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on 2 September 2017
Following an unsuccessful attempt to deviate the series with the entertaining but flawed third entry 'Season of the Witch', producer Moustapha Akkad decided a 'back to basics' approach was in order due to the upsurge of 'franchise killers' in the late '80s such as Freddy, Norman and Jason giving the erstwhile mogul good enough reason to resurrect Michael Myers some ten years later...

We're back in Haddonfield and all has been quiet since the massacre all those years ago. The perpetrator of those crimes, one Michael Myers (AKA The Shape) is seemingly comatose, repeatedly being transferred from one hospital to another when one fateful night he decides to wake up - upon hearing the news of his one surviving niece, Jamie (Danielle Harris). Michael makes it his business to escape (following a bout of the old 'stabby stabby') and forges a trail of blood as he returns to his old stomping ground in order to put an end to his newly discovered bloodline. However, ‘ol mask face didn’t count on the return of his old nemesis - the good Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) who it seems has become even more deranged and determined to vanquish the evil of Micheal forever with both on a collision course to meet each other once again on Halloween night…

Although derivative and lacking the heightened tension of the John Carpenter original, this fourth go around for the series is a streamlined thriller that ticks all the boxes and hints at a deeper mythos (which is sadly ruined in the subsequent sequels). From the pitch perfect opening credit sequence in almost eerie silence to the wonderfully demented performance from returning star Pleasance - this one has got plenty to recommend: With a number of highlights such as expert direction from Dwight H. Little (‘Marked for Death’, ‘Rapid Fire’) and great turns from Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris as the two leads who both exhibit genuine warmth and likeability which inturn cements our fear for their characters. Sure, the screenplay maybe by the numbers but Little’s razor sharp eye combined with the excellent score by Alan Howarth ensure this adds up to a legitimate sequel that delivers all the treats, with nary a hint of trick.

Anchor Bay’s UK DVD release sports an okay transfer with vibrant audio and a number of extra features such as a trailer and ‘Inside Halloween 4’ featurette which is one of those quickie numbers that doesn’t really add much, but as the price Amazon are asking isn’t all that high - one can’t complain. All in all, a solid little sequel that although won't rock your world does manage to hit the right notes and ensures Halloween fans are given an entertaining time. Recommended.
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on 24 April 2015
Brief summary of the movie: Michael Myers is alive and the same as for Dr Loomis. Michael goes after his niece Jamie whose mum is Laurie Strode. Laurie is confirmed dead in this movie. He kills anyone who gets in his way. Dr. Loomis is eager to go to Haddonfield and warn the family and cops about Michael being alive.

This movie does have it's plot holes which a lot of true Halloween fans have the right to complain about. Like how does Michael and Dr. Loomis escape an explosion as seen in Halloween 2 (1981) ending. Michael was seen burning too a crisp and the explosion was too big for Dr. Loomis to survive that!!!! Also Michael's both eyes were shot. Yet somehow in this movie he was able to walk around and see - another plot hole!


This movie does have good acting from Donald (R.I.P. Legend). Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris. A decent plot. I specifically enjoyed the trailer boys Earl and his crew that go around shooting in the bushes and killing someone they think is Michael Myers. That scene always gets me laughing. Pure comedy!

This movie has it's pros and cons. But is worth watching and buying. One of the best sequels in the series.
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on 16 October 2012
Halloween 4 arrives on blu ray thanks to anchor bay and the result is best described as mediocre.
The blu ray transfer just looks like an upscaled dvd,the picture is mostly soft and lifeless and the audio does not seem to have been improved much.
There are moments in the film where you get to see some sharp and defined images and there are also times when the colour seems to pop but,unfortunately most of the film just looks dull.Daytime scenes seem to fare best and are a big improvement over the dvd but,as fans know most of this film is set at night and so the transfer never really is allowed to shine.
If you are a fan of the halloween series,then for the price that they are now which is £7.00 on blu ray,then that is a bargain.However if you are hoping to see a massive upgrade in picture quality,then you might as well stick with your old anchor bay dvd.
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on 11 July 2009
Continuing ten years after where Halloween II left off, Michael is being
transferred and predictably, escapes custody, heading to Haddonfield
to continue what he started - this time the intended victim is his eight
year old nice, Jamie Lloyd, butchering any person who gets in his way!

Maybe one of the most underrated movies I have seen! There is some
gore but it relies more with suspense. This in my opinion is second
best in the series! Michael has a more sinister approach and this time
appears to be immortal and stronger. He appears from anywhere and
(as expected) is merciless! Danielle Harris who plays Jamie was exceptional.
especially for her age! I recommend buying this and part V as they kind of go
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on 25 February 2018
One of the best Slasher movies, and after Halloween 1 the best from the Halloween movies
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on 8 October 2017
great film thanks.
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on 10 October 2017
One of my favourites very pleased
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on 25 October 2017
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on 17 November 2016
Good follow up to parts 1,2. Lots of creepy action recommended.
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on 13 December 2001
Halloween 4 surprised me. For one, I thought that after the diabolical #3 they had given up altogether, and when a film series (especially a gruesome slasher horror film series - just check out the Friday 13th films) gets to the fourth instalment they have usually run out of gusto. Ok, so H4 is not the most original film in history, so it pretty much retreads the first 2 films, so it has lost its impact after 10 years and, ok, so you can't really top the original. But - the direction is as tight as the lid on a canister of toxic waste, the acting is not at all bad for the mainly inexperienced cast and the script, while not completely original, does ensure that the proceedings are by no means boring. It was a good idea (if slightly cliched) to have Myers survive his last encounter with Loomis, a lighted match and a killer fart. Too many other films make a mockery of themselves by bringing in supernatural traits to the main characters. I didn't really care if it smelled of a cop-out because it set up the story for Myers to be unleashed on Haddonfield again.
Pleasance does a first rate job, as usual, of his portrayal of the tormented Dr Loomis, also reprising his role alongside Myers as survivor of the hospital explosion in H2. The makeup is both subtle and believable. The only real inconsistency is the fact that Myers' eyes were shot out at the end of H2 and, miraculously, he has full vision again. But you can't worry too much about those sorts of details. This is the third sequel. If you are looking for reality and a steady continuity Myers would be dead after H1.
However, he does all the right things: kills people in rather painful manners, looks great in his William Shatner mask (creepy but sad) and gets wasted and recovers numerous times, just like a real villain should. I wont spoil the ending, but it climaxes brilliantly in a final showdown that is both exhilarating and not overdone. The main attraction (probably the wrong word to use) of the Halloween series is the fact that you can believe a man can survive what Myers survived. A person can be shot and survive, be hit by a car and survive, be stabbed and heal, be beaten and recover. That is the scary part - that someone with an emotionally catatonic psychosis like Myers could be responsible for such a killing spree. It could and, in less exact ways, has happened in real life.
The Return of Michael Myers is both an entertaining romp and a gripping lesson in creating suspense. Like the original but not as good as the original. But by no means bad.
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