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on 16 January 2015
This device works well. But if you are buying it as a stereo amplifier, think again. This amp. is designed and clearly labelled as Hi-fi stereo BTL out. This means it is wired as BTL(Bridge Tied Load). A pair of stereo amplifiers are connected to a single or pair of speakers in antiphase. This eliminates the need for DC output blocking capacitors and provides double the output voltage swing across each speaker. The combined output of this unit is MONAURAL even though it has two amplifiers inside the housing. The stereo input signals are immediately combined as a mono signal before being applied to the amplifiers in anti-phase. The speaker outputs are likewise paralleled as BTL mode.
BTL amplifiers are normally used to drive sub-woofer bass speakers. If you need real stereo then buy two of these boxes or go for a proper stereo amplifier. I suspect the people selling this item and many of the people who bought it, do not understand what BTL means.
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on 2 July 2013
I had a small issue with the Treble key it was hard to turn, however the seller was great in sorting this issue in very professional manner.

The sound is very good so if you are looking to amplify any sound this is the what you need.

Sound quality is good

I can understand some people not liking the flashing light, it could be annoying if you are looking at it, which I'm not.

Over all great item and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks
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on 4 September 2014
Feels very cheap and light, the treble nob doesnt turn properly, doesnt output in stereo only mono and the multi coloured flashing light around the volume nob is pointless
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on 21 October 2014
Superb little amp. Using it on a PC with some spare speakers I had. I disabled the dancing LED as that wa hella annoying.
First 12v adapter I uses only output 1amp so it the audio flaked out. Back into my box of ol adapters and found a 2amp and the audio is great right through the volume range. Great little buy!
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on 1 December 2013
Bought this on the basis of cost as i needed a wee amp to connect my wharfed ale speakers to my Apple Airport Express. Surprisingly great sound quality and volume from something so cost effective. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an ultra budget amp.
Only downside is the flashing lights but i don't see these as it is tucked behind a dining room cabinet.
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on 19 August 2014
The question of whether it is actually stereo or mono has produced differing opinions but I double checked mine, testing it with the Windows sound test tone. Plugging in one input at a time produced either the left or right tone, but unplugging one speaker at a time gave both tones through each speaker.

So definitely stereo input but mono output for my one at least.

Unfortunately I had already butchered it to get rid of the annoying flashing light so I won't be sending it back.

At less than £9.00 it'll do for now until I can afford a better one.

On the plus side it does sound OK, both speakers are behind my monitor so I don't really notice the mono nature of it.

It will run of a 12v 1A supply, someone mentioned that it only draws 200mA.

It does come with a spare cable so you can rewire your power supply if it doesn't have the right plug on.
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on 14 March 2013
Very pleased with this amp and for only £6! This gives power to my speakers that I would expect from high end amplifiers. The only problem is the flashing lights around the volume control but I have disabled these after dismantling the casing. The amp took 2 weeks to arrive to me in the UK which was expected as its being sent from china. I would definitely reccomend this mini amp to anyone because its such good sound quality, build quality and easy to set up and use and all for £6.
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on 16 March 2013
This amp is just the job for breathing new life into some old powered speakers or any other speakers for that matter.

It's very small it comes direct from Singapore in about two weeks and it does exactly what it says - For its size it produces surprisingly good and powerful sound.
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on 19 September 2013
I wanted a cheap amplifier to hook up to my old Stereo speakers for an outdoor summer party. I didn't want to risk an expensive "real Hi-Fi" amplifier getting rained on, or being blown up by an over-enthusiastic party goer winding it up to maximum volume.

The amp arrived in just over a week, just in time for me. First impressions are it's tiny and very light, but basic build quality is ok.

Note you will need to have a 12V power supply with the common 5.5/2.1 mm plug on the end. The nice thing is that with a cable with the right connectors you could run this from a car battery and be independent of mains power supply.

I hooked the amp up to my "large bookshelf" speakers, a power supply, and an MP3 player via a 3.5mm stereo jack cable and... it works!

The sound quality was perfectly ok (in the outdoor context), but the output volume was somewhat limited.

I suspect the amp is intended to be used for in-car audio.. This is reflected in the 12V power supply, but also in the speaker matching. Car speakers are typically 4 Ohm (sometimes even 2 Ohm).

Plugged into my domestic speakers (nominally 8 Ohm), the limitation was the amp couldn't go very loud. For me this was actually an advantage, because even if the party goers got over-enthusiastic and cranked the volume up to the max, the system just couldn't go too loud, avoiding both upsetting the neighbors AND the risk of damaging the speakers. However don't expect this little amp to blow the cones out of your speakers with volume, especially if connected to typical home hi-fi 8 Ohm speakers.

For me this was a great success, it gave us good music for our party without putting an expensive Hi-Fi amp at risk. If you can live with the limited power output it's a nifty little piece of kit for the money.
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on 1 May 2014
amp did not work on arival, was required for a students engineering project, on inspection the circuitry is of a very poor quality and the so called "heat paste" to keep the vial amplifier cool was a joke. it turned out the amp did not work as the diode was in backwards, an easy fix but took hours of fault chasing to relaise on my part as i was looking for a broken component not a component in backwards, the amp also is not a sterio amp though it has twin inputs and twin outputs the sterio input is combined to provide a twin mono output, the sytem also developes alot of feedback at certain volumes. will more than get you by as an amp but not a high quality bit of kit that it claims to be.
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