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on 25 November 2012
Ordered this printer to replace a Canon Selphy as I wanted to be able to print larger than 6x4 prints and because colour reproduction from my IMAC was poor. The Epson XP600 has a small small footprint and was easy to set up. I haven't been disappointed. The wifi was easy to set up and the connection works flawlessly. Output lived up to expectation and photo prints are superb with colour matching from the IMAC being spot on. Air printing from my iphone and ipad works with well with no problems. Only criticism are the paper trays which are a bit fiddly. Other than that this printer is highly recommended.

Can't yet comment on reliability or cost of running, although I've decided to leave it on most of the time so that it doesn't waste ink each time it starts up.
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on 23 June 2013
This is third compact wifi printer I tried in the past 12 months. The first two were an HP laser jet and a Samsung bubble jet. They were really complex to get onto the network in such a way that my mac book air iPhone and ipad could all print to them. This one works easily. I had to download the software from Epson as the MacBook does not have a cd drive but other than that follow the instructions. I rarely use a printer now but need it occasionally for contracts, so having one that is easy to setup is the most important criteria for me.
The paper handling is nice - has two paper trays one for A4 and one for photo paper.

The photos are really impressive, although I have never tried using a printer for photos before so not sure what good looks like these days. The photos look the same as if they were developed in a shop to me.

It is not too big and looks quite attractive.
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on 18 April 2013
My wife and I bought this printer because it has a small "foot print" and it has a scanner all in one box. The build quality is only reasonable and the drawers to load paper are flimsy. When printing you must remember to pull out the top drawer to receive the output - not so good if you are trying to print remotely and you have forgotten.

The user manual is almost useless in both the printed and on-line versions and I cannot see why they bothered. Set up might therefore be difficult for a complete beginner. Set up involves pushing a lot of buttons on the front. I easily managed to get the WIFI working by entering my Netgear SSID and Security Key. Finding the MAC key was more difficult but I switched off the MAC key security on the Netgear router and the printer was then visible in the attached devices.

My laptop found the printer on the WIFI system easily so I was able to print from my desktop and remotely from the laptop with ease. Getting our Samsung Tablets to work involved downloading Epson Iprint from Playstore and setting up the software to identify the printer. Printing worked for PDF files and Photos but not for Word Documents - Epson will probably do an upgrade. Printing from Dropbox or Skydrive will probably work well from a laptop or desktop - but no doubt printing a Word Document from a tablet via Dropbox will be a problem but I haven't tried it yet.

Double sided printing appears to be a manual operation to reverse the paper and re-feed through the machine. Not so convenient for remote printing. Maybe, I am missing something and there is a solution , but not in the manuals.

Scanning is ok, but sometimes I scan photo negatives so the old scanner will have to be kept.

I really struggled to get decent photographs as they the came out too dark. The forums do not seem to provide a solution. I played around with the Photoshop settings for ages without getting a result. The printer was about to go back to PC World. One last try solved the problem.

On the first print screen in Photoshop I did this:

set Photoshop to "printer manages colors",

set up printer profile to "working RGB etc.",

set up rendering intent to "perceptual".

In the printer preferences advanced screen I did this:

selected color management,

selected color mode "Epson Vivid",

went into settings and adjusted the brightness slider to almost maximum. I left the other controls for contrast , saturation and density at zero.

This worked and the print almost matched the screen output and our memory of the scene. You can save these settings for future use in the "custom settings" feature. I hope this might help and save you the trouble of returning the device. Give it a go; it cannot make things worse and you can always return to the original settings by saving them.

If you do not use Epson paper or ink you will probably get more problems.

The printer is now working fine.

The value for money is five stars. Overall printing quality is now four stars. I am deducting a star for build quality and ease of use and of course the half a day which I needed to get a decent photo.

PS. I managed to get automatic double sided printing to work in the printer settings. This is now an added bonus. I should listen to my own advice - give it a try.
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on 17 May 2013
Feb 2014 update - less functionality is available from the scan function when the machine is linked with Apple than with Windows. The scan function can only save a single page at a time when used in conjunction with an i-Mac but when used in conjunction with Windows XP it's possible to scan a series of pages and save all of them in one multi-page pdf. This matters when scanning, say, a completed HMRC tax form which inevitably has lots of pages. I have no idea if later versions of this printer/scanner are the same or not.

