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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2016
I bought Rita Ora's debut album full of high hopes after listening to a couple of really good singles. I am not really impressed. The album is too eclectic for my tastes. It really feels like an assortment of tracks, and there is little cohesion. I also don't feel it does her voice much justice, with the exception of two tracks

1. Facemelt - 2/10 - Probably the worst opening track I have ever head. Just a noisy mess.
2. Roc the Life - 8/10 - This is one of the standout tracks on the album. Good drums and vocals.
3. How We Do (Party) - 6/10 - The verses drag, but the pre-chorus and chorus are catchy.
4. R.I.P. - 8/10 - Another standout track, with great instrumentals. Tinie Tempah is a great addition to the track and Rita sounds good.
5. Radioactive - 6/10 - There is a bit of a disconnect between the verses and chorus. The chorus is fist-pumping good, though.
6. Shine Ya Light - 4/10 - Very repetitive chorus and a not very interesting track overall
7. Love and War - 7/10 - This is a really good album track. J. Cole's addition to the track is great.
8. Uneasy - 6/10 - This song has so much potential to be brilliant, but the clipped/rapped delivery of the verses and the "yeah-ay-ay" really drag it down.
9. Fall in Love - 4/10 - A poor collaboration between Rita and The auto tune and pointless lyrics from and the screechy chorus from Rita don't exactly make for a pleasant listen.
10. Been Lying - 5/10 - Another repetitive track. Rita, at least, sounds good on the track.
11. Hello, Hi, Goodbye - 7/10 - This is a very pleasant mid-tempo track. The emotion in Rita's voice is not overshadowed by any jarring beats. The ending of the track could be better, though. It feels very "cut-off".
12. Hot Right Now - 8/10 - This is the song which introduced me to Rita. Headstompingly good. I'm still holding out for a good live performance of the song.
13. Crazy Girl - 6/10 - Good bonus track.
14. Young, Single & Sexy - 10/10 - This is my favourite song on the album. I think this the only track where Rita explores her vocal range in depth. The ad-libs at the end sound nice.
15. Meet Ya - 6/10 - Another good bonus track. Not the best choice to close the album, in my opinion, as it just peters out at the end.
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on 9 September 2012
I was excited about Rita and I still am, I love the texture in her voice, it think she has a lot more vocal range than she is show casing and I think she has room to grow and gain more octaves and sonically go in many directions. I expected a lot more vocal range and better song choice, high expectations and then you get blah. Some songs are very nicely done and well sung, I'm just tired of hearing the same old thing over and over again. R.I.P was very good just because the song title isn't what the song is about and I like the mix of fast beat over slower singing, something different. She has an amazing voice and she could have sung a signature song that would set her apart. Like Brandy, Monica, AKeys, they Mary J, I know she isn't up there but from the jump they had a sound that was their own, you know a certain sound or song that you know you get from them, that sets them apart Usher is a great example, Anthony Hamilton Musiq SoulChild list goes on Lyfe Jennings. I'm just saying setting yourself apart from the start, she's being compared to Rihanna I would think that ticks her off and would do all she could to set herself apart from her from album 1.
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on 27 August 2012
So don't expect amazing lyrics, perfect vocal pitches and amazing songs, but...

The songs are all catchy and Rita has a lovely voice. Bar the first song "Facemelt", there isn't a single song you need to skip. The songs all carry a nice message and are upbeat and well-sung. My personal favourities are "Roc The Life", "Radioactive", "How We Do", "Been Lyin" and "Hot Right Now". These are the catchiest, most upbeat songs on the album and all the potential singles.

The other songs are pleasant, but they feel a little like filler tracks and can be a tiny bit repetitive. The main reason for this, is Rita hasn't written most of these songs or contributed to the writing in any way. And, because of that, it feels more like the work of a singer rather than an artist. There is something missing.

Thankfully, that something is very minor and we must remember this s a debut album and an outstanding first attempt. Nothing new is covered here and this feels like a lacks personality on the whole. But occasionally, Rita shines through and she is amazing.

The album is great for exercising to and I am sure it will be a grower! Well done, Rita!

My only issue is that she needs to find her own personality and develop a little. But, practice makes perfect. In some ways. This feels like a Rihanna-inspired album. I love Rihanna, but I feel this is very similar in style. Too similar.

