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on 28 September 2012
I think it's a shame that there is not already a review for this product. Admittedly I found other reviews for similar/same phone elsewhere on ebay and amazon, but I thought I would just write a quick review.

I've had an Iphone 3G for 4 years and it was becoming frustratingly slow in day to day actions and so I was looking to buy a Galaxy S3 as my next upgrade. I'm so glad I chose this instead.

It does everything that I've thrown at it and I've had it for 3 days now. The apps that are available for free make this Android platform a giant and this Phone has the power to really use them.

I can video skype from it, as well as play movies of every format I've tried, once VLC was installed of course. I have not found anything negative about it to date, except 'maybe' that the dual SIM system has a limitation of only allowing the primary SIM card to connect to 3G networks, minor grumble.

I'm moving to Australia next week and this phone is completely unlocked, well certainly in the UK [tested]

I bought a 32GB micro SD card to go in it, no probs there [£18 class 10 on amazon]

I won't bother going into to many technicals, I just want to say that it is superb and comes with a gel case too.

if you're looking at this then you're making a great choice, go for it. less than 1/4 the price of Galaxy S3 and just as useful!

DrakoTec are the guys I ordered from, slightly more than the competitors price, but tried and tested by me :)

[EDIT] I have now moved to Australia and can now say that all is well with the phone's compatability with the mobile networks here... and my phone still rocks!
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on 24 January 2013
I've had the phone for a couple of weeks now and am still over the moon with it. If you're humming & harring about it, don't, the phone is fantastic and dare I say better than the majority of 'contract' phones out there.
I, like many was worried about ordering straight from China, but took a gamble and Im glad I did. The phone took one week to get here and could be tracked at every point on it's journey. It also slipped though Customs and there was no Duty to pay on it.
The phone was well packaged, inside the box came the phone, two batteries, a 'bumper' case, instructions, headphones and a charger and lead.
To be honest, (as an electrician) the charger and plug adaptor went straight in the bin. It'll charge from any USB / USB plugtop.
The telephone part of it and the Android OS both are a pleasure to use and equaly as good as if not better than the 'other-half's' iPhone.
I did buy a larger SD card as it only has a 256mB card installed to get you going and also downloaded a keyboard (free).
The camera is very good and has all the features of most standard digital cameras.
The quality & feel of the phone is superb and feel like I got a real bargain.
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on 29 October 2012
I'm personally not into named brands. I'm looking for functionality. This phone is very nice. Comes with Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (4.0.4).

I got the phone from DracoTek through the Amazon market place. It arrive well within time, and there was no problem with export duty tax. In the box I got the phone, 2 batteries, a charger with UK plug adapter, (although my old htc charger works with this phone), dracoTek headphones, standard headphones with mic.

I love the fact I have a 4.0 android phone and compared to the Samsung 3, or the iphone it performs just as well. The screen is bright, responsive. It came with 2 batteries, and so far I have charged just one of them, and it took well over a day and a half before the battery went flat. During this time I was on the phone nearly all the time installing apps and updating contacts.

I love the fact that the wifi on this phone is b g and n. Having a 'n' router at home, it downloads apps and installs them within moments instead of minutes compared to my old phone Wildfire HTC.

These reviews never talk about the phone bit, always features and apps. So for those interested, the sound from the earpiece is very clear. I was in the middle of Tesco on a very busy Saturday morning, and could hear my friend perfectly (and more importantly they could hear me).

Dual sim is a nice touch, using the larger size sim card. Can now have 1 phone instead of personal and work phone.

Not that I've tried it yet, but there is an hdmi output, so any films you have, or made can be watched upon a large tv screen with hdmi input.

