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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 May 2017
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on 2 September 2013
Capitol re-released 12 albums on cd in 2012. Apart from the previously unreleased mono version on cd or the new stereo version of the album, there were no bonus tracks. You can always assume some marketing strategy behind these things. Because now they can put a lot of previously unreleased material on a box set and selling the well-known hits again at the same time.

A lot of this previously unreleased material are demo's, a cappella versions, live versions, alternate versions or "with session-intro" versions of familiar songs. Only a big dozen titles of the "more than 60 previously unreleased songs" are songs that never appeared on any Beach Boys album. As a fan I welcome them all but for me it's too little.

Why still no studio version of "We Got Love"? Why only one song ("It's Over Now") of the still unreleased "Adult Child" album? Why no "Carnival", a song recorded for the original version of their "Sunflower" album? Why no ... read "The Beach Boys: the definitive diary of America's greatest band on stage and in the studio" by Keith Badman and you come across more recorded songs that never left the vaults. I know, some won't be that good to release or were not finished or ... will see the light of day on some other releases in the future?

And what about the familiar songs? Well, all the hits are here mixed with some good album-tracks. Everybody has his own favorites and may be disappointed because they are not on this box-set but it's a very good selection. You got a lot more Dennis Wilson tracks (than on their previous career-spanning overview "Good Vibrations: 30 years of The Beach Boys") with inclusion of his complete "Sound of Free" solo-single by Dennis Wilson & Rumbo (Rumbo = Daryl Dragon, keyboard player in The Beach Boys). B-side is "Lady" (aka "Fallin' in Love" which was already released on the "The Beach Boys Summer in Love" compilation in 2009). His beautiful songs get more respect now and that makes this box-set great for me.

So, if you are looking for a decent box set of The Beach Boys. Buy this one!

What more can I say? I'm still waiting for a re-release of Carl Wilsons first solo album and a decent cd-release of Brian Wilsons produced album by "Spring".
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on 11 September 2013
First off, the box is done in a Year Book style. The notes inside are actual quotes from The Beach Boys themselves from the last 50 years. Some are familiar to fans while others are new. The pictures follow a similar theme. The book is well designed and constructed. The cover is padded, like leather to touch. The 6 cd's are at the back of the book, held in slits in the cover, they shouldn't fallout unless the book is thrown around. The paper is good quality, the signatures of the main band members are inside the front cover and are probably recent reproductions. The addition of Brian Wilson's school philosophy is interesting, considering what he has become, a legend.
The music is great, to my ears the music sounds better on this box than any previous boxset, I know most of the music was remixed for the 2012 rereleases, but it still sounds better, clearer and I think I actually hear more in the songs.
The actual song selection contains most of the hits, some live versions thru the years and some previously unreleased songs, all of which sound great and makes me wonder why they were never included on actual albums. There are a few Dennis Wilson songs like "Wouldn't It Be Nice To Live Again", "Sound of Free",( available on some bootlegs and vinyl),"Celebrate The News" and "Mona Kana". The other "rarities" include "Sail Plane Song", "We're Together Again", "It's A Beautiful Day", "Goin' To The Beach", "Where Is She". The live songs sound good, especially the 3 from the BBC 1964 recordings.
Overall I had hoped for more songs I had never heard and there are some on this box, but not enough. I suppose you could put all the live songs and rarities on 2 cd's and that would be better for the more serious fan, you can't please us all,...right.
The live songs included on this box make me hope that a live cd(s) may get released...someday.
If you have the money and can afford it, get the box/year book for it is worth it. It's been a good 2 years for Beach Boy fans , Smile box, greatest hits releases (2), rereleases of almost all their studio albums, 2 dvd's and a book about their concerts, a new studio album and a reunion tour (never got to a concert).
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on 29 April 2014
Fantastic collection 6 x CD set from the Beach Boys, long awaited with lots of unreleased tracks, just ideal for serious collector's, but maybe some more rarities would have encouraged more fans. So many Beach Boys packages cover so much material that has been released and re-released time and time again.............great to compliment the band's new Album though.
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on 5 September 2013
However you approach this set - either as a casual punter with a bit of spare cash who's been taken by Pet Sounds or Smile, or a seasoned veteran who owns every Beach Boys album, plus the various box sets and CDs of unreleased and rare material, you'll find a lot to love with this set. The presentation is excellent, and though it's light on historic detail (a few quotes cover the band's entire history), one imagines that trying to piece together an in-depth band biography that satisfied all of the band and did justice to their legacy would probably be an exercise in futility. Of course, what matters is the music, and there's enough to satisfy those looking to scratch the surface of the greatest hits, and just about enough to satisfy the hardcore fans, with most loose ends mopped up (such as Dennis Wilson's Sound Of Free/Lady solo single, both Beach Boys recordings in all but name), and a lot of tantalising unreleased material. For instance I'd never heard of Where Is She, a demo recorded by Brian for Sunflower, or Dennis's Barnyard Blues. Alongside some excellent stereo remixes of previously mono-only tracks, this set will keep you occupied for ages.

