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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all I must say that this is a very nice shaver. Solid, heavy, very well constructed and gives a good shave.. but more of that later...

The 5070cc is basically the 5030s (see here) shaver with the Clean and Renew Charger bundled.

This bulky, cheap plastic 'cleaning and charging station' really lets the package down. It is about the size of a 100 CD spindle pack for a start... who has that kind of space on the bathroon shelf? The shaver sits at a 'jaunty' angle, head down when charging and/or cleaning and just looks a bit of a mess really. And the cleaning process (for which you will need to buy replacements at about £12 for 3 - each of which lasts 30 cleans, and the manual recommends you clean after EVERY use!) consists of the alcohol solution bubbling up around the shaver head (and spitting onto the surface around the Clean and Renew unit ocassionally!) and the head running a few times... is this really a suitable clean - time will tell.

Just to reiterate then. If you shave every day and follow the recommendation to run a clean cycle after every use then you are going to be spending £12 every three months - or about £50 per year - just to keep this clean! Add to that the cost of new heads at about £20 a pop and you are looking at pretty high running costs.

My first piece of advice, then, is don't bother with the 5070cc, just buy the Braun Series 5 5030s Rechargeable Male Foil Shaver and get a great shaver and an extra £40 in your pocket for your first coupl eof replacement heads.


So, what's so good about the shaver? Well, I prefer foil shavers to rotary shavers anyway so this one score points for me from the off. The problem I've had with some foil shavers, though, is that they can have a tendency to over-heat a little... not so this one. The head remains cool throughout the shave.

What's more, it is one of the most comfortable foil heads I have ever used. I think the swivelling head is potentially a bit of a gimmick (my wrist has a swivvel built in, I'd guess yours does too), but it certainly doesn't detract from the experience.

The shave also seems very close. When switching shaver types, be it rotary to foil, blade to electric or whatever, your skin generally takes a few shaves to get used to the new shaver. Second shave with this shaver was easily as close as I'd been getting with my previous rotary.


If you do go for the 5070ss with the bulky monstrosity of a charger the good news is that the shaver itself has a charging socket on the bottom (something sadly lacking from my previous Philips shaver). Even if you do like the Clean and Charge station, this direct charging connection menas two things - i) you can run the shaver corded if the battery runs flat and ii) you don't need to take the Clean and Charge bucket with you when travelling.


There is a higher model in this range - the 5090cc - which has a more detailed battery meter on the shaver itself and a couple of different clean cycles (for when your shaver doesn't need as thorough a clean?!??!), but other than that most of the range seems very similar. The 5040 having the only significant difference of being a wet/dry shaver - the others are all dry shave only.
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on 31 March 2015
I bought this to replace a Braun Series 7, which has finally gone to the Great Bathroom In The Sky.
Having used it just once, I found it a very close shave compared with its predecessor - that may simply be because of its new shaving head, so only time will tell. I had no need to finish off the under shaved bits in the shower.
Like others, I am puzzled by the different versions of Braun razors. My previous one was a 'wet and dry' one. This one is not specifically wet and dry - there is a different model described like that - yet it claims to be 'waterproof to 5m'! I presume this means I can also use it in the shower should I need to; otherwise I suppose I can take it scuba diving with me.
The switch is in a slightly inconvenient place - very easy to turn off accidentally while shaving, but no big deal and I will eventually become used to that.
The cleaning device is neat, and quiet. I have no opinion yet as to whether it makes much difference.
The Series 7 ran at a ridiculous speed, and its switch failed within a few months - indeed that was what also caused its demise a few days ago. This one runs at a more reasonable speed and sounds much better - I hope that means it will be longer lasting.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had been using a Braun Series 3 shaver for some time and I thought it was excellent, certainly the best shaver I had ever used. When I acquired this Series 5 shaver I didn't expect it to improve on the Series 3, thinking the only upgrade would be the clean and charge station. I was therefore surprised to find that my morning shave seemed to take noticeably less time with the Series 5. Also, with all my previous shavers I have invariably had to "finish off" the hard to get to areas with a manual razor, but using the Series 5 I found that this wasn't really necessary. This was probably largely down to the impressive pivoting head which really does seem to enable you to achieve an efficient close all-round shave. Another impressive feature of the Series 5 is that it seems to hold its charge for much longer than I have come to expect from other shavers, as I have been using it now for a couple of months and I have only had to recharge it twice. The only feature I'm not sure about is the cleaning station. Whilst it is recommended that the cleaning station is used every day I find that I now use it only once a week (or even less) and I remain unconvinced that it is really necessary.
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on 5 December 2014
I got this to replace my aging old Braun Series 5 8590 which was great but this is a noticeable improvement. Feels much more powerful and shaving takes me half as long now. Very close shave, 99% as close as a blade. Also the head doesn't seem to get clogged with stubble so much, easily taps out so you don't have to run the cleaning center every time.

