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on 22 February 2014
The Soundbar gives a much better sound than that from my LG Flat screen TV which is not saying much. It seems to assume you have the TV on a wall as it suggests having the screen above the Soundbar, This is not easy if your TV rests on a stand like mine so I ignored this and it seems to work OK. Do take note of the length of the Soundbar as it is quite long and as it overspilled my stand and could be knocked if you have a confined space. Worth checking what outputs you have from your sound source as my TV only could be use by one of the 4 or 5 options on the Soundbar. Overall better sound than the TV, but worth getting a demo if possible first and check what outputs you have.
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on 13 March 2014
Sound is very good, For sound this soundbar deserves 5 stars. Bluetooth works properly. But if you have HDMI connection and you want listen blu ray or Tivo without soundbar you cannot. If sound bar is switched off signal not going trough. This is big disappointment. I had to spend next 42 quid for HDMI splitter because in night time I have to use headset.
If you want use only soundbar no headset or tv speakers this soundbar is superb.
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on 28 November 2013
Really balanced sound, the subwoofer never overpowers the other frequencies. Good range of inputs. Brings TV, movies and games to life. Not bad with music either.

Previous complaints have focused on there being no UK power cable. Which is a small, petty and easily solvable problem in the first place, but what's more: Amazon appear to have fixed this by slotting one into the box now anyway. 100% satisfied.
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on 26 September 2013
Really pleased with this product. The ARC function is very useful. Sound quality is impeccable. Not a lot of surround sound effect but I can live with that. Music streamed from Apple TV is punchy with a surprising strong amount of bass. Somehow the bass doesn't seem to be that audible outside the room in which it is situated, which is good news for the neighbours.
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on 26 April 2015
absolutely brilliant, fab sound.told everyone about it.
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on 7 July 2013
Very sleek and attractive, inobtrusive
The sound is good
Very easy to use
No need for multiple boxes/add on subwoofer (unlike other more expensive units)
Bluetooth works perfectly

Didn't come with a UK plug
No USB port
Sound cuts out momentarily when adjusting treble and bass
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on 20 March 2016
I Love it with s string sounding film - wife hates it
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on 22 February 2014
I was wary about buying a Philips product because the ones I have had previously (vacuum, TV) had both broken within warranty period and had to go for repair so I didn't have much faith in the brand. However, the soundbar had built in subwoofer (in fact two drivers) which was key for me as I didn't want a separate subwoofer which required its own power supply and this looked very attractive.

So when it first arrived less than two months ago I set it up and mounted it on the wall and it worked like a dream with the Samsung TV. It could be controlled from the TV and the sound was rich and mellifluous. I could connect to it via bluetooth from phones and ipads and all was well. Had I written my review two weeks ago it would have had nost likely 4 stars (there are a few small things that could be improved but niggles more than anything else).

However, everything went wrong two weekends ago when for no apparent reason (no configurations had been touched on the TV or soundbar) the sound failed to work from the TV and the HDMI (ARC) port which connects to the TV couldn't be selected. I went onto the forums (philips customer care support forum) and I read that this had happened to quite a few people and the answer was a factory reset using a combination of buttons on the remote. I tried this but factory reset did#t work (funnily enough this appeared to be true for most people - was this just a con?) So I tried to return through amazon but they wouldn't take it because it was more than 30 days old. I went back to the customer support forum at Philips and was told at first that I had to send it back to Amazon. I went back to the forum and was told to provide some information and they would get back to me - which they never did. I decided to vent my spleen on twitter and got nothing back from Amazon and a message from Philips to say they wanted some details and would help. I provided the details and they said they would escalate the call. THe world then went dark - no notes on the forum, no DMs from Philips customer care and of course nothing from Amazon - after all they had my money and were running in the opoposite direction. I sent DMs, emailed Philips support and posted on the forum - still nothing. It is now the weekend and I thought I would phone Philips customer support as I would be able to catch them when they were open (they are only availbale office hours - when I am working).

The customer care operative took my details and said that there was no case open and nobody from the Twitter team or the forum team had rasied the issue (great service - hmmmm). Anyway the guy on the phone said that Philips don't have this to sell and the only Soundbar with built in Sub is thew 3120 which they would not send me as it was a downgrade (fair enough) and he would have to find out what alternatives he has and that he woud hopefully have this sorted in 5 days. It looks like nobody is able to repair these things anymore, they just get thrown away!

So I don't doubt that I will end up having to sent the soundbar back (not for repair but for a refund) and I will end up with no soundbar and holes in my wall where it was mounted.

Have to ask the question - where was Amazon in all of this? Noticeable by their absence. My advice would be if you are buying goods like this from Amazon, don't bother, go to John Lewis where they care about customer service.
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on 8 November 2014
Superb sound, brilliant purchase at fantastic price
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on 14 November 2014
Great clear sound. Physical size a bit big.
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