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on 22 February 2015
I bought this about three days ago. Have been listening to the free Amazon AutoRip version of it. When the CD arrives it will sound better over the mp3 versions. However it is a brilliant album.

If you love Next to Me, and Read all about It Pt III, you should by all estimates love this. The whole album is full of interesting acoustical moments to make your headphones dance, buzz, and jump about. The tracks are all good. Many of the songs are loosely based around the 'I love you' theme. However it's infinitely different from a slushy heavy stream of ballads from one end to the other. Next to me is about knowing her chap will be close by. In other words it's taking the love tune from unique perspectives. Additionally, the bonus tracks are well worth owning.

Emeli's voice in the two tracks I mentioned captures the listener's imagination, feelings, and emotions. The rest of the album does the same; have no fear about that.

EDIT: Three weeks now since I reviewed. This CD continues to grow on me, after having landed firmly in my affections as a favourite after about nine listens. I know it will be one I will listen to my whole life.
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on 28 December 2015
Having listened to the short extracts of both this and Live At The Royal Albert Hall, I chose to put the live CD/DVD on my wishlist. When it arrived I was amazed to learn that the extracts do not do justice to just how good an album it is. I decided I had to have the studio version as well, and the same applies - Emeli is a wonderful singer and this CD is superb.

The collection opens with Heaven, which is a very lively song with some enjoyable drumming. This is the first highlight of the disc. The next highlight is Maybe, which has a catchy tune.

Next To Me is very percussive and is, for this listener, the best song on the album.

Lifetime is another catchy song and is the next highlight. Wonder prominently features percussion and is another highlight, as is Breaking The Law (alternative version). The final highlight is Beneath Your Beautiful, which is credited to Labrinth featuring Emeli Sandé. This is an excellent song which has persuaded me to listen to some of Labrinth's work to see if it merits inclusion in my collection.

The songs I haven't picked as highlights are all good and I have no hesitation in giving this CD five stars.
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on 5 September 2014
This is an excellent album. Given the ongoing flow of singles from it - last single Clown makes 6 by my reckoning - casual observers will be familiar with nearly half it already. While there are inevitably a few average tracks in here, there are still a few relatively undiscovered gems that could easily make hit singles 7, 8 and 9 if the record company were so inclined, `Daddy' is probably the pick of the remainder, whilst hundreds of millions of people watched her perform John Lennon's `Imagine' at the Olympics' closing ceremony and, given the indestructability of the song, that would no doubt be a hit too.

The $64,000,000 dollar question is whether Sande can succeed where female singer songwriters over the last 40 years from Kiki Dee through Kate Bush, Sade and Judie Tzuke to the present (with the exception of Adele) have tried but failed to produce a follow up as spectacularly good as the breakthrough. It is now nearly 3 yeas since this album came out. The world waits...
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on 23 April 2013
Emeli is obviously a great singer and this is an enjoyable album, played on most equipment. It comes across as high energy, full-on pop music in your face . . . which is a clue to its problem. Like most recordings these days this CD has been seriously over-recorded, with thousands of music peaks clipped in most tracks. This results in distortion which on low quality sound systems is hidden by the volume but makes listening tiring and less enjoyable than it could be. Played on an iPod, phone or similar low quality music player this is fine, after all the volume boost helps hide the inferior sound quality of MP3's. This is not unique to this CD (Adele's 21 was even worse) and probably suits this iPod generation who do not listen to music on quality HiFi equipment. Over-recorded (clipped) music sounds harsh on quality HiFi and becomes tiring to endure for long. Fortunately this can be recovered by a decent de-clipping computer program and then sound better than the retail CD, when played on good HiFi (but will sound a bit quieter on your iPods). Shame that sound engineers have been forced to ruin perfectly good recordings this way, just to get louder MP3 sampled recordings. It is annoying that I have to re-master so many CD's in order to play them on my HiFi system.
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on 10 April 2012
Being mid 40's, I don't get the media exposure I once did and so I knew nothing of Emelie Sande, or this album, Our Version of Events.

But, WOW! What a voice, what songs, what production! Her voice is symphonic, big, powerful and passionate. The backings the same. At times it struck me that she has the vocal intensity of Adele, at others the delicate huskiness of Kate Bush.

I don't want to write a long review, detailing each track. What I do want to say is, if you're on the verge of buying this music, do so, it is superb. Lyrical, tuneful, songs that seem like songs and no rap or bits that make you suddenly want to bang the volume down. There's also a lot of depth here - I can see me playing this CD for months to come - and how often can you say that, these days?
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on 18 December 2012
A simple review of this CD, to add that my wife and I believe it to be one of the best albums we have bought in sometime. Emile has such a soulful voice and is so pleasing to listen to. It is definitely an album to cherish.

I would though like to add that we are somewhat disappointed with her latest offering. It annoys me that artists release an album adding a small selection of new songs. In order to get the new tracks one has to purchase a CD we already have, that it is a couple of quid cheaper makes little difference. It is a little cheeky to expect people to have to pay twice for the same content. I would have rather waited until she had composed a few more tracks and have a completely new album.
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on 20 March 2014
This album has been out a while now and I never tire of hearing it. Such a variety of songs, all perfectly executed. Lovely emotional and expressive performances. This album contains all her most famous tracks eg. Read All About It, Next To Me, My Kind Of Love, Clown, and the beautiful duet with Labyrinth-Beneath Your beautiful. To me, this album is like a greatest hits album as there isn't one bad track on here, they are all brilliant. A wonderful album.
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on 17 September 2012
Emeli Sandé is excellent.
When heaven came out I wasn't a big fan of the song but the songs on this album are just pure ace. People think the songs are boring, slow, and dull. Yeah, they're not the fastest songs in the world but if you actually listen to the lyrics and Emeli Sandé's AMAZING voice you will actually appreaciate how wondeful the album is. Her voice also has he own unique style what is just an added bonus to the album.

I would say every song has certain hooks what draw you in and make you think I like this song but the only ones what let this album down a tiny bit is 'Hope' and 'Lifetime' but that's just my personal opinion. But the other tracks are calming melodic tunes what you would want to just fall asleep to because they are beautiful and relaxing.

I heard Heaven and Next To Me and was expecting many more fast tempo songs on the album but I was pleasantly suprised how they weren't and too be honest I liked it. I put the album on play and just listened from start to finish without changing the tracks, it just shows how people can prove you wrong and I think Emeli should continue with her awesome writing and singing and should continue writing smash hits for herself and many other artists, when she dies she will be a name well remembered. Long live Emeli Sandé!! Can't wait to see what else there is to come.
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on 11 December 2016

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on 24 July 2013
Before I bought this album I hadn't really heard much of Emeli but I had seen a couple of interviews with her on TV so thought I give it a shot. I can say that I was not disappointed. She has a lovely voice and style that is quite different to lot of female singers that are around at the moment as she's clearly not trying to be like someone else, she is herself and has her own inimitable style and class. Quite simply she is brilliant and this album shows off her voice and style.
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