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That ending completely stole my breath!! I fully intended to fall in love with Slammed, let's face it CoHo has me completely suckered, I just didn't realise how much I would fall in love with Slammed. I know started to fall at the very beginning and kept on falling but I couldn't tell you the exact point where I realised I was a goner and there was no way I wasn't finishing this book. After that point I fell faster until my heart quite literally felt like it would burst with emotion.

Lake and Will. I think theirs is the most intoxicating, complicated and breathtakingly beautiful story in have had the pleasure of reading. They are like magnets pulling towards each other and nothing being able to stop that pull. It seems the harder they try to ignore it, the stronger that pull becomes. It almost feels that everything around them is trying to push them together. Even though the chemistry between the pair is undeniable and it literally jumps off the page at you, there is an innocence about their love that feels, well, just epic.

Have no doubt that your heart will be completely taken over. From Lake and Will to their little brothers becoming best friends to the stories surrounding them, from their last and in the present. Colleen has such a unique and compelling way of telling a story, the way she brings everything to life makes you feel like you are living her words and the characters are living around you. I am completely in awe of the way this story made me feel.

Now for book 2...
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on 3 November 2017
I have had this book on my kindle for such a long time but for some reason had never managed to get around to reading it until now! I loved it! It was such a lovely but bitter sweet story, and I did find parts quite emotional (yes, there were tears!). I must admit I didn't really realise that it was part of a trilogy (bonus for me!), so I need to get straight on to the next book! I really enjoyed reading this story of forbidden love. I can't believe I waited so long to read this book! Can't wait to read more about Layken and Will.
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on 24 August 2014
When I started this book I never quite realised the journey I would take, not just with the characters but within my own mindset,
I've discovered books that have altered my perspective, but I've never before felt as though a book was talking to me. Like every paragraph was a message

Throughout Slammed, I found myself consumed by a journey of emotions.

I fell in love with Will Cooper,

I was left longing to hug Kel and Caulder, the two nine year old boys who found friendship that made them a family,

I wanted a best friend like Eddie, who had a birthday that made me cry.

But most of all my heart went out to Layken and everything she had to face. The strength she showed, was awe-inspiring.

I love everything about this book, it was in-tune with my emotions, the poetry was beautiful and something I found myself reading over and over.

The truth is, it feels like this book delivered me a lesson, because sometimes you read a book that doesn't just speak to you but it comes into your life at a time when you need it the most.

I needed Slammed, I needed to see that my life is my 'real'

I cannot thank Colleen Hoover enough, for her words, this story, the characters, I needed them all!

It SLAMMED into my heart and that's where it will stay!

I read a book called Slammed
It spoke to the heart and made me see, books can speak so much truth to me.
It was breaking and honest, desperately sad but I can honestly say I love this book bad.
Its story was beautiful, its words so deep.
The characters, the poetry, they all made me weep.
Tears, hurt, love and loss.
Death, anger, frustrations and fears.
Slammed my feelings into the wall, wiped my eyes, closed the book.
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on 6 September 2017
Item description:
The item came in perfect condition and safely packaged. The quality of the cover is not very strong, it is thin and bent easily. The paper inside is thin but okay quality. The writing size and font is easy to read and overall the item is good.
Story rating:
‘Slammed’ is a book that once again showed me why Colleen Hoover is one of my all-time favorite authors. I absolutely fell in love with this book and literally flew through it because I just wanted to know what would happen next. but the ending was just too fast so that is why i am only giving it 4 stars
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on 9 September 2013
This book was PERFECT. I can not not think of one single negative to say about this book, for the first time ever. It was beautiful, everything about it was beautiful. I fell in love with every character, because they were all so real. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever lost someone, to anyone who has every had to put responsibility ahead of desire, to anyone who has ever had to move, to anyone who has ever made needed a real best friend, to anyone who has ever fell in love, or had their heart broken, and to anyone who has a family. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is I would recommend this book to EVERYONE!
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on 9 February 2014
Slammed is the third book by Colleen Hoover that I’ve read. It’s the first book in the Slammed series and is aptly named as both characters have a love of Slam poetry and Slam poetry features quite prominently in the book.

Slammed is the story of Layken and Will. Layken has just gone through the awful pain of losing her father and now that her mother can no longer keep up with the bills she finds herself moving to Michigan and moving right across the street from Will. Will knows all about loss because he is the sole guardian of his little brother after the tragic death of both of his parents. They see a kindred spirit in each other which forms their initial bond but when they start to learn more about each other their budding relationship is brought to a stop.

I felt sorry for Layken to begin with. Her character seemed like she was carrying this burden of her father’s death but it’s also as if she is shouldering most of it for her mother and brother too. She reminded me a little of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games in this respect. Her strength makes her protective of her new, smaller family and when more bad news comes their way we finally see a chink in her armour.