But Rita's voice shines through and is lovely to listen to. I think you should buy tha because you won't regret it! It want be a firm favourite, but is pleasant and will keep your need for music satisfied for a while.
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on 10 March 2015
Our 7 year old daughter developed a fixation with Rita Ora after seeing her on The Voice. So as a treat I bought her this album which she absolutely adores. The tracks are okay but, I do think that this album should come with some sort of parental advisory notice due to the repeated use of some pretty vulgar language throughout a number of songs. As someone who grew up with the punk movement, I'm no prude and it takes a lot to shock me but, I do feel that on this occasion Amazon has let me down.
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on 20 December 2014
One of the best albums I own. It's fresh, new and addictive. Make sure to check it out if you haven't already before!

1. Facemelt 9/10
A great intro to the album but should've had an extended version like Rihanna's hit "Birthday Cake" as it could be massive in full

2. Roc The Life 10/10
At first I wasn't too sure and I thought it was a bit repetitive but it grew on me a lot. I now think it's one of the highlights on the album. Also the drums sound great!

3. How We Do (Party) 10/10
Obviously a massive hit for Rita, fun and sexy with an "I don't care" sort of attitude which makes it a tune to enjoy at all times

4. R.I.P (featuring Tinie Tempah) 10/10
Rita's first number 1 single as the lead artist, this was a huge song and was played everywhere. It's incredibly well written and produced and deserves the incredible success it gained

5. Radioactive 10/10
This is another club hit that you'll love as soon as you hear it. Great work

6. Shine Ya Light 10/10
One of the best on the entire album, amazing production and melodies. Love it!

7. Love And War (featuring J. Cole) 10/10
The mix of Rita and J. Cole's vocals together make for this amazing song. Admittedly I thought it wouldn't sound right but it goes perfectly together and makes for another highlight

8. Uneasy 9/10
This track is raunchy and hot and you'll love how catchy it is, although it can get repetitive

9. Fall In Love (featuring 9/10
Another hit you'd expect to feature It's got a booming chorus and is drenched in synths and autotune but is just for the fun!

10. Been Lying 10/10
One of the most personal songs on the album, Rita's vocals sound great on here and it's another great track

11. Hello, Hi, Goodbye 9/10
Not one of the best on here but definitely worth the listen, great vocals and production

12. Hot Right Now (with DJ Fresh) 10/10
A huge single which went to become one of the best selling songs of the year! Super fun and catchy, instant hit

13. Crazy Girl 9/10
This track has a sound which wasn't heard on the rest of the album but works well and sounds great.

14. Young, Single & Sexy 10/10
A hit that charted without even being released as a single! It could easily have become a single and should've made it onto the standard edition album (make sure to check it out!)

15. Meet Ya 10/10
Serving as an outro to the deluxe edition album, this song is brilliant, short and sweet and you'll adore it's simplistic instrumental. The melodies are some of the best on the album.

Overall this is one massive album with no bad tracks at all, definitely recommend you try it out!
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on 8 June 2015
I feel so bad only giving this album, Rita Ora's debut, 3 stars- it was almost four- and also who am i to judge ?(No, I've changed it to 4!) I don't have her incredible musical talent- for Rita Ora is truely gifted. I admit, I am a big fan of Rita Ora- and have a lot of admiration for her. A bit behind the times, I first heard of her seeing her on The Voice! Yet, she has such an amazing personality, energy and passion for music- and when I saw her perform on the show and with Charli Xcx, on Graham Norton's chat show - I finally bought the album!!
For me, perhaps overall, 'Ora' is not Quite to my musical taste- but it obviously IS a great album- and I'd like to try and give a brief review. I think that since it was recorded, Rita's voice has continued to improve and develop- and she is a wonderful singer and performer- I will definately be buying her next album.
Anyway, in short, there are no major complaints- and for someone so young I'm glad Rita was proud of it- and rightly so. My favourite tracks are Facemelt, and then Radioactive and Uneasy are superb! I feel guilty for saying I'm not struck on Fall In Love at all- but as for the rest of the album it is good.
I guess I just hope the next album might musically be a little different and in a way get to show off more of just how brilliant Rita Ora's voice is. She's proven it performing live this year- and i hope there will be live dvd's, and tours one day!
I wish Rita Ora a great career, having had so much success so young- i also hope she is happy- she has a personality you cannot help but warm to- an inspiration. Good Luck Rita.You deserve it.
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on 30 August 2016
Unfortunately like many English artist especially females they try to cack states music industry so many don't do it rita is one of them want is a shame as she has powerful voice
This album is really good but I think it wilbe a while till she brings out some new material
But with her model looks sure she will be success on that front
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on 5 April 2013
To be honest, I wasn't that interested in Rita Ora when she first became popular. Although I liked her singles R.I.P, How We Do and Hot Right Now, I didn't think they were really anything special or groundbreaking. However, I still decided to buy the album, in the hope that I'd be surprised, and I was, just not instantly.

