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2.4 out of 5 stars
2.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 October 2013
Bought the Epson in June 2013 to replace a four year old Canon MP800. I read lots of reviews and identified many of the problems as being with wifi connectivity; well that didn't bother me because I connected using a conventional wire lead. I had the printer up and running with no problems at all. This machine's major downfall is it's use of ink, particularly the Black 26XL cartridge. The first time I changed it, it wouldn't print so I took it out gave it another good shake and put it back in. After a couple of Head Cleaning cycles it worked. Print quality was good but obviously the head cleaning had used up a lot of the ink and it wasn't long before the machine stopped printing and instructed me to change the Black 26XL cartridge again. This I did but it persistently refuses to print in black properly. Further investigation on the internet reveals that this is an ongoing problem with the Epson XP-700. I'm packing the machine up and returning it to the store it was purchased from since it is clearly not fit for purpose.
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on 2 April 2013
I bought this printer in a bit of a rush because my Canon Pixma MP630 finally gave up the ghost with mechanical failure after many years of work. I looked for a Pixma replacement but they all seem to have a very large footprint now. I was looking for a machine that could print onto cd/dvds and I spotted the Epson XP-700 and took a chance. This machine is smaller and lighter than the Canon so I have recovered some valuable desk space. Connection and initial set up were very simple and clearly explained in the documents, the PDF User Guide and on the printer's LCD screen which can be tilted up for ease of viewing. The software and drivers come on a cd with both PC and Mac options. Connecting and installing on my iMac was no problem with the step by step instructions coming up on the iMac screen. Just remember that a USB cable is not included which is what I use because the printer sits beside my iMac. There is also Wi-Fi built into the machine if you want to print remotely (or if you don't want to use the USB) and there is also the possibility of printing remotely from a mobile phone, tablet computer or laptop from anywhere by using the Epson Connect Service. Whether this is of any practical value I have my doubts. Loading paper, photo paper, envelopes and printable dvds is straight forward once you realise that it is much easier to use the rear paper feed for normal commercial size envelopes. I have no issue with start up time or with the start up mechanical noises but I do agree that having to physically push the output tray back is a silly design weakness especially since it is still connected to the motor gearing - wake up you designer chaps! All functions work well (paper prints, photo prints, copying and scanning to a computer). Several images can be scanned in one pass and imported as separate files into the computer but the separation of the images has to be done manually during preview whereas the Canon machines can automatically produce separate image files. I have no opinion on ink usage since I have only just started to use this machine. All I can say is that the genuine Epson ink cartridges are not cheap (same old story).
Next day:
I have now installed the drivers etc onto my Mac Powerbook and connected to the Epson via my Wi-Fi network. It was all very straightforward and printing worked first time.
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on 24 November 2013
This printer is an absolute joke, absolutely swallows ink that I thought of changing to compatible cartridges.
So far it's printed 100-200 pages and used a new black ink, a black XL ink, and 2 multi packs, costing 8,18, 35,35 = 92 quid. So on spending another 35+8 today I was able to prove to the family after a print head check and clean 3 cartridges now warning low and 2 only got say 20% ink there's defo a big problem as with a variety of people using printer and changing ink in my family of 5 we were struggling to pinpoint a problem.
So tomorrow I'm taking this straight back with receipts for printer, aftercare and all cartridges
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on 11 December 2013
PRINTER NUMBER 1 The Epson XP 700 is a compact printer the printing results are great. Though irritating I don't mind the quirky way you need to keep pulling the tray out to print the reverse side of the paper, I can live with that. However, when the black ink ran out, and I bought a new set of inks the printer didn't work. On 19th April, I drove 15 miles to the nearest repair shop, where the man check the machine, changed the inks which he had checked on his own printer, and more of the inks stopped working. Faults persisten and on 24th May, I drove the 15 miles to the repair shop again where the they arranged for another replacement to be delivered. PRINTER NUMBER 2. The next day the new machine arrived, and all was well, I was expecting to finish my project before the end of November. The printer stopped working again PRINTER NUMBER 3 was delivered on Thursday 21st November 2013. The printer worked well and printed perfectly. Everything was going fine, then a message told me the BK 26 was low, so I bought a replacement cartridge from Argos to use. The ink duly ran out and I replaced the cartridge with the new one but the Epson 700 is still asking me to replace the cartridge as the BK 26 ink has run out!

