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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 January 2013
For three series of a show that is consistently excellent, this is incredible value for money. I watched all three series when it was broadcast on BBC4, and I loved it so much that I just had to buy it again on DVD. It's a truly delightful show, with amazing character depth (even for the characters you might only see for one or two episodes), and plots that are so well-written it's insult to lump it as a "crime show" along with the likes of, say, Lewis. Sofie Gråbøl is a very talented actress and it shows, even if you're watching the show through subtitles. Her every action and every scene is so well done it's almost like every second of every episode was meticulously planned by the writers. The show leaves you guessing and second-guessing, to the point where you've figured out the killer's identity but the show makes you doubt it (even if you were right in the first place!). Sure, my opinion may not mean much to you, but do buy this. Highly recommended.
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on 26 May 2015
I bought this after it was recommended to me by a friend.
Im also writing this review having watched 16 of the 20 episodes in series 1. Haven't yet reached season 2 or 3. However unless something changes massively Im sure my comments and rating will remain the same. Quite simply this is one of the best (perhaps the best) crime/drama/whodunnit programmes I have ever seen (my wife agrees too). The first 3 or 4 episodes are good but they are all about you getting to know the characters and just keeping you sufficiently hooked to keep watching. Then it takes off. God this series is good. It keeps you guessing constantly as you suspect everyone before realising it isn't them then thinking it might be again. Clues are dropped throughout and each episode ends on a cliff hanger making you watch "just one more".
I bought the danish version over the US one as based on various reviews its much better. You get used to the subtitles very quickly and it isn't long before you are so immersed in the story you don't even realise you are reading subtitles.
If you are on the fence wondering wether to buy this or not, stop thinking about it and just buy it. Its brilliant.

Edit: Just an update as we have now watched all 3 series. Suffice to say nothing has changed other than my wife and I were crying out for season 4 but I understand the shows creator has said that that is it.
Marks out of 10 - Season 1 - 10/10, Season 2 8/10 Season 3 10/10
Season 2 started a little slowly and we didn't like some of the characters as much as the ones we had grown to love in season 1 but it soon gets into its stride and as you expect not everyone is who they appear to be. Season 2 on its own is brilliant but seasons 1 and 3 surpass it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 April 2015
The Killing or Forbrydelsen is a brilliant TV series and well worth viewing.
This review is for the Danish language version with English subtitles.
The acting is superb.

Series One:
Has 20 one hour long episodes, and involves the disappearance and murder of a
local teenager in Copenhagen.
The main lead character is DCI Sarah Lund, played by the amazing Sofie Grabol,
a very talented actress who shines all the way through this series.
A young woman is murdered and the whole 20 episodes are given to solving this
one killing, with lies and obfuscation from politicians who go out of their
way, to hide what they know about the case, whilst trying to win an election.
At times, slow and ponderous, but never dull. I found it exciting to watch
and trying to work out "who done it".

Series Two:
Finds Sarah Lund checking passports at Gedser Ferry Terminal, having made a few
mistakes with the previous case she has been side-lined. However, her boss Brix,
needs her help and she is soon involved in trying to find out who is killing
ex military personnel who had been deployed to Afghanistan.
For me this was the most exciting series of the three, with Ken Vedsegaard being
outstanding as the war damaged soldier, Jens Peter Raben, who appears to have been
wronged from the start.
Having been sent to a mental hospital for ex military, he plays a vital role in
helping Sarah find the killer.

Series Three:
Concerns the kidnapping of a child of a wealthy industrialist, who has fingers
in every political and industrial pie. Sarah Lund comes to the rescue again,
but as she is a flawed character, she makes mistakes in an all too human way,
and that is probably why so many people love this show.

The boxed set has 11 discs and over 2,320 minutes viewing time.
The subtitles come on screen automatically so no need to try to fiddle with
the remote to find them.
I give 5 stars to this BAFTA Award winning set.
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on 27 March 2013
This isn't a review saying why you should watch The Killing series 1 -3. There are plenty of reviews on amazon providing ample evidence of just how well-written, well acted and well directed & unique this Danish series is.
So I'll take it as read that if you're reading this, you already know why the Killing is a truly great TV series.
What you may not be aware of is the fact that this series was shot using HD cameras and that this makes a major difference in sound and picture when you see this show presented on blu-ray.

Sure, there are plentiful scenes that take place in shadowy spaces or in darkness. But these are much more nuanced photographically on blu. Especially the scenes of Copenhagen at night.
More dramatically the many scenes shot by window light (or shot outside) of faces in closeup - whether Theis Birk Larsen, Sarah Lund or any of the other characters during the 3 series are quite stunning and often very 3 dimensional.
Colour is also a big winner on blu-ray (as is usually the case) and also (in reverse) the quality and depth of blacks, in the many night-time scenes.
If you have a decent sound system or even a soundbar (as I have) you'll notice the big difference in sound quality too. The makers of The Killing have clearly put a lot of work into the sound design of this show, including the music, and their efforts really shine in the blu-ray edition (and YES I have watched the show on regular DVD so I can say this in confidence!)

