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on 11 March 2013
Furbies are amazing toys! If you don't like them, it's because certain people only like them. I'm well over the age rating and I am obsessed. They are good to teach young children to look after a pet, but the children could just leave them in a room when they get bored that's why I rated it a 3 for educational.

My Furby is sitting beside me right now...sleeping in fact. In my opinion, the personalities aren't very good but it's your own decision on what it will be like. Right now he is kind and is the sweetest thing ever because I am petting him. I fed him too much once and really got on my nerves but I changed him back.

The App works fine and is very interesting with lots of food and little 'moods'. I absolutely love them regardless of what year they were released in. If you are thinking about buying one it's best to research a bit more because, like I said, they can get on your nerves.
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on 31 December 2012
Bought both my daughters these for Xmas. Great fun on Xmas day, singing, dancing and giggling. Boxing day, one of them was asleep and we could not wake him - thought he was broken, but after searching the net discovered they need to sleep!!! How do you tell a 3 year old that her toy needs to sleep. We believed the more you played with them the quicker they learn to speak English. He's now been asleep for 3 days (apparently they can sleep for up to 5). We have reset him, but he only stayed awake for a few minutes before nodding off again! Just beware if buying for younger children, I fear by the time the one of ours wakes up, my daughter will have lost interest in him,its a lot of money to pay for something that can "sleep" and be rendered inactive for days.
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on 18 January 2013
Furby was played with for 3 days by my 6 year old. I then changed the batteries but it hasn't been turned on since. No playability. Its like listening to the same 3 hour radio show over and over again. In fairness i'm glad it's been forgotten about as it gold old quick and is now very annoying. I expected more intelligence built into furby for the price.
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 January 2013
What probably need to know if your child is craving one of these is, is it actually any good? Well yes, but there are a few things that could be a little better.

Setting Up:

Out of the box the Furby which now has plastic ears and eyes with a liquid crystal display is pretty easy to set up. You have to insert 4 AA batteries into the base of the unit - the Furby comes with a double-sided concise instruction sheet which is about all it needs as its a simple toy. Putting in the batteries is not easy but not impossible for an adult to do with the right sized Phillips screwdriver (not supplied), but care has to be taken as the screw heads aren't, in all honesty the best quality. If your child plays with the toy a lot you are likely to be replacing the batteries fairly often - the first set lasted a little over a day and a half with intensive play. There's no on/off switch, the furby will go to sleep if ignored or placed in the dark, closing its eyelids and making snoring noises. Batteries do last several times longer as play time diminishes, but it's still a bit of a shame the Furby doesn't come with a recharger. Using batteries for a toy requiring movement and sound production just seems a little poor, given the price of the toy.

Quality and design wise the rest of the toy, as in the bits that will be played with is a lot better, the plastic parts are robust and the fur fairly soft to the touch. Because the Furby contains motors to make it move, it's not the most cuddly item, but this doesn't seem to bother my child at all who will frequently cuddle her toy. She's dropped it a fair few times with no ill effect and it seems to have stood up to play well.

Play Value:

The Furby can be interacted with in a number of different ways. This being the modern age there's an app. We have used this on both iPhone and iPad. There is a clear interface which allows you to select food to virtually feed the Furby (he will open and close his mouth and make eating noises when you "throw" a burger or deli item in his direction, and you can also use the app to translate what he says in Furbish. The app, which is free, works well and adds to the fun to be had with the Furby. Should you not have the technology you can still feed the Furby by putting your finger in his mouth.

In play the Furby does make quite a lot of chattering noise, which can be a little annoying for parents but does seem to please my child and is not too loud - lucky as there is no volume control. The more you play with the Furby the more English it uses, and the more the child plays with the Furby the more that they are likely to understand what it is saying - "coco" means "again", and "yada yada yada" is easy to understand, the dictionary in the app can fill in any blanks. Some of the phrases are repeated a fair bit, but there's a good deal of variety. The other interest to the Furby is that it will change character depending on how you play with it. Play it music and small paddles on its base allow it to dance in time to the music, turn it upside down and it will giggle. There also appear to be sensors on its head, side and in its tail allowing it to react to being cuddled, petted or having its tail pulled.