Will’s story is reflective of Layken’s, only he has lost both of his parents and has been forced to grow up quickly in such a short space of time. I liked that his passion for living and for his poetry really came through in his character. The horrific situation could have been the end for him but in a strength that rivals Layken’s he has soldiered through. Will is so fiercely protective of his family that it feels like sometimes he can’t see the wood for the trees with his relationship with Layken and it kind of makes you a little bit annoyed at him, although you can see where he is coming from. The story is told from Layken’s POV so you are totally on her side throughout.

The story is an emotional ride for both characters but is also quite touching throughout. The reinforcement of the feelings through the Slam poetry gives a new perspective to both characters. The book is aimed at older teenagers and the emotional level is pitched perfectly for this.

A really enjoyable read, I will definitely be reading the next in the series Point Of Retreat.
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on 10 October 2016
Typically I am an erotic romance reader but I had heard so much about this book on various blog websites that I thought I'd see what all the hype was about.

I'm glad I did, I loved the book and especially enjoyed Colleen's writing style. The book has humour, wit and a good dollop of heartache. This along with cracking characters and a great story line really make for the most enjoyable romance.

I'll definitely be sticking with this author now I have discovered her and have just downloaded Ugly Love. Only annoying thing for me was the price of the book, I think £5.99 for a kindle read is a bit much.
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on 27 April 2013
I will start my review by saying I really enjoyed this book. I've been dying for this to come out in the UK for ages! I was glad when it finally arrived. However, I've seen many people say this is as good as Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and Easy by Tammara Webber. Now, I do have to disagree. I really really loved those books, but I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did them.

One thing I really enjoyed in this book was the "slam" poetry. I looked forward to more of it coming up in the book. I thought the writer, Colleen Hoover, did an amazing job with it.

It's quite funny really, just before I started reading this, I had just read Losing It. If you've read both this and "Losing It". You will know why I think it's funny. There is a very big similarity.

I must admit, this book was extremely sad at times. I cried more than once! That's for sure. I like it when I cry for a book, I think it means its definitely good!

I would definitely recommend this book. I give it 8 out of 10. I'm just about to start reading Point of Retreat which is the second book in the series. Also This Girl will be coming out soon which is the third book in the series.
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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2012
Told in first person narrative from the point of view of Layken (Lake). Her father passed away suddenly and her mother has moved them to another state telling Lake and her brother, Kel that they can't afford to stay in their family home.

Lake meets Will immediately upon arrival as he lives opposite their new house. Will has a brother the same age as Kel and they hit it off from the first hello. The chemistry between Will and Lake is tangible from the very first interaction.

Will takes Lake to a poetry slam where their attraction to each other grows. Only to have the ground pulled from under them when they realize that Will is actually Lake's poetry teacher.

Although Will is only a few years older than Lake he has a burden of responsibility not many people his age carry. Following his parents death when he was 19 he has taken custody of his brother, raising him and running a home.

The story follows Will and Lake through the minefield that is their relationship as well as some shock events leave them reeling.

Add to the dynamic story line a cast of quirky characters enhancing the relationships and interactions. I especially liked Eddie, she's a lovely bubbly character despite the things she has been through in life. Her effervescent personality and instant attachment to Lake soon make them firm friends. Eddie is a wonderful peripheral character the way she is able to give straight forward advice without judgement makes her stand out.

Lake's mother, Julia, is another amazing character. Her humor and capacity for love shone through the narrative. Although some of the things she does do not initially seem as if they are for the best there is never any doubt that each decision has been made with the love of her family at the heart of it.

The use of performance poetry brought the narrative to a higher level, the emotions more powerful as a result. Chapter headings have song lyrics from The Avett Brothers, while being both Will and Lake's favorite band the lyrics also add to the events within the plot. Plus the added bonus of introducing me to a terrific new band :D

This book tackles some big issues in a compassionate and thought provoking manner. It also shows that no matter what your age sometimes life gives you just as much as it takes away. the usual cliches come to mind about life being short and grabbing hold of each opportunity as it presents itself rather than living with regret. It made me laugh and it made me cry but above all else it made me think.

A unique book on all levels.
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on 21 November 2012
I felt moved to write this review as the book is today's Daily Deal, and I enjoyed reading it very much over the summer.

Lake's happy family life is torn apart when her father dies and they move to her mother's home town. Her sense of loss and upheaval is ameliorated when she meets neighbour, Will. Following his own parents' death, Will is raising his brother, a contemporary of Lake's little brother. As well as opening Lake's heart, he opens her mind and imagination as he introduces her to "slamming" - open mic perfomance poetry. As the obstacles arise to threaten Lake and Will's relationship, slamming becomes a means for them to communicate freely and honestly.

This is more of a New Adult than Young Adult, as some of the themes are quite strong. The poetry is beautiful and the pacing is excellent - I read the story through in about two days. Plot wise, there are some contrivances, other than which I'd have given a 5 star rating. Most importantly, the characters are well-drawn and likeable, and the reader feels engaged with their story.

Ms Hoover has written a sequel Point of Retreat written from Will's point of view, that I also commend.
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