- Bought and installed an XP-600 to work with my PC (i-Mac, OS X v10.7 Lion) a week ago. The innumerable customer reviews that exist on printers served only to confuse rather than clarify so went round a local shopping centre and looked at some in the flesh. When my wife saw that Tesco Direct had reduced the XP-600's price down to Amazon levels I went ahead and ordered one and got a tenner off the price for being a new customer. Ended up paying £69 for something that Epson's website listed at £129.99
- Followed the steps on the `How-to-install-it' sheet and it all fired up ok. From opening the box to first print took about 30, maybe 40, minutes; wariness tends to slow you down for fear of getting something wrong.
Four things to note:
(1) It prints, copies and scans ok but the pull-out trays at the front of the unit are laughably flimsy and the scanner cover is not at all sturdy. This might explain the market place price discounts. No idea what the longevity of these bits will be like.
(2) The machine comes with `set-up' cartridges which presumably means they've got very little ink in them. The ink range for this machine is called `Polar Bear' but the multi-pack contains only four of the five cartridges needed so you have to buy the missing one - Photo Black - separately. So, £69 to Tesco Direct for the machine and £63 to Amazon for high-capacity (XL) ink cartridges.
(3) It may only be an i-Mac issue but for some unknown reason the 2-sided print option isn't always on offer in the window that pops up when you go for a print, but it's not hard to locate. Go up to the tool bar at the very top of the screen, select `File', click on `Print', then `Copies & Pages', choose `Layout' from the drop-down menu and you'll see the 2-sided print option. Go for `long edge binding'. Automatic duplex printing is really useful; it's a real pain to have to do it manually, even more so on a front-loader like this Epson.
(4) The installation process that WiFi-synchronised the printer with the desktop computer also means it happily executes print requests from my wife's i-Pad, so full-marks there. One word of warning. Whilst working on a Word doc the other evening the computer suffered one of its "all the lights are on but no-one's at home" moments and declared it was not connected to the internet despite the relevant LED's on the router all being lit. The XP-600's wireless signal was also lit, and at good strength, but nothing happened when I asked for a print as the computer and the printer couldn't find each other. Maybe the Lion operating platform isn't as stable as Apple make it out to be or maybe the router's a bit of a diva, but switching the router off and back on again restored printer/computer comms. Not the XP-600's fault in my opinion.
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on 2 July 2017
I find this a very frustrating printer. I have give one star not because the quality of print is bad it is not but the margins, ability to print in different sizes, settings and speed is very very poor. I feel I have wasted a lot of my time and money on a product that I do not feel is fit for purpose.
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on 10 April 2014
After satisfactory installation, the printer would not print in black. I performed all the maintenance I could and contacted EPSON who diagnosed a problem with the print head and recommended I organise a replacement printer with the supplier. I installed the replacement printer and experienced the same problem. Again, I contacted EPSON who told me that there is a problem with the set-up black cartridge in the older printer series 600, 700 and 800, and they sent out a new black cartridge instructing me to insert it, to clean the head and to conduct a nozzle check to find out if the new cartridge worked. If the cartridge had not worked, then EPSON said they would replace it from their own stock and even upgrade it if they did not have the XP-600 in stock. I followed the above instructions and found that the black was functioning normally but the cyan colour needed two head cleanings before the nozzle check was normal, and then the printer worked and has not stopped working since! EPSON did say that the serial numbers of both printers sold by E-Printers were old stock.
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on 29 November 2013
I may have had a bad experience but new out of the box the printer printed lines across anything I printed. I tried head cleaning etc and then called Epson to get advice. I was told initially that the printer was faulty and given an email address to contact. Having made contact, I was told to do a head clean which I did, again. This still did not work. It took about 6 cleans to get the thing working and then I had run out of ink in the process. Considering this is brand new I asked for at least some replacement cartridges or a contribution as I did not expect to have to do this for a new machine. They refused. I installed new cartridges not long ago and then the lines reappeared. I then had to clean the heads another two times before it cleared. The printer has now used the ink up already so more expense. It takes ages sometimes for the printer to decide it is going to print which is tiresome. The only reason I bought this was because it prints on cds/dvds. If you find another make or model, I would advise you to buy that - I hate this one.
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The Expression is one of Epson's small footprint all-in-one printers. With the exception of a 2.5" touchscreen and missing a fax modem (who uses a fax anymore?) this is identical to the $200 big brother XP-800 with a 3" screen and a fax modem.

With regard to Epson's professional all-in-one printer line, "The Workforce" series, the Expression line is for the budget-minded shopper. I feel very comfortable recommending this printer because the $99 retail price is the highest you'd pay for a comparable, no-frills all-in-one.

This is actually the very first of all of the Epson's we own to seamlessly connect to our computer, tablet and cellphones without any hassles or calls to Epson. That's a first.

There are also fewer parts for us to take apart and the packaging was at a minimal.

*** Printing Letters ***

Printing wirelessly from our desktop was flawless. The printing is not fast, about 3 pages a minute. But the print quality was excellent.

Printing from the tablet, however, has been a bit of a challenge. We tried for several hours to print photos or pdf's with no luck. And, this is with both of the Epson print app's installed and registered.

The big thing is printing wirelessly from the desktop and having a halfway decent print quality, which this XP-600 achieves.

*** Printing Photos ***

Not terribly impressive. I wasn't expecting pristine photo reproductions but the image quality was less than what I had anticipated. And, this is considering that it has 5 ink wells. Only, the Artisan series has more with 6, if I remember correctly.

We used a standard Kodak photo paper to print out a few photos which included a photo from a digital camera and a illustration from an art program. None impressed us.

*** Cost vs. Value***

This is a new model and you're looking at the highest cost at the moment for about $100. My guess is, with the same components at the XP-800, I would have been profoundly disappointed with that model starting at $200, especially when the professional series from a year ago is now around the $200 price line and at the time was on par with the best of what HP was offering.

So, the 600, I think is a good, not great value at $100 because of the wireless connectivity and the very good print quality for letters and pdf's.

And the size (not the weight) is relatively small at 16" x 13" x 6."

The drawback is that you have comparable models from HP and Canon for about $69- $89 and a few less.

The photo reproduction is definitely lacking and an issue that should concern you if you print a lot of pictures. If not, the photo issue is irrelevant to the value.

All in all, it's a 3.5 star value but still good enough to consider if you see the price drop to the $50- $60 level.
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on 19 June 2013
A very compact machine with a multitude of advance features ,easy to install and set up prints are first class especially photos very crisp and sparkling .Operation is whisper quiet and economic printing on both sides of the paper, only draw back replacement genuine ink cartridges pricey all in all a very advanced printer for its price
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on 2 June 2013
This printer fulfils my expectations in every respect. It is compact, and completes its tasks with the minimum of hassle
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