My only criticism is a mild case of revisionism; for all the talk of presenting an accurate portrait of the band, the early 70s era of the band has been lightly airbrushed to overlook the talents of Ricky Fataar (who took over on drums while Dennis Wilson moved to keyboards) and Blondie Chaplin (who replaced Bruce Johnston); both men were full band members and contributed songs, lead vocals and a lot of multi-instrumental talent beyond their nominal rhythm section roles, bringing a harder edge to the band's sound. Here though, they've no songwriting credits, and only Blondie's much-heard Sail On Sailor lead vocal (as well as a scorching live version of Wild Honey) as proof of their talent. This set would have been an ideal place to highlight their overlooked Carl & The Passions contribution Here She Comes, or the excellent We Got Love, which was jettisoned from the Holland album after the first vinyl pressing, and hasn't shown up anywhere since. On a similar note, despite his high-quality songwriting and production, stalwart Bruce Johnston is reduced to a couple of spotlight moments including his signature song Disney Girls.

Likewise, the fifth disc covers the last 30 years of the band, from 1980s onwards. Since 1980, the band have released six albums (seven depending on your view of "Mike Love, Bruce Johnston & David Marks Of The Beach Boys Salute NASCAR") of varying quality, as well as a myriad of single-only tracks and odds and ends. The fifth disc covers these albums with ten tracks in total, and pads the disc out with a potted live history. This seems a little unfair - none of the albums are five-star efforts (though last year's reunion album is very very good), but between them would yield enough songs for a full disc of great tunes, rarities and the potential to rehabilitate these lost years. Instead, both Summer In Paradise and Stars & Stripes Vol 1 are completely overlooked, while the well-worn chestnut Kokomo makes yet another appearance. If there was an opportunity to present the best songs without the chaff of the accompanying albums, I'd wager that even most ardent fan would be surprised at something like Al's Santa Ana Winds, the soundtrack-only Chasin' The Sky, Somewhere Near Japan, Strange Things Happen or Carl's magnificent Where I Belong. As a missed opportunity, this one ranks pretty high.

But this is obsessive nitpicking. As I say above, this is overall a excellent overview that satisfies casual fans and hardcore fans alike. Not everyone wants to buy all 35-odd Beach Boys albums, let alone a slew of standalone tracks and rarities compilations, and this fills the void for that middle ground, and does it with all the joyous sounds that you expect, and a whole lot of extras that will remind you exactly why The Beach Boys deserve their title as America's Band.
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on 20 October 2013
The rare and forgotten tracks are great and thoroughly enjoyable. Yes there is more to come, and I look forward to it.

My only criticism is I have nowhere to put this collection. All the previously box sets have separate CD sleeves so they sit nicely and neatly in my collection on CD sized shelves (Good Vibrations, Pet Sounds Sessions, Smile box set etc)..........but this has loose CDs slotted into an old vinyl sized LP. Very frustrating. If you have OCD, this will send you over the edge as it nearly has me.

