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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Point of Retreat
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 2 February 2015
Originally posted @ https://thelast2know.wordpress.com

I’m starting think that Hoover’s writing style might not be a perfect ‘fit’ for me. That said, that woman knows how to keep the story wheels turning! Man alive those were some hefty plot twists and turns eh?

So, what worked for me?

Wil – I warmed up to his character much more in this book. Partly because it’s from his POV, but also because he seemed less.. creepy? No. ‘Creepy’ isn’t the right word. I dunno. There was just something that didn’t quite click for me in the last book, but it was all systems go in this one.

Whoa – The ending to this book is a real car wreck ;) And for once, that’s a good thing. As a reader I was like ‘whoa! No way!’

Age – I was more comfortable with this book’s age. That sounds weird, but ‘Slammed’ felt like it was dancing in a weird limbo between YA and NA and I wasn’t sure which way it would be better off heading in. But I suppose these characters are only going to get older, so NA is definitely the better option.

Sex – I like how this is handled. I think it manages to balance both sides of it; on the one hand it’s a really big deal, but on the other hand, it doesn’t have to be all that a relationship hinges on. But man, the anticipation was killing me!


What didn’t work for me?

Narrative style – There’s still something almost clumsy about the writing that makes me want to reach for my red pen. And I think that’s because I so wanted to become lost in the story. I was connected to the characters, but the writing itself I found jarring in places. Repetitions of words in the same paragraphs, lots of telling, redundant dialogue… I dunno. I just felt like the book as a whole could do with a good tightening up. And then it would really be able to shine.

Sex – As much as I admire how the issue itself was handled, I felt that in the end it was treated much like it might have been in Pre 19th Century literature. With a trusty ‘…’ I mean, the ending? We’d been building up to this moment for the whole freaking book and then all we’re told is that it they pass the point of retreat (now waggle your eyebrows, chuckle, and imagine your dirtiest little fantasy). But I don’t want to simply ‘imagine’ it. I want to ‘read’ it. Is that not ok? ...maybe I just like my filth filthy. Hurr hurr.

Who in the what? – Embarrassing confession. I read this book approximately 20 days after reading Slammed… and I couldn’t remember who any of the secondary characters were. In the first few pages I was desperately wracking my brain: Eddie, Gavin, Kel, Caulder.. who? It took me a little while to find that sense of relief. ‘I know who these people are! Phew!’


I thought this book had some really touching moments. It also had some proper toe-curling ‘omg’ moments and I reveled in those. But there was a lot of un-muchness to the narrative where nothing was happening and I struggled with those pages. All in all it’s a light read, much like the first, and easy to jump into. It doesn’t ask anything of the reader, so if you’re in the mood for something to guide you through a nice story, then this is definitely for you.

And let’s face it, sometimes we need that kind of book, true?

A happy 3 out of 5 stars. I like Hoover’s books. I don’t love them. But I’ll continue to read them without a second thought. Does that sound weird? :s
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After I'd finished reading Slammed, I hurried off to grab the next two books in the series because I knew I had to read them straight away. I'd been warned to grab some tissues before going into this one - so I did - and I definitely needed them because this one was just as emotional - maybe slightly more - than the first one. And it was also just as amazing.

The one main thing that I think made this book better was that it was told from Will's POV. I absolutely adore Will and I'd been dying to get inside his head during Slammed so I kind of started jumping around when I realise Point of Retreat was told from his POV.

So after everything that happened in Slammed, Lake and Will are finally together (*cheers*). But what the two of them don't realise is that their relationship is about to be put to the test again.

As much as a love Lake, there were times in this book when I just wanted to shake some sense into her. I get why she stormed off and was upset with Will, but did she really need to ignore him for that long? No, Lake. You didn't! But I do really love her character. Lake is getting used to her new role after the events at the end of Slammed and she seems to be coping well with everything. Lake is a tough character and she's got a lot of inner strength, but she's insecure about herself and her relationship with Will which causes quite a few problems in this book.

