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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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NB: As is their wont, Amazon have bundled together reviews for various editions of this title. This review refers to the two-disc DVD release including both the original theatrical cut and the special edition.

Watching the original versions of the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD is like travelling back in time - not so much to the innocence of youth but more to the days when picture quality was never much of a consideration on video releases and Fox had the reputation for the worst transfers in the business. Watching the PAL DVDs is to step back into an age of low resolution standards conversions from NTSC to PAL with all the loss of detail and motion blurring that that entailed: certainly if you've got one of the old remastered video releases you might as well hold on to that, because the quality isn't as poor as this. The sound quality is pretty awful as well. From Lucas' past track record it's all too easy to imagine this is just a scam to allow him to sell a remastered version a couple of years down the line, but it's even harder to dispel the notion that somewhere Lucas is whining "See how soft the focus is? How can you say these are better films?"

The Empire Strikes Back suffered the least in the special edition reworkings (although the clunky rewriting of the scene with the Emperor shows Lucas' leaden touch with dialog only too clearly) and as a transfer suffers the least of the original versions, but it's still not good enough. The film itself holds up surprisingly well, fully deserving its reputation as the best (and naturally least commercially successful) of the series. A lot of the credit has to go to co-writer Leigh Brackett, with the film's verbal sparring having a classic Hollywood feel to it that gives it a mixture of the best of both worlds, while keeping things moving at a brisk pace. Irvin Kershner's direction brings the best out of the cast too, while the action scenes - particularly the battle on the ice - are the best in the series. It's just a shame that the film's (genuinely unexpected at the time) cliffhanger was thrown away in the follow-up.
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on 28 July 2013
discs works great thanks, plays great on my laserdisc machine, condtions of the sleeve was intact and not dinted , great deal
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on 28 October 2014
good good
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on 5 September 2016
Good movie overrated steelbook
review image
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My quest to watch the saga in the order that 'George Lucas' intended after making the prequels continues.....
With just the one left to watch prior to the Blu-Ray / DVD release of 'The Force Awakens' i have found this to be both an
exciting and enjoyable journey, i can recommend giving it a go if you've not already done so.
To the film - 'The Empire Strikes Back'
Despite having lost the 'Death-Star' the Empire continue their rule and indeed their pursuit of the Rebel-Forces led by
'Princess Leia' (Carrie Fisher) and assisted by 'Luke Skywalker' (Mark Hamill) and 'Harns Solo' (Harrison Ford)
The rebels have set up base on a frozen wasteland within the 'Hoth' system but will have to evacuate as the dark-lord
'Darth Vader' (David Prowse) and his forces bear own upon them.
'Darth Vader' and the 'Emperor'(voiced by Clive Revill) know they must either dispose of 'Luke' or have him join them on the
Dark-Side before his power becomes a threat to them.
'Luke' has been told by 'Ben 'Obi-Wan' Kenobi' (Alec Guinness) to seek out 'Jedi' Grand-Master 'Yoda' (voiced by Frank Oz)
who now lives in exile on 'Dogabah' in a Hut, 'Luke' needs to complete his training to become a Jedi-Knight.
Meanwhile 'Darth' pursues 'Han Solo's' craft with 'Leia' 'Chewbacca' (Peter Mayhew) and 'C-3PO' (voiced by Anthony Daniels)
as they try to escape and find refuge to repair damage to the craft.
However they walk into a trap, 'Luke' who's training with 'Yoda' goes well senses his friends are in danger, he'll try to save them despite
'Yoda' and the spirit of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' telling him he's not yet ready, he must try.....
'Luke' in facing 'Darth Vader' will learn a truth he does not want to hear....