Also, I know Christmas songs may not fit in with non-seasonal others, but the only Christmas one on offer is a standard version of Little Saint Nick. I believe there are dozens of Beach Boys Christmas songs and carols unreleased.
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on 7 January 2014
We all know how deceiving pictures are, this is about the size of a vinyl album. The presentation is very impressive with a colourful book filled with information. I still have not listened to it all yet (7 1/2 hours worth) but to a hardened Beach Boys fan.... this is a must
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on 10 September 2013
"Made in California" is , a gorgeous, six CD set, 473 minutes of audio and a massiave 174 tracks. The box set also features 60 previously unreleased tracks (including 17 live tracks) The box self is a follow up to the 1993 career spanning boxset set of "Good Vibrations". The box set also contains a 1959 essay by Brian Wilson entitled "My Philosophy". Like "Good Vibrations", "Made in California" follows the band's career chronologically with the exception of the very last "From the Vaults" disk.

A major draw of any such archival project as this are the unreleased tracks. Of the 60 rare tracks, there are several, legitimately rare, unreleased recordings, with the key tracks being "Goin' To The Beach," "California Feelin'," "Soul Searchin'," "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling," and "You're Still A Mystery". However, the majority of the tracks comprise of instrumental tracks, alternate mixes, vocal sessions, radio spots, and a lot of live recordings.

None of the unreleased material is quite as important or on the same par as the unreleased material from "Good Vibrations" (which was largely due to the thirty minutes of "SMiLE" from Disk 2), but collectors will find some worthwhile stuff here. While the SMiLE recordings were always essential to the narrative of The Beach Boys, none of the unreleased songs here really change or add anything to their musical canon on the same scale. Also, given the cornucopia of music and sheer wealth of material we got on "The Smile Sessions", perhaps we had been a little spoiled.

But these concerns are largely nitpicking. More Beach Boys music is great, and while maybe not as stunning as the unreleased material from "Good Vibrations" or nearly as essential, the unreleased music of "Made in California" is pretty great stuff (even if some of the live stuff is iffy at times).

Of the 114 remaining tracks, you have a lot of the essential Beach Boy tracks, although for such an expansive collection, there are some key tracks missing, including "She Knows Me Too Well," "Getting Hungry," "Funky Pretty," and "You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone". Just be aware that even though this is key set there are still some rather inextricable omissions (which there always seems to be for whatever band)

Also, "Made in America" shows just how many times The Beach Boys' discography has been remastered over the years, with various tracks being remastered at various times, which can create an aural inconsistency over such a large set as this. There are mixes from 2003, 2007, 2009, 2012, and 2013.

For example, "Salt Lake City" is a 2001 Stereo mix, "Let Him Run Wild" is a 2007 stero mix and "Graduation Day " is a 2007 stereo mix (Disk 2, tracks 5-8). "Barbara Ann" is a 2012 stereo mix. Five songs from "Pet Sounds" include four 1996 stereo mixes (an album which was famously mixed in mon) as well as one 2001 stereo mix. Although the set is arranged chronologically, we are getting mixes that range from the original releases to mixes (of which there are several) done as late as 2012! Oddly enough, there is also a stereo mix of "Heroes and Villians" and "Wonderful" from the 1967 "Smiley Smile" album that are 2012. Given the massive "The Smile Sessions" of 2011, not sure why they were still mixing in 2012.

In terms of The Beach Boys' career, since 2011, Beach Boy fans have been in something of a Paradise, a full on celebration of the Wilson brothers, cousins, and everyone's favorite surfer dudes. 2011 saw the release of the infamous "The SMiLE Sessions" with "finished version" of the album (well, as finished as SMiLE can be, given how incomplete several of the recordings are). In 2012, the band marked their 50th anniversary with a new (and fantastic) album (!!!) called "That's Why God Made the Radio", along with a great live summer tour.

"That's Why God Made the Radio" marks the first time Brian Wilson recorded with the 1988 "Still Cruisin'" project that produced "Kokomo". However, "Still Cruisin'" featured several re-recordings of their 1960s material along with a few new tracks. It was also the first original studio album by the band since the critically panned "Summer In Paradise" from 1992 (twenty years previously), where they sounded little more than a parody of themselves and even had John Stamos in his Full House Uncle Jesse personae singing lead on the 1969 classic "Forever". They also did a country covers album where they are little more than a backing band to various current country acts on the 1996 "Stars and Stripes Forever Vol 1". While better than "Summer in Paradise", the last side about "Stars and Stripes" the better. Thankfully they had the good sense not to issue a Vol 2.

