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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2012
For anyone wondering, this UK release is the same as the recent US release. Mine arrived this morning and I can confirm 100%.

Audio Commentary with director/co-writer Dominique Othenin-Girard, actress Danielle Harris, and actor Jeffrey Landman
Audio Commentary with actor Don Shanks and author Justin Beahm
"Halloween 5: On The Set" featurette (16:17)
Halloween 5: Original Promo (5:50)
Theatrical Trailer (0:36)
Subtitles:English SDH and Spanish
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Picture Format: 1080p 24fps AVC MPEG-4
Soundtrack(s):English Dolby TrueHD 5.1
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on 14 November 2012
I dont know what people are on about, i watched Halloween 5 around my friends house as were both massive halloween fans and michael myers is my personal favorite as i grew up with him having watched halloween since i was a kid and being scared lol and the picture quality on the blu-ray release is fantastic, a massive upgrade from the pixellated and washed out dvd version, the picture quality is very sharp, there are some scenes were they look soft but thats the video source not the blu-ray problem but even then they look much better than the dvd version, the daylight scenes particually were michael is stalking Rachel (ellie Cornell) when she is entering her friends house with her dog, looks vibrant and full of colour as it shot in daylight and in the scene were michael is standing around the trees at the location where jamie is staying and she peeps over the window to see michael standing there you can actually see him holding a weapon of sorts which i never saw before, these little details just make the film more enjoyable, The sound is also fantastic aswell and really booms when speakers are connected and bass is set high, the opening credit scene is a good e.g of this when you hear knifes smashing each other it really stands out and makes the film more enjoyable to watch as the sound is Upgraded to Dolby Digital HD 5.1.

The film itself has lot criticism from fans and general public a like and being regarded as the worst halloween in the series, i wouldnt go that far, true its no where near the level of Halloween 1978 and Hallowen 2 1981 with that being my personal favorite halloween film in the entire series, this film was never going to touch them as they cult classic in the horror genre but the story in this is fairly good, you see more of a human side in michael myers in certain situations in this halloween in the scene where he jamie is lying in the coffin and michael comes over and she shouts 'Uncle' and he stops and jamie says 'Can i referring him to take of his mask and see his face to which he does and you can see a tear in his eye' but the suddenly he goes back to rage and goes completely mad including the scene in the bedroom where the cop shoots him and thinking michael is dead he comes back in breaking the door (without his hands) and beating the holy hell out of the police officer which was hilarious and the michael myers that you all know and love and then hangs the officer outside with a rope, pretty awesome stuff, i also liked the interaction between michael and loomis in the myers house where loomis is talking to myers whos holding a knife in his iconic stance and says 'this rage has stop' trying to convince myers and to make him drop his knife but fails and myers goes into that rage,
I even bet Micheal Myers is getting sick and tired of Doctor Loomis coming back every single time, in Halloween 2 he stabs him and then comes back and burns the room in the hospital and survives, and then in the 4th he comes back with his face all scared from the burns and nearly dies when myers blows the petrol station up and is still after him through that film and then in the 5th one he's back again,
I must admit Doctor Loomis is big part of making Halloween films what they are, even with michael myers, if halloween did not have doctor loomis as myers doctor then halloween would not have been as good as it, Michael Myers and Doctor Loomis really have a big Connection with each other,

The film ending was pretty shocking and you get to know more in the 6th instalment which is really good and you really see the Rage side of Michael Myers as he is more Menacing then ever,
Its not the best film, but is a really good watch and has interesting development through out the film, im glad they did make it even though it was rushed into production after the success of halloween 4.

1 thing i should point out the Mask on Michael Myers looks like a piece of crap in this film, the worse throught the 8 film series, what were they thinking? in the first film his mask is perfect, second film his mask is even scarier, the 4th film its dumb but its ok as he needed a new mask after being burnt and surviving from the second film, the 6th film his mask is much better as is in H20 and Resurrection, just in the 5th one in this its just plain stupid, its like his mask aint even stuck on his face, just search a image of it and you will know what i mean dreadful.