Oh, Will. I didn't think I could love you anymore than I already do, but this book proved me wrong. Getting to hear from Will actually helped me understand his character a lot more, and also allowed me to fall completely head over heels for his character. Will is just one of the sweetest guys ever and it broke my heart seeing him basically tearing his hair out to prove himself to Lake when she was acting like a 5 year old. It's so obvious to everyone but Lake that he cares about her deeply, and I just wanted to see them together again. Will has always got everyone else's best interests before his and he's so sweet that he just wants to help everyone.

So in Point of Retreat, Will heads back to college and it turns out his ex - who dumped him days after his parents died and completely broke his heart - was in his class. And obviously she's a complete bitch who tries everything she possibly can to win Will back and break up his relationship with Lake. She's constantly flirting with him and I really wanted to punch her. Eddie and Gavin had their own problems going on which were inter-twined with the bigger storyline because Eddie and Gavin are a massive part of Will and Lake's lives.

The addition of Kiersten and Sherry to this book added a hell of a lot. Kiersten was like a mini Eddie and I loved her so much! She was so hilarious and was always coming out with something that made her seem older than she actually was. Sherry was... strange, but she was a fantastic character. She was there for Will and Lake when they really needed her, and she was amazing.

Colleen Hoover sure knows how to write soul-destroying twists. At about 60% there was a heart-wrenching twist that left me unsure of what was going to happen to a few of the characters. Honestly, I was preparing for the worst and I just didn't stop crying.

And then the ending also had me in tears because I was freaking happy. I love Will and Lake and that ending was just perfect for them. And also, Gavin and Eddie are adorable <3

Overall, Point of Retreat was a fantastic follow up to Slammed. It was so much more emotional, soul-destroying and beautiful than the first one and I adore Colleen Hoover's writing now. I'll definitely be buying ever single book she writes now.
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VINE VOICEon 29 November 2012
Please bear in mind that this is book 2 in the series and is therefore likely to contain spoilers for book 1.

Set a year after the end of Slammed and a change of first person narrative to Will's point of view. Will and Lake are still together Both of them are now in college although they don't get to spend much quality time together as they are busy raising their brothers and running a home alongside their college work. They made a promise to Julia (Lake's mother) before she passed away that they wouldn't take their relationship further physically for a year. I'm not really sure as to the reason behind Julia's request, I feel it may have been to make sure they were sure of their feeling s for each other before committing themselves further to each other. Hence the 'Point of Retreat' if things start to go to far.

Will is slightly oblivious to the rest of the world; so when his ex-girlfriend turns up in one of his classes, although he feels a little uncomfortable he is still his charming, adorable self. Until Vaughn makes a move to get back together with Will and Lake walks in on it. Although Will was only making a gesture of comfort towards Vaughn, it makes Lake question the basis of their relationship. Lake is very mature in her attitude; probably as a result of all the trauma she has been thorough. Although she does trust Will she realizes that it isn't enough to just say the words I Love You.You have to show people you love them, a different thing entirely, it is this point that is expertly dealt with in the story.

The quirky characters from Slammed are still in place although more emphasis is given to Eddie's Boyfriend, Gavin, in this book due I presume to the male perspective in the narrative. New neighbors add an unconventional 12 year old to the mix. I adored Kierstin and her mother whose philosophy on life provided a lot of food for thought. The debate on the reaction to words was well developed and executed in a BUTTERFLYINGLY brilliant fashion.

I also loved how the alternative family structures were shown, from Eddie's foster care to Will and Lake raising their siblings. The prejudice they encounter because of their situation was a real eye opener. It made me sad that they were subjected to this as I am sure they would have rather had a traditional family dynamic but it isn't something they had any control over. I am quite envious of Will's ability to eloquently state a point without being confrontational.

Although Lake's mother has passed away here presence is still a huge part of Will and Lake's lives. The idea of a large jar containing paper stars with quotes/advice in the middle of them had me sniffing into the book. Not only does it make Will and Lake feel closer together it also provides a source of comfort in times of stress. I really love this idea and want to do something similar at home and in school.

Further tragedy within the story did feel a little like overkill but it did enforce the point that life is short as well as clarifying age is just a number, it is life experience that determines maturity levels.

As with Slammed the use of performance poetry and Avett Brothers lyrics added depth and power to the emotions portrayed.

