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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 11 March 2013
This book starts off as what you would think is a normal YA romance.
Only half way through the book do you find out that Levi is more than what he appears to be.
Even once his true identity has been revealed that are more secrets that await.
Allie is going to be working at her dad's hotel with her friend Jess before college starts. She wanted to have a break before college and i had sworn off me (she attracted the wrong type) but after meeting Levi, no matter how much she wants to stick to her word, there is just something about him that means she can't.
Shen is attracted to him more than she has ever been with any other man, and something about the two of them just fills the room was desperate chemistry.
However, it wasn't always like that. the first time they met she was captured by his eyes, then he opened his mouth. Finding him arrogant and slightly cocky she decided to ignore him, which isn't the easiest thing to do since Jess can't seem to get her tongue out of his best friends mouth. After being convinced to go on a date with him she begins to see there is more behind the one liners he tries to use on her.
Eventually falling for him and beginning to trust him she finds out the truth. A truth she didn't want to know about.
Acting before thinking gets her into some serious trouble and the people she desperately wants to get away from are the only people who can now save her.

Can she learn to forgive Levi for what he did?
Can their love overcome what he has done to her life?

I really enjoyed this book, it was written at a perfect pace and there was never a moment where i felt like it was moving to fast or being dragged along.
The twists were revealed at the right time and there was nothing giving them away. And the ending had me left with my mouth hanging open.
After i finished it i bought the second one in the series straight away.
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on 23 February 2014
This book has been taunting me on Amazon since its release. The cover really grabbed my attention but with how many books I already had to read I just ignored it for a long time. However, yesterday, I remembered the gift card I got for my birthday and decided to buy it.

I don't know what it was but I didn't easily gel with the story. It started fairly good but then with the use of a lot of talking between the characters and not much description--which strangely for me, considering i'm not normally a fan of lots of description, I actually wanted--and I feel it wasn't as good as I was expecting. I guess by the cover that I was expecting something quite sexy and it just wasn't. Not for me, anyway.

At the same time I kinda want to smack Allie. For many reasons. One: her not wanting to get involved with anyone but then giving into him so easily despite all her protests. Two: her acceptance of Levi and his friends so easily was just strange. Surely you'd run off screaming? And three: her behaviour at the end. Okay, it wasn't unfounded. He didn't explain himself before doing what he did but at the same time, she didn't want to hear anything he had to say, so what was he supposed to do?

Not sure yet if I'll be continuing the series or not.
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on 9 April 2013
You want something worth reading, then buy this as quickly as possible. From the first chapter your hooked until you can't put the book down. Now i'm buying every book this author has writen just because of her talant. There's so many great books out there and this is one of them, if you don't buy this then you will regret it. Don't waste any more time!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 19 December 2014
This book has been sitting on my kindle for a couple of weeks now, I liked the synopsis and the reviews I read were good so I thought I'd give it a go.
I appreciate I'm not the target audience for this book and I did struggle with the writing and the story at times which was a shame because I really wanted to like it more.
This had the bones of a good story and it made a change from just vampires and werewolves but so much of the story was, well silly and while reading I kept thinking 'seriously' it could easily have been tightened up.
Despite the above this book had something and since most of my problems revolved around Levi and 'what the hell was he thinking' I'm going to read his book/novella 'First' and try to find find exactly what was going through his head when he did what he did.
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on 8 October 2013
Ok now I always finish a book once I've started and I always finish a series after reading the first book because I feel like I owe it to the author, but with this I'm never going to read the next book. I don't know how Alyssa Rose thinks those characters are believable. To begin with the start of the book was difficult enough to read. I can get over the juvenile writing style as it is a YA book and they tend to come in a range of writing styles and maturities, but the first few chapters made the characters just extremely annoying and uninteresting. I was happier when the story line kicked off about half way through and we discovered the Pterons. That was better, having more plot and development other than just some whiny girl and her boy troubles.
The most infuriating part of this book is the fact that Levi tricks Allie in to being bound to him for the rest of her life without giving any implication to the consequences of their actions. Then when she discovers this fact she runs and gets kidnapped because she is the new princess (which he also didn't tell her) and nearly raped, she then escapes and gets attacked and all cut up all because of the fact she is bound to him. He causes all of this, on top of effectively enslaving her and ripping away her life and all she's ever known, just because he wants to get one over. That's probably the biggest betrayal he could have done but Allie doesn't seem traumatised at all. She just a little bit pissy at him but she still wants to jump his bones? Completely unbelievable. It's the equivalent to a guy your casually dating abducting you and forcing you to marry them and saying that if you leave then your family is in danger. I'm quite sure everyone would agree that would be a horrific situation. It's extremely disturbing that Alyssa Ivy thought this was an acceptable series of events to put in a YA novel and to make it seem perfectly normal if not even desirable. This book is bordering on Twilight amounts of creepy perverty manipulation. If I could unread this book and get those hours back I would.
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on 3 July 2014
This was an enjoyable easy romance, its a little similar to the many other paranormal teen romances out already though the supernatural element of this series is different; not vampires, weres or angels ( but something similar to the latter two).

