapstick and more family friendly. A 12 A certificate would have meant this would attract a larger audience.

Enjoyable over a pile of ironing, but not a classic.
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on 4 January 2014
Jason Bateman plays the character Sandy who has had his identity stolen by Melissa McCarthy's character Diana, it costs him everything and the police don't seem in any rush to sort it so he sets out to claim back his life.
This film may not be the funniest film I've ever seen but it's better than most and it doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel for laughs, it stays on a level which I think makes it a decent comedy unlike several I have seen in the last year which made me cringe they were so silly.
Both McCarthy and Bateman are very capable comedy actors and if you like either of them I would recommend checking this out, a road trip comedy with a different spin, it's staying on my shelf.
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on 30 July 2015
A good film, seen worse excuses for comedy. This entertains and is amusing in places. Okay its not Planes trains and automobiles or Stir Crazy, but its better than you may expect it to be. Worth a watch.
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