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on 9 March 2015
This new USB3 stick really does deserve the "superspeed" tag....even if you're still using USB2 laptops/desktops.

I rely heavily on various USB sticks (all Lexar/Crucial "twist/turn" sticks for normal data, or IronKey for encrypted data) to provide an "instant manual backup" of any files I'm working on, or new files. One sits with each of my (& my family's) personal & business laptops/desktops. Full backups are made later, on external HDs for Windows/Time Machine for Macs.

One of these started to "vanish" when plugged in, and after a re-format, was performing very slowly & I decided to bin it.

As I now have a mix of USB2/3 hardware, I looked for a USB3 version of Lexar's excellent twist/turn sticks. This JumpDrive S33 was the only one I could see. I never buy USB sticks with detachable tops, and need them to be fairly thin body, due to Apple's habit of placing laptop sockets too close together.

I just tested this alongside one of the Lexar USB2 64gb sticks, copying 2.4gb of MP3 files from a 2007 Mac Pro with USB2 sockets. The USB2 stick took 11 minutes, the USB3 stick just 3 minutes.

Cost per GB is no higher than the same brand of USB2 stick
Write speed when copying data from a 7-year-old Mac with USB2 sockets is around 4 times faster than writing to a comparable USB2 stick
The head & pins are retracted into the black outer case when the white inner case is swivelled round 180 degrees
There is a small corded "keyring" in the pack, which slots through a small slot in the black outer case

Unlike the previous "twist/turn" model, the case is plastic & doesn't feel too strong
Although the memory chip is solid-state, the head with the connecting pins is plastic (first time I've seen that), and feels like it would crack if stood on

One bit of "belt 'n' braces cautionary advice.....USB sticks are not robust enough to be relied upon as your sole backup for any important files. They do eventually fail if over-used, and are easy to lose. Use an external HD for the really important "safe" backups!
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Whilst I normally regard Lexar as a quality brand this memory stick did not fully live up to expectations. The construction is close to flimsy and not reassuring if you're going to store important data on it. Also, despite being USB 3.0 compliant I don't think the speeds were particularly inspiring. On my USB 3.0 equipped PC speeds the 45MB/s read speed quoted is only aspirational at an average of 32MB/s, with write speeds averaging 20MB/s) and occasional drop out on HD video. Some brands don't do "value" products well and should stick to their core fayre, I suspect Lexar is one of them. Lesson learnt - in future I'll pay more.
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VINE VOICEon 7 March 2015
An attractive looking device. I like the idea of the sliding mechanism. It locks into place when the interface is out of the body. The packaging did not mention that it is suitable for linux but I had not trouble in getting the device recognised or mounted. I found the packaging instructions somewhat erroneous: it implies that one extricates the usb from the packaging by means of cutting the side with a pair of scissors, but, that did not work for me and therefore I had to use a little bit of brute force by yanking open the sides of the clear covering. I would have liked the usb to come with its own lanyard; that would have saved me from 'borrowing' it from another of my usb devices. I wanted this device for experimenting and therefore I paid no attention to the speed of operation.
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on 6 August 2014
It seems fast to me for a USB 3.0 flash drive, but my test was inconclusive. According to the packaging, the write speed (55 MB/s) for the 128GB drive is almost 3X the speed of their USB3.0 32GB drive (20 MB/s).

The slider has a very positive feel to it: just as it's about to reach the maximum extension, there's a click to indicate that the metal stub is locked into position. And the stub won't accidentally retract like a couple SanDisk drives did to me.

It has an activity light, but the 'loop' to put a tag on it (no key chain possible!) is very tight, if that's important to you.

The build feels very sturdy to me, but only time (like with all flash drives) will tell how robust it really is. No reason to think otherwise at this point. I'm very happy with the Lexar.
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on 6 January 2014
Serves the purpose on which was intended, large memory. The one thing that I do not like is the slide cover to protect the connection. Quite feeble and can easily be detached, not what I expected. Recommend. Buy a more sturdy cover or removable cap.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 17 April 2017
I am happy enough with the read and write speeds given the cost of this USB drive. I bought a couple so I could have dual back-ups of photos downloaded from my camera via my tablet. The thing I don't like is the cover which is really quite flimsy and I have my doubts as to how long it will be before it fails. I would much prefer a proper cap.
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on 25 May 2015
A lot of critical reviews about this but i think it's not as bad as it looks. To me it feels strong and not that fragile that fall into pieces, the speed is good enough for USB 2.0 flash drive and i have no problems with it working in windows 7, 8 & Mac OS. So all in all, a good flash drive with plenty of storage, a good enough and for the money you can not go wrong. The only thing i found was i couldn't find the security software on the JumpDrive but after looking on the official website, i manage to download the software from there.
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on 6 March 2015
A great thumb drive, 16GB of fast storage, using it to store a few movies at a time to play on my home theatre system, makes copying the movies from my external USB 3.0 hard drive to this via a 2012 Mac Mini much quicker than when I was using USB 2.0. I do see what the other reviewers meant by the poor mechanism, rather than sliding smoothly, it's more of a press, slide release, which does make it feel cheap. The overall build quality is fair for something of this proc but I can't say it'd survive well if I were to put it on my keychain with some others.
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on 10 May 2015
Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L. Slow to dispatch and late to arrive. Unnecessary packaging for such a small item. The quality of the Lexar S70 64gb is okay for use at home. It tested a genuine Lexar product and 64gb written and read without errors at reasonable speed in Windows XP. Able to playback 1080p media on TV/PC without issues. The built quality is below average compared to some other brand like Toshiba, Kingston etc. The slider is tight to use but will losen up eventually especially if used frequently. It is good value for general storage purpose considering it is the cheapest 64gb I could find. It is recommended provided you are in no hurry to receive the item from this particular seller.
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on 3 February 2016
Item was an addon product a good time ago. It works fine, the dust cover is pretty useless though. The end does not cover the USB completely and pulls back over the device rather than off the end.

I suppose it is so you dont lose the "cover", but you can still pull it clean off and just discard it!

So the item is good for its intended purpose, but the cover seems of very little use.
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