The conclusion of this story can be compared to being given a bright shining star of hope for the future. I am so glad I picked up these books.
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on 11 March 2013
Looking for an intense, emotional book where the characters feel like friends and where you live through all their highs and lows right along with them? If so, look no further than Slammed and Point of Retreat by Colette Hoover.

Slammed is the first book about Lake & Will, I think it's best not to know too much about books before you read them so I'm not going to talk about the plot. Suffice to say, this book is about Lake and Will who meet, have a deep attraction to each other but then discover they can't be together. Twice during this book, I was reduced to shaking my head thinking, what...reverse up there...WHAT just happened! And when I read my first slam poem, I was shaking with emotion and adrenaline. Being the nerd I am, I had to read the slam poem out loud and perform it for myself, these words are so good, you can't just read them, you have to actually say them. Take my word for it, this books is a must read. Don't just write it off as YA, it should appeal to a much wider audience; it is worth reading for the slam poetry alone.

Point of Retreat is the follow on book. And again thoroughly enjoyable but for me this was a 4 star read and not 5 star as it wasn't as intense or action packed as the first book. This book is told from Will's point of view which was a good twist and I love Will even more after being in his head for a few days. We are treated to more Slam Poetry, which I adore and I am definitely inspired to try writing my own. There are some new characters as well who are quirky and fun and add a new dimension to the story. I butterflying love their new neighbour Kiersten and her `butterfly you' slam poem.

In summary Slammed is fantastic and Point of Retreat is a good follow on just not quite reaching the same standards as the first book. If you want an enjoyable, emotional, funny at times, heartbreaking at others kind of book; then indulge yourself with these.

Colette is now on my list of auto buy authors and I will be enthusiastically waiting to see what she comes up with next.

Thanks to Net Galley and Atria Books for giving me a free copy of Point of Retreat to read in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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on 7 December 2012
Point of Retreat carries on a year after Slammed finishes. As I feel you really need to have read Slammed to actually know what is going on in this book, I'm only doing a very short review for it.

Point of Retreat, for me, was kind of pointless. It followed the main crux of a typical romance story - couple are living their happily ever after. Couple have a few obstacles in their way, keeping them apart so they decide to make time for each other (bring out the sexual tension jellyfish again), but then something (or someone) big thwarts their plans and all of a sudden, the relationships over and nobody knows how to fix it. Except with poetry. But that's okay, because they really love each other, so there's a lot of kissing and making up and then BAM. Literally. That's all I will say though. If you've read the book, I'm sorry for the (really, really) tasteless and bad pun.

If I were the editor, then I would have combined both books. Point of Retreat just read like a drag, with the same circle of problems over again. Having it as part of Slammed, but heavily cut down, would have made this more enjoyable.

In saying that, there were bits that I enjoyed. I'm not going to say which. I thought Layken grew up a lot in this book, even though when a certain something happened, I thought she acted a bit ridiculous. By the end I was kind of just wishing it would all be over. I think I skimmed through to the ending, rolled my eyes and went back to pining over the essay I was supposed to be writing instead of wasting my time reading.

I sound terrible, I know. But maybe, just for once, I'd like to read something that doesn't have a happy ending to it. Happy endings are fine and dandy, but when it happens to everybody, then cue the eye roll. Just thank you're lucky stars that matching tattoos aren't involved!
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on 5 May 2012
If you've arrived on this review without first having read Slammed, I'd have to strongly advise you to click the Back Button and correct that mistake. It would be unfair to come to Point of Retreat before having given yourself the pleasure of reading it's predecessor. Coincidentally I didn't write a review for Slammed, not because I didn't love it, I LOVED IT, but more because it had all been said, really. With Point of Retreat the author takes a break from convention and gives us the hero's point of view, this is still pretty unusual in this genre so I felt I had to write and give her my thumbs up, in the hope that it'll encourage more authors to do that. Most of these books are targeted at the female demographic and we females kind of know how we fictionally react to most situation. We blush, we stammer, we're scared, we stomp, we're jealous, we shout, we love, we withdraw; lather, rinse, repeat. So it was very refreshing to hear the male's voice in this situation, and Will Cooper's voice? It's the voice of a poet...who wouldn't want to hear him?