The printer replacement service is very quick without quibble. However, enough is enough and I'm taking the Epson XP-700 back tomorrow.

It is not fit for purpose.
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on 1 November 2013
The printing engine may be a good device for all I know, but it has been a nightmare trying to install it onto my bog standard home network, and although a Wifi product, it still does not work - except when connected by a USB cable.
1. The installation instructions are inadequate. I worked through them, and the printer did not work.
2. I asked a technician to visit, and after 2 expensive hours, I was able to print.
3. Next day, it did not work again. I called in another technician, and after another 2 expensive hours work, I was able to print.
4. Next morning, the printer had lost contact with the network again. I phoned the Epson centre, and after 20 minutes (at 10p per minute), they connected the printer to the network.
5. The following morning, the network could not see the printer again.
6. After three further long expensive telephone calls with the Epson Centre, they concluded that the printer cannot cope with networks which use a floating IP address, and they asked me to get my service provider to change my home network to a fixed IP address.
7. My service provider (BT) say that Epson are talking nonsense, and a fixed IP address is not possible.
8. The handbook ( PDF only) is an incompetent document. At every step, it gives multiople instuctions covering every possible combination of circumstances, and is impossible to follow on the screen.

In my view, this Wifi printer is not fit for purpose, since the manufacturer is unable to tell me how to connect to my network. However, the retailer won't take it back, saying that he is not responsible for network connection.
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on 6 March 2013
This is a nice looking unit with decent print quality. However the design is marred by a very noisy creaky internal mechanism, and painfully slow startup.
There are also some very strange design limitations, such as a paper output tray which glides out automatically, however requires you to push it back in manually (against the motor)if you wish to put it away.
I cannot help but feel that the design effort has been mainly cosmetic and that underneath the shiny plastic is an inkjet mechanism that was actually designed in 1998.

- Nice ergonomic design
- Color Touchscreen
- Good print quality
- Internal paper trays

- Very slow startup (several minutes)
- Very noisy / creaky mechanism
- Some illogical design choices/limitations
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on 17 May 2015
NEVER will I buy Epson again. Its problems with Wi fi were irritating. But my oh my the printers an ink alcoholic! & thats putting it mildly! Printed 350 pages & its used more than TWO sets of inks. Then I had to buy a print head cleaner kit as the ink jets were blocked and the build up of ink behind them was preventing proper printing & it couldn't clean the nozzles properly. It was uses loads of ink on that job as well.
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on 19 April 2014
After seeing this rated highly as a best buy on Which? and thinking I had done my homework, I sought out a good deal for this printer on Amazon and purchased it, only then to read the reviews to be somewhat disturbed to see the amount of low stars it has on here. However got the printer connected and have to say it has ticked every box for me, really easy to install, really easy to connect wi fi and great quality printing and I am also impressed with the ink useage as despite using this since purchase I still am using the inks provided. The only slight negative I have is the motor tray having to be pushed back manually once you have finished printing a stupid design by Epson, but that is only more a cosmetic flaw.If you are wondering if this is a printer for you I would say definatley, I have no regrets and have owned about a dozen printers before and this is by far the best of them!
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on 26 August 2015
I’ve owned the Epson XP-700 for 15 months. I use it periodically, mostly for printing but a few times for scanning. While the scanning works sufficiently, the printing aspect of the device is terrible. It goes through ink cartridges much, much faster than any other printer I’ve owned. It has problems printing mildly complicated documents (example: a google map) by printing half a page, then spits it out and tries again, sometimes making three or four attempts over a 20 minute time period. It constantly complains about not recognizing ink cartridges or that the cartridges are low. I print less than 40 pages a month but I get cartidge complains several times a month.
I’ve owned many printers. I’m an IT guy. This is by far the most problematic printer I’ve owned. I finally decided to throw it away and buy a new printer.
Maybe Epson's newer printers are better but I’d personally be very skeptical of any of their consumer ink jet multi-function printers.
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on 15 February 2016
This is the most greedy printer for ink I have ever owned. The ink is not cheap (£10 per ink cartridge) and it is costing me a fortune. It will not print until cartridge is changed (even if I am happy to receive a poorer quality print) and will refuse to print a black and white document when it has run out of a coloured ink cartridge only! Cartridges appear to have ink left in, when machine insists their empty. Printer also requires frequent head cleaning, wasting more of that expensive ink. In short, do not buy this printer, it will eat into your bank account and raise your blood pressure!
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