So is The Killing on blu-ray worth the extra cost? If you have a blu-ray player and a good TV, definitely yes. But keep checking Amazon Marketplace and you might find (as I did) that you can find it at a bargain price.
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on 17 December 2012
Now that this drama series has come to its final end - after three series - this DVD (or BLU-RAY) collection is an essential addition to any discerning shelf.

The stories are taut, dark, thrilling & chilling, the acting a tour de force, and with a music score that revels in darkness. This boxset may waiver (slightly) with series 2 but it is bookended with two classic storylines. If Dickens were alive he would be applauding uncontrollably.

For me, THE KILLING is ranked alongside not only is Nordic cousin, WALLANDER, but THE WEST WING and BAND OF BROTHERS as prime examples of iconic, quality television that will endure.
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The three series of The Killing are exceptional. The third series gives this entire series a finality that is imposing.

The third and final series of 'Forbrydelsen' or 'The Killing', the Danish thriller involves a murder and kidnapped child. I purchased the Danish series, reading subtitles is a pleasure for me. A great sense is conveyed by tone and body language in the original version. Series three is well written and performed. Sofie Grabol who play Sarah Lund, is a perfectionist. She is on the verge of her 20th year in police work,, and a cushy chair job awaits her. She has her son on her mind. He has not forgiven her for choosing her job over him. Just as she is going to celebrate her last day, a young girl goes missing. Sarah with her years of experience has a gut feeling about this kidnapping. She turns full force into solving this mystery. Along the way she meets an old lover, and the complications of her life catch up with her.

Forbrydelsen also explores the global financial crisis. New and convincing characters in the political and financial world appear. As a kidnapper is attempting to get justice for his murdered daughter, the police are looking for the kidnapper. This final series has a dramatic finish that leaves you horrified and yet, there is an understanding of what took place. Superb acting and the dark, rainy exterior of Copenhagen leave you feeling unsettled. You will not be disappointed, maybe shocked, but, then, Forbrydelsen is that kind of series.

Highly Recommended. prisrob. 08-02-13
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on 8 October 2016
The Bridge and The Killing put American Crime TV shows to shame. The Killing develops the characters in a way that wants you to keep watching as if they are true people. Superior suspense created by filming and taking the time to tell the story. 20 episodes to find the perpetrator. American tv finds the killer in 43 minutes. Can't get enough of these stories from Nordic Noir.
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on 3 April 2013
I missed Series One and Two when they were first shown on BBC4. However, one cold slow Saturday night in November I foolishly sat down to watch two episodes (they were screened back-to-back in the UK). I have been totally gripped ever since. I ended up paying a fortune for the Blu-Ray box set and rationing myself to viewing four episodes a week. This is some of the best television I think I have seen. Astonishingly good: it is up there with 'The Wire' in my humble opinion. 'Nordic Noir' (Scandinavian Crime Drama) appears to have come out of nowhere. Most of the action takes place at night in late autumn/early winter. The acting is not cosy or pleasant, the heroine often makes mistakes and ignores police protocols - often leading to terrible consequences. Sarah Lund spends a lot of time battling against political interference, sexism and turf-wars inside the organs of the police. Everything is just about perfect here: the bald script, the stark lighting, the bitterly cold night-time cityscape.

I am ashamed to admit that I have developed an unhealthy fascination for 'The Killing'. I have even Googled, 'Sarah Lund woollen jumper' - how sad is that! There are still parts of the plot of the first season that I do not fully understand: how was the killer linked to the top-floor flat? Please don't tell me, I perhaps need to run all 20 episodes of Season One to find out for myself.

Buy this box set at your peril. It may turn you into total recluse, like me.
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on 19 January 2016
An amazing series - I was enthralled from the first episode. It kept me guessing & intrigued as the political and personal dramas of the main characters intwined. Lund ( Sofia Grabol) is a great character. She's single minded, instinctive & defiant in a quiet understated way! Now I know what all the fuss is about.
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on 8 March 2015
I had heard of 'The Killing' although I had never seen any of it so I bought it solely on the basis of other people's reviews and I am so glad that I did. Initially I found the subtitles s little off-putting but the acting and the storyline soon had me hooked. Series one consists of 20 one hour programmes and on a very cold day, I found myself watching 5 episodes back-to-back! I am only half way through the second series so I am still trying to figure out 'who done it!' All in all, I am very glad I clicked 'add to basket'.
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