All that being said, for Beach Boy fans, they had precious little in terms of new material from the band for over two decades. Thankfully, though, the 50th anniversary really united the band and gave them a common drive, which is good, given how dysfunctional they have been throughout the entirety of their career (keeping up with who was suing who in the Beach Boys camp was like trying to predict the on any given day who Van Halen's lead singer was going to be). Closing out the celebrations is "Made in California"

For those wanting to really get into The Beach Boys, you may be better served by going with "Pet Sounds" first or "SMiLE", as this set represents a significant investment. The unreleased stuff will largely appeal only to collectors (with a few key exceptions). However, for those wanting to pick up a bunch of Beach Boys in a very nice set that is career-spanning, this is a better choice than "Good Vibrations", especially since the main draw of "Good Vibrations" (the "SMiLE" recordings) has been completely negated with "The SMiLE Sessions.

Overall, even given the somewhat inconsequential nature of some of the outtakes and omissions of some key tracks, "Made in California" is a great way to end the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Wilson family's legacy.

CD 1 (1961-1965)
Home Recordings / "Surfin'" Rehearsal Highlights (2012 Edit - Mono) (Brian Wilson, Mike Love)
"Surfin'" (with Session Intro - Mono) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Their Hearts Were Full of Spring" (Demo - Mono) (Bobby Troup)
"Surfin' Safari" (Original Mono Long Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"409" (Original Mono Long Version) (B. Wilson, Love, Gary Usher)
"Lonely Sea" (Original Mono Mix) (B. Wilson, Usher)
"Surfin' U.S.A." (B. Wilson, Chuck Berry)
"Shut Down" (2003 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love, Roger Christian)
"Surfer Girl" (B. Wilson)
"Little Deuce Coupe" (B. Wilson, Christian)
"Catch a Wave" (B. Wilson, Love)
"Our Car Club" (B. Wilson, Love)
"Surfers Rule" (with Session Intro) (B. Wilson, Love)
"In My Room" (B. Wilson, Usher)
"Back Home" (B. Wilson, Bob Norberg)
"Be True to Your School" (Mono Single Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Ballad of Ole' Betsy" (B. Wilson, Christian)
"Little Saint Nick" (Stereo Single Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Fun, Fun, Fun" (New Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Little Honda" (B. Wilson, Love)
"Don't Worry Baby" (2009 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Christian)
"Why Do Fools Fall in Love" (2009 Stereo Mix) (Morris Levy, Frankie Lymon)
"The Warmth of the Sun" (B. Wilson, Love)
"I Get Around" (with Session Intro - Mono) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Wendy" (2007 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"All Summer Long" (2007 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Girls on the Beach" (B. Wilson, Love)
"Don't Back Down" (B. Wilson, Love)
"When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"All Dressed Up for School" (Mono) (B. Wilson)
"Please Let Me Wonder" (2007 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Kiss Me, Baby" (2000 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"In the Back of My Mind" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Dance, Dance, Dance" (2003 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love, Carl Wilson)

CD 2 (1965-1967)
"Do You Wanna Dance" (2012 Stereo Mix) (Bobby Freeman)
"Help Me, Rhonda" (Mono Single Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"California Girls" (2002 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Amusement Parks USA" (Early Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Salt Lake City" (2001 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Let Him Run Wild" (2007 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Graduation Day" (Session Excerpt and Master Take, 2012 Mix) (Joe Sherman, Noel Sherman)
"The Little Girl I Once Knew" (Mono) (B. Wilson)
"There's No Other (Like My Baby)" (2012 "Unplugged" Mix with Party Session Intro) (Phil Spector, Leroy Bates)
"Barbara Ann" (2012 Stereo Mix) (Fred Fassert)
Radio Spot "Wonderful KYA" (Mono)
"Sloop John B" (1996 Stereo Mix) (trad arr. B. Wilson, Al Jardine)
"Wouldn't It Be Nice" (2001 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love, Tony Asher)
"God Only Knows" (1996 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Asher)
"I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" (1996 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Asher)
"Caroline, No" (1996 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Asher)
"Good Vibrations" (Mono) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Our Prayer" (2012 The Smile Sessions Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
"Heroes and Villains: Part 1" (The Smile Sessions Mix - Mono) (B. Wilson, Van Dyke Parks)
"Heroes and Villains: Part 2" (The Smile Sessions Mix - Mono) (B. Wilson)
"Vega-Tables" (The Smile Sessions Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Parks)
"Wind Chimes" (The Smile Sessions Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
"The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)" (The Smile Sessions Mix - Mono) (B. Wilson)
"Cabin Essence" (The Smile Sessions Mix - Mono) (B. Wilson, Parks)
"Heroes and Villains" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Parks)
"Wonderful" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Parks)
"Country Air" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Wild Honey" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)

