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on 8 August 2015
I bought these for satellite navigation while on the motorcycle, so I didn't care about sound quality. When I first tested them I was very disappointed with the volume. Luckily once I got them fitted and gave them a ride out I found them to be okay. Not great, wish they were much much louder, but the combination of me only having a 125 and a full face helmet means I still hear everything I need to.

I wouldn't recommend anyone riding a bigger bike to use these for navigation, especially if you don't have a stock exhaust. You're just not gonna hear them sadly. These are only slightly louder than holding a pair of in-ear head phone close to my ears.

So they could be better, but for the money they are about what I expected. Works for quiet bikes and scoots at least.

I found an android app called Speakerboost (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.omegacentauri.SpeakerBoost&hl=en_GB) that allows you to enhance the volume a long way. In fact it can boost it so far you can destroy your speakers, so be careful. Anything over 40% is a bad idea. For my phone (Honor 4X) and these speakers, I found 20-30% to be about right. Doesn't work for all phones, but seems to for the majority.
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on 19 December 2012
I recieved these initialy and was disapointed to find they didnt work and being frustrated by this I made negotive comments, After contacting the seller they bent over backwards to rectify this and sent me a replacement that does work and does work very well in my helmet but remember they are only very good for the price but as I say they do the job therefore I would retrack my previous review and replace it with this one, my confidence is restored.
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on 5 May 2017
Acceptable quality. Wire's connecting to the speakers are weak and thin, will likely break putting helmet on and off. Will reinforce with glue or something. Ear piece is two parts, one sticks to the inside of your helmet, the other part houses the speaker element and attaches to the stuck bit by velcro, allowing you to remove it. Speaker element is barely constrained by the ear piece, but when attached to sticky bit, won't fall out.

Sound quality is poor. Volume is low. Difficult to hear anything but drums at highway speeds, and even then. Difficult to get close to ear in helmet, though workable.

For the price, what you'd expect.
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on 22 April 2014
Worked flawlessly as a cheap solution as an audio kit in my Salomon Custom Air Prophet helmet (should work with most snowboard helmet brands that have audio inserts) saves buying the expensive ~£50 skullcandy audio kit.

It comes with a 3.5mm headphone extension lead (roughly 0.5m long). I didn't use this as i attached my ipod shuffle directly to my helmet and connected to the audio kit. (let's me take my helmet off without getting wires tangled).

It was a great, inexpensive purchase. Recommended over more expensive 'dedicated' snowboard helmet kits.
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on 5 January 2015
I wish I had bought these months ago, would have saved all that fussing and having to pull over to readjust my earphones because I had caught the cable on something! I have them plugged into my Kubik Evo player and can still hear the music/radio up to around 65/70mph, more than adequate. The inline volume is great as no need to keep digging around in my pocket to turn the Kubik down at petrol stations or town riding. Comes with plenty of cable + an extra extension if required. One situated, with the sticky glue backing, I can't feel any irritating rubbing or pressing on my ears just nice background music. Perfect for commuting and/or general riding.
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on 10 November 2012
I bought these for use with my snowboarding helmet made by a company with a name that is also a colour & sounds like 'Bed' (Parent company sounds like 'Curtain'). The above mentioned manufacturer makes one type of speakers compatible with their entire helmet range but according to reviews are both overpriced and poor quality. I didn't want to pay their prices so I bought these on a whim.

I wasn't expecting much but for peanuts but it was worth a gamble and my gamble paid off. These are a great alternative to the OEM ones and slot into the helmet ear pads as if they were made for it. They're literally a fraction of the price and sound sick! (Not the richest bass in the world but totally acceptable) The only downside is because of the volume control on the cable, it won't route through the hole on the back of the helmet lining. This isn't a problem though as you just route the cable where the zip closes and around the ear straps. Job done and you just saved yourself a fortune on the gimmicky OEM crap (and no I don't work for he guy selling these things, I just get annoyed with certain snowboard companies fleecing people with overpriced crap).

At this price you could buy a spare set and still not even be close to the price of the originals!
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on 1 August 2014
Excellent value, when I got them positioned properly they fit snug against my ears and the sound is dine louder than in ear type. One small issue the right speaker cut out when I move my head to the right so cured that by feeding a bit more wire to that side so there was slack a joint may need a but if solder at some time as they are easily accessible.
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on 3 February 2016
I bought these for use in a snowsports helmet. they only lasted a few trips up the mountain, but really I didn't expect much more at the price of them. They were good enough to give me a feel for what it was like to have my music on while up the slopes, and if you're looking for a quick fix or biding your time before taking the plunge and buying more expensive alternatives these will be just what you need.

Pros: Cheap, Easy to use
Cons: Didn't last long, Volume control kept moving in my jacket
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on 29 March 2015
Disclaimer: I haven't tested the speakers on the road yet.

But a test using my PC (after fitting them into my helmet) and I'm absolutely unimpressed with the sound quality. I mean, I wasn't expecting studio-level, but I was expecting budget headphone level. I'm not a sound snob in the slightest, but even I could tell that these are -very- budget.

The sound is very tinny (fiddling with the bass-boost made no difference), and fairly quiet - and that's using an Amp (so no, not just plugged straigt into a laptop or soundcard..), so I'm not expecting to hear much when I go out on an actual ride with only a phone or my GPS to drive them and engine and wind-noise on top.

On the upside, they do fit perfectly into my Shark EvoLine 2 helmet and appear to not impact the comfort of the helmet at all.

UPDATE: Having now gone on a ride from London to Cologne and back, they're ok, for the money (hence the 3 stars now). Totally useless plugged into the phone, but plugged into my GPS (Zumo 660) they actually provide some music while riding. With earplugs they are still all but inaudible, but without you can listen ok at slower speeds and at least have background noise at higher speeds (70-80mph, behind a screen, and with a quiet-ish exhaust).

In-ear headphones (such as The Plug by Koss) will give MUCH better results, at the cost of comfort and hassle.
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on 30 January 2013
I bought these with the specific intention of using them in my Red 'Mutiny' snowboarding helmet. Took a bit of a punt as I didn't know how well they'd fit or if the quality would be very good, but at just over £7 it had to be worth a try.

Anyway, these are great - they fit absolutely perfectly into the ear pads of the helmet, and I can easily route the cabling out of the zip and down the left hand side of my body.

The ear pieces come with a double sided sticky pad on the rear so they can be fixed in place, but I have slotted them in without having to use this and they are securely fastened.

Sound quality is surprisingly good considering how flat the speakers are, and although they have nothing on my Sennheiser in-ear buds - I wasn't expecting this and they allow for you to still hear people shouting at you or other noises that might be going on around you.

The kit comes with a handy cable extension so when you take the helmet on/off you can easily unplug without having to re-route the cable down inside your jacket every time.

Looking at buying 'Redphones'? Don't bother - for less than a quarter of the price, buy these and enjoy!!

Can't comment for motorbike helmet use, but they seemed to go loud enough without distortion to allow you to listen to music easily.
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