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VINE VOICEon 25 February 2013
I bought these to replace a pair of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors whose cable had failed a second time, and my experience thus far has been good, but not wonderful. The strengths of these headphones can be summarised thus: they fit comfortably and isolate you quite effectively from outside noise; and the sound is clear, well-balanced and easy to listen to across a wide variety of styles of music. However, they are not without drawbacks: the sound is not the most exciting you'll find; and the cable is prone to snag on anything it can. If you're going to use these earphones at your desk, then they'll be hard to fault, but for use out and about, you may find (as I have done) that the cable causes more trouble than you're prepared to accept.

Let's start with the positives, though. Firstly, these headphones do sound good. I've had mine for a month or so now and have tried a wide range of music with them, from early renaissance choral music, where delicacy of texture and accurate reproduction of voices was crucial, to some nasty Ed Rush and Optical drum'n'bass. They've acquitted themselves very well, and I've had some good, long listening sessions where the sound has never grated or become hard work. They're comfortable, too, and isolate you well from external noises.

However, the drawbacks are sufficient to make my recommendation a guarded one. The sound is relaxed, not exciting, and these certainly aren't for listeners who love a hefty dollop of bass (they reproduce recordings faithfully, no more), and the cable is a real pain in the arse. It's made of a slightly sticky rubber, so it snags on clothing, bags, anything it can, and the connection to the earphones themselves doesn't look too sturdy. Moreover, my old Ultimate Ears headphones offered replaceable cables, whereas once these are gone, they're gone.

So, if you're looking for good in-ear headphones for the office or library, these would be excellent. For people on the move, I'd say look elsewhere.
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on 10 May 2014
They sound great and fit nicely as everyone else will tell you however my set stopped working after 6 weeks (something to do with the cable and where it comes out of the jack, i'm not sure if if got a bad pair or this is a common problem, I was fairly careful when removing the jack to not pull on the cable but i'm sure it happened a few times, still, not the sort of durability I would expect from earphones of this price. (Amazon did let me return them for a full refund though)
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on 17 December 2013
I loved everything about the older S4 model except for one very fundamental problem - they have a design flaw whereby, no matter how well you look after them, the internal wiring wears through at the point where the cable meets the jack, so after a few months one of the earphones cuts out and stops working.
This happened to no less than three pairs in a row so, obviously, I stopped buying them after that. Then, I saw this newer model with thicker cabling which, I hoped, meant that Klipsch had addressed the problem and I decided to take a punt.
What a shame then when I found that, after just four months of use, these very expensive headphones stopped working due to exactly the same design defect that the previous model had had.
Also, don't be reassured by the "2 year guarantee" either - it's a bit of a scam as, in the UK at least, Klipsch will not deal with you directly. This means that you have to go through your dealer. If you're lucky then your dealer (be it Amazon or whoever) may honour the guarantee but that is at their discretion, and thus very far from "guarantee'd".
Please don't buy these - the fact that Klipsch is selling these at a premium price but with exactly the same short lifespan is really not on; and when they break (and they will break, believe me) you will regret your purchase.
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on 14 September 2014
I lose earphones a lot. No matter how much they cost, they always seem to have a life cycle of about a year. My third pair of Shure SE535s that cost £350, nope, that's no deterrent for my erratic forgetful brain. Because of this I'm now punishing myself with not being able to purchase headphones that cost over £50.

Fortunately the Klipsch's make that punishment very bearable. They sound great, they fit well (though admittedly I did swap the silicon tips for my Shure foamies - they made for a better seal and were highly comfortable, you can purchase these separately if you wish).

A lot of the reviews here say these break quickly and frequently which just isn't the case. I'm not sure how these reviewers were using their earbuds, but in the nearly two years I owned my pair (before obviously losing them) I only ever had to wrap some tape around the 3.5mm jack plug to keep it stiff. Otherwise, wrapping them up, stuffing them in my jeans rear pocket, getting them sat on, they went through hell and still came out strong and ready to put up with another day.

So I can't recommend these enough, they're the best sounding earbuds for the price you're paying (some £100 pairs sound worse by comparison).
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on 25 April 2015
I love the sound of Klipsch headphones, and I had two pairs which I used in-parallel for what must have been over two years. Since then, however, I've been through three pairs, all of which have failed in one way or another almost exactly after six months of use. I always handle my headphones with care, replacing them loosely-wound in the carry pouch when not in-use, but that wasn't enough to stop them failing at the point where the cable meets the plug (..probably not helped by the design of recent editions changing from a right-angled to a straight plug, which is more susceptible to damage in the pocket). And it's not always the cable - I had one pair where a driver died suddenly, completely, and without warning.

I've managed to get warranty-refunds for all of the pairs that failed in six-months, but I won't be buying any more. Sorry Klipsch, it's the end-of-the-road for this previously loyal customer.
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on 25 February 2015
These headphones sound fairly good, I will not talk too much of it because its been quite a while since I listened to them without doing a task simultaneously. However I will say when I got my first pair I actually preferred using them over a far more expensive pair of on-ear headphones. I have rated them 1 star because once again they have failed after around 6 months of light usage. After the first pair broke I received a replacement pair from Amazon with no fuss. The replacement pair have now broke (no sound from the right ear piece) just after 12 months from the original purchase and I was informed last time that Amazon will therefore not replace them. Furthermore it must be noted that even when they are working, you must ensure that the cable is not sitting loose on clothing otherwise they will rub and create a large rustling noise, ruining your music.
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on 17 January 2014
If you owned the S4 model then you'll find that this model merely has a new flat cable which feels more durable and a new soft case. at this price you get an overall quality product with decent sound specs (the result of a 8.5mm sound driver). The direct competitor is rather the Denon AH-C100 model. The Shure SE215 and the Phonak Audeo PFE 012 most probably deliver better sound but cost more.
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on 11 January 2014
There are numerous different types of in-ear headsets and you should be very careful to choose the ones that you exactly want.
These - are in-ear and are much less cumbersome than over-ear ones, are very comfortable to wear, fit nicely into most ears, isolate you from surrounding noise effectively and have great sound quality.
Please note that these do not have the remote control & microphone on the headset cable but it is widely believed that not having this facility yields an improvement in sound quality - this headset certainly delivers high quality sound.
However, if you do want the remote control, then buy the alternative model of Klipsch headset which includes this facility. Although the sound quality may be very slightly compromised, you may feel that having the remote control facility is important to you.
All in all, a very good and comfortable headset, especially for listening on the move. Consider the alternative model if you want the remote control & mic facility.
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on 5 December 2013
I purchased these in the black Friday sale for £35 to replace my original Klipsch Image S4 Headphones (not II with the flat cable). I have owned a vast range of of mid-market in-ear headphones (£15-£60) from the likes of sony, sennheiser, JVC etc and and in my opinion Klipsch's S4 range are the clear winners in terms of sound quality. The unique earbuds create a great seal in my ear, keeping out background noise and keeping them in while I'm at the gym, although I have heard that this is not the case for everyone so I guess it depends on your ears. The flat cable is a bit of a novelty, it does prevent tangling just looks slightly odd.

As others reviews state the main downside is the build quality. While I have not had any problems with these particular earphones my previous Klipsch Image S4 'I' Headphones did become faulty but as you are buying from Amazon returns/replacements are not a problem if the product does become faulty within the 2 years manufacturers warranty.
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on 5 May 2014
These don't last so a waste of money. Four months after purchasing these, they have stopped working in one ear. Get these if you can afford to blow £50 every few months otherwise buy something else. It's a shame because these have amazing sound quality while they work.
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