CD 3 (1967-1971)
"Darlin'" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Let the Wind Blow" (2001 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Meant for You" (Alternate Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Friends" (B. Wilson, C. Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Jardine)
"Little Bird" (D. Wilson, Steve Kalinich)
"Busy Doin' Nothin'" (B. Wilson)
"Sail Plane Song" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
"We're Together Again" (2012 Stereo Mix) (Ron Wilson)
Radio Spot "Murray the K" (Mono)
"Do It Again" (2012 Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Ol' Man River" (Vocal Section) (Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II)
"Be with Me" (D. Wilson)
"I Can Hear Music" (Spector/Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich)
"Time to Get Alone" (B. Wilson)
"I Went to Sleep" (B. Wilson)
"Can't Wait Too Long" (A Cappella) (B. Wilson)
"Break Away" (Alternate Version) (B. Wilson, Murry Wilson)
"Celebrate the News" (D. Wilson)
"Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)" (Single Version, 2001 Stereo Mix) (Huddie Ledbetter)
"Susie Cincinnati" (2012 Mix) (Jardine)
"Good Time" (B. Wilson, Jardine)
"Slip on Through" (D. Wilson)
"Add Some Music to Your Day" (B. Wilson, Love, Joe Knott)
"This Whole World" (B. Wilson)
"Forever" (D. Wilson, Gregg Jakobson)
"It's About Time" (D. Wilson, C. Wilson, Jardine, Bob Burchman)
"Soulful Old Man Sunshine" (B. Wilson, Rick Henn)
"Fallin' in Love" (2009 Stereo Mix) (D. Wilson)
"Sound of Free" (Mono Single Version) (D. Wilson, Love)
"'Til I Die" (B. Wilson)
"Surf's Up" (1971 album version) (B. Wilson, Parks)

CD 4 (1971-1979)
"Don't Go Near the Water" (Love, Jardine)
"Disney Girls (1957)" (Bruce Johnston)
"Feel Flows" (C. Wilson, Jack Rieley)
"(Wouldn't It Be Nice To) Live Again" (D. Wilson, Stan Shapiro)
"Marcella" (B. Wilson, Rieley, Tandyn Almer)
"All This Is That" (Jardine, C. Wilson, Love)
"Sail On, Sailor" (B. Wilson, Parks, Rieley, Almer, Ray Kennedy)
"The Trader" (C. Wilson, Rieley)
"California Saga: California" (single version) (Jardine)
"Rock and Roll Music" (2012 Mix w/Extra Verse)(Berry)
"It's OK" (Alternate Mix) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Had to Phone Ya" (B. Wilson, Love)
"Let Us Go on This Way" (B. Wilson, Love)
"I'll Bet He's Nice" (B. Wilson)
"Solar System" (B. Wilson)
"The Night Was So Young" (B. Wilson)
"It's Over Now" (Alternate Mix) (B. Wilson)
"Come Go with Me" (Clarence Quick)
"California Feelin'" (B. Wilson, Kalinich)
"Brian's Back" (Alternate Mix) (Love)
"Good Timin'" (B. Wilson, C. Wilson)
"Angel Come Home" (C. Wilson, Geoffrey Cushing-Murray)
"Baby Blue" (D. Wilson, Jakobson, Karen Lamm)
"It's a Beautiful Day" (Single Edit) (2012 Mix) (Jardine, Love)
"Goin' to the Beach" (Love)