Allie is spending the summer before college at her dads hotel along with her friend Jess; she has sworn of men but that changes when she meets the mysterious Levi. He is the typical gorgeous but arrogant hero and Ally is equal parts annoyed and intrigued by him. Intrigue wins over and its not long before they become close and Ally discovers that Levi is not quite human - nor is he completely honest about what is in store for her if they become involved...This was a sweet story and I liked both characters more as I read the book though its not as good as other teen paranormal romance ( Wolves of Mercy Falls, Hush Hush are my best series in this genre) its a good enough read and a bargain for the price.
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on 21 January 2015
Flight is book #1 in The Crescent Chronicles series by Alyssa Rose Ivy.

I can't remember the last time I read a paranormal book; it's got to be at least 6 months.

But I saw Flight was free on Amazon and something about it tickled my fancy.

This book is a cool twist on the supernatural hierarchy as we know it. We are always told that vampires and werewolves are the top dogs in the supernatural world. But in Flight these well know monsters are classed as bottom feeders and underlings.

And who’s at the top??? Well birdmen obviously!!!

Allie is a slightly jaded teenager and let's be honest she's a bit of a bitch!! I like her not so much for her shining personality but more for her funny one liner's.

Levi is the typical cocky jock, he thinks he's god’s gift and it's genuinely difficult for him to understand why Allie is resisting him.

I love Jared but I'm waiting for Owen to come out of his shell.

I'm going to be vague but how could Levi trick her like that!!! What a douche!!! And he didn't even feel bad about it, I mean he changed her life completely without even asking and he wasn't remotely remorseful!!!

I was glad Jess left as quickly as she did because Hailey is brilliant. Hailey and Allie have some serious banter and I love the connection they have.

I have to say I love the bird man idea it's so unique I've never read anything like it before.

This book has dragged me back into the fold on paranormal books and I'm going straight onto book #2 Focus
Flight gets 4 stars from me.
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on 29 October 2012
Definitely worth reading! I accidentally stumbled across this book while having a general browse and I'm glad I did.
The characters are interesting although i have no idea why Allie is holding back so much, I mean wow, it's obvious she's in love. It's a shame she can't just admit it despite what she goes through!
Loved this book and hope the next one comes out soon!!
Young adults and older ( like my 40 year old self) will want to know more about the ever evolving characters. I just wish it didn't end where it did, I definitely want to find out what happens next. Lets hope we don't have to wait too long!
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on 9 April 2015
Maybe I'm getting old, but from the first chapter the two girls arriving in New Orleans are unbelievably stupid. They have no sense of self-preservation what so ever. Truthfully both girls in real life would have ended up raped and/or murdered and their bodies dropped in some back water bayou. You don't tell "strange" strangers you've never met before who you are, where you work, where you live, go with them to strange pubs without any guy friends to protect you (or telling anyone where you're going) and then accept unknown drinks (which in real life would be full of date rape drugs) from said strange strangers. Seriously? The insanity just goes on and on in this story. I kept reading wondering who the main character would end up with. I assumed it would be Jared because Levi comes across as a cardboard cut-out self-centred jerk (there's no chemistry between the two characters). Why would Allie even get together with him? And why would he want her other than the fact she's apparently the only girl who's ever said no? In real life he would be a severe Narcissist and incapable of love!!! I loathed Levi (he was so creepy) and kept expecting she'd go for Owen or Jared (creepy as he was he still seemed a better bet). I gave up half way and skipped to read the last three or four chapters to find out who she ended up with...and it was Levi? And what the heck? I was horrified at the whole plot twist at the end (SO mega creepy). This book has actually enraged me. Maybe it's because only yesterday I read in the news about some poor young woman in Afghanistan who had to marry her rapist because she was pregnant (to avoid jail) and that photo of the man looking all smug and innocent has burnt a hole in my brain, but these characters and plot are just infuriating.

Saying that; the author is a very talented writer. She kept me turning pages (until I couldn't bear the characters another moment). And to be fair...she has written consistent characters and plot. What happens at the end of the story follows on perfectly with how the story opens and the characters actions. It is believable that they would all be so selfish and/or stupid and that they would end up where they end up. I just couldn't bear how stupid or annoying they were and that's why I'm giving it one star.
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on 14 June 2016
Didn't think i would like this book, if i'm honest. I only started reading it because the other 5-6 series that i read were all waiting to be released. But I'm glad that i did start reading. after the first few chapters i was sucked in, and itching for more. Levi sounds like a heart throb... there are times where i just wanted to shout at my Kindle, but in order to avoid waking the household i had to resort to silently fuming in my mind.
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