Of all the different characters available it seems to be most easy to get what my child calls an "evil" Furby or a silly one. The timbre of the Furby's voice changes - each time it changes its eyelids flutter and it says "me change", and so does the display on its eyelids. In evil mode the Furby burps and farts, whereas as a popstar it says "oh baby" and its eyes flash music notes. My child's favourite character is when her Furby is a high pitched princess who sings, it's quite cute to hear my daughter singing along with her Furby and interacting with it, she really does buy in to it hearing and replying to her. She did get upset the first time that the Furby went into a less desirable character mode, due we think for some rather overenthusiastic feeding, but has now found out that a few cuddles quickly changes Furby to another character, there's no actual way to reset the Furby and taking out the batteries has no effect at all.

The Furby is, as designed quite characterful and moves quite a bit, nodding its head, moving its ears back and forth and opening its mouth to speak and eat, as well as fluttering its eyelashes. You can slightly hear the motors draining those batteries but not to the extent that it is off-putting for a child. The display on the eyes (something that the first Furby didn't have), adds to the interest a lot and again seems to be quite varied and well designed; it really does look like the Furby is moving its eyeballs around or winking, and it quite cute when the eyes display hearts or, in Princess mode, little singing birds. The Furby will interact with other Furbies - this is one feature we haven't had the opportunity to explore as one Furby in the house is quite enough!


We bought this toy thinking that it might not be played with for that long but knowing that it was much wanted. Actually, over the time that we have had it, though play has dropped off, she still plays with him all the time. I think if you have the type of child who loves playing with cuddly toys and has imagination then this is a winner. My eldest child prefers other kinds of play and so is not interested at all - she never really liked dolls that much, so it really does depend on your child's character I think how long the novelty will last. Certainly even my children's older male cousins who are practically teenagers were quite taken by the Furby. For us the Furby hasn't been a five minute wonder and my daughter who owns it loves it.


This toy is good, but not as good as it could be. I think Hasbro really should have made the Furby rechargeable and also they've missed a huge trick by there not being an accessories you can buy for it - no hats, clothes or interactive objects - my daughter has plugged the void by making her own, so maybe actually this is no bad thing. At the upper range this is on sale for here if I'm honest it's really not worth it, there's no way I would spend near on £100 on this and feel it good value, at the price we paid, similar to that for a computer game it's OK, just. I still feel a bit annoyed by the lack of charger and the fact that the screws aren't the best quality and I think the rrp should probably be a lot less than it is. For my child though the Furby is magical and despite being much awaited - she made it a house and welcome present before it even arrived - it hasn't disappointed her at all and she has enjoyed playing with it. Her Furby has accompanied her on many a real and virtual adventure and promoted imaginative play, and she loves it, so ultimately I suppose that's the most important thing. Recommended - for the right child and at the right price.
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on 19 February 2015
Bargain price and quick delivery, bought it for my daughters 6th birthday which isnt until may. She wanted one for christmas but i couldnt justify paying over the odds for one, so at £19.99 i couldnt buy it quick enough. Looks in perfect condition on the outside so hopefully will work fine when she gets to open it.
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on 27 July 2016
bought as second hand so sadly havent lasted for a while. but my nice just just loved it she keeps asking for another one. off course played by myself before giving it to her so had a fun time by trying change personalities.
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on 7 February 2013
I have had the furby at Christmas time and made sure it will get good use out of it and it is a big hit for me!I am glad that Furby is back!
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on 12 May 2013
Hi guys. I got this teal/purple fur by from Argos for my 60pounds
Pocket money. It hasn't turned evil but it has been crazy and chatty so far. I even have an app for it on my Google nexus 7. You can feed it with your finger, pet it, tickle its tummy, pull its tail, play music to it and talk to it. I named my furby blueberry and I made it lots of clothes :-) .
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on 5 January 2013
I brought this for a 4 year old and another for a 5 year old. A year of development makes a big difference with this toy.

