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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 28 November 2012
Since the first film came out I've been a huge fan. I've watched each and every one several times over with the first being my personal favorite. So you can imagine the gleaming happy face i had when my girlfriend bought me this box set in blu-ray format last week. I've watched each movie at least twice since then and i'll probably watch one again tonight and as for my girlfriend who was not a huge fan, i have converted her (probably because it's always on TV and the brainwashing effect has worked).

First off the box set has 4 discs, each has the blu-ray movie on it in glorious high definition. The image quality along with the audio to match makes this box set one of the best and highest quality box sets around. The movies are as good as they get when it comes down to movies and if you're asking yourself DVD or blu-ray? My honest advice is to go blu-ray as there is a difference especially when watching on a big screen (ideally plasma). Also buying the blu-ray box set you will future proof your collection, in fact the only downside to the box set is that the saga is not yet finished with them still making movies, but that's hardly a reason not to buy it.

PROS: Excellent quality both in terms or audio and visual effects, region free edition meaning it will work anywhere in the world, excellent value for money, better than DVD especially for deep colours and high action scenes.

CONS: I honestly fail to see any other than the fact that i'm still waiting for the next film to be released....arrr!

VERDICT: If like my you're a Resident Evil fan and want the 1-4 collection then get this you won't be disappointed. As for which edition to go for DVD vs Blu-ray .. get the blu-ray version as you'll be glad you did when you sit down to watch it.... you may even convert your other half like i did!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ... especially for fans!
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on 22 November 2012
Blu Ray Extras Review.

Not a review of the movies as if you like them then I'm sure you'll buy this set as the price is amazing. Now for the ridiculously low price of £10.99 for 4 Blu Ray films I expected no extra features.. boy was I wrong so here they are listed for anyone who wants to know:

Resident Evil:
2 Audio Commentaries
12 Featurettes
Alternate Ending with Video Introduction by Director
Music Video: Slipknot My Plague

Resident Evil: Apocalypse
3 Audio Commentaries
9 Featurettes over 2 sections
20 Deleted Scenes
4 Trailers (for other movies)

Resident Evil: Extinction
Audio Commentary
4 Featurettes
11 Deleted Scenes
4 Trailers (2 video game, 2 for other movies)
Resident Evil Degeneration Trailer (Animated Movie)
Under the Umbrella - Picture in Picture Experience

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Undead Vision - Picture in Picture Experience
Audio Commentary
7 Featurettes
8 Extended / Deleted Scenes
Sneak Peak of Resident Evil: Damnation (Animation Movie)
5 Trailers (for other movies)

A special extra bonus in my opinion is Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine in 2 of the movies!!! Almost forgot to concentrate on the serious nature of the movies when she came on screen... ;o)
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on 27 September 2011
I would totally recommend this boxset to anyone who hasn't seem the resident evil films, the only 1 I'd seen previously was the first film years ago. After watching the 4th movie on Sky Movies earlier this year I was keen to see the other films. I don't usually like films derived from games but the resident evil franchise seems to hit the spot! Its got excellent special effects, the acting is good & the story lines are excellent too. I haven't played any of the games as I'm not a 'gamer' so I can't comment on whether the films do the games justice or not, but if you like a good sci-fi yarn then this is the boxset for you. Reasonably priced & an excellent quick delivery from Amazon as usual =D
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on 19 August 2011
The Resident Evil franchise offers an interesting take on the idea of Zombies, yes they are still mindless shambling human flesh eaters, but this somehow shifts the horror to the Umbrella Corporation. The zombies are still horrific, but they aren't the enemy. They just get in the way of the heroes and Heroines in getting to the real bad guys!
As its set in modern times you could almost imagine it was real. The special effects are great too!
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on 1 October 2012
Great package of movies for a Saturday night; feet up on the sofa, get the beers in, order a pizza and you are sorted! Milla Jovoich is a one-woman army, killing zombies right left and centre to save humanity from the evils of the Umbrella Corporation and their virus. The four discs are packaged up in a normal size DVD case, with an outer card slip-over cover, and complete with loads of bonus features including commentaries, making of docs, featurettes, music videos etc.
Yes, it's all brain-dead stuff, but sometimes we all need to switch off for a while and chill out, and with these movies you really can't go wrong.
With a forth sequel now in cinemas, and writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson promising one final outing for Alice and co. , this is an excellent VFM way of playing catch-up with this highly successful sci-fi horror franchise.
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on 11 January 2011
**What's it got?(I will shortly upload some pictures)**

