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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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To celebrate ten years of Strictly Come Dancing we have this new DVD, just in time to arrive in Christmas stockings around the country. In theory this sounds great fun - Len, Craig and Bruno picking their favourite dance from the following categories: Salsa, Samba, Paso Doble, Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, American Smooth, Cha Cha Cha, Tango, Jive, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango, Show Dance and Comedy Moments. So, why does it only get three stars from me? Firstly, there is no section on the Charleston, which seems to be a very big omission. Yes, there is a comedy moments section, but the Charleston is such a fun dance and both Chris Hollins and Harry Judd's efforts in the dance spring immediately to mind as possible winners. Also, the judges talk so much that although there are clips of various dances shown, only the routine they choose as the winner is shown in its entirety. I would have preferred the winning dance in each category to be shown and then the remarks from the judges at the time, plus scores, to be shown. Instead, the routine finishes and the DVD moves on to the next dance. There are extras on the DVD, including "Best of the Rest" (which does have a routine for each dance which did not get chosen as the best one) and also "A Day in the Life of a Judge", which follows Bruno on a day on Strictly. However, I did feel this was a little disappointing. Less chat and more dance would have been better, in my opinion. There is a lot to enjoy, but somehow it fails to recreate the fun and excitement of the show.
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on 4 February 2013
Hugely disappointing. Really. Too much nonsense chat and faux bickering (Imagine Len's silly yak without the usual `live' show 15 second max. cut away) and Bruno is `over the top' hard work as normal. Only Craig provides reasoned comment on the dances but is dragged down by the other two.

Basically the premise is the three consistent panel judges discussing the best/ top three dancing couples per dance (i.e. salsa, tango, rumba, waltz, etc.) across all the seasons. Predictably the same celeb names come up over & over again - Alisha Dixon, Harry Judd, Ricky Whittle - and most are from more recent show history (only Gill Halfpenny is a blast from the past). On disk one, after enduring the mindless chat (unless, like me, you use the fast-forward button liberally) you finally get to see the whole dance of the `top pair'.

However, disk two is much better. Here you get to enjoy the full dances of the two runner-up couples per dance, without any disruption. There's even a `best of the worst' at the end, where the three most dire ever celeb dancers are shamed. However, considering the plethora of duff-dancing celebs over the years, only the three most obvious celebs are included which is a shame.

Its worth noting too that the DVD doesn't include any pairings from the most recent series (2012).

Summary, it's a worth-watching-once DVD and not something you're ever going to flick on for a repeat viewing so probably best to rent rather than buy.
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on 6 December 2012
I've been a fan of Strictly right since the beginning so I didn't really think twice about buying this DVD.

It's a simple idea - Len, Craig and Bruno each choose their favourite dance of each style and then decide which is the overall best - it's worth noting that if you're looking particularly for Charleston then it is not included, but all the other dances are.

For anyone who is a relatively new fan there is a nice selection on here going right back to series 2 so it's a good chance to see what some of the earlier dancers were like. For those that have watched all along it's also a reminder of just how good some of the earlier contestants really were.

A couple of extras to complete the package - a "Best of the Rest" (the routines which just missed out on top spot) and "A Day in the Life of a Judge" which follows Bruno on a typical Strictly day.

Overall for any Strictly fan a must-buy and this one certainly wasn't disappointed
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 December 2014
Self-indulgent waffle by judges wrecks what could have been a great DVD. They often prattle on for far longer than each subsequent dance lasts. Their chit-chat is so blatantly rehearsed as they 'argue' back and forth about whose dances in each category was best, that when they finally reveal their 'best of' choice, you're almost screaming at the screen for them to shut up. Worse, THERE IS NO OPTION TO WATCH ONLY THE DANCES THAT THEY CHOOSE. You might watch the DVD once, but thereafter you'll either never bother again or you'll reach for the fast forward control to get rid of the endless, endless banter.

The dances they choose are great, but there was time and room for many more. Why not the best three in each category? After all they had enough material to choose from.

I bought two copies (thankfully having picking them up for only £2.50 each on a market stall .... which should have told me something). One was for ourselves and the other was a Christmas present for our grandaughter who loves Strictly. She found it boring and stopped watching it. Our unwrapped copy will be in the Oxfam shop in Skipton as soon as I can get there.

