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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2010
This product has all the features that I would like to see on a clock radio, however the product itself does not live up to the high standard I would expect from a make such as Pure and for the price - £90 up. The first thing i noticed was the noisy mechanism of the CD player. The CD can be heard spinning (clicking) and it is clearly not a high quality feature. Secondly, and more annoyingly, the transformer makes a constant ringing/buzzing noise; this actually woke me up at one point - I thought it was someone's car alarm in the distance. Although this might not be a problem in general, for an alarm clock that is designed to go next to your bed it seems a significant flaw. The radio is good and the alarm works well, but considering the other points I was forced to return it. As few alarm clocks with all these features are available on the market, it is a shame that Pure can't sort out these simple problems.
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2011
I have to say I am genuinely amazed by the amount of low scores this great product has received. I am somebody who is very fussy about the electronics I own and use, and they have to be good to earn my enjoyment. Maybe I have been lucky with my pure purchases, as this is the second Pure product I own and the third I have purchased (I bought a pure evoke as a kitchen radio for my folks) and every one of them has met expectations, and in the case of the Pure Chronos it has exceeded them.

Firstly, the quality of build and the sound quality for the size of the unit is utterly superb. It isn't Hifi but it is very impressive, with just a small tweak needed to raise the bass and treble to +2 to bring out the sound and fill the room and job done. On DAB and CD sources I was able to go to pretty much maximum volume without the casing vibrating or distortion from the speakers which is impressive for the size and price. All the buttons feel solid to use and the unit does not move about when you press them on the front, because there is decent weight and quality to the unit.

Secondly (and this is why I bought an Evoke for my folks) is the simplicity of setting it up (a common feature of all pure products I have used), especially if you are used to conventional clock radios. It really is this simple. Plug it and the clock sets itself, the DAB tunes itself and you have to do is set your alarm clock time. If you are used to navigating an average manufacturers built in car stereo you will find this very easy. Without the using the manual, I was able to set the backlight setting, wake up volume, source to wake up to and set the tone controls to my liking, in short after initially plug in, The Chronos was 100% ready for use in less than 5 minutes.

Thirdly the features are superb. Inputs for MP3 machines or memory sticks, separate alarm times for weekdays and weekends (how many of us have been woken up early on Sunday because we forget to turn to the alarm off, or been late on Monday because we forget to turn it back on again!), or just daily alarm if you wish, a choice of four sources to wake up to... the list goes on...

I don't work for Pure or have vested interests in the company, nor is this a fan over rating the product to redress the critical reviews, I am genuinely impressed by the Chronos and would recommend one without hesitation. One of the easiest 5 stars I have ever awarded.
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Bought this as a replacement for a CD-player with two stand-alone speakers, for my living room. It has a smallish footprint (space it takes up - not carbon!!), one power cable and one antenna-wire. The sound is fine, and quite enough for radio as well as CD - as long as you don't expect it to work for parties where it would have to overcome twenty people talking!
I have played it at loud volume and there is no distortion.

I think this was designed for the bedroom, what with the dimming readout-display and the alarm. I have not tried it there. for the living it is fine, except that the remote is so small that it is easy to lose... and my (small) gripe is that while you can charge your iPod via the USB-slot on top, you cannot play it through the same slot. You are supposed to play it through the AUX audio-in slot at the front, which has a hole to receive a plug like the plug on your headphone cable; in other words, you need a cable with *two* plugs like that. I don't have that. But hey, I did not buy it for that purpose. I bought it as a DAB radio, and as a CD player, and it functions very well for those two purposes!
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on 19 February 2010
I bought this as an upgrade of the first Pure Chronos CD player which gave up the ghost and I'm sad to say I'm very disappointed with this purchase.

As a DAB/Alarm it is fine, but as the CD player it is absolutely dreadful. The CD drive when playing disc has an incredibly loud rattle which is audible from across the other side of the room. You really have to ramp up the volume to drown it out - not ideal when you are trying to drift off to sleep.

