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on 28 April 2017
This was my third set. They keep losing sound in right earbud after 4/6 months but superb while they lasted. Expensive for the time though.
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on 7 November 2015
Third pair (I keep losing them). Really like the flat cord -- reduces tangling
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on 4 October 2013
Now, about the price tag. I have to say that the audio quality is definitely there. It's superb.

However I can't say the same about the build quality of these and reading the reviews it seems that others have been having the same issues as well. Most online reviews can't perfectly judge build quality because they don't have the time to use them long enough. That's why they mainly focus on audio and how they fit.

Within 1,5 years I'm now on my 3rd pair. The cable has a tendency to break within from the base of the 2,5mm plug. My previous ones were the no. 1 model which I paid around 60e at my local store. They broke after a year or so, and because my store didn't have them anymore I got these through warranty and within 6 months they broke as well. This kind of quality is what you'd expect out of what? 5-10e earplugs?

Now I'm kind off fine when it comes to replacing them, because I can always just drive to the store and get these instead of the cheaper rev 1 -models. And they don't have any good alternatives at this price range/audio quality there. Sooner or later though, it'll cost me more because of gas price. Can't even imagine how hard it can get for those who have to go through warranty online, or don't have a car or a store nearby.

But why do these cost this much more to begin with? They have the same audio quality as the first ones and the build quality is worse. Should I honestly believe that a flat cable (which I think is the source of them breaking more often) is worth the price? It's absolutely absurd. It seems that they saw how popular the first model was, increased the price and threw a flat cable in there to trick people. Even though it should be self explanatory on a 2nd gen model and worth 5e at most. If you absolutely have to go with Klipsch for some reason and think the quality's worth it, then get the first ones which are nearly half the price. Klipsch Image S4i Headphones -with built-in mic (iPhone Compatible). These are just... Ugh...
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on 25 January 2014
Unfortunately not long after writing my review of how wonderful the sound is on these earphones, the sound in each ear diminished and I could no longer use them. I didn't mind the flat cord but these are not built to last. Shame. After these I bought the Rugged version of these and they are still going a few months later with even better sound. You live, you learn.
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on 27 March 2014
Well, the sound quality is superb - very balanced and detailed - but the noise transferred from the cable when you're walking is distracting. Not quite sure how to resolve this, I was thinking of applying some heatshrink wrap to the cables? Why anyone would need their headphone cable to be flat and grippy I'm not sure, all I know is it sticks to my jacket awkwardly and transfers a heck of a lot of noise to my ears. On the plus side, as I said the sound quality is excellent as is the sound isolation aspect, I can use these on the train or tube at moderate levels of volume and still hear clearly, without disturbing anyone with your classic 'open' cheap earbuds. Overall very pleased with these, I tried some AKG K451's recently which everyone seemed to rave about but they were horribly muddy and bass heavy - nowhere near as accurate as these Klipsch earphones. Despite the cable noise, I would still recommend these to people when they ask about headphones, at least for now until I come across something better?
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on 15 June 2013
I bought a pair of these to replace my old Klipsch S4i's that I both found then lost in the same day. I previously had some Ultimate Ears 600vi that I had to have replaced twice, so buying my second pair of these shows how much I like them. The cable is really long, gives me about 4 extra inches more than I need to reach from my head to my jeans pocket. The audio is bassy but not too strong. Sound is clear and the rubber tips do a good job of blocking the sound of my bus journey out. It comes with a nice zip up pouch, which is an improvement over the tin with my old S4i's, and includes 3 sets of rubber ear pieces, although you might want some foam tips for better fit and isolation.

These are great headphones for their price.
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on 4 February 2013
I had a pair of the S4i and used them for about 4 years. I was very happy with them, apart from the microphone which I found I had to hold to my mouth to increase it's efficacy. The cable eventually failed at the point where the cable enters the mini-jack rendering them useless.

I replaced them with the S4i ii as I assumed they would be improved over the old model. I've used them for about a month now.

The good: the microphone is improved and I no longer have to hold it to my mouth in order for the person on the other end of the line to hear me. At first glance the cable seems to have been reinforced where the cable enters the mini-jack. They still have the great sound quality I became used to with the s4is (although I had to burn them in for a couple of days, they sounded horrible straight out of the box).

The bad: This is what loses two full stars for me. The cable. It is HATEFUL. I can't believe Klipsch actually decided the material the cable is made of is an improvement on the old. It is made of an almost sticky plastic/rubber which causes more noise transfer to your ear due to the cable rubbing on your clothing as you walk. It may be tangle-proof but because of its oval cross section it has a torsional strength which makes twists in the cable mount up so you have to unplug the cable from the source in order for it to untwist. Another annoyance is the little band that joins the left and right cables so you can pull them tight up to your chin. When storing the headphones it seems to overcome the sticky plastic and manages to slide towards the earbuds, effectively joining them, meaning you have to pull it back down to the mic so you can get the earbuds in your ears. Only now it doesn't slide for some reason , so I honestly struggle to get it back down to where it should stay at the mic and feel like I'm straining the cable from the earbuds in the process.

Would I buy the S4i iis again? No. Would I buy the S4is instead? Possibly, but the mic was an issue for me. If you aren't bothered about the mic get the S4is over these, overall the product is much better. If I haven't persuaded you not to buy them I would urge you to try them in person in-store. And please, please, please Klipsch R&D, what were you thinking? Change the cable. It's only because these headphones sound good I've given them three stars. If they didn't sound so good they'd be 1 star.

EDIT: Failed in the right ear after 2 months, so returned for a refund. Hence rating change to 1 star.
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on 31 March 2013
After a terrible experience with Beats by Dr Dre (Tour with ControlTalk), I decided to give these a go following some impressive reviews of the originals. I wasn't disappointed; these are more comfortable and more accurate than my Tours, and provide enough bass without overpowering the mids or highs. At this price, I expected mids to be a little flat, but they are full and dynamic, although sometimes feel a little soft.

My only complaint would be the position of the remote, which acts as a splitter for the cable. It's just a little further away from my mouth than I would like, and people on the other end of the phone often say I'm speaking too quietly.
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on 25 November 2013
Such a shame. Have raved about Klipsch for years, the S4's have amazing sound and comfort. But the cable..... I cannot believe after all these years Klipsch haven't drastically re-thought their cables. I have owned two pairs of these and the sound gave out on both, one after 10 months the other after about 6. The S3's I owned didn't last long either.

Why let down an otherwise amazing product at the last hurdle?

Come on Klipsch - you KNOW this a problem. Fix it.
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on 18 May 2014
After less then half a year one channel is gone... really disappointed that they didn't last, apart from that somehow uncomfortable to wear (tried all the tips) even though Klipsch credit themsleves with those uniquely profiled buds... overall impression - a bit overpriced and tiresome to the ear after a while, still have an identical pair of them left - let see how long they are going to last for...
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