Pros: Powerful, looks good, shaves very fast and comfortable.
Cons: Beard trimmer is a bit lame but does the job.

Overall, well worth the money, glad I bought it.
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on 27 March 2014
Have had many different Brauns over nearly 30 years now, and this probably gives the closest shave yet. The shaver itself is ergonomic and light and very smart looking, but a criticism of this (and many previous Brauns) is the pop-up trimmer, which is just as badly-placed as ever and doesn't pop out enough to give good visibility of what you're trimming, though side-on you can see the cutter and it's just about OK - get a separate beard trimmer as well if you want to do more than sideburns.

I liked the C&C station with its magnetic coupling, that's a definite improvement and much more positive when dropping the shaver in, though the lack of a heater/dryer (like my old C&C station had, and which won't accept this shaver) tends to leave the shaver slightly wet. I tend to remove the shaver from it five minutes before I need it, and let it evaporate properly.

Despite these little shortcomings its a five-star from me because it gives such a good, close shave, charges quickly, lasts well and looks good.
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on 3 January 2013
I have had the shaver, a Braun 5070cc for about 2 weeks.

I am very pleased with the shaver and very unusually I don't think I can find any fault whatsoever with the shaver and rate the shaver with five stars. Read on for a detailed review.

I had anticipated when buying the shaver that the promotional videos about the shaver would turn out to be marketing hype, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found the shaver suitably fit for purpose.

I have previously used the Braun mobile shaver as my dry shaver together with a Gillette fusion shaver as my wet shaver. I used to shave alternate days with each. I bought this electric shaver hoping that it was a step up from my mobile one and to find out if it was good enough I may dispense with the wet shave. In the past I have owned range of electric shavers including Braun, Panasonic and Phillishave shavers.

The 5070CC is the latest Braun shaver and is a more recent model than the seven series. It is a step up from the older five series, the 590cc. For any American visitors reading this please note that as at Jan 1st 2013 the new 507Occ is not yet on sale in United States.

My first impression with the shaver is that it took just as long to shave as my mobile Braun shaver. After my first couple of shaves I was slightly disappointed as my I still had small amount of stubble on my chin which my mobile shaver was able to finish off, and I also had some skin irritation. I persevered with the shaver and by about day four I had worked out the best method to use the shaver and the right pressure to use, and then found that it is about twice as fast as my mobile Braun shaver. After a couple of days my skin has adapted so that I no longer get any red marks.

I found the trick to get a closer shave is to lift my head up to stretch the skin and then shave in one direction only, lifting the shaver on the way back, and shaving against the grain, and then once finished shaving to finish off by shaving in a back and forth motion for a short time of the lower neck to get rid of stragglers. The centre part of the shaver head (UltraActivelift) does work well to remove the odd hair growing against the normal grain direction. Shaving against the grain will give the closest finish but takes a few more strokes to complete.

Also, to finish off the shave for the last minute I slightly tilt the shaver (instead of holding it at 90° as suggested in the manual) and run it against the grain of the hair so the foil on one side (Crosshair blade) presses first firmly into the skin and will do a close trim removing any slight stubble.

The long hair trimmer located on the back of the shaver is robust and works well to trim sideburns and tidy the eyebrows. It looks like an upgrade from the series 7 probably due to people's complaints that the trimmer on the series 7 easily broke.

I find that the tilting shaver head mechanism (known in Braun jargon as 'FlexMotionTec'), similar to the old series 5 and series 7, makes it easier to shave around the jaw. I don't bother with the locking mechanism which can hold the head at a particular angle if needed. This can be useful for some people when shaving under the nose. Perhaps the tilt lock is more necessary on the seven series which due to the slower movement in the central cutter (Activelift) on the seven series could possibly slightly rub on the skin of your upper lip. For those who do use the locking mechanism it is very easy to use with the push of the thumb. When locked the shaver head tilt is set anywhere where placed, but will also set up four other tilts, and the head can be pushed into these other positions too. This is an improvement on the seven series which can only be locked in one position on one side. The shaver is very comfortable to use as not only does the head swivel but also the top cartridge cutters tilt independently avoiding any high-pressure cutting which could also leave red marks.