I've purchased serveral products from the Pure DAB family over the years, but this time I regret choosing their product.
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on 12 December 2010
I bought this one for my wife who loves radio 7. It is compact and fits in the corner of the kitchen where it is on from the time she walks into the kitchen in the mornings until she goes to bed at night.
The CD player on top if it is very usefull as she can play discs whem there is nothing of interest for her on the beeb.
Might have been nicer to have a wide colour choice but there we go its reproduction quality cannot bee faulted mindull of its size and cost.
We still have the previous DAB which is a Pure with woody affect which worked very well but I think the tone of the Chronos is slightly better.
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on 17 August 2012
Before I bought the Chronos II I read all the bad (3 stars and less) and a fair proportion of the 5 star reviews, if I'm honest I simply didn't believe the bad press sighting the CD player as far too noisy, opting instead to buy the device due to a previous experience with a good quality Pure Siesta DAB radio. I was very wrong; the Chronos II (well, the one I got and many other punters according to the reviews here) had a very poor CD mechanism wherein once the CD was mounted it scraped on the housing causing not only the noise reported but in time potential damage to a regularly played CD. I wrote to Pure about this, explained essentially what I have just said above and despite me asking them not to send the standard customer support blah blah response (and we've all had those) they did exactly that. Further correspondence with them left me with the general impression that they really weren't that bothered! I sent the Chronos II back and got a full refund. I had half a mind (and on reflection that's probably all I needed) to buy the Pure Internet/DAB radio too but due to my less than satisfactory experience with their customer support people I will not be parting with my hard earned cash on another Pure product now, or in the future. Oh yeah, they weren't bothered about that either!
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on 21 May 2010
I purchased this to fulfil the following criterea. A bedside unit that played music from my iphone 3gs, a DAB and FM radio and an alarm that I could use to wake up to a choice of those inputs. The main and for me, deal breaking problem, is that the volume is digitally incremental and the minimum volume is FAR too loud for listening to at night. Added to this is the fact that the display is too bright on its lowest setting.
Another annoying problem is that, to get any of the buttons on the front to work, including pushing the main button, you have to push hard enough for the unit to move away from you on each press of a button. Add to this the fact that the buttons are completely flush and black with no texture so they can't be seen in the dark and you end up with something that simply isn't practical for the purpose that its marketed for.
Good points, it works fine with the 3gs and receives calls, no annoying incompatibility warning messages and charges it of course. It sounds good for its size and its a perfect size for a bedside unit. Sadly, I've had to send it back to Amazon as not fit for purpose.
I'm now looking at the Sirocco pure 150, which is a hifi, so bigger than I wanted and not marketed as a bedside unit. I've tested it. It works fine with the 3gs, has a dab and fm radio, looks like it has a nice dim but clear clock and the volume will go down to zero with no discrete steps. In short, I think the chrono would be ok in other rooms such as a kitchen, although I still don't like the flush buttons that, because the unit is too light, means you push it away from you but it's a no from me for bedroom use.
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on 29 January 2010
Well bought this to play cd's in the bedroom as well having a Dab clock radio.
The alarm setting is too complicated and has failed as we have not set it properly and the cd player is awful as the drive is REALLY noisy when playing at low or reasonable volume levels. The DAB radio is crystal clear however.
We cannot use the Mp3 function as the jack plug is not USB, but confusingly the USB socket on the unit is only to power up things???? WHY???? as most players are compatable with this???? So overall I would say if you want a Dab clock radio, buy one,..... If you want a cd player then buy one,.... but not this combined unit.
I should have returned it really, but couldn't stand the hassle.
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on 10 January 2010
This was my chosen Christmas gift from my husband as I already had recently bought a PURE Evoke DAB radio for the kitchen and I love the quality. The Chronos does not disappoint. I particularly use and enjoy the sleep function and all aspects of the radio and CD perform very well with excellent sound quality. It is very neat and doesn't take up much room on the bedside cabinet. The LCD display backlight level is adjustable and is not too bright in a darkened room while being easily visible. All in all, I'm very pleased with this item and would recommend it.
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on 30 December 2009
Easy to set up & use, great sound quality & well thought out design.
We use it downstairs in the kitchen but still get an excellent DAB signal.
The USB power outlet on the top of the unit is a good idea.
We are extremely pleased with this item - looks and sounds brilliant.
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