CD 5 (1980-2012)
"Goin' On" (B. Wilson, Love)
"Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love" (Spector, Barry, Greenwich)
"Da Doo Ron Ron" (Spector, Barry, Greenwich)
"Getcha Back" (Love, Terry Melcher)
"California Dreamin'" (John Phillips, Michelle Phillips)
"Kokomo" (Love, Phillips, Melcher, Scott McKenzie)
"Soul Searchin'" (B. Wilson, Andy Paley)
"You're Still a Mystery" (B. Wilson, Paley)
"That's Why God Made The Radio" (B. Wilson, Joe Thomas, Larry Millas, Jim Peterik)
"Isn't It Time (Single Version) (B. Wilson, Love, Thomas, Millas, Peterik)
The Beach Boys Live[edit source | editbeta]
"Runaway" (Chicago 1965, with Concert Promo Intro - Mono) (Del Shannon, Max Crook)
"You're So Good to Me" (Paris 1966 - Mono) (B. Wilson, Love)
"The Letter" (Hawaii Rehearsal 1967) (Wayne Carson Thompson)
"Friends" (Chicago 1968 - Mono) (B. Wilson, C. Wilson, D. Wilson, Jardine)
"Little Bird" (Chicago 1968 - Mono) (D. Wilson, Kalinich)
"All I Want to Do" (London 1968) (D. Wilson, Kalinich)
"Help Me, Rhonda" (New Jersey 1972) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Wild Honey" (New Jersey 1972) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Only with You" (New York 1972) (D. Wilson, Love)
"It's About Time" (Chicago 1973) (D. Wilson, C. Wilson, Jardine, Burchman)
"I Can Hear Music" (Maryland 1975) (Spector, Barry, Greenwich)
"Vegetables" (New York 1993) (B. Wilson, Parks)
"Wonderful" (New York 1993) (B. Wilson, Parks)
"Sail On, Sailor" (Louisville 1995) (B. Wilson, Parks, Rieley, Almer, Kennedy)
"Summer in Paradise" (London 1993) (Love, Melcher, Craig Fall)

CD 6 (From the Vaults)
Radio Spot (1966 -- Mono)
"Slip on Through" (A Cappella Mix) (D. Wilson)
"Don't Worry Baby" (Stereo Session Outtake w/ Alternate Lead Vocal) (B. Wilson, Christian)
"Pom Pom Play Girl" (Vocal Session Highlight) (B. Wilson, Usher)
"Guess I'm Dumb" (Instrumental Track w/Background Vocals) (B. Wilson, Russ Titelman)
"Sherry She Needs Me" (1965 Track w/1976 Vocal) (B. Wilson)
"Mona Kana" (Instrumental Track) (D. Wilson)
"This Whole World" (A Cappella) (B. Wilson)
"Where Is She" (B. Wilson)
"Had to Phone Ya" (Instrumental Track) (B. Wilson)
"SMiLE Backing Vocals Montage" (from The Smile Sessions) (B. Wilson)
"Good Vibrations" (Stereo Track Sections) (B. Wilson)
"Be with Me" (Demo) (D. Wilson)
"I Believe in Miracles" (Vocal Section)
"Why" (Instrumental Track) (B. Wilson)
"Barnyard Blues" (D. Wilson)
"Don't Go Near the Water" (Instrumental Track) (Love, Jardine)
"You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" (Spector, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil)
"Transcendental Meditation" (Instrumental Track) (B. Wilson, Jardine)
"Our Sweet Love" (Vocals w/Strings) (B. Wilson, C. Wilson, Jardine)
"Back Home" (1970 Version) (B. Wilson, Norberg)
"California Feelin'" (Original Demo) (B. Wilson, Kalinich)
"California Girls" ("Lei'd In Hawaii" Studio Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Help You, Rhonda" ("Lei'd In Hawaii" Studio Version) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Surf's Up" (1967 Version, 2012 The Smile Sessions Mix) (B. Wilson, Parks)
"My Love Lives On" (D. Wilson)
Radio Spot (1964 - Mono)
"Wendy" (BBC -- Live in the Studio 1964 - Mono) (B. Wilson, Love)
"When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)" (BBC -- Live in the Studio 1964 - Mono) (B. Wilson, Love)
"Hushabye" (BBC -- Live in the Studio 1964 - Mono) (B. Wilson, Love)
Carl Wilson: Coda (2013 Edit)
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on 5 February 2015
What can I say about this wonderful set? Buy it simply for the inclusion of the hitherto unreleased Dennis Wilson tracks. You know the ones
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on 16 August 2014
Was a gift,but they loved it
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