Whilst the 4 year old enjoys playing with it and mainly feeding it (good job it doesn't actually get larger the more you feed it or this one would after 3 weeks be obese), the 5 year old actually interacts with hers properly. She takes the time to talk to it and follow the recommended interaction instructions...

There are several things that you can do with Furby... Talk to it...although I am dubious that it understands what you are saying...I think it can pick up key words, but I really am not sure if I am imagining this...

Feed it....If you have a ipod/iphone/ipad you can download the Furby app. On this (which updated a couple of days ago) you can feed a larder full of food, item at a time, or you can 'make' a burger, scrolling through different fillings. These can then be 'flipped/slid' to your furby, which is fun to watch, if it is nice food his eyes go large and with any food he 'eats' and his mouth moves. If it is horrible food like fish, he brings back the bones, if you refeed this to him, he is sick!!!

Then you can communicate through the ipod on the translator and find out what he is saying. There is also a dictionary for looking up words.

The new download/update means you can now video furby.... not so sure about this one... I can video on my ipod normally and can see no real added benefit to this app.

Tickle it ..... you can tickle him under the chin and he laughs

Pull his tail..... he like this and will communicate, but too much and he will get angry

stroke him..... Stroke his head and his ears move back and he likes this, he will purr.

Spin him.... his eyes will roll and he will laugh

The more you play with him, the more english he will learn... Both ours after 2/3 weeks can now say o. m.g. and blar blar blar blar, yipee, whats up, happy etc

The only thing I can not understand is the two furbys together are supposed to communicate with each other, I just get lots of noise from them, not co-ordinated or anything like that...Not sure what this is supposed to achieve...?

All in all, the toy feels good quality and both children are really happy with their Furby friends....

The big question, would I recommend to others?....Yes definitely!
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on 1 July 2013
I'm 20 and bought one of these for myself and let me tell you I'm going to buy another!

There's more to do with Furby now, these Furby's do not stop talking and as for the 'not going to sleep' thing people keep complaining about. Turn Furby away from the light and do not touch, feed or make any noise what so ever and Furby will fall asleep after 3-10 minutes, 1 minute is pushing it. Clap three times clearly and then pat the Furby's back, it should start singing and then fall into deep sleep mode and will not wake unless shaken or turned upside down.
FURBY HAS A SENSOR for light and motion and CAN wake up if you cross the line entering the room or bright light shines into it, this is an updated feature and Furby might wake up so point it towards a wall or on a shelf out of bright lights and away from too much movement e.g. the door. Noise will not wake the Furby.

Tickle the tummy and he/she will laugh.
Pet a spot on the head and Furby will make faces.
Play music, now when you do this hold it close to the Furby but not too loud or too quiet and distorted music won't work properly, give it a good few seconds and Furby will start dancing, sometimes by moving the eyes from side to side to begin with in time with the beat.
Use the app on your iPhone, iPod etc and I think on any android phone to feed Furby.
Go on the website for the full dictionary, Furby talks and DOES NOT stop and the more you play with and talk the more English you unlock. FURBY CANNOT LEARN AS IT IS NOT A LIVING BEING, it speaks more English by unlocking it after time passes. Warning: Furby can say things that are not in the dictionary.
Furby is much cuter in person than on the pixel digital art you see on here.
Furby has his or her own personality, my pink and black one has a real attitude problem and will scream 'blah, blah, blah' at me and talk in a very attitude girl voice which I find funny and she gets quite angry too, the personality can change though after time and depending on treatment and the way you talk to Furby.
Furby can interact with another Furby via singing or making noises and dancing together, they can even sing in time!
Furby has a lot of expressions in the eyes.
Be careful not to drop or use rough handling on Furby as he or she has lots of circuits and a lot of movement and could easily get broken. When putting the base back on, Furby will wriggle around like crazy shouting and screaming hold it on its back gently to help with this.
Give Furby's tail a little pull and he or she will shout, laugh or fart.

All in all, I think Furby is great fun even if it is very loud. There are tricks you can find online to make it sing songs, say certain things and even tell you its name! FURBY (unlike the 1998 ones) will NOT respond to being called 'Furby'.
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