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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2009
If you are a fan of Doctor Who old & new you'll love this! It is a superbly presented story in which the Doctor has to regain his memories of regenerations past. Expect lots of nostalgia of old Doctors, companions and enemies. It was a great read & I couldn't put it down!
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on 21 September 2009
Originally published as a six-issue miniseries by IDW Comics, 'Doctor Who: The Forgotten' is an intriguing concept - when an amnesiac Tenth Doctor wakes up in the middle of a mysterious museum apparently dedicated to the Time Lord, Martha Jones must help him recover his memories by introducing him to a series of items from his past. And so, we get to see previously unseen adventures from his earlier incarnations, including a trip to Ancient Egypt for the First Doctor, a run-in with the Judoon for the Fifth, and a tantalising snippet of the Eighth Doctor's escapades in the Time War. Meanwhile, an enemy of the Doctor's is lying in wait, with a deadly agenda... Writer Tony Lee knows his 'Who' mythology inside out, and manages to create a cracking narrative which pays homage to the show's past whilst maintaining a compelling mystery. Whilst the plot falters slightly towards the end, there are some terrific twists and turns along the way, and 'The Forgotten' is a big improvement on IDW's first 'Doctor Who' miniseries. The artwork varies in style and quality from issue to issue, which is slightly disappointing, but a necessity after original artist Pia Guerra was unable to complete her commitments to the story - but that's a minor quibble, really, and I'd recommend 'The Forgotten' as one of the best 'Doctor Who' titles to be published under the IDW banner.
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on 12 June 2013
Although this is an enjoyable romp through the various incarnations of the Doctor it is essentially a work a fan indulgence. There isn't really much to the actual plot. Even the 'twists' aren't that much of a revelation. It revolves around the Tenth Doctor suffering from memory loss which requires him reliving epsodes from his previous incarnations to regain his memories. It is really merely an artifice to feature multiple Doctors and similar ideas have been tried before (see the novel 'The Eight Doctors' by Terrance Dicks). However, if you are familiar with all the Doctors this can all be forgiven as it becomes an entertaining nostalgic trip.

The characterisaton of the Doctors is a little hit and miss, but a general sense of their individuality is maintained. The various companions, other than Martha, are a little simplified but that is only to be expected due to the space available. I wasn't very impressed with the character artwork. Most of the Doctors don't really look like them and are based upon rough approximations of their facial features, relying more on their outfits to identify them. The same can often be said for the companions.

All in all there is certainly enough to entertain any fan as long as as don't expect too much depth. To the casual reader though this might all seem a little random and disjointed.
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on 5 July 2013
This was the first Graphic Novel I have download to my kindle and I loved reading it.
well worth it for any whovians out there.
A really good, well written story that had me turning the pages in anticipation for what may happen next.
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on 4 March 2011
When the product was advertised I was disappointed with the cover but bought it anyway. When I received the book it was EXACTLY the cover I wanted, with a brilliant drawing/artists impression of David Tennant as THE Doctor. Very happy with this.
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on 10 August 2012
Wow. This is a fantastic book. Not one, not two but all TEN incarnations of the Doctor!
As well as these stars, we have a dozen or so companions, (including the original TARDIS crew of Ian, Barbara and Susan; Jamie, Zoe, Jo, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane, Romana II, Tegan, Nyssa, Adric, Turlough, Peri, Mel, Ace, Rose and Martha), plenty of classic villians, the Matrix, the TARDIS as a person, excellent cliffhangers, and more references to previous episodes than ever!
The artwork does alter slightly between issues, and I think the main cover's horrible, but those aren't major issues. It's all believable, enjoyable and a proper celebration for fans.
And yes, all 10 Doctors do meet up face to face! (But since nine of them are not strictly real, they don't remember the incident at all, and time is not altered).
I loved it.
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on 21 May 2013
I was really looking forward to this story - a nostalgic reunion with past doctors and companions. And while the overall story just about hung together at the end, most of the mini-stories were too short to make much sense.
And the artwork - I'm sorry, but it was so poor in places that it was hard to recognise the characters in many cases. Poor Liz Shaw came off worst, but Doctor Four, dear old Tom Baker, wasn't far behind. Very disappointing.
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on 26 November 2012
Having come across some of this artwork on another website, I was looking forward to seeing the completed item. It did not disappoint!

The stories were in character and believable - which is important. The Eight's Doctor's was a tale to behold imo. It's a book you can keep coming back too time after time, I still notice new things each time.
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on 12 August 2013
This was my second Doctor Who book, 1st being the novel Shada. Any Doctor Who fan will find this book enjoyable. This is one of the multi-Doctor stories with Tenth Doctor as the main character. Highly recommended.
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on 1 June 2013
This was the first comic book I'd read on the Kindle Fire, and the experience is really exciting and involving. The comic itself is well written, well drawn and is an overall joy to read. Well worth it!
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