Blu-ray Picture Quality - 8.5/10 big upgrade from the dvd version,
Audio Quality - 9.0/10 massive upgrade,
Extras 4.0/10 Disappointing but has audio commentary with the guy who played michael myers in halloween 5 which looks at different perspective.
I give this a blu-ray a resounding 8.5/10,
Some will like it, Someone Wont, Some Regarded as the most disappointing Halloween Film in the Series, Some even say it is a terrible Horror Movie but it has a really interesting plot and you get early glimpses of the man in black who controls michael myers with the rage that he has.
I'd give it a go and watch it.
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There are clearly a few problems with this movie, but I hardly noticed them at the time of its original release. I left the theatre more excited about this movie than any horror movie I had yet seen. The ending caught me totally by surprise and had my little circle of friends (all two of us) speculating over its implications for many days thereafter. To say that this movie left things a little up in the air would be a misstatement of massive proportions. Not only was I left to ponder the fate of Michael, Dr. Loomis, and little Jamie, I was mystified by "the man in black." Who was he? What was his role in all of this? I still think the concluding 10 minutes of this movie are the best 10 minutes of the entire Halloween series, although I would not dare place this movie on the same pedestal as the original Halloween, which is basically untouchable by all pretenders to the horror crown.
I have nothing but the greatest respect for nine-year-old Danielle Harris. The makers of Halloween 5 put this poor girl through the wringer, and she shines from start to finish in one of the most physical roles I have ever seen man, woman, or child play. As the movie opens, she is living in a children's clinic, unable to talk since the shocking events of the previous Halloween night and increasingly prone to seizures and fits brought on by some kind of psychic connection with her uncle Michael. Eventually, she finds herself running for her life as her uncle chases her down with a car and then his trusty knife. Then toward the end comes the unforgettable scene in which she finds herself lodged in a laundry chute inside the abandoned Myers house desperately trying to stay alive. The depth of emotion and sense of utter terror she is able to convey is really quite extraordinary
I have to admit I didn't particularly care for this incarnation of Michael. No man can compare to the original Shape, Nick Castle, but the real problem for me in this movie is Michael's mask. It just hangs loosely around his neck, and the sight of it flopping out on both sides like an extra pair of very large earlobes really kept me from seeing this masked killer as the Michael I know and love. Donald Pleasance is, as usual, incredible as Dr. Loomis. I admit, Loomis seems to be getting a little bit loony by this point in the series, but who can blame him? Every time, he tells the authorities what is going to happen, yet no one ever believes him until it is too late. Bearing the scars of previous encounters with Michael, his bravery and obsession with Michael Myers earns him five stars in my book every single time.
Here are a few "problems" with this movie. Let's start with the obvious. What is wrong with the people in Haddonfield? It is very important to keep in mind the fact that no body was ever found of a seemingly vanquished Michael after the events of the previous year. Rachel, having barely lived through Halloween 4, not only leaves a spare key to her house on top of the doorframe, she leaves the door wide open while she is taking a shower. Then there are these moronic teenagers consuming far too much of our time. They insist on playing practical jokes on each other and even on the cops, finding the whole Boogeyman subject incredibly funny for some reason unknown to me. It's hard not to cheer for Michael as he goes after these goofs. Tina is incredibly immature, her boyfriend with the car fetish is unbearable, and her horny friends annoyed me as much as they apparently annoyed Michael. Then we come to the cops. Apparently, Michael's previous adventures have decimated the local police force because they are letting some incompetent people wear a badge these days. Hearing some type of obvious clown music play when the two "super cops" first appear is basically unforgivable as far as I'm concerned. Apparently, these two characters were supposed to supply some comic relief to a movie that needed nothing of the kind.
Overall, I think this movie has moments of greatness that, for the most part, make up for its flaws. Danielle Harris is amazing, and the final 10-15 minutes are riveting. More than anything, though, I have to return to the fact that I left the movie theatre all those years ago totally excited about this movie and its mysterious twists and turns. Any slasher movie that can inspire untold hours of speculation after the fact has achieved something quite rare indeed.
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on 18 March 2015
Really like this like all the halloween movies except H3 i think this has taken quite a beating in the reviews i don't think it deserves this much hate, i thought it was a worthy entry and a really good film.
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on 18 November 2013
It is exactly one year later since Michael Myers returned to terrorise his hometown of Haddonfield, and his long-lost niece, Jamie Lloyd. Now, he wants revenge.