On the first few listens, I found ORA to be on the same level as the singles released from it; nothing special or groundbreaking, but I think as the tunes get in your head, and you feel like listening to the album more, its qualities really shine through.

Rita Ora does have a strong voice, and while it is not really used to its full extent all the time in this album, there are some moments where it is really strong.

Here's a track-by-track analysis


Facemelt - This 1 minute intro seems to be a marmite track. I actually like it, although I can see why others wouldn't. The whole thing is a bit messy and strange and the lyrics are pretty weak. Also, it does get on your nerves after a while. 6.5/10

Roc The Life - This is probably my least favourite track. It's kinda boring and seems unfinished, and a little cheesy. The 'li-li-li' hook is extremely annoying and the song isn't that memorable. It's not awful though, just not particularly good. 5/10

How We Do (Party) - If you couldn't tell by the title, this is a pure party track. It's very similar to Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night' and Jessie J's 'Domino', as it is an easy, fun listen and has a guitar led beat. Again, it's not a bad track, but it is quite bland and not a standout track. Saying that, it is very catchy. 6.5/10

R.I.P. - A mainly dubstep and R'n'B song. I did like it at first but it gets boring fast. Shouldn't have been the lead single and, once again, is quite bland and not a standout track. 6/10

Radioactive - This is where the album really picks itself up and begins. This is a massive David Guetta-esque club track, with tons of hooks and synths, and it's one of those tracks that you have to listen to closely and see how it works to really get the most enjoyment out of it. 10/10

Shine Ya Light - A sweet, listenable electropop track with elements of reggae. It's a nice track, but does seem like a filler a times, and seems a bit weak following the amazing Radioactive. 8/10

Love And War - An R'n'B track with elements of electropop. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it has really grown on me. I love the electro beat during the verses and the way it switches to the pure R'n'B beat in the chorus, and the song is dangerously catchy. 10/10

Uneasy - A much harder, rockier track, a little like Facemelt. Much like some of the other tracks, I didn't like it at first, but as it got into my head, I started to like it. However, it does get annoying after a while as it is quite repetitive. 7.5/10

Fall In Love - A collaboration with, and while I usually like him, this track is really bad. the slightly poppier parts of the track are alright, and have a nice beat, although the autotuned vocals are really messy. But it's when the electro beat comes in, which sounds just like a drill, that the track is ruined. It continues past the chorus and takes up most of the song, and makes it impossible to like or take seriously. However, I wouldn't call it my least favourite track as I can't really call it boring, and it is almost so bad it's funny. 3/10

Been Lying - A pop ballad, and while it is a nice little track, I have heard it been done a thousand times before, and it is easy to forget it's on the album. Rita also seems to swear for the sake of it, as it really doesn't fit the song. 7/10

Hello, Hi, Goodbye - My favourite track on the album when I first heard it, and although that title has been taken by Radioactive, I still love this song. It has a very tribal beat and sound, and loads of instantly catchy hooks. I also like the weirdly sparse atmosphere and the sound effects. Not everyone will enjoy it, but I certainly do. 10/10

Hot Right Now - Rita's collaboration with DJ Fresh, and the song that catapulted her to success. It's an extremely fast drum and bass track, and while it might seem a little unoriginal and bland at first, you can't deny that it's an absolute thrill ride. Problem is it's too short. 9/10


While it's not all good, ORA is a great pop/R'n'B album, and the great tracks definetly make up for the below average ones. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where Rita goes next.

Also, I'm sorry, but the album cover is awful. I really hate how the word 'ORA' is on there twice.
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on 8 January 2013
Got this for our daughter as she loves Rita ora. She hasn't had a chance to play the whole cd yet but she was thrilled with it. Good quality and sealed
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on 4 July 2016
Whilst album is great, however when I took off the cellophane the CD case just fell apart. I now only have the base to place the CD into. It feels a shame to only give 3 stars, but that is 5 stars for the album, but minus 2 for the broken case!
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