The Resident Evil Collection is a nice special feeling piece that contains the first 4 of the released films:

- Resident Evil
- Resident Evil: Apocalypse
- Resident Evil: Extinction
- Resident Evil: Afterlife

All four discs come in the same one case which is slightly thicker than a normal DVD case and comes covered in a laminated cardboard feeling cover case. The thicker case closes different to your normal case with a plastic mechanism on the inside that makes it close the opposite way to how a shoe box does.

A niggle is that the discs to fit and stay in the case properly have to go in a certain order of else they will just fall out and get damaged, which might get tedious but is really an ideal space saver.

Although seeing as mine was new and the disc wasn't in one of the slots properly it might not work too well if it's moved a lot.
As new when opening the case, the discs smell like they have literally just been made and make a strong scent which may take you aback.

**Why would you want to buy this collector pack?**

-If you have lost or damaged your originals and want them all again then it's the ideal solution and includes the latest one which works out cheaper than buying them all individually pre owned or new.

-If you haven't seen any of them then it's the cheapest way to get them all and enjoy.

-Would fit on your DVD rack rather than the 3 disc edition which sits on top.

-Nice collection to give as a gift to a friend and has a novelty factor.

-Save yourself packaging and postage costs into one easy 4 disc set.

I would say if you fit any of those reasons then it is really well worth the buy with over 6 hours of film to enjoy as well as special features with deleted scenes and other special features.

I give it a super 8.0 / 10
review image review image review image
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I have never been a fan of anything to do with zombies, but someone suggested this pack to me and at an average of 2.50GBP per film the price was pretty good, so I took the plunge. I can't say I hated it, but at the same time it isn't a film series I would watch again.

In fairness the films weren't bad and the theme did progress fairly well. Without spoiling it, a big bad corrupt corporation with more power than the government are doing some pretty illicit experiments with viruses. Something goes wrong and the next thing you know the dead are walking the earth and infecting others in their quest for human flesh. Each film sees the heroine get one upmanship on the corporation and each time they have another trick up their sleeve. The theme is similar, but played out differently with a bigger challenge facing the heroine with each film.

The acting isn't all bad, the action scenes are thrilling and the plot, whilst a bit predictable, does keep your attention.In respect of the blu-ray, the quality is superb, crisp clear video with good quality audio.

If you are a fan of the zombie apocalypse then you are going to like this. If not, then you are either going to loath it half way through the first film, or you are going to think that it was OK, but you wouldn't watch it again.
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on 9 September 2012
I bought these four films because for only £10 it was too good an opportunity to miss.
To be honest I wasn't expecting much from the original RE. I was wrong. I'd forgotten how good
the original film was. Allowing for its age it's very good indeed. All of them, particularly when
compared to the complete junk that most games to movies are, are very good.
Complete rubbish of course, I hope, but very well produced and enjoyable. Any games company
planning to allow a film version of one of its products would be well advised to insist the
director watches these versions first to see what can be done.
Owners of the Halo franchise please take note.
Recommended to anyone who, like me, has a soft spot for old fashioned, in your face, Sci-Fi
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on 19 January 2013
I'm a Resident Evil Fan so when i saw this package and the price I could not resist. All movies look and sound perfect. Way better than the DVD's The price is what really convinced be to purchase product sense i live in the US ( our dollar sucks) and it is much costly to buy each movie. I would recommend to all RSE Fans
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on 27 September 2013
When I saw how much this set is going for just £10.50 for 4 movies I ordered it without hesitation. The first two films are 10/10 and the fourth one I would say is 8/10. The third film was dissapointing compared to the others and is the black sheep of the family - I would say that is 5/10. The best thing about the second film is that it stars Sienna Guillory who looks amazing and has serious Zombie ar*e kicking attitude!

There has been a fifth film but it was truly awful - wasted 90 minutes of my life but fortunately that is not included in this set! So dont wait for them to do a box set including the fifth film because honestly you dont want to watch that one!
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