There are a couple of downsides to this phone.
1. There is no LED to indicate new text message, missed phone call, charging etc. However there is an app called NoLED which you can download and configure to give you this functionality.
2. Battery takes a long time to charge. From flat to full it took about 5-6 hours to charge using the plug socket. It charged really quickly upto 50% then the last 50% seemed to take forever. This isn't really too much of a problem for me as I normally charge the phone overnight. I don't know if charging with PC and usb would be better. But I doubt it.
3. No predictive text. This is the only pain point I have with this phone. I've looked in all the settings, I've tried UK English and US English, but there isn't a single word in the dictionary. The only words it seems to reconise are my contacts names. Hopefully I will find an app to help me out, but so far no luck. However clicking the voice button for dictation for messaging works quite well, and only a couple of words it has typed wrong. Although this is a cool feature, I don't think I'd be using it in public, look a bit silly saying "OMG, Stuck on train, getting squished. LOL! Be home soon.".

I've only had this phone for the weekend so far, but already I can see it is a great phone. Yes there is a few niggly points to it, but compared to my old phone that had the predictive text, and a LED, this one still wins, due to the fact the battery last longer, it fast, I can hear people when talking to them. If you are a person who isn't interested in getting a well known brand name to look cool, but still want the near latest features, then this phone is for you. Also £129.99 compared to a sim free Samsung galaxy 3 at £350+ is a no brainer.
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on 31 January 2013
Simply due to the impression I received when opening the box and turning this on for the first time, I am minded to review it. Frankly i'm little short of astonished by the quality of the handset and the range of accessories in the box including headphones, charger, clear plastic case, UK plug adapter, spare battery and cables.

I am a long long time Apple user and whilst my current iPhone 4 still does good service, I needed an Android phone for software testing. I specifically needed GPS and ICS and this phone appeared to fit the bill. I did not hold high expectations but even if I had, they would still have been surpassed.

Asking colleagues at work how much they thought it had cost, the estimates ranged from £3-400 and I can't deny i'd have likely thought the same. Even with the Nexus 4 now available, at literally half the price, you cannot fault this phone. The dual sim capability is an awesome extra, why don't all phone OEMs do that?

If you need or just want an Android handset with a high spec, don't delay. I paid £118 and the price has already gone up to £130. This is a bargain and there aren't too many of those around these days.

Seriously - I don't know how there's any margin at all on sales of this at this price. If I could give it 10/10 I likely would. Will I switch to Android from Apple? who knows now...
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on 16 February 2013
This is a great value product but the instructions encourage technophobia! As a 'mature' person who has lived happily with an old Nokia that was good at making calls and texts (that was all!) I wanted to update so that I could do more. However, the learning curve is not helped by the dreadful instructions. Also, opening the back to install the sim card was quite tricky at first as \\i was worried about the risk of excessive force and potential damage. However, the case seems fairly robust and you just need to get the knack. Battery life, however is not great but they do supply 2 which is helpful. Overall, I would say this is a good value product which could be improved to rate 5 stars by adding better instructions
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on 16 April 2013
For those interested, this phone isn't quite 'unbranded'. Its actually known as a "Bird V1277".

This phone is a cracking deal and well worth the money. The delivery from digimax was also prompt and efficient - ordered on Wednesday night, arrived Saturday morning. Apart from wanting to echo other reviews, I also wanted to help out by giving some feedback about how to make best use of this phone.

So first off, this phone lives up to all the hype. It performs well and looks good. The screen (AMOLED according to the packaging) is bright and lovely to look at, works well in bright sunlight. The camera takes very good photos - it even allows you to pick where to focus and I've achieved decent 'depth of field' effects with it. Auto-focus is also fast. Flash is reasonably powerful (but obviously only good for a couple of metres away max). The touch screen is reasonably responsive - but not faultless. e.g. while typing on the touchscreen keyboard I've had a good few lost/wrong letters come through, but I'm putting that down to the presence of a screen protector (which is pre-fitted, a nice gesture).

Downsides are - no notification LED (so you don't know you've had a text / missed a call unless you check manually) - back/home/menu control buttons are only lit up once you press them, so you have to remember which one is which! - no dictionary whatsoever (so no spelling auto-correction in texts etc).