The shaver takes about an hour to recharge from empty. When I received the shaver I was disappointed that the battery indicator only lights up red when the shaver is about to run out of power. However after a little test I was pleased to find that the indicator works perfectly in that it only lights up when you are down to your last 14 min approximately which is absolutely ideal as this is more than enough time for a shave, and doesn't warn you earlier than actually needed. It's actually very useful because then you can keep your shaver away from the charger and not worry at all about running out, as you do get this warning. The shaver will beep and there is a bright flashing LED light on the front which is an improvement over the seven series, as with the seven series you won't see it unless you are specifically looking for it as it is an unlit LCD and not easily seen. I also tested the claim that the shaver only takes 5 minutes to recharge to give you a five-minute shave and I can report this works perfectly. Another advantage of this particular shaver is that in emergency you can also just plug the cord directly into the bottom of the shaver and shave to your hearts content at full power. The shaver also flashes green when it is charging until it is fully charged. What's useful is that if you keep the shaver and station in the bedroom the LED lights don't won't disturb your sleep, as while a small green light will show on the shaver to show its fully charged and a light blue light will show on the station next to the cleaning button, when the shaver is docked with the station, they will both switch off after a while. This is an improvement on the seven series, if like me you don't appreciate lights in the bedroom during sleeping hours, as the seven series has a bright white/blue light which stays on permanently during the night if the shaver is plugged into either the cord or the cleaning station.

The shaver is advertised has a 20% more powerful motor than the previous five series, and now is the muscle shaver, the brawn of Braun. It certainly feels very powerful in hand and interestingly may even be too powerful for people with any kind of hand injury or medical problem. The extra power results in a smoother as well faster shave.

I have to say that while I have decided personally to dispense with my wet-shave in favour of the convenience of this new electric shaver, that compared to the wet shave, the wet-shave still gives a smoother finish to your skin. Of course it's really laborious to prepare your skin for a wet-shave and why many people only wet-shave after a shower. Presumably until they invent the laser shaver, a wet-shave system will always cut closer as it is not covered with a metal guard. Of course having said that the wet shave is smoother, when I asked my partner to feel my skin on a couple of evenings we had gone out the dinner, she reported that my skin felt the same as before and was pretty smooth, so I guess the difference is negligible. I suppose another way to look at this is that with a wet-shave in the morning I find no need to shave again in the evening if I'm going out, whereas with the electric shave I would shave again in the evening before going out, however the electric shaver is so easy to use without any preparation needed that it takes all of 2 min to do a top up shave in the evening.

I have used the cleaning system and found it works very well and is simple to use. It takes about 3 min to clean, although it may take a couple of hours to dry, which is not a problem as it recharges at the same time. Although the instructions suggest you use the cleaning port everyday I think this unnecessary if like me you like to economise occasionally. The cartridges cost about 4 pounds each. There is way to balance function against cost is simply to remove the cartridge head of the shaver after each couple of shaves and tap it into the sink, keep the shaver away from the recharger and when the shaver needs a recharge then press the clean button to clean it and recharge it at the same time. I am told that due to the evaporation of the solution, if you take out the cleaning solution and replace the lid of the refill between cleans, that you can extend the life of the cleaning refills to the point where the cost is negligible. Having said this I have found that after cleaning the shaver is well lubricated and I do experience a smooth shave, and so I may be tempted to use the cleaning station more often than the shaver needs recharging. The lubrication after cleaning is noticeable for about two or three shaves. The small cleaning status indicator LED on the shaver will light up when the shaver and needs to be cleaned in the cleaning station which happens about every one or two shaves.

A word of warning is that when you put the refill into the base that you do this carefully, to avoid spilling the cleaning fluid as it may mark lacquered surfaces according to the instructions. Although some people have complained the cleaning fluid smells foul, I don't find it has a particularly strong smell, and the hint of lemon is quite refreshing and perfectly pleasant.

The shaver is extremely well made and has a rubberised surface texture on one side giving a superb grip even when your hands are wet. There is also a travel lock which is engaged by pressing the on-off switch for three seconds. In the box you also receive a soft case for the shaver as well as a small cleaning brush. The cleaning brushes slightly superfluous as the instructions tell you not to use it on the head cartridge, but when the cartridge is removed it can be used on the exposed top of the shaver.

