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on 6 March 2017
This really is a very good book. A little overwhelming on first read but I've had it for several years now and I find myself constantly revisiting the various chapters for guidance.

The difference between this and other books on the subject is that this one nurtures your understanding on how to tackle various mixing issues, rather than just the usual "try this and if it doesn't work play around a bit". The chapter on reverb, for example, breaks the task down based on what you want to achieve by adding reverb (size, sustain, blend etc.) and then gives clear guidance on how to achieve these things whilst still leaving scope for your own taste.

I highly recommend this alongside Paul White's Producers Manual as useful and accessible texts on mixing. Plenty of depth and practical advice in both.
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on 5 February 2017
This book explain everything you have to know to get started in mixing others or your own music. The book is not only about what you have to know inside the "box" but also how to prepare you home studio to get the maximum out of your equipment. Mike Senior writing style is very open he is not only telling the dry facts about mixing, but also give you some insight about how is everything connected together. I love this book I read it already two times and this wont be my last time. If you interested on the field of mixing with one of the best guide you could have then this book is just for you!
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on 29 October 2015
Only part way through the book, but so far I have picked up lots of tips to help my mixing. No book is going to give quick answers everything you need to know but with the guidance and tips from the book along with lots of practice you will improve your mixing. Listening back to old mixes and compare your more recent mixes is one of the best ways to learn.
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on 9 June 2017
Great book for those interested in the topic. Written by someone who knows what they're talking about and has the experience to back it up.
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on 4 May 2017
Haven`t read all of it yet but so far quite useful.
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on 4 September 2017
well worth reading.
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on 19 September 2017
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on 27 March 2017
If you really want some true knowledge,you'll find it in this book
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on 31 July 2012
If you're like me and relatively new to audio & midi mixing, this book is invaluable. I've read several books on the subject and what I really wanted to know was the practical process of putting together a selection of audio and midi tracks to create a quality sound. I got into mixing because two friends and I occasionally play together and we thought it would be great to have some record of our sessions. So armed with a couple of Zoom R series recorders and Cubase 6.5, I decided to "get stuck in".

Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio gives me all I want to know from a practical point of view and while the importance of creating a good recording and mixing environment is stated in some detail, the majority of the book focuses on getting your hands dirty and actually mixing. The chapters are presented in a logical order, similar to how you would approach a real-life mixing session and for this reason, it is recommended that the book is read through in this order but once read, it's easy to dip in and out of sections for a refresher due to the excellent index and sensible chapter and section numbering. There is a reference section at the back covering producers and mixing engineers (from whom a lot of the specifics have been gathered) and details of books and magazines which have supplied quotes from these people.

For those of us on relatively limited budgets (and who isn't these days!), the author points you in the direction of the many free plug-ins available on the Internet to supplement whatever your chosen DAW has - and he doesn't make the mistake of concentrating on any particular DAW either so the text is quite generic. Also, many parts of the book refer to procedures, tips & tricks that I've not come across in other books or magazine; for example, setting the mixer faders to aroun 0dB and using pre-gain controls (either part of the DAW or 3rd party plug-ins) to adjust the gain of each channel. This way you get to use the mixer fader where it is most sensitive.

Mike Senior writes with a very easy and understandable style and does not beat you about the head with lots of numbers and equations; he also has a nice line in humour which does not get in the way of putting the subject over. The only other book that I can see me refering back to on this subject is Roey Izhaki's "Mixing Audio", which treats the subject in a more technical manner.

Excellent value for money and the usual great service from Amazon!

So, in a nutshell, "Mixing Secrets" is a winner in my opinion and should be the first book on the subject to be read if your just starting out.
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on 1 May 2011
This book is a fantastic resource that I expect will dramatically improve my mixing abilities. What more could you ask for than that?

I've now read the book from cover to cover. I plan to read it a second time, working through each chapter's lessons, and then I'm sure it will become a fairly constant reference in my studio after that.

I don't think the book is necessarily for everyone, which works out great for people like me. I think a complete novice would probably struggle with this dense book, while a pro can write their own (though I suspect that they would still learn from this book, just as the author - and his readers - profit by his many interviews with top mixing engineers). But if you're situated somewhere in-between rookie and pro, this book is pitched perfectly for your needs. That's me, and I've read a lot of books on the subject, but none this good.

What I most appreciate about the book is that it is strategic, methodical, rigorous, and straightforward.

By strategic, I mean that the author has a vision to which all the advice of the book is oriented: producing commercial grade audio mixes. Yes, there are lots of tactical tips sprinkled throughout the text, and they're quite helpful, but these are always in service to the greater goal. This is not a 'mixing tips' book, per se - it's something much better than that, a mixing strategy book.

The book is also very methodical in its approach. The author walks you through the process from beginning to end, explaining what is important and what is less so, showing how each step needs to build on prior work, and helping readers understand why his procedural order makes more sense than whatever method (or none at all) people might be employing on their own.

The author's approach is rigorous as well. Mike Senior clearly takes the art and science of mixing seriously, and he encourages his readers to do the same. He doesn't pull punches in telling us the scale of effort required to mix at the level to which he's trying to get his readers. I appreciated those benchmarks. They help give me a sense of what is required, and inspire me to go the extra distance in order to get there.

Finally, the book is straightforward in the sense that Mr. Senior seems to be free of faddish biases or particular hardware/software fetishes. He's not selling anything other than better mixes. He is simply devoted to telling his readers what works.

And, as an extra added bonus, he does so with humor. And some days, when it's just you and that recalcitrant song mix punching each other silly in the arena, you need that!

But here's the most amazing thing of all. Mike includes his email address in the book. So I thought, what the heck, and I emailed him some questions. He responded promptly and thoroughly. That's really amazing. It's like having a company provide great customer support for their complicated product - only it's not hardware or software, it's a book! His willingness to support those of us in the field (see his website, Cambridge Music Technology) demonstrates a real love for the art itself combined with a rare generosity of spirit. Massive kudos for that!

In short, here's the bottom line: If much improved mixing is your aspiration, and if you're serious about it, buy this book pronto.
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