So my recommendations to make the most of this phone are :-

* go through ALL the settings menus and confirm things you want are enabled, and settings are how you want them. e.g. GPS on my phone was disabled, I just had to tick the box to get it going. Remember this phone has come in from China and is basically untouched, I found quite a few 'basic' settings that I would have expected to be set but weren't. Android is extremely configurable so spend 15 minutes making sure its set how YOU want/expect.
* in particular check settings for where apps will be stored by default. On mine it was the internal memory (512MB) but that's probably not enough space for all your stuff so you only want to keep your most-used apps there (so they perform best) I recommend you change the setting to 'phone memory' (4GB) and move your favourite apps to internal memory after installing them (easy to do in the app settings)
* install an app called "No LED" which does a decent job of making up for the missing notification LED.
* install an alternative launcher (I recommend Go Launcher), then remove all its own entries from the home screens and add your own app shortcuts etc. (The launcher affects how your homescreen and apps are presented, e.g. icons etc) In my opinion GO Launcher makes the phone look a lot smarter, and work slicker.
* If you want a working dictionary on the phone, you have to root it, and then copy a couple of files into the system folder. Its a real shame that it isn't delivered with an active dictionary, because rooting effectively invalidates your warranty.
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on 23 February 2013
Do not under any circumstances do a factory reset as this wipes out both IMEI numbers on the phone and makes it impossible to use, until you can reinstate them, which is extremely difficult and time consuming.
Apart from that the phone appears to be very good and a solid build which is a good size for the hand.
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on 26 November 2012
I bought this after looking at lots of phones, working out what spec I wanted and reading Amazon reviews. Coming from China seemed a bit of a risk and the price seemed too good to be true. However phone arrived within the 4 weeks that the company predicted and proves to be a super phone. The screen is bright and responsive, the processor quick and will run apps that my previous Samsung would just not cope with. Needs to be set up once you have put your SIM in, I used Tweaker app to get the APN settings. Good internet connection on my wifi and 3G when on the move. Can recommend with no hesitation.
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on 30 December 2012
This phone is amazing, the finish is superb, the screen lights up beautifully with clear hi-def screen. At £200 to 300 cheaper than an equivalent high performance phone this is a real gem.
Things I appreciate, in no order, out of a long list of features are
1) The HD video recorder, the picture quality is excellent and the chip processes the camera operation without effort of glitch
2) Love the Dual Core, fast and efficient, far better than my old HTC Hero
3) Love the dual SIM, I have a 3 and a China Unicom SIM in the phone which gives me really excellent reception where ever I've been, both UK and China without any shuffling of SIMs
4) The latest Andriod version, V4, it has all the gismos I want and lots I do not
5) Maps, Google maps launches and runs without any delay, very fast and smooth
6) The look and feel is high-quality with a smart cover included in the kit as well as a screen protector. You also get two batteries and pretty good set of ear-phones
7) Makes the iPhone 4S look old fashioned and small, we have one in the house as well.
8) Fast wifi connection and use, I've got both SIM cards and the wifi connections running and they all run at a fast rate
9) Streams You-Tube and Cloud music fast with hitches or delays

I've had this phone for four months now and apart from one of the batteries that comes with the phone, ( you get two) dieing its been working perfectly. Draco have sent me a new battery free of charge, Great Service from those guys, there is no reason to keep buying branded phones at high-margin prices with quality like this at the 100 GBP range.
Overall, I am very happy with this phone, and I'm very impressed by the sophistication of the technology.
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on 28 November 2012
If you are not interested in brand names but only expecting good performance, this is the ideal choice. Its features may not match the latest technology or the best seller phones, but these are not absolutely necessary in my opinion; at least this phone met all my expectations. I installed all application that I may need, from games to office apps, and it works perfectly well. I purchased this after a detailed examination of alternatives, I could not find a cheaper phone with this quality, or a better phone for this price.
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