Another action packed journey in the Star Wars saga that will engage your attention with it's battle and fight sequences and it's
usual measure of humour.
Given the film is some 35 years old now, the special-effects were way ahead of there time....
The Blu-ray upgrade is Good.
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on 21 November 2016
Star Wars th greatest series In history.
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on 15 January 2016
While A New Hope has perhaps the most memorable plot and Return of the Jedi the more compelling moral message, Empire Strikes back still takes the cake because it is the most action-oriented and serious film of the original trilogy. Very little time is given to goofy alien puppets or other attempts by George Lucas of comic relief. Granted, the entire sequence of Luke and the wampa in its ice cave feels out of place in this genre, but it is pivotal because it is in this dire situation that Luke learns to use the force to save his own life. We are then treated to the Empire's assault on the ice planet of Hoth. A vast improvement over A New Hope's final battle; the action here is fast, brutal and the AT-ATs set a technological benchmark for the time.

The Empire Strike back's biggest weakness, just like Episode II, is that of a plot that is hard to describe. What exactly happens? Well, our heroes manage to escape with a malfunctional Millenium Falcon and are then forced to hide in an asteroid belt while Luke travels to the Dagoba system and received training from Yoda. Meanwhile Han, Chewie and Leia are forced to abandon their hiding spot in an asteroid once they realize they are actually in the guts of a giant space wurm; the approach the Empire fleet and manage to hide on one of the Star Destroyers' hulls and drift away as the fleet empties its junk before transitioning into hyperspace. Han says he knows a friend who can help them, but it is at that location that they are captured by Vader. Having sensed their friends in danger, Luke abandons his training and comes to their aid, only to ultimately have to be rescued by them and obviously learning a very inconvenient truth. Thats all I can sum up the story as. As you can see, not very defining.

Still, apart from the massive upscale in terms of pacing and action, another vast improvement Empire Strikes Back makes over A New Hope is the use of the film score. Iconic themes always accompany scene transitions and during battles where there was only silence of generic music in A New Hope. The actors also do a better job saying their lines than during A New Hope, although Chewbacca remains cringey, and Han Solo as obnoxious as before (I'll never understand the Star Wars community's adoration of these characters while hating the prequels' clumsy Jar Jar). Darth Vader has improved a lot, far more menacing now than in A New Hope as he routinely executes commanders who disappoint him and replaces them with others.

So the bottom line is, while not having a clear plot or doomsday device like the Death Star, the Empire Strikes back still manages to be the strongest film in the original trilogy, and entertaining from start till finish. Therefore, a 4 out of 5.
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on 5 March 2017
I brought these on the recommendation of another reviewer, saying that these steel book versions were the original, unaltered cut of the movies. So after buying them for my husband for a gift and excitedly telling him that they are the originals, imagine my surprise when we started watching A New Hope to see CGI additions! I shouldn't have taken the word of another reviewer but it doesn't actually specify on the product page which version it is. I think they're all the 1997 additions.
So unless you desperately want the steel book, I'd get the 6 movie pack that comes with lots of extras for a lot less money than buying all these steel books separately.
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on 24 January 2017
Great watch, only floor is when your internet goes down then you can't access and the company I'm with don't send any one out quickly!
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on 30 November 2015
This product (along with the other 5, which I have also) is a beautiful steelbook. the 'STAR WARS' is embossed and the rest of the case has a gloss finish. The spines match up perfectly and look uniform on any shelf. overall a very nice, well made set. Finally these products come packaged in a paper/card with information (not a slip cover).

Interior and Disc:
There is Disc art on each disc, matching the cover. Their is magnificent artowork on the interior of each case, in 'Empire Strikes Back' the battle of Hoth is featured. no manuals or paperwork of any kind.

Each movie comes with only 1 disc. the disc features commentary and the movie only.

Thke movies themselves look great on blu ray, I will not go into detail here, as they can be found all over the internet.

I can see this set being appealing to only 2 types of people. Individuals who have not picked up the 'Star Wars: The Complete Saga' (Like myself) or collectors who would like these stunning steelbooks for their star wars collections.

For a casual buyer who loves Star Wars or blu ray, as good as this set is the price is very steep for the same movies in different packaging, particularley if you own the blu rays already. For this reason I can't give 5 stars.

Ps: these are the digitally enhanced versions.
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