This part of Layken and Will story takes up around a year after the last book ended. They are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, if you can have a honeymoon when you're raising two ten year old boys, they've gotten into a routine that works and they are madly in love, Enter Spanker in The Works in the shape of Will's ex and all the normal angst that goes with this type of scenario comes into play. The only thing that keep this from descending into well trodden territory is Will Cooper voice, his narrative, his poetry, his honesty and his unshakable belief in the love he feel for Lake... a point of view which normally, we the audience, would not get the chance to participate in. If the author had decided to stick to the norm and let Lake tell the story? It would just be another of those sequels which we've all read and enjoyed and probably quickly forgotten about; but Will's lyrical voice will resound in my memory for some time to come.
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on 9 August 2012
What can I say if you've read Slammed you know your in for a treat with Point of Retreat. Yet again this book had me in tears and laughing out loud, it's full of profoundness, compelling scenes and full of just downright yummyness. After getting used to it at the beginning I thoroughly enjoyed it was from Will's POV, this book makes poetry sexy and some of the poetry within is downright awesome, Butterfly you was such a statement and Because of you was riveting, I could go on, but I won't just go read the book yourself, you'll love it.
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on 18 January 2013
An amazing sequel. Colleen Hoover delivers the follow up to the NYT, and international bestselling novel, SLAMMED with just as much awesomeness as the first.

You know how SLAMMED got you all like: "Ahhh, Will is The Guy for meee" and "I can't put this down!" and such? Well, POINT OF RETREAT introduces a whole new set of quirkiness, romance, steaminess and quotes for you to squee over.

For one, butterflyingly, butterflying! POINT OF RETREAT is told from Will's POV and though I thought I couldn't fall in love with him more after SLAMMED -- well I did! His ex, Vaughn comes back into the picture and because he's just so damn nice of a guy, he screws things up with Lake.

Do not fear! I won't spoil anything but I love that we learn more of Will by his stuff ups and how he comes back into Lake's graces, how Will and Lake really get to know each other on a deeper level in this sequel.

Not only do you get some scenes (one very hawwwttt laundry room) that make you want a Will of your own, but we get to see more of Kel and are introduced to Kiersten who for a little girl is an epiccccc character. I love her as much as Will and Lake!

Anyway, let me stop and just readddd it already (although half the world has by this stage).

5 butterflying huge stars!
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on 19 February 2013
I read both Slammed and Point Of Retreat in the space of two days. I would definitely put both of these books on my list of favourites. I normally find it hard to find a book that captures my interest and I don't have to skip through boring parts. However, I read both Slammed and Point Of Retreat the entire way through without skipping a single line, paragraph or page. I would urge anyone to add this book to their wish list because it is an amazing read. I could really feel all of the emotions that Lake had. Especially finding out that she couldn't be with Will. I really felt sorry for Will due to his past, and bringing up Caulder by himself. I absolutely loved how Slammed is written from Layken's point of view and Point Of Retreat is written from Will's point of view. I thought that showed both characters feelings and emotions as well as the accounts of their past. I hated Vaughn with a passion and became frustrated when she turned up in the second book. I also might have thrown my Kindle during the part where Julia reveals her secret to Lake. I am definitely glad that I decided to purchase both Slammed and Point Of Retreat and I shall be reading them over and over again very soon. I would recommend both of the books and the author. I know this won't be the last book I purchase by Coleen Hoover.
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on 8 April 2013
Colleen Hoover without a doubt is my greatest find this year!

I have had Slammed and Point of retreat on my kindle for months and to be honest i didn't quite fancy them. That was untill i read "Hopeless" which is nothing short of amazing.

I managed to read both slammed and point of retreat yesterday, once i had started there was no way i was doing any housework until they were finished!

As a follow up goes this is one of the best and i much prefered it to Slammed if i'm honest. The development of the characters from the first book was great full of wit and sarcasm. She may only be 11 but Kiersten is one of my favourite characters in a book, ever, she was awesome!

I really like the fact that this time, the story is told From Wills perspective. That is to say a progression of Will and Laykens story rather than the same story told by a different character which seems to be the new trend these days.

If you want to read something thats a little bit different from you average mainstream romance novel, get behind some great characters, cry and laugh out loud, then this is a book for you.

I now have to wait 4 months for something else from this great author, it's going to be a long wait!
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