Unless you're desperate - I suggest you avoid this abysmally misguided release unless you're an absolute whizz with the fast forward button and don't mind having so few good dances to watch.
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on 30 November 2012
The format of this DVD is a little contrived. Bruno, Len and Craig each pick what they thought was the best dance in each category (i.e. best waltz, best cha cha cha etc). However, it's very clear that they are not necessarily picking their favourites - sometimes they are picking different ones merely in order that there is a shortlist, and then they pretend to 'remember' the routine another judge mentions and agree that yes, in fact that one was better. And sometimes a dance that would normally trump the others is, you feel, passed over in order that the dancer does not win in too many categories. Well, okay, that makes sense, but I would have preferred the judges to be a little more honest and less scripted, and Len could really tone down the 'fatherly, all-wise' act. A little mention of the scores they gave at the time and putting them in the perspective of each season as a whole and their thinking at the time could also have been fun (as Craig once pointed out when he let his mouth run away with him a little and told the truth as we all know it - that some years the dancing isn't up to much, so you mark within context - some dances get a higher mark than they would have done in another year.)

Thankfully, you don't end up grating your teeth that your choice out of the shortlist did not win as all the other shortlisted dances are given in full (an excellent chance to see some of the older dances in higher quality than in a years-old You Tube clip). That was my major fear before buying this - that we would see only brief clips of other dances, seeing the whole of only the one the judges regarded as the 'showstopper'. Luckily, someone had enough sense to put together a better product than that.

There are some odd choices as number one in each category. Sometimes I groaned, going 'but that one sent the audience to sleep!', and other times, I was pleasantly surprised at a more controversial choice (they did not always go for the one that was technically the best, recognizing that technique is only part of performance). But no matter what choices were made, 3 whole dances in each category is a great trip down memory lane. Not all my favourites were there, and I am sure this will be true for everybody, as everyone remembers different dances as being the best. I was shocked that one or two did not even make the shortlist in that category (as I said before, I think this was in order to shoehorn in more dancers). However, there were enough of the dances I remembered, or was glad to be reminded of, to keep me smiling. Well worth the money and time.
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on 27 January 2013
Was extremely disappointed when I watched the dvd, only 1 Dance shown for each style of dance. Far too much talking from the judges and not nearly enough dancing. When I watched the extra features I found there are a further two dances for each style hidden in that section which made it slightly better. Main DVD content extremely disappointing though, it could have been brilliant if done differently.
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on 27 December 2012
Whereas to truly rate something as five stars, for me, a DVD would virtually have to contain all the dances which scored 37 points or more, from all the series. However, given a little tolerance for 'imperfections' in this DVD's make up, I would still rate it at 5 stars. I found it fun; and many of the performances captured exactly what the dance about; the whole show made me not only Want to dance, but made me wish I'd started to learn 50 years ago !

(Speaking personally, I did not especially like what is commonly termed 'the fun' this DVD poked at Anne Widdicombe/Russell Grant and John Sergeant, but I do commend them for their effort to 'have a go' [and I would genuinely say to any lay person like myself - "no matter how many left feet you think you've got, Have a Go - it's quite possible you will discover great enjoyment].

I would have no hesitation in buying this DVD for someone as a present, and both my partner and I will watch this many times.
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Strictly come dancing the show stoppers !
bought this as I love to watch dance and have always enjoyed strictly ! hosted by the ever bubbly happy fun cheeky and charming panel that is Craig - revel Horwood Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli
This DVD promises you show stopping favourite performances of past series as chosen by the judges
There is a lot of waffle and cheeky and rather annoying banter from the panel in fact far too much chatter and not nearly enough dancing !
some of the dances weren't particularly my favourite not what id call show stopping !! and was dismayed that they found Ann Widdicombe's performance funny and entertaining at the end of the show at least she gave it a go and good for her, takes bravery to get out there and dance as a complete beginner !!!
This was a rather short DVD not nearly enough content to keep me entertained. most of the show taken up by constant bickering but you could skip
that bit if you wanted too a quite disappointing DVD even if you are a fan of strictly
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on 27 January 2013
This DVD is more about the judges than the contestants. Although each dance is covered, it is all about the judges. Disappointed with the DVD.
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on 29 December 2012
My daughter bought me this for Christmas along with tickets to see the live show...wonderful. We sat to watch it last night and we certainly weren't disappointed. Loved the format and the 'bickering' between Craig, Len & Bruno although we did have a different opinion for one or two of the dances.

Just when we thought we'd seen it all we moved to the Extras on the DVD and found over 50 minutes of wonderful dancing. They showed the other two dances in each catergory which had been on the shortlist.

As Craig would say; one word three syllables FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!

Now all we need is a best of each series DVD and we'll be happy bunnies.
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