Jamie, who has lost her ability to speak since attacking her foster mother, has developed a telepathic link with her uncle. Dr. Sam Loomis has realised this, and plans to use it to finally put an end to Michael's rage.

But unbeknown to them, a stranger has come to Haddonfield, and he is a key factor in the outcome of the madness that has plagued Haddonfield on Halloween for over ten years......

The fourth movie wasn't much cop, but it had the element of Myers returning for a Halloween sequel, much like Diesel returning for the Fast and Furious franchise, but while those movies are trashy fun, this one looks so messed up for some reason.

You get the feeling that so Many people messed around With the film, because half of the time, it really makes no sense, unless you watch the sixth installment.

I mean who on earth was the man in black, and why did he release Myers from Jail? All will be revealed if you see the next one, which is even worse.

On the plus side, Harris is great in her role, and there are one or two decent bits, but otherwise, there are time in the film where if you listen very carefully, you can hear Carpenter banging his head against the wall.

A wasted idea, really dull, and almost incomprehensible....
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on 19 October 2012
Not a lot to say you either love these films or no, I'm a big fan of he series so glad there is more to add to my collection.

The reason for the low stars. The picture is not what I would justify an upgrade to bly ray disk.

Very disappointed considering how good part one looked and I assume part 5 will be the same.

I really wish they wouldn't release bluray upgrades if they don't look any different its a waste of time, no more doubling dipping for this Halloween fan.

Now I await the rest of the series as long as same quality as part 1.
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on 16 January 2015

Indeed he's back for revenge on anyone who gets in his way so what's new! once again this is for die hard fans only as the average horror buff wouldn't get much from this, the Halloween series takes a few turns over the years but I think 4 and 5 are rather great movies, its just your classic slasher story with the killer coming back once again after his supposed death, back to Haddonfield to continue his search for his niece who now is in a hospital being treated after her last ordeal, the cast is good, your usual fodder for the kill, There's a few good kill scenes nothing that's major gory though, Danielle Harris again is great and is one of few child stars that can carry a horror movie, if your a fan make sure you pick this up on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray picture is pretty good, lots of great features including a commentary and several short behind the scenes and interviews etc.
If your a massive die hard fan of this movie you can get a cool German import media book which is 3-discs including the Blu-ray, DVD and CD soundtrack, English, Region B. has all the features and more.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 October 2015
Halloween 5: The Return of Michael Myers picks up where part 4 left off, only Michael is not dead, obviously! He's come back to Haddonfield intent on finally killing his niece, Jamie (Danielle Harris), who due to trauma has lost the ability to speak and now has a psychic link with mad uncle Michael. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is once again on hand to be nutty and spout ominous warnings, while all other folk in Myers' way are doomed.

It starts off quite promising, with shades of Frankenstein (1931) offering hope that maybe this wont be a sequel reeking of cash cow formula. Unfortunately it proves to be a false dawn, evidence that the writers were out of ideas, it lacks scares or a narrative spark to ignite suspense sequences. Harris is once again superb, Pleasence good fun as usual as he hams for all he is worth, while an extended sequence in a barn keeps fans of the series happy. It's passable fun for the slasher crowd, but ultimately it's unimaginative and a low point for the Halloween franchise. 5/10
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on 9 January 2008
Has of the title you can feel that it is a very dull movie, but it has some good stuff in it like the connection between Jamie and Michael and of course this film has to be the darkest yet of all the Halloween movies, michael is again after Jamie and after the shootout at the end of H4 he is once again in a coma for 1 year until Halloween when he reawakens and goes after jamie who after the events of H4 she is in a childrens hospital where she gets images of michael
well thats enough of the plot now, the 5th halloween and things are going a little dull the usual formuler isnt working and again this series feels like it needs a reboot a reworking it needs Jamie lee curtis back!
This film again is worthy of adding to your Halloween collection.
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on 25 February 2015
This is the dutch import for H5,
choose '16.9 full' on your disc spinner
and the 4.3 image stretches into widescreen,
it suits me. On my H4 comments i said use zoom,
oh how wrong i was!. So if you can do this (my players
a DMP BDT700) i think the picture looks a lot nicer.
Those left & right bars annoy me no end. But if you
can live with 4:3 you'll still have a good time.
Pleasence is quality, as per usual. The little girl
pulls a lot of funny faces, the div.
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