It seems that this latest shaver has many improvements over both the last series five and also the existing seven series. The new five series middle trimmer, the newly designed 'UltraActiveLift' has 290 movements per second, while the seven series older 'ActiveLift' has only 130 per second. The motor on new five series, with 20% more output than previous five series, is significantly more powerful than the standard setting of the seven series. The only significant difference I can see between the shaver and the series 7 is that the series 7 has a sonic motor. One of the advantages of the sonic motor is that it is supposed to have constant output from full to empty. However when I tested the 5070cc shaver I did not find any lowering in output until the last 10 seconds before it was empty. In addition the sonic motor induces micro vibrations. As the seven series 790cc is twice the price (around £200 on Amazon UK) of the five series (around £100 on Amazon UK) it seems to me the five series has an exceptionally good price.

There are four versions in the new five series. This review is on the 5070cc which is black with red stripe. The 5040s is black with blue stripe and is a wet and dry shaver. The 5040s does not have a facility for a cord to be attached to the shaver presumably to prevent Braun from being sued by dumb customers shaving the shower whilst the shaver is still attached to the mains power socket. There are also also a model 5030s which is identical to the 5070cc but is cheaper as it does not come with the cleaning station. There is a further version, the 5090cc which is the best featured model and has additional features such as 5 LED indicators for battery life instead of 2, has 3 different cleaning programs for the cleaning station, and comes with a hard case instead of a soft bag, however this is mainly available in Germany and I haven't seen it advertised on the UK market. Presumably Proctor and Gamble who own the Braun brand decided British were either not as technically minded as the German, or had a lower disposable income for quality gadgets. It's a pity the top of the range model in the 5 series, the 5090cc is not available on the UK market otherwise given the extra features it has I might have been able to test and review it and conclude this was the best shaver you can currently buy.

I really can't find any problems whatsoever with the shaver, although perhaps if Braun are reading this they might like to consider sticking in a free 2-pin to UK 3-pin adapter plug which the majority of people are going to have to buy anyway. Also I know that for many people they prefer not to have to open an instruction manual, but for myself a slightly more comprehensive manual may have meant that I didn't feel an urge to test every feature to check how it worked, as the instructions are composed of mostly pictures a bit like an emergency instructions sheet found on the back of aeroplane seats.

Overall the 5070cc is the best electric shaver I have come across and if you are looking for an electric shaver to replace a combination of wet shaving dry shave this could be the one for you.
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2013
I used to use a Series 3 Braun, but gave up as it was not very powerful and did not produce a close shave. This Series 5 is much better.

I usually wet shave, and whilst an electric shaver is not going to displace my wet shaving habits, I do use this a lot, and find that I then don't need to wet-shave after, which I did have to do with the Series 3.

So, what I like is the powerful, close shave. I also like the cleaning set-up, and that it comes with a foil protector (which the Series 3 didn't). The build-quality seems to a very high standard, and it copes well with my hard bristles! The battery lasts for about two weeks at least, and the way in which the head pivots allows for a close shave. I can't fault this shaver.
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on 1 December 2012
This is my third Series 5 clean and renew shaver from Braun so I've been using them for many years and the design has changed quite a lot over that time, this latest one is much improved in my opinion, I like the idea of a cassette system for the cutter and foil, the shaver motor runs faster and the floating heads give a more sensitive shave.
Moving on to the question of cost of the cleaning tanks, the shaver will run for at least a week on a full charge so what I've been doing for years now is to do the clean and charge once a week, after charging and cleaning has finished remove the tank from the unit and replace the stopper on the tank so the fluid doesn't evaporate, a tank will last for about 6 or 7 months if you do this therefore reducing the cost to a minimum, don't run the shaver under the tap, just take the foil off and tap the debris out, I have had no problems whatsoever doing this for years with these shavers, just renew the foil and cutter every 18 months or so.
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was really pleased with this razor. As soon as you get it out of the box you can see that it is a good quality product - it feels very solid and substantial, and when switched on, the motor sounds impressively powerful. I have previously used a Philips with the three heads, which usually left me feeling a bit sore and battered, but this is so much better. It cuts close to the skin without any irritation at all. The cutting blade for longer hair, which pops up from the back of the razor is very good, and the size and position of it makes it easy to use for precision cutting. It also charges very quickly, and once charged lasts me about a week. Very pleased.
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on 13 March 2014
This is better than the old series 5 shaver i bought this to replace. It uses the same wash fluid as the old one, cuts closer, charges more quickly, streamline and good solid non-slip feel. The trimmer although better than the previous one and more precise due to its smaller size, still needs improvement in its cutting ability. Perhaps Braun can revisit it. They should have given a hard carry case like the one with my old Braun series 5 360 so it is protected as the cloth holder may cause damage in the suitcase. But BRAUN has and always will be the choice name for my shaver.
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