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on 22 January 2014
Bought this as I'd seen something similar in PC World for £30, and it seemed like I might get some more mileage out of docking units I'd bought when I used Apple products, since later moving to Android.

My expectations were not high for this price. Much like many of these cheap disposable bits of Chinese gadgetry, I always tend to weight up the "Do I mind throwing away £X ?", factor.

What I got though seems to do everything I expected.

And only makes me wonder that mainstream retailers, probably just buy loads of a similar standard product, repackage it and re-write the instructions in better English, and churn it out for £30 instead. As I can't see what extra their's does. Although I never cease to find the poorly translated versions hilariously entertaining personally.

There are many questions here about compatibility. For a specific dock, that's probably going to mean you pays your money, you take a chance. But if you have several docks lying about, chances are it's work with one or all of them. If you like it, I'd imagine many will buy more to BT upgrade several docks.

What might be nice is a compatibility list, along the lines of "if your dock works with iPhone/iPod gens X Y & Z, then this is compatible", as the problems seem more to do with various changes to Apple's 30-pin plug. And a list of every dock that it's compatible with is virtually impossible to even start to compile, as there have been so many.

Saying that, I wouldn't be surprised if someone has done that sort of thing somewhere on the Interweb.
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on 18 October 2012
I got this as a replacement for another Bluetooth adaptor I had. The old one worked fine, but couldn't be used while charging, and had to be plugged in via a 3.5mm jack which bugged me a little.

This one just plugs into the iPhone dock, and worked straight away, no need to charge as it's powered from the dock. My Nexus S Android phone paired straight away with it, and now I can stream music to my speakers again. The audio quality is good, and I can't hear any difference between it being plugged in via 3.5mm cable and streaming over Bluetooth.

The downside is the light on it. At first I thought it would be OK, but it does get very annoying in the dark. During the day it isn't an issue, but I listen to podcasts or audiobooks in bed, streaming to the speakers. Every 5 seconds or so the light on top flashes blue, which is bright enough to light up my room. A bit of gaffer tape over the top (or a black Sharpie to the LED cover)should fix it though.

If the speakers are left on but nothing is playing, it does have a tendency to pop a little bit every 30 seconds or so, which is a bit annoying. Of course, this is fixed by making sure the speakers are of when not in use.

For the price, this is a good way to use a speaker dock I got for an iPhone again after getting rid of the iPhone (or perhaps allowing you to use your speakers with your new iPhone 5 instead of paying for an adaptor from Apple?). During the day, great to use. At night, the lights get a bit annoying. I would recommend this to people looking to Bluetooth-enable an iPhone speaker dock though.
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on 18 October 2014
Good price. Worked well for about a week, then stopped working
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on 25 October 2012
initially I thought this would be the answer to my docking station problems with the new lightning connector, but it's not compatible with all docking stations! The item itself looks great, and feels of good quality, mounting well on the 30 pin connector. Pairing with iphone/ipod is straight forward (luckily as instructions are sparse to say the least!) After trying on a few of my docking stations, I had success with about 50%. Pairing worked on all of them, but playing music was a different matter. When it works it's great, but there needs to be a compatibility list to help people make a more informed choice.

For the money, it might be worth a gamble, but you have been warned.
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on 14 February 2013
Apple have changed how their dock connector works a number of times in the past, whilst keeping the connector looking the same.

The earlier docks used FireWire to charge the device. These include earlier iPods including the iPod Classic 160Gb 2008 version.

Newer docks use USB to charge the device. This includes the iPhone 3GS (2009).

When you insert a newer phone into an older dock it will probably transmit audio (but not always), and will give a message that the device cannot be charged. This is the problem with this Bluetooth music receiver. It needs to get power to work - and this power comes from the dock. If the dock is an older type, the pin connections are wrong and it will not power up.

However, this is easily solved with a CableJive DockStubz power adaptor. This device is about the same size as the Bluetooth adaptor, and plugs into your dock. Your phone then plugs in the top, and is able to charge while transmitting audio through the connector.

Once I plugged the Bluetooth adaptor into the DockStubz it worked perfectly. Audio quality is reasonable - not the best, but perfectly acceptable for in car use.

The DockStubz are available here on Amazon:
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on 13 September 2013
I bought this on a bit of whim. Fed up with not being able to play my iPod/iPhone music through my Teac mini aurb sr80i, as I now have new products with the lightning connectors. I did read the reviews but thought I'd give it a go. Well it doesn't work on the Teac one. It pairs with my devices but no music plays. It does however work on a cheap dock I got free with something a few years ago. Will be sending back unfortunately as it is no use to me.
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on 6 November 2013
Can't complain for the price. They work reliably. However the sound quality is okay but not great. I've since upgraded to a LAYEN i-SYNC which whilst a lot more money (at time of writing £13 difference) gives far superior results. If budget is the problem then these are fine, but if you can splash out £20 then go for a better quality sound.
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on 19 April 2013
I bought this so that I could use my iPhone with a speaker dock without taking its chunky case off.

I've tried it in two speaker docks; a JBL on-stage Micro and a 'Red' cheap Sainsburys job - both have worked a treat. From what I can tell, as long as your iPod dock is capable of charging the device, then this should work.

It's extremely simple to use; Just plug it into the dock then activate bluetooth on your playback device (iPhone/iPad in my case) and pair with it using the code '0000'. Then simply select it as the output device and you're away.

I've found that the range of 10 metres is a bit optimistic. I'd say half that is more realistic if you won't want any dropouts. If you stick within that then playback is excellent.

It starts up with a little 'ta da' sound and whilst in use flashes a blue light on the top which might annoy some (in a dark bedroom say). If it doesn't pair with anything it does shut down after a few minutes though.

For under a tenner I think this has a range of uses (using an Apple dock with a non Apple playback device for example) so is very useful. Recommended.
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on 26 April 2014
Bought this for use with my Stereo and also my iPod dock, Stereo is a relatively new Sony and my iPod dock is an older Creative product. Neither worked, this adapter seems incredibly picky about what it works with, you need a device that is relatively new to charge it which is straightforward but then you have to work out whether it will actually play music which seems a gamble. All my Apple products (new iPad and iPod) connected to it easily but none would play music. For £7 I'd recommend buying it and giving it a try, you can always return it to Amazon for incompatibility reasons if it doesn't work. It seems relatively well made and solid and is very small and discreet, the light on top is annoying however, and it constantly flashes blue or red when not paired and a steady red in my case when paired. With a little more information this could be a great product for those handful of people who have a compatible dock!
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on 4 January 2013
I've owned Bose Sound Dock for several years, it wasn't Bluetooth. However when I treated myself to an ipad mini for Xmas I soon got fed up with looking at the cable used to connect the ipad with the Bose sprawling across the carpet. It didn't look nice and was a potential trip hazard and also one of our cats was taking too much interest in the cable and it certainly wasn't going to be long before he chewed through the thing. So I decided to have a look online for a Bluetooth gizmo. There's quite a few about but I decided to take a chance on one of the cheaper models available. Within a few mins of it arriving I connected the ipad to it played some music. It was perfect and I would suggest anybody looking for an iPod dock Bluetooth receiver to give this one a try. Very fast delivery as well !!
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