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on 4 February 2013
I was originally given a Samsung Tab 2, which was great but being a creative person I decided to upgrade that gift to the Note 10.1. There was nothing wrong with the Tab 2 but this gave me just that little bit extra to play and have fun with. The screen/graphics are beautiful. The sound (without headphones) is better than the speakers on my Sony Vaio laptop, and the processor speed is phenomenal. So easy to set up and customize. I couldn't put it down for the first few days, especially as I discovered addictive apps (like Flipboard). I think I only have two negatives: 1) the ability to only print to a Samsumg printer and 2) as best I can tell, can only share/export your multimedia S notes as PDF, text or image formats that don't keep the multimedia aspect. This latter part kind of takes away a huge incentive for my wanting the Note. Samsung was a little deceptive on this marketing: What's the point of creating "shareable" S Notes with video, etc if only you (or perhaps other S Note users), can see the full functionality.Would be great if in a future upgrade they allow these to be saved as MP4, PDF with multimedia enabled, or something similar.

Despite this though, I still love it. Perfect size, has my whole reading library, music and easy connectivity from almost anywhere. I simply hope for improvements to the issues noted above.
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on 5 December 2012
The Galaxy Note 10.1 has been subject to the most savage negative reviews by the majority of the web review sites and magazines. Almost all of their reviews are unjustified, prejudiced and in some cases contain plain misinformation. As you can see from reviews here by people who actually use it, it has deservedly been well-received.

Let's look at some of the online review statements:

1. One reviewer said it was poorly constructed, creeks, is flimsy and flexes.
All of these statements are untrue. While not as solid as the ipad, the Note is perfectly adequate in construction and mine does not creek or warp.

2. Another reviewer said it was thick, heavy and cumbersome.
In fact it is roughly the same thickness as any ipad and lighter than the current ipad. It is one of the lightest tablets of its size.

3. Yet another review stated that the display stuttered and lagged.
It doesn't lag, and is smoother still if you remove the unnecessary and large widgets on the home screen.

4. Another reviewer said that the S pen was a gimmick and this tablet would only appeal to graphic designers.
This is nonsense. Even without the S pen the Note is a very good all round tablet, and its quad core CPU and 2 gigs of RAM outclasses almost all other similar-sized tablets.

5. There are universal complaints about the "low" res display.
In fact the display is vibrant and perfectly fine. It is also sharp and is quite clearly a lower resolution than the ipad because the Wacom system for the pen works better in this resolution.

6. Almost all the reviewers stated that it looks cheap and "plasticky"
In fact it looks very smart, particularly the white version, and I prefer plastic because it is easier to hold, is less likely to break when dropped, and the wi-fi signal is better through a plastic case.

What these website reviews reveal is that the authors of them did little more than open up the box, fire up the Note and play around with it for a while, not actually using it for constructive or productive purposes. I did not want a giant version of my iphone. I wanted a tablet to web browse, send emails, do WORK, write, sketch, play movies, listen to music and use it for a host of functions all of which it does exceedingly well.

The one justification at the time of release were comments about the price compared to the ipad, but those comments are now redundant since the CURRENT price of the Note 10.1 is £317, less the Samsung cash back offer which brings the price down to £267. This makes it not only £130 cheaper than an ipad but cheaper than the ipad mini, and that's because Apple keeps very tight control over pricing. So the current price makes it the highest spec tablet at the lowest price of all tablets in its class and this represents a bargain.

My one reservation is the lack of USB port and no HDMI out. That is a blot on this otherwise brilliant tablet, the first I have owned (and I've owned quite a few) that actually allows me to produce meaningful work, but it is also very good as a media consumption device. In the next few months with html 5 coming on stream and further Android updates I have no doubt that its hardware will make it smoother still to use, since its multi-core CPU and large RAM will cope very well with multi tasking, and it does this quite well even now.

Don't be put off by the obsessive fixation on retina displays comparisons in reviews. The Note's display is still very very good.
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on 14 January 2014
this was certainly money well spent. It is fairly easy to use and you can take it where ever you go.I certainly get value for money.
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on 30 August 2014
Good tablet still going strong very happy with this item😁
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on 22 July 2014
A bit heavy...
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on 25 October 2012
Samsung has quietly delivered a masterstroke and it can only get better.
I would recommend doing a thorough research via YouTube and this website. I went for the 3G version as I wanted to be able to connect anywhere - wherever I go for meetings, teachings etc. So far it hasn't disappointed me in anyway. The screen is lovely, video great, email or internet browsing and watching movies or YouTube videos is just perfect on big screen. However the S-note, the S-pen, the PS for pic editing and the multiscreen features are the ones that elevated this tab to a much higher position in my views compared to the rest of the competition,.
I did lots of research on other websites including the ones that had completely trashed this device, however the YouTube reviewers helped me lots and I would recommend people to watch some of those before spending their hard earned money. However I wasn't disappointed and I hope you find this helpful.

