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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2012
I have gone back to using Premiere Elements 8. Bought Elements 10 a while ago because of it being 64 bit. Found it quicker and more stable then Elements 8, but was surprised and frustrated to find that it only allowed 25 scene markers. Not sufficient when editing family video 150 minute Blu-Ray projects with multiple short recordings. I downloaded a trial version of Elements 11 prior to buying, specifically to check for any scene marker limit, and was able to put as many scene markers on a test project as I wanted. However, I made the mistake of not trying to write the test project to BluRay before buying Elements 11. When I went to write my first project to BluRay, only 25 markers were recognised. It is a shame that Adobe have persisted in this ridiculous limitation in scene markers, because I did find Elements 11 straightforward and stable with regards to the editing features which I require from editing software. If it allowed as many scene markers as its Premiere Elements 8 predecessor, I would have given it 4*s. It is also surprising that this limitation in scene markers is not made clear in the product description, and moreso that the programme allows > 25 scene markers to be placed in a project with the limitation only becoming apparent when trying to write the project to disc.
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on 19 October 2012
As with every proprietary product, you sign your life away with the terms and conditions and then when you finally get the product installed it doesn't do anything you wanted it to.
About as flexible as a piece of steel.
Can't even sell it on now I've installed it and entered the wonderful product key.
Sticking with Windows Movie Maker because even though it crashes every 15 mins at least it's flexible enough to handle almost every video type that any normal person would have on their computer like .AVI files from an 8 year old camera.
Finally, who writes a piece of software that doesn't run under a user account on the PC ?? why would I want to run it under the Administrator account? yeah... lets open the door to every cyber attack out there.
Thanks for nothing Adobe. Poor poor poor.
Nearly four hours of my life wasted trying to load any of my video files into it, of course I'm sure if I had an iphone and an ipad or an icamera or whatever then this software would be just perfect.
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on 14 October 2012
I am totally frustrated with this bit of kit. The pro version I used at Uni is excellent but this version is just totally frustrating. It jumps around so much during video editing that I now just want to uninstall it and sell it on eBay and just take a massive plunge with buying a Mac and the simple movie edit software they have that allows you to edit audio and such easily. I really need to go on a lesson with this un-intuitive software.
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on 8 November 2012
I found this program immensely frustrating to work with. Performance was slow and it crashed multiple times. The interface isn't particularly nice to work with, I could go on...

In a nutshell, don't bother with Premiere Elements, buy Pro, even if it's an older version (shop around for some deals), it'll be a lot better than this!
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on 6 April 2013
Like many of the other reviews recommending you not to buy this product, I also strongly suggest you look for an alternative, even something like buying Premiere Elements 10 rather that Premiere Elements 11. I use Elements 10 on another computer and it works fine (although, I appreciate that some users still have issues with it). I also have Elements 11 on another computer - what a mistake! I should have purchased Elements 10 again. My chief problem with Elements 11 is that is arbitrarily doesn't like some movie files which have been shot on the same camera and are the same format. Elements 10 will accept the 'rogue' files and if there are any issues with them, it will fix them. Elements 11, however, just outright rejects files without giving you the option to fix it.

If you want to make films just as a hobby, I recommend you do one of the following:
1.Purchase Premiere Elements 10 (with a small risk that it will still be a lame duck)
2.Use Windows Movie Maker (free to download from Microsoft) - this is still great software for basic home and small films.
3. Go to the large expense of buying yourself a mac and purchasing Final Cut (this is the software of choice for most professional film editors) - the software is not that expensive, but you have to get yourself a mac first.
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on 4 February 2013
Be warned if you are buying this product in the UK or for that matter pretty much most of Europe.

The default settings when starting any video editing with this product are all set for the American TV standard NTSC. The problem with that is that most video cameras bought in Europe shoot at 25 frames per second, if you buy a camera in the USA it will shoot 30 frames per second. So when you bring your PAL 25fps footage in to a new project in Premiere, but the timeline by default is 30fps you end up with a very unwatchable jittery picture because the programme is trying to spread your 25 pictures a second across a timeline of 30fps.

So make sure that if you start a new project and you're in the UK or Europe you should select a PAL setting right at the start. Unfortunately if you have followed the default settings of NTSC and finished your edit, the software does not allow you to go back and change this to PAL, you'll have to start your edit all over again.

Come on Adobe, get your act together, if you're selling this product all over Europe can we have PAL as the default setting and not NTSC, surely it's not going to cost you much to have two different versions of the software?

Very, very disappointed.
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on 20 March 2013
I have used Adobe Photo and Video products for a number of years on PCs running Windows. I have recently changed to Mac due to my total frustration with the inadequacies of the Windows systems.
This newest version of Elements has familiar controls and work flow requirements to earlier versions. The user interface is much cleaner but some of the controls are now not so obvious but a quick look through the various menus soon revealed where things were.
Installation to my 2012 Mac Mini was very simple and quick. Once the setup for English PAL system had been completed I set sail on a short trial video production. Due to previous experiences with video editors I found the whole process was very straight forward and all aspects of the program worked well..
Those who have been using earlier versions of Elements should have no problem in transferring to this updated version. Those who are new to video editing may find the going a little complicated to start with but stick at it - the results are worth the struggle provided you use a computer with a very reliable operating system, a fast processor and plenty of RAM - video programs are processor hungry.
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on 16 October 2013
As someone who has worked extensively on computer games many years in the past, I'm used to working with story-boarding and timelines, which might be why I found PE11 so easy and intuitive to use. Without bothering to consult the Help file, I made two short videos, one of which involved mixing stock footage in several different video formats which needed to be visually stretched to fit the viewing area and time-stretched to fit the music that the video was illustrating. It only took two to three hours to get each one to the point where it was ready to upload to YouTube.

PE11 has all the usual 'bells and whistles' you might expect from a non-professional video editing programme and a lot more besides. Even a pro could make a great-looking video with this cut-down version of Premiere Pro. I knew from experience that too many bells and whistles in the actual video do no more than make that video look very unprofessional so I haven't bothered with learning all of the more advanced stuff yet, though I've bought the Guide and Adobe's Classroom in a Book and can recommend both for anyone else who's ready to move on.

Though I won't be using it, I'm impressed by PE11's themed Instant Movie feature plus the fact that there is royalty-free music and graphics that you can include in your project that make it extremely easy to create your own amateur videos. Just drag and drop some video clips into the Quick View, click the Instant Movie button, select a few options and off you go.

On the other hand, it doesn't take too long to learn the more Expert approach and you can be adding picture-in-picture, professional-looking fades and wipes, colour and tone effects, audio effects and more to your projects.

I haven't used any competing products, but they'd have to go a long way to be better and easier than Premiere Elements.
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on 2 March 2013
Editing went OK but when I exported the sequence to a computer file, it would not play in media player or any other player. I tried various output formats but none worked. It has been a complete waste of money. The help files were of no help at all. Perhaps it is because I am using Windows 8 but the Adobe web site says it is OK for this OS.
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on 18 February 2013
I don't see how anyone could possibly think that this is not the best video editing system at this price. It has all the strength and reliability of Adobe Premiere in its core.

I admit that there are two caveats: The first is the learning curve. I already knew the Adobe family and so for me it wasn't a problem. Maybe it is for others - but at least you're learning the best. The second is that this program definitively leaves behind the weaker machines: you must have a sufficiently powerful computer to run it, so pay attention to the system requirements specified by Adobe.
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