Tech wise I would recommend going for the 16gb version as you can add a 32gb or 64 g memory card. It's lower-than-iPad screen-resolution isn't making any difference to my day-to-day use and I wouldn't advice people to go by this. If you like taking notes, playing with pics or editing stuff this is the tablet for you. Also I found the adapters work really well and I have connected usb stick and transferred pics. I bought the cover and adapters from amazon, its Bluetooth is much more powerful then others and I found the wireless keyboard and mouse for my pc to work quite easily with it. The 2G ram and ICS android version make it much faster and intuitive than almost all the competition except for the 7 inch devices, it will be faster once jelly bean update is launched, which Samsung says will be December or January. You can do more than one thing at a time ie surf internet while taking notes, copy paste and edit pics from the net directly where you want, read books and mark or underline and personalise notes. This is THE tab for creative people and I just can't emphasize that enough. You will have to get a first hand experience or use YouTube or other reviewers.

The tablets I had looked or researched before buying this were the - ipad3, the transformer models from Asus, Lenovo ThinkPad, note 10.1 and the galaxy tab 2. I found the note 10.1 most suitable to my needs from daily work point of view as well as internet, surfing, meetings, taking notes, entertainment, picture and video taking and general use, I haven't yet explored the Polaris office which is similar to microsoft office and the PS app which can really transform and edit into amazing pics, however I will edit this and add this later.

The SIM card I got, is the 3 ultimate internet card which is a normal mobile card but with all you can eat data. I found they were happy to give me this at a great discount and also you can make phonecalls and send texts with this. This turns out cheaper than a broadband only card - I don't know why, this doesn't affect the surfing speed.
I would definitely recommend this tablet for all, especially those who consider themselves creative or would like to explore their creative Side. Good luck with tablet hunting!
Written from the note 10.1
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on 23 October 2012
The big choice in 10" tablets is between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Note. If you're reading this you probably know already which camp you're in. The iPad oozes quality but forces you into doing things "the Apple way". Having used both I do think the iPad is slicker, faster and has that amazing Retina display. However I ended up buying the Samsung for its greater practicality. The features that swayed me are the touch sensitive pen, the on-board GPS and the ability to take a micro-SD card for extra storage.

Overall this is a workmanlike tablet with a lot of useful features. The most welcome surprise has been how good the GPS is. This is a true GPS that doesn't need any internet connection in order to work. It picks up a signal almost instantly, even indoors or in a moving car the signal is often locked on within 5 seconds. In combination with an app like Osmand which allows you to download free open source maps you have something that is as good as (and with a much bigger screen than) many dedicated GPS units. The Note also functions well as an e-reader (using Kindle) so for these two functions alone you've got your money's worth.

The Note is good for browsing the web but so far I haven't really got the hang of the included productivity apps. The pop-up keyboard is pretty slow to use by touch; maybe I have large fingers, but I seem to constantly hit the wrong key and then editing the entered text without a mouse to reposition the cursor is tedious. Selecting keys using the stylus is much more accurate. I've tried to take notes with the stylus in a meeting but the handwriting recognition - while mightily impressive - is too slow and not accurate enough to be really dependable. I'm writing this review on the tablet with a USB keyboard plugged in via an adapter - yes, an adapter. Why on earth Samsung chose to fit their fiddly proprietary connector instead of a USB port is beyond me.

One problem I've experienced is the often variable response of the touchscreen. Occasionally you have to stab repeatedly at the screen with your finger to get a response, but at other times just accidently brushing the screen lightly with a fingertip will cause an unwanted action like selecting a link, enlarging the view or taking a screen capture. This could be due to using a screen protector, but surely most people will choose to do this. Other foibles are due to the Android operating system rather than the tablet itself. For example, being left-handed I tend often to touch the screen capture icon near the bottom left of the screen by mistake when I pick up the tablet, and keep having to delete these unintended captures.

In summary this tablet offers great value for money and some unique features (did I mention the GPS??) but has some rough edges that just stop me giving it 5 stars.
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on 2 August 2014
Perfect, Love it!!!
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on 3 December 2016
The charging is slower than the discharging. Even if is plugged in, while you are using it the battery is going down.
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on 7 March 2017
May have been good when it was first released but now it struggles to keep up with apps as is constantly lags behind. Whilst drawing sometimes it'll take a few seconds before it's registered that I have drawn a line.
Takes 8+ hours to charge and doesn't last very long on just battery power.
If you're looking at this you should find a newer updated model
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